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Sup neo sold my couch #craigslist
I suspect the originals had thicker cushions and these have been redone with higher density foam. My ib kofod larsen chair (very similar design, except the back is solid with grasscloth instead of slatted) has cushions that are probably 50% thicker, and they were measured from the originals.
Front facing camera on your phone? Those usually display the image inverted (so it looks like a mirror) and sometimes they don't un-invert it when you're done shooting.
Re the discussion of glazed showers from earlier... Here is my hotel room: Curtain to cover the whole thing from the outside, no door for the toilet.
Connecting flight canceled... Got on one an hour later but that is just late enough that we can't make the after 10pm menu at that place (which was also suggested by a local friend). Luckily we watched the episode of layover last night and bourdain went to a place they mentioned was open til 3am. Hopefully it is good... Other reviews are meh, but it is also midnight. Ripped open the crotch/ass of my pants getting into this taxi... So I guess this is a...
Shouldn't you health insurance (and various other insurances) cover some of the cost? Still seems like a dick move... Or is it over of those "if you come to us and say 'I have a problem' we will help you out, but if we catch you, you can go fuck yourself" kind of things.
Pot pies with crust that is only on the top. WTF is this shit? Soup with some dough on top? Meat pies should be fully crusted. Bonus points if it can stand on its own:
The people who want to go to those big box stores are the people moving in to the boxes being built on top of them.They are willing to pay more than the people who lived in the shitty apartments that used to be there, so it all must go away.Eventually those places will just be stuffy douchebags with nothing interesting around...and the next group of people with a bit of money who don't want to move in next to all of the squares will look for the next neighborhood to...
Yes, and that chair was designed using a spool of flag halyard line.
If you want unofficial stones (from the same manufacturer as the official stones), here's what I opted for from http://www.moldshoptools.com/search.phpItem code that you can type in the search box because their website kind of sucks:A91401120 - 120 grit AS-9AK1401220 - 220 grit AM-KCH1401400 - 400 grit CS-HDCH1401600 - 600 grit CS-HDCH14011000 - 1000 grit CS-HDPC14011200 - 1200 grit PCThe 120 is a good stone but it is pretty aggressive...and you probably don't need it...
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