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I mean sure...but that's kind of the point of amazon pantry isn't it? Load up on bulky non-perishables that are shipped to you in a big ass box... I wouldn't complain about the food selection on regular Amazon, but they are the ones that started a pantry-item-delivery-service (that requires both a premium subscription and an additional shipping fee), so I don't think I am too off base in complaining that the experience doesn't match the traditional amazon service.
In my rented, reasonably priced condo?
Only if you very narrowly define it by age group (and exclude everyone older than me)!
Fucking really? Dude worked at goldman and he let his 85 year old dad keep his life savings in a single stock? And then he sold it during pretty much its lowest point based on a tip from Jim Cramer? Even so, AT&T only lost about 50%...could have been worse. And this comedy of errors has somehow influenced Bannon's policy decisions?
Get some papusas at But probably not 5 of them...that's probably too much food for one person...don't let the low price convince you otherwise.
I have a small boat: 2007 or so Vanguard 15
The new rain jackets look pretty slick. Wonder how well they perform. Can't tell if they are supposed to be more equivalent to a rain jacket (like a Marmot Precip) or a heavier shell (like a goretex shell). Looks like they are going for the latter...otherwise the prices seem high for something that is just a less-technical-looking version of a stuffable rain jacket.
How do you guys determine exit points? Do you ever use stop orders once you have passed a certain point to lock in gains (especially on more volatile stocks that might fall quickly when you aren't looking)? I don't have any short term needs for money, so there is nothing motivating me to make a sale (unless there is something else I really want to buy and need to free up some money). On some stocks that have way over-performed, I have reduced the position to balance out...
Seems a little low if it is actually 70 sq ft of heated surfacr... But you are just trying to warm the floors and maybe raise the temp a few degrees, not trying to provide for the room's entire heat needs. So it shouldn't take a ton of power.
Kickstarter has finally cemented its place as the world's new "As Seen on TV"
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