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I rode in a car with a friend the other day. I have known him for close to 10 years, but apparently never ridden in a car he has driven (we all live in the city without cars...and I enjoy driving, so anytime we rent a car, I do it). It was terribly frightening. Incredibly jerky braking/acceleration...even after pointing it out/complaining and him acknowledging that it was happening, it didn't seem like he could control it. One of the passengers was getting noticeably...
Don't think I'd want this in my house, but this has a pretty cool effect: Full album of construction here: http://imgur.com/gallery/pFaF2
Most people don't realize that chipotle chicken is thigh... That is why it tastes good.
The classics without the whale tale are still my favorite. If I had a garage, I would buy one as a "daily" driver (since I don't need to drive to work, I can deal with a car like that without worrying that it is always 100% working Monday morning)
Build mostly done. Has windows on the SSD but I decided not to reuse my old HDD so I ordered a new one and thus don't have bulk storage yet. Also ordered a bluray drive for 35 bucks just in case I ever want to rip a movie. Thought it looks ugly with the blank slot (the other slot holds a hot swap bay for my off site backup drive). Gotta get the hdd in place (which means I have to keep the HDD cage unless I get rid of the card reader in the 3.5 bay) and take care of...
I have never seen a full episode of Baywatch, but apparently there is an episode with a comical sailboat racing subplot (@EMartNJ, I race the same boat, T10, on wednesdays): Action starts at about 31:35...go a few minutes earlier to see the Hoff save a fat man from drowning. Was all of baywatch this poorly acted? TV really has come a long way...I swear the crew of the pirate boat are marginally better than the actual Baywatch actors (and they were just the actual crew of...
I finished... Was good
oopsthose should be 9s for september...
Looks like it is going to be departing 9/18, returning 9/30 which probably means actually arriving 8/19 and leaving on the 29th...so 10-11 nights...although those could probably still shift a couple days earlier. Destinations will be Vilnius, Lithuania Riga, Latvia Tallinn, Estonia With anything interesting that I can find in between them, and potentially a ferry across to Helsinki depending how the timing works.
Besides, herpes isn't the biggest one to be worried about: http://www.redeyechicago.com/news/local/redeye-lollapalooza-zombie-bite-seeks-information-20140805,0,7088061.story (warning, exposed wound picture)
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