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I've seen tankless work really well in a system where the house had radiator heat and thus the system was replacing a boiler as well as household hot water. Extrapolating down from that, it seems like the way to go for the future (and being able to take as long of a shower as you want is awesome), but I can see how it would be annoying if the unit didn't have the capacity to deliver consistent-temp water (so your shower can be long, but the temperature will waver).
For a webcomic, he doesn't actually publish that many comics (they aren't on a schedule). I don't know if I'd call them overrated. They get spread around pretty wildly when good new ones come out...but I don't see the bad ones unless I go looking (although I don't subscribe to their facebook page...I don't know why Tagut would since it is pretty well known that he holds opinions like the one Tagut was challenging him on). For example, this one sucks. I have never seen...
Watched some guy miss an entire green light because he was texting (or more likely based on what I observe these days...scrolling through instagram/facebook). Nobody behind him to honk, so he literally had no idea he even missed a cycle.
I think L'inc mostly has the lord's buzz cut
The dismal science is the best science http://gawker.com/economist-nouriel-roubini-accidentally-tweets-booty-cal-1668751401
I'd kill to live in a place where that represented the actual distribution of beauty...that's like a 78% would-hit rate.
Is she your classmate?
Yeah... The first kickstarter I paid for was to produce PTO season 2. I got some collar stays as a reward, and they got money to make their production...but it was never like I was buying anything. I have also contributed to something where they were essentially selling t-shirts to finance something. It was like buying a shirt for a cause, and since they had clearly already done the design work, all they needed to do were print shirts. I don't see as many of these...
Yeah, I think I will just go this route. I was thinking I might be able to cut them into short segments (1" or 1.5") that can be stacked back up to make it easier. Even if I screw up 50% of the holes, I would still have plenty of material....but a drill press and some scrap lumber would make short work of it.
Well, to each his own, but I rather like them. I am never actually home for christmas, but I thought it might be nice to have something tree-like in my apartment (and I will not stand for fake trees). A little 3-foot tall wooden tree that casts a neat shadow and can hold a couple of ornaments that people give me seems perfect...and it all packs down into a cardboard shipping tube come January. Also felt the desire to use some hand tools (and buy a few new ones) since I...
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