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Pshh, more noise isn't safer, it just makes you an asshole and makes people not like bikes. When you are travelling fast, the noise stays behind you...and when you aren't travelling fast, the ignorant asshole who hits you isn't going to notice you just because you are a little louder.
Never seen a big big bag, but they always have a ton of flavors when I get lunch at Fontano's on S. Michigan.
Not me...I don't even know what that is.
I think you should be able to buy a custom fit device with 10 holes. Stick your fingers in all at once, and it simultaneously cuts/shaves/grinds the nails back to your preferred height.
Open faced sandwiches are the shit, y'alls can fuck off [[SPOILER]]
So you save money by buying last year's model?
It is gelato day in the office. I mean...we may not have beanbag chairs, but this is almost as good.
I am ok skipping armor if I am not getting on roads with speed limits above 30. And I was ok forgoing the fancier pants before that...but now that I own them, I see no great reason to skip them. Same with the jacket...might as well wear it even if I would be comfortable wearing some other jacket.
I mean...when you join the meeting these days, it presents you with some options which are like "Call Me", "Use computer mic/speakers" and maybe "I will call myself" (but if you use that option, it gives you a custom code I think so it knows who you are) and cancel.Depends on what level of webex service you use (some of them don't include conference audio, and so you might use a 3rd party conference dial in)...but when it is available, it makes it pretty clear. Yeah, the...
New Posts  All Forums: