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Why? Unless you are buying a diesel, why waste a chance to badger the seller into a lower price over VW's current reputation problems that have absolutely nothing to do with the gasoline models? Dealers are probably sweating, and private sellers have probably seen a drop in demand too.
Dumped a big chunk of my VWDRY position (well. 20% of it). Thing is at like a 5 year high and is way overweight in my portfolio. I still like it, but I must maintain dat rebalancing discipline. Average cost basis was ~ $4 a share, although my brokerage tracks it as FIFO, and my initial shares were bought at much higher prices...so now my legal cost basis on the remaining shares is like 2.75 a share.
Too much olive in the Muff' mix (I'm not a big fan of green olives) and it lacks the kick of the hot peppers. Also, it is usually too finely diced so it doesn't give you those crunchy bits.
Their giardiniera is still pretty good....but I find the mild to be lacking in flavor, and the hot to be lacking in variety. The mild has a better mix of veggies, but it needs the kick from the hot. The hot is pretty much just peppers with a few bits of celery and olive.The potbelly one however is simply great. People here often do giardiniera shoot-outs where they gather peppers from all the old italian shops and whatever...but Potbelly comes out in the top few results...
And if the Golf is on your list, I love the Golf. Especially if you can get the plaid seats (or is that GTI only?)
I found @brokencycle's twitter account: There is some beautiful stuff in his blog: https://brokencycle.wordpress.com/, it is a shame he stopped updating it soon after he joined the Forvm.
Bought a 4-pack of Surly Wet. It was canned a month earlier, which seems long for an expensive wet-hopped beer, but it was still delicious.
Haven't experienced the current Mazda 3, but I think it might be a good bet. Otherwise, if you are looking at the Fit, I'd check the Nissan Versa. I've gotten them as rental cars a bunch of times and always been impressed with available space. edit: nevermind, looks like they have fucked with the current generation of the Versa. The hatchback is no longer the same platform as the sedan, but rather a much smaller car...
But I can get a meatball at Fontanos (and I think it is better, but I haven't had Potbelly's meatball in a while)...Potbelly has superior hot peppers/giardinera to Fontanos, which is super key on something like a nicely toasted Wreck.
Wreck on white with hot peppers.
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