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Too bad... I almost would have watched it just because Kaya Scodelario was in it
you mean keller a chicken?
That's risky...high likelihood of snotty spit on your dick
those were different beans from a different store! But I think it was just the lack of stirring. The recipe didn't specify and since it goes in the oven, it gets a bit "out of sight, out of mind" so it would have been over an hour before I stirred the first time I think. Next time, I've got this.
Dude, those are just your new neighbors on the other side of the bridge.
At some point. I'm still not 100% sure on fit. I doubt I will go much higher (more of a stem swap), so I guess I could cut it down and leave just enough room for 1-2 spacers.
Something has changed and my phone internet is not always 100% functional on the shitter (and my company refuses to use wifi for whatever reason). How do I petition AT&T to install another cell tower?
was the guy an active participant or did he have it on mute and was just listening? Maybe it was a really important call to listen to, he had surprise shits, and needed both hands free for a minute (and lacked earbuds)?
And yes, I know those guys squat big weight to get those thighsBut even without it cycling can get you some solid legs (especially if you are clipped in to the pedals so you can use all of the muscles). [[SPOILER]]
Track cycling bro!
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