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Still want to hear about the pants.
Can't say I love this shade of tan: Feel like it would be better if it shifted a little more towards bourbon, but that's probably not what the designers were going for.
Google now is fricking awesome. Especially on my moto X which featured some enhancements to google now as well as the always listening mic. Google Assistant should be even better.Except a lot of times, I still struggle to use it. My company's exchange policy mandates a PIN lock, and probably 90% of the time when I try to say "OK Google" and talk to my phone from across the room , it will say "Say or Type PIN Code".That's not the end of the world...except it never hears...
Seen lots of anecdotal evidence of people noticing the pixel (as opposed to the Nexus phones which most people didn't know existed). The verizon only marketing (when the phone is actually available through google for any provider) is not helpful, but I hear that it might show up on AT&T in november. Unfortunately, it is all a little bit too late to completely capitalize on the Note 7 disaster. How slick would it be if they had Pixel XLs in stock and a sales rep on hand...
I thought the Constitution party was a made up fake conservative party invented way back when to pull votes from Bush... Maybe I am thinking of something else?
I don't know if you know this, but there is a lot of M&A activity going on in the mushroom space right now... [[SPOILER]]
HRoi may hate avocados, but he loves mushrooms like this:
Ivanka will be old enough to be president in the next cycle. About time American men had a president they could fap to.
build them back up to "Phone with case" size. Fill the space half with physical protection and shielding, half with larger battery. Bonus points for no more camera bumps.
How's wojt going to be feeling when russia invades his country?
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