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I've got a stock floating out there that is such a loser that its not even worth the fees for me to sell it....The thing hit rock bottom, did a reverse split, and hit rock bottom again (trading on pink-sheets already so not like they would get de-listed) The position is worth $17 now...which is a little more than exiting the transaction would cost...but I feel like the gamble that the company might actually turn out some successful research is worth more than the tiny...
Yeah, it was bad...seemed like there were some "camera" issues too? Not that I plan to watch it (or even like Dota2 that much), but hopefully they get that fixed before the wildcard round is over.
I dunno...I got pretty good at pouring out a measured shot with a speed pour back in college...I didn't really practice all that much either. I imagine that if I were working as a bartender, it would be pretty easy to get it solidly committed to muscle memory.
I've also been to numerous establishments that offer things along the lines of "If you leave us a review on yelp, print it out next time you come in and we will put it on file and give you a 20% discount in the future"Obviously you aren't going to do this unless you were satisfied enough to come back with your business (since what good is 20% off if you never use their services again), but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It is similar to being paid to leave reviews. ...
Why is everybody all gaga over "NETFLIX WANTS TO PAY PEOPLE TO WATCH NETFLIX ALL DAY"? It seems to have made frontpage news and is getting posted over and over despite the fact that 1. They already employ people who do this...and have done so for quite some time. 2. Those jobs are probably low paying and will suck once the novelty wears off. 3. They are not the only company that employs people to just watch TV all the time. 4. The people who do it for other companies...
What if my poor study habits from high school were also sufficient in college?
Motorcycle seems to have fixed itself. May have been a jet clog that worked itself loose. Stopped at the gas station around the corner on the way to buy oil (was running on reserve) and poured some seafoam in with the gas. Immediately after leaving, decided to try full throttle out and it felt like it was working...seafoam wouldn't have had time to work at that point. I'll give it some more thorough testing at higher speeds later...but only having to change the oil and...
Lol... Aren't those two very different things? I've ordered from them multiple times... Nothing really to report, just seem like any other web store. Their video reviews aren't bad... Usually good about discussing sizing differences across products.
Oof. Tempted by one of those belts but $18 shipping is too steep for a $50 item. Anybody got any free/reduced shipping codes?
edit: also, would hit
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