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Well, they are used barrels...so they have been fired and filled with bourbon. I dunno how much it really matters, but my sense was that they were more absorbing the smokey bourbon aroma than the oak itself.
I bought my mom a thermopop. It doesn't use all of the technology of the thermapen, but still has the very thin probe tip and reads really dang fast. If you are on their mailing list, I have seen them sell as low as $19 (also, open box thermapens can go as low as $74).I think they have another model using the same probe, but it is not as cute as the thermopop...but also can be had for around 20 bucks.
I saw somewhere that a roaster in Maryland was the first to start experimenting with it. But hey, even piobaire started barrel aging his own cocktails a few years ago... If that is played out, you gotta start putting new shit in those barrels.
I had to Google it too. They do it with some of the green beans which is when they are most willing to accept flavors and odors. Aging the roasted beans wouldn't make much sense and you would just end up with stale coffee.
Bought one of those bourbon barrel aged coffees from dark matter that despos was talking about. They weren't pulling it in store, but I figured I would try a 12oz bag even though it was based on their unicorn blood beans which I haven't really cared for. I'd like to experiment with it more, but out of the aeropress, it was pretty good. I didn't get a big bourbon taste up front like despos described but I might need to grind a bit finer as it seemed under extracted. Have...
This looks cool. Installed it, will see how I use it.
How about you put two hands and a face right here
Are you perchance related to the woo woo woo man 2/3rds of the way through this article?https://medium.com/matter/sex-is-sex-but-money-is-money-e7c10091713f
I literally just got redirected to the play store when trying to read your post about redirects... Definitely context sensitive though... I just got directed to the open table app... Had just tried to reserve a table on their website earlier today. Also explains why the fastidious car shopper @Piobaire is getting auto play videos about acuras.
I retract my statement about autoplay ads then
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