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There's also a local chain called Punch in Minneapolis that does it with much more Neapolitan style pizza. They make a better fresh margharita than Blaze....but Blaze really has the chipotle method down. At Blaze, they take a ball of dough, put it in a hydraulic press that squishes it to size. Then pass it on down the line where you can pick and choose toppings, some pre-firing, some post-fire. By the time you have filled your drink, grabbed some napkins, and found a...
http://www.blazepizza.com/ does this pretty well...but it doesn't look like they are coming to NYC anytime soon.
The speed shouldn't matter much on a S100 since it can already do burst mode (shoot multiple shots quickly into a cache and wait for the card to catch up). About the only thing it would help with is if you need more than a second (8 shots or so) of burst before it starts to slow down in high speed burst mode. Otherwise probably not noticeable.But...you could consider something like one of those FlashAir wireless compatible cards. Connect your phone to the wifi network...
Also, you can find offline map apps (or just cache the google maps for the areas you plan to be in) and have a handy pocket GPS.That being said, on my last trip in the 2nd world, I had a functioning SIM card and I felt like I relied on the phone a little too much. Handy to always have maps, directions, recommendations, etc available...but it kind of sanitized the experience.
Real talk for @Piobaire here. Here are your options (and I'm not going to give you any interchangeable systems, even if they can be tiny in the right combo, because that's clearly not what you want, and I'm not going to suggest cameras without a zoom since I think you would just stick with your iphone at that point) Keep your S100. Optically, it is fine, and I doubt you will find much has changed with the S110 or S120. You'd gain some features on the new versions, and...
I think that includes anywhere that you order at a counter, and they make the food in response to your order (as opposed to say McDonalds, where a lot of food is already made).Chipotle is the biggest example...but I think most non-fast-food lunch places would also be included. Chipotle just took it past the idea of only serving sandwiches/salads.
If I'm headed to a super bowl party, I will probably pick up a crave case. Was out of town last Superbowl, so no sliders for me.
it is worth noting that [[SPOILER]]
Remember the investigative reporter Velcoro beat up in the beginning for digging into Vinci corruption?It is going to turn out he wasn't just some cub reporter.
Check out this super shitty video starting at about 2:30...looks like what you might be trying to do:
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