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Any thoughts on the honda 500 (cbr500r or cb500f) vs the ninja 650? Ninja 650 throws down more power (I'm not convinced I need it...but it's not exactly a strike against it either), but the 500 seems to win on build quality, silky smooth gearbox, and much less excess vibration. The 500 is cheaper, although there are a few more years worth of used 650s out there, and it came in more colors (the 500 only comes in black if you want ABS). I like the look of the 650's...
Apple is currently the single largest company (by weight) in both of those indices. I'm not saying that there can't be any effect due to all of the retail investor euphoria surrounding apple, but I am not sure I would characterize apple as a long term driver of the market (beyond the influence their market cap carries).
You are aware that AAPL is a part of the S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite indexes right*? Both are capitalization weighted, so AAPL is a large share of the index.Add in the fact that all stocks move with the market to some extent (as measured by beta) and I think you have drawn a false causation conclusion.*It is not part of the Dow since the Dow uses an idiotic weighting scheme and thus apple would dominate the index (less so than before the split...but still stupid).
Holy shit ACTC (ACTCD for now) pop. Wonder if I should sell...was planning on holding for much longer (already been a while), but this looks temporary.
Probably just like the cameras.People are rushing to buy the shares, will stare at them for a few weeks, and then they will end up stuffed away in a dark corner of their portfolio and never thought about.
I'll see your processed fish sticks and raise you something double processed from my facebook
Why are their eggos in the fridge? That's just asking for a soggy waffle.
It is a deep dish pizza with an extra layer of crust on top (but beneath the sauce). Unlike a calzone, the sauce on top stops the top crust from really cooking through...to the point where a lot of my friends in college never even realized that there was dough on the top...they just thought the gooey dough was more cheese.I don't think that this extra layer of uncooked bread adds very much to the pizza. I'd rather eat lou's or pequod's like in my pictures if I am looking...
Eh...Giordano's is ok....but I prefer the non-stuffed varieties of deep dish.Lou's for when you need a pizza (lots of locations, can be had without waiting or delivered)or Pequod's with their carmelized crust when you are willing to wait for an awesome pizza:Sausage being a preferred topping on both (other additions optional). Second pizza can be spinach or pepperoni.
Yeah I saw that last week. Makes sense as they had caught up his storyline and the next books already have a lot of characters if they try to film them chronologically (instead of doing the split storylines like GRRM did). My assumption is that they will also use it as an opportunity to recast bran when they do bring that story back... Find a kid who didn't have a huge growth spurt since everyone will have forgotten about bran anyways.
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