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Where‽I used to love those...but I tried to buy some in the store last weekend and didn't see any.
Has something happened to butterfingers lately? Seems like every one I get is beat up to hell. Always at least a corner of the chocolate coating has chipped off. I remember that I used to be able to at least get them out of the package in one piece. Also, the peanut butter snickers squares things are delicious. Ended up killing the bag of those before the bag of butterfingers.
I think one of the top commenters has it right. The true sith lord is the guy who wrote this post. He Jedi mind tricked me into wanting to watch the unedited prequels again while paying specific attention to jar jar. What a dirty trick!That being said, cool theory. I imagine that is sort of what it was like the first time someone on a game of thrones forum put forth an impassioned thesis on R+L=J. Just a big "oh shit you might be right" moment.Doubt it is true though. ...
Some good tidbits in here: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3rid26/we_are_the_microsoft_excel_team_ask_us_anything/
You just wait until my shitty PDF printer makes a billion dollars!
Or is that not a lightsaber? Maybe some sort of staff? Seems telling that a blade isn't shown, and it kind of looks like she is resting the weight of her hand on it. edit: beat me to it.
Why does her lightsaber look like a cheap mass produced casting? Even if she has stumbled across some vintage weapon, shouldn't it be machined?
I don't fully recall the instances in which this has happened (internally, we have switched to a digital system for agreeing to ethical walls/conflict checks, so I don't actually use my signature stamp that often). But my guess is they were either documents headed to a government entity or a law firm. In this case however, the lawyer I sent my documents to, went on to submit them to the government and signed it by typing '/s/first lastname'...suffice it to say, she did...
http://qz.com/537672/how-daylight-saving-affects-how-much-sun-you-see-each-year/ All this interactive graphic makes me think is not "let's abolish DST"...but "Let's have DST all year long!" Fuck this dark at 5pm shit. I can turn on a SAD lamp in the morning if need be, but I can't light up the world after work when I actually want to do things. Yeah yeah, some people like to get up early and do things before work...but those people are insane.
No. And that barely counts...they are a multi billion dollar company that just happens to be foreign so they have ADRs that trade over the counter in the USA.
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