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I saw a story recently about a father who decided to slowly introduce his kid to the history of gaming. Starting from the beginning, and only moving up to newer/fancier systems when the kid had mastered the old. End result was that the kid is really fricking good at games now. The old games are so much more difficult than what they are putting out now. Pacman doesn't have a save point at every level. You only get so many lives to beat Mario before you have to start...
I googled that and this popped up:
I really do think there is a difference between the Washington and Michigan ones (the two sources we see here). The Washington ones come later in the season and just aren't that good.My understanding is that they were developed in Minnesota but ended up growing best in southwestern Michigan. Also I think something bad happened to the crop in the past year or two and there was very little supply of the good ones.But I am sure @foodguy has already written a book on the topic.
I went to cleveland a little over a year ago. Got soy sauce stains on my tie...so fuck that city.
Yeah, but not the ones from Washington. Those are different apples and they suck (or maybe the different growing conditions just make them suck). The midwestern ones are ideal.
I have accounts at TDAmeritrade and SchwabI like TDAmeritrade's platform better....although I am not sure about the pricing because I may still be grandfathered in to an old pricing scheme. They've got a selection of free-trade mutual funds that I feel more comfortable with than Schwab's offerings. More intuitive and informative for a moderately active trader.The only reason I keep my non-IRA money at Schwab is because I also use their checking account (which is awesome...
Why are people so mad about best buy making a joke about the Serial podcast on twitter? http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-best-buy-serial-20141211-story.html I thought it was pretty funny...
No. Office holiday party
I think I have a hangover
HRoi should fly to nashville for a popsicle. I hear they have good popsicles there.
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