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My climbing gym is implementing some sort of gamification reward system. You earn points every time you check in/take a class/etc. If they were just doing that, I wouldn't care...but one of the changes they made was changing the guest pass program. I used to get one guest pass a month. Now I will get unlimited guest passes for first-time visitors, but no guest pass that I can actually use for my friends. To get a guest pass for my GF (who doesn't climb enough to...
Don't dip the pen in the company ink! ...or do...it's not the worst thing in the world.
Potentially just need to adjust the clutch pushrod... All is not lost yet!
Wtf!? Tried to take the bike out this morning and the clutch is slipping like crazy. Had to turn around and put it back. Clutch felt fine on Sunday. Used the same oil I always use (Rotella t 15w40), adjusted the clutch to where the travel felt ok... Didn't change anything else and yet now the clutch feels totally shot.
Nice rack For real though
The thing about the Big Bad Racist Cop thing is...look at this thread. It doesn't exist just because of racist police incidents. It exists because of power abusing assholes. Getting rid of the Big Bad Cop period would probably go a long way towards alleviating the concerns of BLM towards police. I don't mean to say that in a #alllivesmatter sense at all--just that addressing general unacceptable use of force might be easier than trying to figure out which cops are...
Oh shit! They are in MN and deliver to my parent's house?!I wonder if they have giardiniera...my favorite Jet's pizza is the large rectangular sausage and giardiniera, but I have to order it by phone because the giardiniera isn't on the online menu. I suspect this means it is a regional offering...
I wish he had been allowed to post his BM. Because later that same day, I would have been able to capture a BM photo that would have destroyed his and made him feel like a girly-man. I was in awe.
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