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So how many broken lightning ports are we going to see? People jog with their phone in their pocket and shit. The apple headphone plug doesn't stick out very far, and many third party ones are the L shaped plug. The L shaped plugs don't stick out very far on one axis, and they rotate freely on the other axis, so there's not a lot of leverage in the system. Lighting connectors stick out a bit and are fairly rigid...lighting adapters plus headphones even more so. Even...
No one in this thread has bought an HM Eames. I think that much is clear.
This is piob right?
Sounds an awful like my awful Cruze experience...chevy seems to just suck.
Who knows, maybe they realized it was a weekness but it was a cost saving measure for it to only be ray shielded and not particle shielded. Or perhaps the particle shield also blocked whatever was supposed to exhaust out of the port, so instead of trying to engineer a system of sensors to raise and lower the shield, they just put an energy shield on it and called it good? Maybe it wasn't even the only weakness...it was just the one that rebel engineers were able to...
I thought they did put shields around the exhaust port, which was why it couldn't be an energy weapon and had to be a physical torpedo that could pass through?
I agree with that. I still can't tell 100% what's in it for Samsung to keep doing this shit. Why spend money developing this crap when google is willing to develop better versions for you at no additional cost?Although I haven't rooted a phone since my original Galaxy S1. The moto X isn't bone stock android, but motorola's additions are unobtrusive and some are actually pretty nice (and they are more like "added features" than "replacements for perfectly good stock...
It is my birthday today All I ask of you is that @GreenFrog and @Piobaire sign up for secret santa this year. They can get an unnamed PO box in the next town over to protect their privacy, and I promise I won't intentionally match them up with each other, but this absolutely needs to happen.
Don't forget that there is some real differentiation between some of these brands.I couldn't tell you the difference between a sheraton and a westin...but the W is clearly a different kind of hotel, and all 3 are often marketed by Starwood at the same level/point value.Nobody wants to be staying in a room with a transparent wall between the shower and the beds with someone they aren't banging...
Thinking about this lightning headphone adapter... Will it emerge from the phone at a right angle? If not, how far out is your headphone plug going to stick? 90%of my headphone use sees the phone in a pocket... Often a tight pants pocket that bends when I sit. Stick some inch long adapter out of the phone and I'm going to start breaking stuff with the leverage
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