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Apparently the EDC (everyday carry) people have run out of potentially useful things to cram in their pockets. Now they are just grabbing on to random crap as long as it is precision CNC machined: ("Affordable" at $50) There are tons of these things...all they do is let you spin them between your fingers. edit: and why is the guy in the picture wearing black latex gloves?
Someone just nabbed the Buy it Now price on a camera I was selling. Sometimes when this happens, I think "maybe I should have set the BIN higher, there were a lot of views and watchers and it still had a couple of days left..." But I just pulled up the order confirmation for the camera. Turns out I just sold it for $76 more than I paid for it. Brand new. In May 2014. Ebay's a weird place.
I assume I can only do fittings in SF?
Well I did say that was a concern for groups...Aeropress is fine for 2.A liter is only a little more than a quart, so 4 standard us cups... Or 5-6 "coffee" cups.Although I have definitely just filled a mostly empty coffee nalgene with water and basically had super watered down coffee as a trail drink.
I think I have been to Jaleo in Bethesda and Zaytinya in DC (don't ask my why like 50% of the restaurant meals I have eaten in DC are apparently from the same idea). Not sure I remember being blown away at either...but at least I actually remember going to the latter. The former I didn't even remember until I looked at the guy's wikipedia page.
Vacuums suck up large particles, and spit a bunch of the smaller ones back out their exhaust ports. Bagless with washable filters are the biggest offenders. Bagged with a HEPA exhaust filter are pretty close to non-issue, although odors still transfer. If your cleaning lady is changing bags for every client, and regularly replacing the exhaust filter every few months (given the vacuum gets heavy use)'s probably not a huge deal (unless the client before you has a...
I much prefer my canister vac... But I also have very limited carpeting.
Lol, idfnl has been made a cuck by his cleaning lady
Nah, I thought I was buying the base model "stainless" (this was from the shelf at a marshalls, not from the slickdeals thing). Didn't look super close at the layers visible on the rim, and the price sticker covered up the second half of the line that reads "Stainless d5". It was a good price for the plain stainless line...great price for a d5.
I got a free normal filter pour over cone (so not like my v60) from peets. I think I will bring that on my next group trip instead. Pair it with the kettle from the perc and just brew back into a 1l nalgene or something.
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