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I don't know where that thread goes after the first page (or why it is 11 pages long), but I'm glad they sussed out that Manton is a lefty right away. I am 95% sure that is why I tied my shoes wrong initially. I was taught by a righty, and probably flipped a step around in converting it to lefty. But the fix is super easy...just reverse your starting knot. Doing it that way preserves the decades of muscle memory in the "hard" step of actually forming the bow.
Oh! the poor man's watch thread.Yeah, it was a while ago...but it was also a bicycle crash, of which the only casualty was my watch.
256GB is probably enough...but that's going to depend entirely on your usage. How much storage do you currently use? Both my work computer and my desktop are currently using more than that (as is my HPTC...but you're not going to be archiving seasons of HD video on a macbook). Back before I got rid of my small travel/breakfast laptop for a tablet, my laptop wasn't using anywhere near that...probably 60GB max. I'd be inclined to do it though...you know that shit isn't...
I've always wanted to go up to the Boundary Waters (BWCA) and do it.The American Hiking Society volunteer trips that Harvey recommended (I did one of their Alaska trips) has a couple of trips up there. Already filled for the year, but I think they would be a pretty solid way to do it...since you wouldn't have to deal with guides/planning/rentals/food.The August one sounds better than the May one: https://www.americanhiking.org/events/boundary-waters2/You canoe to work...
You realize you are on SF right?In related news, it looks like after being *ridiculed* for her poor shoelace technique, Taylor Swift has now learned how to do it correctly:
I'm still happy with my Snap-On purchases.
I don't know if you know this, but granny knots are definitively wrong.Most people can correct this by simply tying their starting half knot in the opposite direction and then tying their shoes as they normally would.http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/grannyknot.htm
Yeah, I didn't realize until freshman year of college that I was tying my shoes wrong...and I am a boy scout and a sailor who would never willingly tie a fricking granny knot!. Now whenever I am on the train, I can't help noticing which full-grown adults don't know how to tie their shoes right.
I've only seen people bitching about that guy who didn't get insurance as a protest against obamacare...and then got cancer or something and started a crowdfunding campaign because he can't afford his medical bills.
The what thread? Bike is still in storage
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