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I'm not saying they will show it as a weakness.I'm saying they will show it as a strength when he happens to catch a blow with it... And all of the nerds will groan because the blow just happens to hit on the red part instead of at the intersection (which would be more likely in a real sword fight).
Because they filmed and did much of the work before they released photos and everybody called it out as stupid?
Keyboard cover is necessary if you want it as a laptop replacement. That seems to be the key feature on the surface pro... And I see people legitimately using those for business.
I think you just need a Subaru. Those rally races go through plenty extreme conditions and they have all of the modern conveniences.
As much as we try to defend it and secretly hope it doesn't suck...ataturk is going to be right. You know there is going to be a scene in the movie where he blocks a blow to the hand with the guards and his opponent's blade just so happens to hit further outward instead of cutting through the intersection point.
I like my 240...but it works best if you have plenty of counter space and a big cutting board.
Last I heard their love child had come out at a hefty 9 pounds 11 ounces
Cheese? wtf? Do you order buttered noodles and call it pasta?
blasphemy!Pizza hut pan pizza is legit (the other crusts less so). It's not the best pizza in the world, but it is available cheap and fast pretty much everywhere. It is way ahead of the other chains in quality...just don't try to fuck with it with weird sauce drizzles, crust flavorings, or mini hotdogs.I can get all sorts of great pizzas delivered to me, but sometimes I just want dat pizza hut.And FWIW, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt (the serious eats Pizza Lab guy, and staunch...
I dunno...I feel like if he hadn't intended for vader to be his father, he wouldn't have gone down the whole obi-wan "I knew your father" and the whole vader-obi-wan "now the student has become the master" road. Although perhaps it is more likely that Vader's last name wasn't originally supposed to be Skywalker.
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