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I use nufinish for everything shiny except for actual cars.
Lol, apparently Trump just gave a speech citing those labor force numbers the other day. That's probably why that dude wanted to argue about it.
Can you guys imagine if he wanted to buy a rare car that you couldn't drive 6 different local copies of in a few weeks?
Hmm. Turns out you might be able to avoid the close-in booking fee by booking a month too far out, and then immediately calling and asking an agent to "fix" your reservation which you booked for the wrong month. Though the guy suggesting it had it fail on him more than once (gotta get an agent who doesn't know what they are doing and forgets the fee)...but good to know for next time.
Booked some tickets to the bay area for next weekend. Decided to try taking the red eye back home (although to Chicago...it's not that long of a flight...) so I could go to work in the morning. 25k miles plus $5.60 for a first class seat Way there I'll stick with economy...that was only 12.5k miles, but I had to eat an extra $75 fee for booking too close to the flight date.
Well, MN also has to have separate liquor stores, so the costco liquor section has its own entrance and cashiers and everything... But, they are only OK. Sometimes you luck out and they have a tasty wine or beer for cheap, but often it is only good for parties where you want a large quantity of something basic. They'll always help you out with a case of corona and handles of kirkland vodka/makers. Dunno exactly where you are in MN...but the Liquor Boy in the same...
Hope he grabbed lunch at Jean Georges first
And the first muslim in congress
Watching North and South Korea duel it out. It is like a proxy war!
Damn you piob.
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