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My office just replaced a conference room full of eames soft pad management chairs. Not sure what they replaced them with (probably something much cheaper)... But if they decide to keep the new chairs, I've got dibs on some of the ones being tossed! The leathers are mostly not in great shape (that's what years or decades of use without conditioner will do), but a few of them are still pretty decent. I think it is a total bitch to replace the covers on these...so the...
Oops, looks like it started last night for non-preorders. Hopefully I can give it a try tonight, otherwise I'll check it out this weekend.
Can't wait for that overwatch beta this weekend!
The new trilogy would have been much different if this had happened: https://www.inverse.com/article/15123-george-lucas-s-original-plans-for-star-wars-episode-vii-and-boba-fett-reve Boba Fett may have been intended to be the main villain in ROTJ, and the whole defeat of the emperor taking up the third trilogy.
Very odd. Particularly the ending.
Well shit. I guess it is that time is year again.
Wait, you mean you aren't supposed to shoot at a fleeing shoplifter from a store you just happen to be shopping at?
Whenever I see those videos of people rolling coal...I just remember that that asshole actually paid money in order to modify their vehicle to override the clean burning engine controls. As terrible as that may be, I find some solace in the fact that someone managed to part them from their money.
I mean...in the book Arya brutalizes a night's watch deserter just because that's usually the job of the starks. Not crazy to think she'd kill the dude who took over the north and beat her sister.
I'd do it! Except I have decent enough work life balance right now...and don't have a work visa...and when I graduated from college I never heard back from any of the consulting firms I applied to where I checked the boxes for their Scandinavian offices. Perhaps 1 year of language study is insufficient...
New Posts  All Forums: