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I am in agreement, Although I think that people (probably people who live in mcmansions and are in denial) have tried to stretch the term.Nowadays when I google mcmansions, I see a lot of photos of actual mansions. They may be fairly generic looking /cookie cutter, but they lack the other tenants of mcmansionship. They aren't just a rectangular box, they have space between houses/don't overpower the lot size, and they tend to be much larger than what I would start to...
I don't get people who focus heavily on how to not overpay their taxes and "give the government an interest free loan". I mean, obviously, you don't want to totally fuck up and have a giant refund, and you don't want to get penalized for underpayment (and psychologically, most people would prefer to receive $500 than owe $500)...but you are not going to make any significant amount of money on the interest. In the time it takes them to calculate exactly how to skirt the...
I hear the best way to keep your hair silky and shiny is to take half an avocado and use it like a comb after you get out of the shower.
And what...are they assuming you'll never go in the back yard and see your house from any other angle? It would be like if if Michelangelo didn't bother to carve out David's ass crack because "who cares about anything but the front view"
Except a lot of the true mcmansions are jacked up drafty houses. They just have a bigger blower in the furnace to make up for the fact that the 25ft living room ceilings suck out all of the heat.They are built like shit--they won't be standing when they are as old as those houses you are talking about.
Some people conflate the definiiton of McMansion with that of an actual mansion. Its not the same thing as a tacky mansion. Although piob has a lot of land around his house...so it can't be true mcmansion:
But it isn't a citrus rinse being sold by a 3rd party. Dr Bronner's themselves sell the rinse (and I am sure there are *some* retail stores that carry it) and suggest using it on your hair. I could be wrong, but I thought that they even say somewhere in the gobs of text on the bottle that you should be using a rinse if you use it on hair.My stylist has me conditioning daily but only shampooing about twice a week...I doubt he would vote for plain Dr Bronner's.
Probably because it is a shitty company.But also, splits are often not well tracked for penny stocks on the free services. I have seen other penny stocks where if you look at their history, splits weren't properly accounted for, so old prices are not necessarily reliable.Looks like the $50 figure was just a blip. 1500 shares changed hands at that price...it isn't representative of anything besides the fact that nobody cares about penny stocks.
That is a proud accomplishment. You have posted it in the wrong thread.
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