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Wait. Is trump really thanking Linda Bean for her "great support and courage" after she made donations that turned out to be illegal?
Can I post stupid political cartoons too?
Last time I rented a car in Europe was a couple of years ago in Lithuania...was actually kind of disappointed when they handed me the keys to an Automatic and didn't offer anything else. Maybe they held that car for me because I was an american (it was a bigger car than I reserved), because I certainly didn't pay the extra fee to guarantee an automatic. However, both cars I rented in South Africa were manuals (and I'm not even sure automatic was an option, at least on...
I think today is the last day to apply for the 100k point deal. You're forgetting to mention the $300 travel credit the reserve gives you though--assuming you buy more than 1 plane ticket a year (or uber/hotel/whatever), that brings the annual fee down to $150. Pretty easy to derive another $150 in value from the card. Get $100 credit for applying for Global Entry too, so takes the first year down to $50 if you don't already have it... I considered it...but decided not...
Trump's response: TL;DR, NERD
Turns out GF was right all along: http://m.edmontonsun.com/2017/01/10/should-we-be-taking-masturbation-breaks-at-work Still weird he would do it in front of his co-workers though.
We can dance the economic impact shuffle. When companies move to Mexico, their taxes will pay for the wall. That tax will drive up prices though, so workers will need to get paid more. But they will have better jobs because the companies will not move to Mexico because of the tax. It is a Schroedinger's cat type situation. The companies have both moved to Mexico and not moved to Mexico. As long as we don't confirm the truth of either, we can borrow against the...
Do those deaths include both non-prescription opioid overdoses (heroin) and prescription opioid overdoses by people other than the prescribed party? The little game they play with the single-scale axis representing two different measures aside...it's not a great indicator for the safety/wisdom of prescribing so much of it. While I don't think we can throw all of the blame on the doctors (or the pharma reps that push them to prescribe)...it is hard to deny that both A) A...
New Posts  All Forums: