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Wish there was an option to turn this off...I am not famous or a hot girl... Anyone sending me a direct message still gets routed into a black hole without notifications even though I am not a target for unsolicited messages from random stalker dudes.
Yay...just spent a grand on my stolen bike paying up what I still owed for parts that actually made it on the bike. I suppose the silver lining is that the single most expensive part (besides the frame) is still sitting in the shop, and there were a few other places where a cheapo part had been used temporarily...so at least I didn't have to pay for those. And then I threw some more money at a replacement bike (that should be cool...but not anywhere near as cool or...
I think I need to get a job at Mercedes: http://www.engadget.com/2014/08/17/daimler-deletes-out-of-office-email/ TLDR: Daimler installed software that in addition to sending an "Out of Office" autoreply, also deletes all email you receive when on vacation How awesome would it be to get back from a trip and have zero new emails waiting for you? To not be bothered with shit when you are away? It says it provides contact methods for pressing matters, so you may still get...
Looks like we will be renting a car and doing some driving (despite reports of crazy-ass drivers and bad roads). We fly into Vilnius on the 18th and have to make it to our Airbnb apartment in Riga on the 22nd. Renting a car will give us some access to anything outside of Vilnius we want to see (especially if we tire of Vilnius early), and it will let us stop and see the Hill of Crosses on the way up to Riga. Would like to go see the Curonian Spit, but I don't know that...
Didn't see this in time, but I believe my friend saw her last year and said it was good. Did you go to the show? How was it?
+1 on the Mr. Goodbar being the goodest of the bars
Now you can turn on the in game guides. Can't remember exactly how, but you can enable in game character build guides that are made by people who know what they are doing. Just pick the highest rated one for the kind of play you want to do, and it will give you suggested stats, suggested items, some instructions, etc.Makes it much easier for a noob. The stats and items actually show up as highlights/overlays and it tells you things like what needs to come from the SS.Its...
And her dad is David Mamet...that's pretty cool. He could be your father in law.
The hot one shows zero nip but there are some masturbation and sexy time scenes. Wonder how Brian Williams feels watching that. Zosia isn't even a butterface... It may not be to taste, but there is nothing wrong with her face. And her body is quite nice.
Yeah still don't get it. Maybe it out drives most sedans on the road... But so does pretty much every car anywhere near that price range. Something that isn't a bloated 7 seater can offer you so much more. If you are going to buy a gasoline powered penis enlarger, you might as well get one where it is a tossup between "that guy just wanted an awesome car" and "that guy is compensating"
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