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I lol everytime piob says he isn't rich and then talks about owning a power pole saw so he can cut down brush (but then leave it for the landscapers to actually clean up).
Most people who are against leasing would also laugh at your vanity in having to always be in a new whip.Sure, there are lots of reasons to prefer it (warranty, dealer loaners, etc)...but a lot of those only really matter on luxury vehicles, at which point you are already committed to paying more money than you "need" to so the decision is no longer purely financial.
I just stepped in shit. I'm not talking about dog shit. I am talking about literal human shit. In my office bathroom. What the fuck people?
Although, you know, if you were high, you probably wouldn't be so worried about it.
I'm not very good at managing people. I'm trying to work on it (especially breaking off things I need to do and delegating them to someone else...)...Luckily we don't have a lot of titles or a very rigid organizational structure. So I can pull in help when I need it, without having to worry about constantly managing a team of people and keeping them busy every single day.
Would she accept a runner and placemats as an alternative to a full tablecloth?I'd almost go the other way--tablecloth for random things/the kids/etc, and then reveal the beautiful wood underneath with per person placemats and a nice runner for special events.But I guess that also depends on the finish. A heavy duty poly/waterlox/varnish won't need any protection day-to-day while a more delicate finish might want a layer of protection while the kids eat breakfast every day/
Lol. I have like 12GB of stuff in my exchange account (9 in the inbox and 2.5 in the outbox mostly). Although I do occasionally archive old stuff...everything sent or received in 2013 or earlier is on a local archive that takes up 20gb. Seeing as 2016 has started...I should probably go archive 2014 stuff. I also have 2400 unread emails in my inbox...feel free to gasp in horror OCD inbox sorters!
gmail's is great...And I find outlook's to work pretty well for exchange accounts too. especially if you use some of advanced flags like "Panera hasattachments:true from:conne"
Most of the R&B stuff is legit. They are going to cut some corners...cheaper sofas might have cushions that need a lot of fluffing to stop from getting frumpy, actual materials used on tables might not be as nice, more veneers and cheaper woods used, etc...the marble on their Saarinen tables isn't quite as nice as the Knoll ones for double the price... But they aren't going to sell you something that's just junk. I'd be most cautious with the cheaper lines of...
Superman looks attainable...you could probably do that if you dedicated your life to it.
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