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You want me to be funny and type with my eyes closed?entitled millennial!
I count two typos. The extra 'm' and a space after the open parentheses. And no period at the end...but that is because I am not a woman
I am typing this response with my eyes closed. But I don't know what to say,m so I will just say fuck you you douchebag piece of shit. Go lick a bear dick if you think that typing with your eyes closed makes you better than me ( or more able to digest social commentary)
The last time I got clover coffee, I am 95%sure she didn't weigh it (and I am not sure I saw her grind it fresh either). Magic machine can't help human error
If it takes a full season to get good...it had better be the kind of show where you can just skip the first season. And I should elaborate on the Wire. After the first episode, I knew it was "good". The writing/directing/acting/filming were all good. I think it took another episode or two for me to know "this is a show that is going to take me somewhere I want to go". There are lots of shows where you need to be willing to invest in the characters and the storyline to...
Eh, it took more than one for me. Not sure how many...but if they were just airing it fresh now, and I tuned in to episode one as the follow-on to some other show, I am not sure I would have tuned back in for episode two.The millions of people raving about it got me to watch more than one. Not sure how many I watched before I was hooked. I probably watched the next two in quick succession since binge watching makes that easy...and it just went on from there.I don't want...
I am only a few episodes into the second season of Treme but I mostly agree that it is worth it for the music and the setting, but is not otherwise a fantastic story ( [[SPOILER]] )I think one thing that set the wire apart from it was the fact that it looks at every side of the story at the same time. You are following the drug dealers, the drug kingpins, the drug users, the cops trying to catch the dealers, the cops who don't give a shit about the dealers and just want...
Yes and No.Some people are in denial and think if you just watch more it will work. Maybe the show really did a bad job of setting things up for new viewers...but often the show just sucks for the other person.But the wire really does start slow. Lots of characters introduced in the first couple episodes without a lot of action. Maybe they could have done it better---paced it in a way that draws in new viewers easier (and this is something TV showrunners have been...
It does start out a bit slow....but god damn is it fantastic as everything starts to come together.
Ah.I too have started watching the HD cut of The Wire (and I too recall an acute impact on my vocal stylings during my first watching of the series)
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