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Everything my SS recipient gets will have been rubbed through my butt crack 3 times (top to bottom). Remains to be seen how many layers I will be wearing at the time.
I feel like they really did a good job on the front end this generation. That harder crease on the hood looks real good in lots of colors. Why alltrack over sportwagen?
If he is shorter than me, I can still make fun of him
See my previous comment. There are a ton of restrictions placed on a sitting president. After four years of being told what you can't do by the secret service, how sure are we that Trump will still want the job. Trump likes to win, so that might inventivize him to try again, but I'm not sure he is going to love the work of actually being president. Dissatisfied Republican establishment might even give him a primary challenge (I assume party rules allow that).
How is Trump even going to handle all of the restrictions on the president? Are they even allowed to use Twitter by themselves? Can he just go to pornhub or does he have to ask some aid for preapproved wanking material?
The blues are their own special breed. They all have their territory but they share their service network. So if a company goes to care first ga but has an office in Indiana, the Indiana employees will essentially be using anthem's services (and some of that revenue will then change hands from care first to anthem). But the blues are a special case... They can't really expand to compete with each other directly (and on national accounts, whoever covers the headquarters...
That's moving the goalposts a bit.Having to meet state reporting requirements isn't the same as not being allowed to operate there. Insurance companies already operate in multiple states and can deal with this...and often this stuff is handled by outside vendors anyways. You buy some software, it takes care of it, not your problem.Whether or not you have to meet those requirements...you still have the problem of simultaneously building up a provider network and a...
I've never been too impressed with that rule. On one hand it is silly (but a bunch of people would probably have cried "states rights" back when the republicans still cared about that).But on the other hand, it isn't actually that hard to sell insurance in a new state as an established insurer. You might have to build a network (but you'd have to do that as a newcomer anyways, and can use a rental network until you are sufficiently built up).But getting legal permission?...
lol...gun nuts are so goofy. If they were really going to take away your guns, then why are you buying them just to have them ripped back out of your hands? And then when the "go play with your deadly toys" guy wins, you are like "meh, I guess I don't really feel like buying one anymore". It's like my cat when I close the door to a room.
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