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The Galaxy S7 is a little bigger than I would like, but it is actually a pretty decent size compared to other phones. I'm considering one unless something else comes out soon. Battery life is awesome for my friend who has one.My GF picked up the iPhone SE to replace her 5c. I do like the size--and I think she's been getting pretty good battery life with it.
http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-dye-textiles-with-coffee-tea-108438 Judging from that, I'd probably take it easy the first time. You can always repeat the process, but it is hard to undo it. Half a cup of coffee in a pot got that towel reasonably dark (I like the color, but you might want it to still look more white). and use enough premixed liquid that you can stir the jeans around to ensure even coloring. Best to dye them immediately after a fresh wash too,...
How about get rid of it never? The headphone jack has been a standard for decades (and it is a miniature version of a connector that has been use since the late 1800s). You are never going to have wireless earbuds with the convenience of my cheapo wired earbuds. I can coil them up and scrunch them in the tight ass pocket of my jeans. I can toss them in a bag. I can forget about them for a month and then pull them out and use them immediately. I don't have to be...
You mean every kid who watched the fast and the furious?
I think Piob would find this interesting: http://www.igmchicago.org/igm-economic-experts-panel/poll-results?SurveyID=SV_bPBNf8WXrT4jmtf Although the question/concept is poorly phrased...hence a lot of economist's answers.
It's a good way to walk into a room full of CO2, pass out, and asphyxiate.
Yes. That is what he means (although they are changing their name to Pleasant House Pub). Marias Packaged Goods is a lovely little neighborhood bar with a great beer and cocktail list run by an old korean lady with a polish last name. Sounds like something you'd try to open in williamsburg 10 years ago, except it has been here for almost 30 under the current ownership.
I mean...I get that his name was picked for him 26 years ago...but picking your online name as iJihad in present times? Really? Conversely, Sony seems to have weird policies around this. Wouldn't the standard thing to be a forced name change? I am pretty sure this is how blizzard has done it with games like WoW...if your name gets reported and they decide it violates ToS, you simply can't log back in until you pick a new name. Your account doesn't get banned, you don't...
The nest is really just if you want the "smart" features. Motion sensors that tell if you are home...learning features ("hey, you always turn the thermostat up at 5:45pm, so we decided to have the house already warm for you when you get home"), etc. If you are capable of programming a thermostat and just want to be able to connect from the internet and turn down your AC while you are on vacation, then yes, you don't need anything fancier than what someone like Honeywell...
This my jam right here:And if anyone is ever in Chicago, I highly recommend picking up a pie at https://pleasanthousebakery.com/ (they are moving to a new location this month though...I will have to thoroughly taste test their product...you know...to ensure quality didn't suffer)
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