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But did your job allow you to run your own email server under the official rules at the time? If you were secretary of state, I'm not sure you would have been treated any differently than Hillary was.Also (I have no idea), how many of the "bad" emails on her server were sent by her (originally, not in the black hole of previous replies) vs how many were sent by someone else to her?
To be fair, I am exclusively referring to staying at a house on lake michigan in SW michigan. The natural weather patterns have simply blessed the eastern shores of lake michigan.The beaches and water conditions (sunset over the lake, etc) are far preferable to Door County or Lake Geneva and it's ilk.Other than that, I'm not sure what SW Michigan has to offer.
I always found wood trim in cars a bit odd too. Although it is often covered by so much finish that it is really only wood in appearance at that point...
Yes, and in those emails they are recovering, they aren't finding any smoking guns...That argument seems senseless to me.She was a part of the state department. She was sending and receiving many of those emails with other state department staff. It doesn't respond at all.1. She would have had roughly the same email behavior had her emails been hosted by the state department (subject to blackberry technical limitations and whatever sorts of process issues lawyerdad was...
Hillary's email was also an unclassified system. I'd be willing to bet there was a similar amount of classified email on those state department servers as was in hillary's email.What were there...100 or so pieces of email out of tens of thousands? And only 3 that were actually labeled as such? If she had been using the state department unclassified email, I bet those same 100 pieces of email would have ended up there just the same.Sure, you'll probably argue that the...
And these are real polls, not online polls on breitbart.com
More polls coming in
I know if you repeat the same lies enough times, there are people who will believe they are true...but it looks like they are outweighed by a whole bunch of people who will just say "screw your lying ass" instead.
southwestern michigan is better anyways!
I like how the article you cite says that her server was no worse than using the state department server which was verifiably hacked by the russians...
New Posts  All Forums: