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Have you tried clearing your cache/using a different computer (especially with another IP)/using incognito mode?You always hear stories about the airfare sites using user-tracking to raise prices. If you search for a flight a couple of times and then search again and see the price going up, you may be more inclined to make an immediate purchase...but if they don't know that you are the same person, they will continue showing you the low price.
My suspicion is that they have no expectation of influencing anyone actually in the restaurant. Videos like that are just a way to generate interest in their movement from like minded people and to make themselves look cool with vegan-hippy cred. So more of a recruiting and bragging tool than an actual campaign designed to influence people.
These guys protesting meat in steakhouses: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=908850575809153 https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10204886629669357 They are just assholes. Also, question for our resident lawyers--what are the proprietors of these establishments allowed to do to remove people from the premises? In the videos, they cry assault as soon as they are touched. I've always thought (at least with bar bouncers) that while they can't beat on you unless you...
I was thankful for it. Passed out early on sunday night (after getting maybe 6-8 hours of sleep total the rest of the weekend in between offshore racing and drinking) and probably would have wasted far too much of my Monday if not for my weekday alarm.
Is she the type of person you might like to conjugate with?
Really wanted to go back home for the state fair this year but the timing did not work out.
Can't be true, there are only 3 posters in CE on average.Probably part of why nobody takes things there in the first place.
Rapha makes nice stuff, but at the end of the day, they are an overpriced lifestyle brand.
That one I don't think is mediocre. Been meaning to ride my bike down there sometime this fall before it gets cold.
Pretty sure there is zero smoking in Disney these days. A few designated areas that take you away from the kids but people would probably notice the smell crammed into the little smoking area.
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