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Some hideous wheels you've got there!
Unless women figure out how to pee in a urinal, I fail to see how the men would be significantly impacted by women heading into their room ...unless you are one of those brave souls taking a dump at a rock venue or sports stadium...
I'm not sure Piob really wanted to come to the pube licks party anyway...
Are the soft pad cushions easy to replace? From what I gathered it was not a simple job, but most results were talking about the aluminum group chair. Lots of people saying that they couldn't get anyone to touch one for under $1000....might still be worth it on a soft pad, but that's getting pretty close to the price of a new aluminum group chair.
I mean...it's not 10% but I'll take it! And given how good this beta feels, I think Overwatch could be a good moneymaker.
Really, the entire time, I was just hoping for the tf2 soundbyte of the soldier yelling "get on the point!" Thought the game would be more moba-like. Instead it felt like a normal fps with matchmaking to keep even teams. Wonder if they plan to expand maps to other game types (like multiple capture points instead of just one). Also wonder if player created maps will exist...
Looked like the picture so...maybe?
Yup. Overwatch is pretty fun. Kept playing with a bunch of noobs who have clearly never played TF2 before though...people's awareness of capture points and cart status was not very good. Although I think the game also didn't do a good job of saying "hey, here's how the maps work..if you stand on the point...they can't take it back from you..." Looks like a solid game...good thing I kept those shares
Orange m3 sitting next to me has so much orange peel it actually looks like an orange
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