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I don't know if you know this, but there is a lot of M&A activity going on in the mushroom space right now... [[SPOILER]]
HRoi may hate avocados, but he loves mushrooms like this:
Ivanka will be old enough to be president in the next cycle. About time American men had a president they could fap to.
build them back up to "Phone with case" size. Fill the space half with physical protection and shielding, half with larger battery. Bonus points for no more camera bumps.
How's wojt going to be feeling when russia invades his country?
Anyone seen the BP oil spill movie? I just looked at rotten tomatoes and it somehow has an 83%. I thought for sure it would be a total bomb.I quite enjoyed it. Few more people in my theater, although it was a very small one.Saw it with my GF and some of her friends, all of whom spent time living in Uganda...they quite enjoyed it and found it pretty accurate.
I know what you were really hoping to see in that photo is if he looks to be about 6" now...
Whoops, sorry, forgot to change to my sock there.
I support his penis entering my mouth, I'm against it being removed.
Yeah, pixel just works
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