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It is like that guy who made his name "Xbox Shut Down" and went and played call of duty online and recorded the voicechat from all the idiots trying to talk to them and then putting their xbox into shutdown mode.I went to the bar association's website where they spit you out a random lawyer relating to what you want. I called the guy and he told me what I should do. Did what he said and my problem went away....but you probably want clients who are actually going to pay you
Those guys were pretty good.
Maybe all of these turd-mothers would have time to draw something for their kids if they weren't spending it all bitching about other mothers on the internet...
That place is awesome, but before they moved into that space, they were in a pretty dingy spot around the corner. Sandwiches were good, but I bet there's a pretty big contingent of suburban commuters who would never even walk into a place that looked like that....a couple wobbly tables on a tile floor, dingy menu board, sandwiches were mostly made in the back IIRC.Now the space is big and bright and you can see all of the fresh ingredients...but a lot of people would be...
I use an electric one...its fast, cuts well enough, and I can use it both in and out of the shower.FWIW, when The Sweethome did their roundup of razors, they picked the Mach 3.They really did find that all of those Harry's/Dollar Shave Club/etc razors were just not as good as the major brands. I think I read somewhere else that either the Dollar Shave or Harry's refills are the same rebranded ones you can buy from asia on many sites for even less money...people just never...
Y'alls need to calm down and share the road as they say.
I don't know what that is but some wiki page says he slept with a transvestite... So I am going to go with GF being the Asian version rather than me.
Yeah, my complaints are exclusively reserved for joggers on the lake front trail. Or the joggers who decide to run in the street when there is a perfectly good sidewalk 5 feet away. Something to do with asphault not being has hard on your joints, or the surface being consistent (no transitions at every intersection) or there being less pedestrians. Fuck those guys...I am legally required to ride on the street and you are pushing me further into traffic. And if you are...
They are the worst.
Tickets bought. Be there in a week and a half or so.
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