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One thing is clear. With Varys out of king's landing and Kevan out of the story, we certainly won't be seeing [[SPOILER]]
They are setting up made-up-TV-character Olly for something. Of course, this season has gone off the rails so I don't think anything is certain. [[SPOILER]] We are going to have to spend time in King's Landing and the Wall next week. They can't save that build up for next season as everyone will forget.Not sure if they will return to Dorne. They left some things unsaid there, but that could easily be held to the next season.I doubt Brienne interacts with Stannis...With...
and I am literally using the word literally correctly.
Literally straight from the wikipedia example:Or is 4 in a row not sufficiently close to 12 for you?
You literally just fell victim to the gambler's fallacy in a defense of something not being the gambler's fallacy.
How fucked by insurance will I be if someone hits my vintage bike? Are they just going to offer me 500 bucks because hey, you're just lucky it was still working 35 years later?
yeah, that's pretty much it. although considering how little they have focused on that story (and how it wasn't brought up when melissandre pitched the sacrifice), I am not sure that they intended for that to be the reasoning.
its ok, papa davos will save you!
He is also a judge (or panelist or whatever) on a british TV show where people go and have sex in a box and then come out and talk about it:
Used to see his column occasionally when I'd pick up the alternative weekly waiting for a train or something. My GF named it as a podcast she listened to. Had no idea he had been doing podcasts for so long...gave some of them a listen (kind of like an improved loveline).Your assessment seems right. Even though I mostly agree with his general thoughts on religion and republicans...it seems grating every time he brings it up. Seems inappropriate for an advice show, and...
New Posts  All Forums: