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Can you still order the Jean Georges lunch while sitting at the Nougatine bar?
I think the travel thing goes two ways. 1. It is just some random "I'm interesting" shit to fill out on your profile. If you say your passion is travelling, maybe it hides the fact that all you do when you aren't travelling is eat takeout while watching netflix at home. This can be just BS filler that says "I had a really good vacation once" 2. For someone who actually is passionate about travel...finding a partner who is compatible with those travels is important. If...
I dunno, but I have trouble getting down with f.lux. I absolutely hate it on my GFs Air. I am already predisposed to dislike it because I use displays that are color calibrated (and I don't have the brightness cranked they aren't that bad at night anyways)...but something about running it in a laptop screen that has viewing angle color shift just bugs the crap out of me. Android actually has a similar knockoff feature built in isn't gradual, but at...
Sorry, I think you misspelled Overwatch there. [[SPOILER]]
The Jean Georges lunch is always a delight. Never had any other meal there, but I once ate lunch there twice in the same trip. Conveniently located a 5 minute walk from your hotel room.
It is NYC. Just pick a weekend and go.Go next weekend. It doesn't matter (unless you are trying to get specific tickets/reservations or something).
WTF, Piob has never been to NYC? Definitely Central Park. There's no good reason to stay all of the way down in battery park unless you are there on business and want to be near the office.
But where do you keep your frozen chicken pot pies?
Mighty tempted by the very cheap prime brisket. Not sure it matters if brisket is prime...but it was cheaper than the lower grade packers I can get at the butcher shop. Haven't used the smoker in a while...I have to buy small and cut them in half to fit in my smoker, but even then that's a long smoke. Not sure when I would have time to do it, so I left them behind for another day.
The pressure cooker is like the polar opposite of my other cooking gadgets. Things like smokers and immersion circulators are all about low temps for long periods of time. The pressure cooker is HOT AND FAST and maybe I just don't fully understand how to use it yet.I kind of hate that costco blade tenderizes all of the prime beef (at least they say they do...maybe it is on the label by default and they don't actually do it). Seems completely unnecessary on prime...
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