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The reserve stuff on a clover is very good (but only some Starbucks have it). And you don't have to worry if your favorite barista is making it, because the machine downloads its instructions from the internet to ensure it is made the same everywhere.
Yeah. Wtf
Any suggestions for a large group dinner this Friday night? Got a little time to make a reservation. 8 people, nothing too expensive, not in Brooklyn.
I'm sitting in it right now. It isn't terribly uncomfortable or anything, but he is right about the gap at the lower back (my friends keep a small pillow there). I think these are rubber on the real ones... They are a solid material on this one.
No, this is the happy thread... I still has good beer
Just had a gomestar moment. Was at whole foods, wanted a specific beer (evil twin Molotov lite) but didn't see it. Asked my beer guy if they had anything else for that just came in. He poured me a sample of one from the tap (a fairly large one at that). It was tasty. He offered to suggest some other options but I was like "no, this is great, I'm gonna buy this". Grab one off the shelf and it is a fucking $15 six pack. At that point I couldn't be life "oh shit no" in...
Just for fun, here is what TD Ameritrade reports for gain/loss % on every holding. 2 of the negatives are a bit misleading since they have paid lots of dividends which should bring them back to approximately flat. A couple more have cost basis issues...the last negative should really be very positive...it was Vodaphone and they paid a dividend a while back in the form of Verizon stock...but that didn't change the cost basis so it looks like I lost money when they...
mine says 3.2%. I'm going to assume that is after fees, but ML's website doesn't really make it clear. They are also the only ones who report it in any sort of legible manner (using the modified Dietz formula). Too lazy to do the math myself, but my IRA and taxable account insist on simply reporting gains vs cost basis for eternity which makes zero sense (if you sell something for a huge gain and buy something else, it says you've got zero return). I'm too lazy to find...
Annoying audio from video ads? If you use chrome, paste chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting into the URL bar hit enter and then click enable. After you restart chrome, you should at least be able to shut up the tabs if they are open in the background making a racket. Click on the sound icon to mute. edit: god dammit, this is for HTML5 audio only and I think those fucking ads are flash based. edit2: or maybe it does work. Haven't found a video ad on SF, but it was...
Anyone know if the Apple TV works with HBO Go? Or will they make you pay for HBO Now even if you already have HBO?
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