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Crazy live shows
Lol, that is the most Ataturk post ever
If anything it is more clear in the show than in the books.It seems like Varys is dragging Tyrion there for that very purpose.Maybe it becomes a two fold solution--Tyrion stops her from making stupid political moves like that, Varys uses his spymaster skills to uncover the sons of the harpy.For the non-readers:In the books, Varys released Tyrion in secret and remained in his post in King's Landing, hence this is one of the points where we are seeing a big storyline change...
One of the only things that gets stiffer as it gets *smaller*
Although...maybe that was a trial. It is a monarchy after all...her typical manner of dealing with affairs involves people coming before her, and then she dispenses justice.
1.44mb... but you could always put everything on a Zip disk!
I built a computer just last year with a floppy drive!(but only because I re-purposed the combined floppy and SD/CF/etc card reader from the old computer...neither of them actually had the floppy drive cable connected to anything)
Yeah...she should have held a public trial at least...not a public execution.
I sent you some naked pictures of Piob, but I put them on an SD card. Sorry you will have to plug a card reader into a usb-to-usb-c dongle...that's worse than if you had to wear two condoms.
I'd sit in that chair.
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