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If only Robertson's English business partners hadn't totally screwed him over (no pun intended)...we might be commonly using a screw design that doesn't cam out, stays attached to the driver without magnets, and keeps the driver centered. But I guess that privilege is reserved for canadians.
Yeah. I wish I had a fricking external vent. A select few large buildings have them, and small buildings leave them as an option...some friends just moved out of a 3-flat that had real vents, although the hood unit was a completely under-powered $50 home depot special.The smoke/oil from frying is part of what drove me towards sous-vide and buying a blow torch. Instead of throwing a chicken breast in a very hot pan with some oil and ending up with an apartment that...
While commonly believed (and in fact sometimes employed in practice), that is not actually thought to have been an intentional design feature of the Phillips head. If anything Phillips himself believed the opposite about his fastener (or at least promoted it that way)http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/theses/available/etd-42698-205111/unrestricted/chapter_2.pdf (section 2.2 details this).
Yeah, I don't have a gigantor kitchen, and I keep very little food on hand (every meal pretty much requires a trip to the store...luckily I walk by one on my way home), but I still manage to keep my cabinets fairly full.On one hand, the axiom that stuff expands to fill the alloted space is true...stuff is more spread out and better organized/more easily accessable than it was in my last kitchen, and I also own things that I probably wouldn't have bothered with in my last...
The V1.0 ROTJ was the worst in the beginning. Once they got off Tatooine, most of the bad effects ended (although perhaps my mind just got used to them so they weren't as jarring). I mean, the ewoks were still ewoks, but nothing as bad as this:
I know you like your big house, but the median new single family home size in the US didn't go above 2000sq ft until like 1998...and that's new-construction, so figure the size of existing housing stock is well below that. It is an apartment in Europe that is bigger than more than half of the houses in the US...calling that modest seems either insane or out-of-touch.
define separated? the majority of new construction is open plan and sets the kitchen right in the rest of the living space.They usually throw in an island (because...everybody needs an island!) so they aren't quite as sparse as Finn's photos, but they certainly aren't separated.
1900 sq ft is monsterous in an urban apartment. I mean, googling 1900 sq ft house gives me things like this which look like pretty solid 3 bedrooms: Figure in the apartment, you are also cutting out certain things that often take up space in a house like home gyms, laundry rooms (although in-unit is pretty standard in new construction now), and no need for a big furnace, AC, water heater, etc.
Sounds like Mouse has you guys covered...back when this first came up, I was going to try and stick the files somewhere easy for you guys to download without having to set up a torrent client or anything...but then I forgot.If that would still be helpful, something can be arranged.I don't know when you watched it, but his current versions of SW and ESB are pretty seamless.I haven't seen the new ROTJ, but his V1.0 of ROTJ still had some pretty bad special edition CGI in it...
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