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I know it's not proportional, but it still happens.On some level, I'd attribute it to the fact that the hispanic population doesn't have the same history that the black community has. They weren't around to be persecuted and redlined. Some of the heavy hispanic areas are pretty awful, but some of them are totally fine. Hardworking immigrants don't necessarily all have time for that gangster shit (and grew up elsewhere), and their children often have complete families,...
Ah yes, because a series of policies that created terrible conditions and failed neighborhoods couldn't possibly have any lasting effects beyond the exact date they were repealed.
That cop knows he fucked up. His voice is failing him. A lot of phones flip video on the front facing camera to make it feel more like a mirror.
Well, if you come to chicago, you'll see that they kill each other too...so then yes, poor white communities are doing it.But your typical racist is probably not going to accept hispanics as "white"
Density creates tightly contested territory for gangs. Tempers flare and if you need to go somewhere, there's no way to avoid crossing other people's territory. The meth dealers in West Virginia won't ever see each other unless they drive to each other's house to say hi.
We don't have many poor white communities with similar urban densities to those cities.Mostly because we don't have decades of racist housing policy that created dense, poor, white communities.If you go back to when we had immigrant shanty towns filled with poor white immigrants...then yes...there were poor white communities with awful crime rates.
White people: you really need a gun to protect yourself. Everyone should have one. Black people: if you didn't want to get shot, you shouldn't have been carrying a gun.
Yeah...stata has such a big place in academia precisely because it is cheap.SAS is the one that currently runs almost $10k for the starter package for an individual user...although they now offer a free version for students.Of course now that R exists...that is changing. R is free, so while older folks (and thus people like your TAs, teachers, and advisors) might be more familiar with Stata, it becomes harder and harder to argue that a class should be based on something...
Good news...you don't need a fancy video card to play wow anymore. That 13" macbook air will do just fine.
My cousin is about to go to college, and his mom just posted on facebook about what kind of laptop they should get him. Something like "Planning on studying sciences, which operating system? does it matter?" I am getting quite a kick out of watching old women try to give tech advice. "Mac will work best with research software." "Well, both my kids had computers with 4gb of ram and 128gb storage and they were just fine" "You should get this deal because it comes with a...
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