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Sure it is.Piob just talked about shopping for an AR-15 and then said he was looking at a Bushmaster.If it's not a colt, it's not an AR-15. It is an XM-15 or an M&P15 or a something else....and any number of variations on the design still get referred to as AR-15s
I can't really blame non-major media sources for misreporting the type of weapon (especially since the AR15 itself is a bit of a generic term referring to guns made by many manufacturers to the same basic design). The major media outlets should get their facts straight...they have reporters on the ground who can verify things and editors who can change stories to say "rumored to be...". But it only came out recently what kind of gun was used, and that article was...
Nah, definitely lawful good.The lies dating back to the Tower of Joy have weighed heavily upon Ned. A lawful good character may still occasionally break from their alignment though it may stir up internal (or external) struggle.And outing Joffrey as not a true heir? Well...that seems pretty lawful good. Can't really sit on that information and let an evil bastard rule.
There is some contextual evidence that tommen was probably raped and abused by Joffrey. Might explain why he's not leaping into the bedchamber. Also in the books he is even younger.
All worries about having to drop the drivetrain or pull the engine for even moderate repair jobs just vanish when you put your foot down and the torque comes on...but yeah...worse than a land rover after the warranty's up.
Think how much more you'd be regretting if it had been the V10 turbodiesel.
Worked there the summer before college (and at an afffiliated used non-VW/new suzuki dealership that was in the old VW space before they tore it down for a Alfa Romeo/Fiat dealership).Can't actually say anything about the sales staff there...probably the same assholes who sell cars everywhere else and thought you might take the bait.Was a pretty well run repair operation though...at least back then. When it was new, it was quite a fancy shop and was the largest VW...
It is all about dat West Side VW
Probably because we have things like facebook to connect friend groups now.What if you were actually the worst player on your hockey team, but your other friends all call you Mr. Hockey because they don't know any other hockey players. Then they start posting on your facebook calling you Mr. Hockey and your teammates see it and wonder "Why are they calling Dave 'Mr. Hockey'? He's pretty bad at it and he only practices 2 nights a week..."Would be so embarrassing, I don't...
Don't worry, SF says you can forget about your guns:
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