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https://codecombat.com/play Learn some python, see what's up.
I suppose it depends on how you view some of those government transfer programs.You could make an argument that the hand outs are simply a part of the tax system...they are tax credits so large that they turn your tax bill into a net positive amount. If that's the case, then why are you drug testing for one type of tax transfer payment, and not drug testing for another?I don't think either should be drug tested, and I recognize that she is doing it as a farce, but the...
How does that article fail to mention that the battle that truly inspired the choreography was The Battle of Cannae.They originally intended to base it on Agincourt, but switched to the much older battle led by Hannibal. The director has straight up said this in interviews, so it is kind of a glaring oversight to write an article like that and skip it.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cannae
And yes, the "I'm sorry we fucked you" vouchers are also shitty. Because of course they aren't going to make it easy or functional to use them. I only have one set (plus another $2.50 discount voucher).
Lol. Mrg...did you really just post a "ticketmaster sucks" post during the time that I was writing my "ticketmaster sucks" post?
Everything ticketmaster does is just so shitty. I know everybody already agrees but still wtf... Their one job is to sell tickets. Why is it that, in the world of on-demand cloud computing like AWS, they can't fucking make a website that doesn't say shit like "We are experiencing higher traffic than usual. Your wait time is approximately 45 minutes or more". Second, because their website and inventory management sucks, once you actually wait, oh, sorry, the tickets...
Clearly that's why Jon had to get off his horse to get a better view at what Ramsay was going to do...then he had to run back and get on his horse, which slowed him down.
Or, put another way, if the race is over 15 laps long, you are getting lapped.
80 real horses!
Feeding Ramsay to the dogs is out of character for the Starks. It shows that what Ramsay said to Sansa is true. Part of him is forever inside her now (she even cracks a smile as she walks away from his screams). She has spent some of her most formative years away from the Starks, in a world where the stark way leaves everyone dead.
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