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I mean, if Ikea does it, I would hope the fancy people do it too.
Old people can't hear high pitched things.There used to be ringtones for teens that were outside the hearing range of their teachers (don't know how that is better than vibrate...but who knows).
What did you get?I'm thinking about buying a new body (OM-D e-m10) but am torn between buying one when they are cheap and waiting for an updated model.
I've got a bunch of fabric swatches for my couch.When the cat is calm, I have been mashing them into her paws and/or rubbing them over her fur to determine which fabrics will do the best with claws and fur.I think I might actually go with a velvet...they aren't supposed to like messing with velvet, and I haven't been able to damage it with her claws.
Are they going to figure out a way to view thumbs on mobile?
I had one of those growing up. Pretty awesome chair... You don't grow out of it until after you are ready for real chairs.
Any suggestions for Montreal?
The new stones are great. The CS-HD stones seem to cut fast, have good feedback, and don't wear down quickly. I'm quite happy with them The PC stone is pretty hard and I could see it suffering from loading problems. But it might not matter since you only need a few strokes with it after the 1000 stone so you could do many knives before needing to rub it on another stone to get it to wear down...we'll see if it breaks in anymore. Finish is pretty fine, but is not going...
Don't forget some third world terrorist dude somehow has an epic drone. Drones are big news these days.
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