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The sticks are getting banned at more and more places...guess you'll just have to ask a bystander to take a photo of you instead. The fast food restaurants downtown...I'd guess mostly lunch crowds (and still being a *little* cheaper). I would never go to one when visiting another city...but I eat lunch at Panda Express more than I would like to admit. I can get subs, named by Zagat as the best in the nation a few years ago, from within my office building, but I'm not...
I'm still not seeing it. Wish they had twice as much horseradish flavor (or half as much cheddar).
It is coming for you @HRoi!
Somebody does this almost every day. Same stall always, I'd guess around 11-noon.
horsehair vacuum brush attachment should make that cat fur no problem (as long as the bristles are decent length...a lot of brushe attachments use really short shitty plastic bristles these days),
I like to condition and/or treat new shoes before wearing. Who knows how long they have been sitting on the shelf before you got them? And if you are trying to waterproof them with LP...they might not be waterproof before doing so. Did my replacement pair of katahdin boots yesterday. Gave them a conditioning with lexol and then a few coats of Obenauf's alternated between setting them in a low temp oven so they would soak it up. Still miss the fact that you can buff...
You can just turn down the volume on the guitar and the snark will keep working just fine. Considering you can usually get a Snark for less than $10 on amazon, not sure I would bother with this for $4. I FWIW, the Snark I had was the most sensitive tuner. I've tried others (monoprice, others belonging to other students in my guitar class, etc) and they just don't respond as well as the Snark. Unfortunately, the snark build quality kind of sucks if you are moving them...
Baelish doesn't know about Ramsay (at least not the full extent). He probably think he is like Roose, rather than batshit insane.He is so used to knowing everything before he makes a move...and here he admits he doesn't really know (I am not sure Roose even *realIy* knows). I suspect he is goign to get fucked bad by this deal.Hard to believe Sansa would go along with it so easily though.
I think I am heading to NYC in a couple weeks!
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