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Ralph also has a ranch outside of Telluride... Which, if you are going to have a ranch, is probably the best place to have one.
You forget that you are also posting to a fairly eccentric forum... Go to west texas (even though lance is from TX) and see how they feel about cyclists on the roads there...
Agree on the clothing. Road cycling clothing is great. Yeah, it makes you look like you are wearing a colorful skin tight super hero outfit (you are), but there comes a point in any sport where having the dedicated equipment just makes sense.I.e. I have legit sailing gear, always ride any distance in either lycra or wool cycling gear, and when I get to go skiing, I pull out the ski socks/jacket/etc. from when I raced.But these are things I spend a decent amount of time...
Haven't you seen all of the "Cycling is the New Golf" media in the press?If anything, I feel like competitive sailing is struggling to stay relevant in a lot of areas. Not seeing big fleets come out on the regular...not much weeknight racing, and much weaker weekend racing. I never thought it to be that douchey though--what a lot of people forget is that you only need one rich d-bag to own the boat. The rest of the people on the boat can be anybody, so long as their...
after my hike up and down the hope point trail, I have been thinking about buying a pair the next time I can get the perfect combo of a 40% off STP coupon and some good inventory.
The North Face Cat's Meow seems right for that...but if you are going with a tour like that, they might provide you with appropriate sleeping bags. As for pants, I got a pair of prAna Zion pants and liked them enough that I plan to pick up a second pair when they start going on sale.
Are you eligible for implants? At that point, it seems like it would be a more cost effective option (especially if the bridge is liable to fail again).
Too bad, I use their product very frequently. They are definitely going places (although probably not Lucas)
Do you work for venmo?
I started reusing the filters after I read that that is what the inventor does.Not sure how many cups I brew before throwing one away, but considering that I typically only use it on Saturday and Sunday, the remaining half of my paper filters is set to last a very long time.
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