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I change at the office. Sometimes I wonder if overpants might be nice. But then I think...aren't overpants really almost the same amount of work? Now: 1. Put on motorcycle pants and boots. 2. Ride to work. 3. Take off motorcycle pants and boots 4. Put on office pants and shoes With overpants: 1. Put on normal pants. 2. Put on overpants and boots 3. Ride to work. 4. Take off overpants and boots, and put on shoes. Either way, I am changing shoes, and going through an...
Leather jacket with shoulder/elbow/back armor.I have some kevlar-lined jeans. Tried to find the least "douche-bro" or "dad-jean" model I could without ponying up for something like Maple jeans (also, I think maple uses both pretty heavy denim and a full kevlar terrycloth lining...so hot as shit). Errored a little on the dad jean side, but not too much.They have knee pockets and I bought some D3O armor which is much slimmer and more flexible than standard armor.Haven't...
But does that matter when someone else hits me? Like uninsured motorist coverage that would pay out above what the other person's insurance is willing to cover.I don't have comprehensive coverage right now...I'm OK with the loss (my bike just isn't that valuable) if it happens to be my own fault...but I'd be pretty pissed to be out a bunch of money because someone was texting and merged into me and their insurance company decided my bike was only worth $600 because you...
He's not sure how the "waterfall" method compares with the "golden shower" method he was used to getting from his old bosses.
One thing is clear. With Varys out of king's landing and Kevan out of the story, we certainly won't be seeing [[SPOILER]]
They are setting up made-up-TV-character Olly for something. Of course, this season has gone off the rails so I don't think anything is certain. [[SPOILER]] We are going to have to spend time in King's Landing and the Wall next week. They can't save that build up for next season as everyone will forget.Not sure if they will return to Dorne. They left some things unsaid there, but that could easily be held to the next season.I doubt Brienne interacts with Stannis...With...
and I am literally using the word literally correctly.
Literally straight from the wikipedia example:Or is 4 in a row not sufficiently close to 12 for you?
You literally just fell victim to the gambler's fallacy in a defense of something not being the gambler's fallacy.
How fucked by insurance will I be if someone hits my vintage bike? Are they just going to offer me 500 bucks because hey, you're just lucky it was still working 35 years later?
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