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These guys have no problem retrofitting under-floor radiators into a 100+ year old home with wood floors: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/article/0,,20163505,00.html They do spray insulation under the tubing and recommend hardwood with narrower planks to avoid expansion problems, but they don't seem to think it is a big deal.
You are doing it wrong. You aren't supposed to get a second pair of AEs, you are supposed to get a pair of AE seconds.Big fucking difference.
My trad-to-roth conversion went through, so I had some cash. Mostly just increased positions, but I did pick up 10 shares of TSLA. We'll see what happens.
Maybe I would know that shit if she didn't take her music off spotify! I am ashamed to admit it, but she probably would have made at least 25cents off me if that album were there. Listen to the whole album at least once just to hear it...and then have it come up on other random playlists/toplists.
It isn't a lot of work...but its not cheap at all, and you leave smelling like a 5-alarm fire. Costs much more around here than mongolian-BBQ places where you still get to handle raw ingredients, but some dude cooks it for you away from your table under a high-volume vent hood. I'd rather they just toss down all the little bowls of tasty shit and then bring me some cooked meat.
I think the kid with the acoustic at 0:45 is my favorite look at the neck just snap off!
And I should note, I thought Taylor Swift pulling her stuff was bullshit. She is exactly the kind of artist who does well on spotify. Shorter songs that get played over and over and over again. Somebody streaming Blank Page 300 times probably generates more royalties than buying that single track once on itunes. The people who are worse off with it are the people whose music you would buy knowing that it isn't going to get listened to a ton. That experimental jazz CD...
Are the royalties better than what you get for a single youtube play? Because for a lot of songs being listened to on Spotify, that is the alternative (and you don't have to spend any money making a video for spotify). Either that, or piracy. I know the royalties aren't a lot, but they aren't nothing, and spotify is the thing that made everyone I know stop pirating every single piece of their music (or using sites like grooveshark which are just piracy-engines).
To be fair, most of the korean restaurants around here require you to cook your own damn food...so you might as well be at someone's house, just with a waiter doing the grocery shopping.
I'm guessing Stewart wasn't envying the process of covering another presidential election. Blows for comedy central to lose two of your anchor shows within the same year.
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