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Lulu keeps telling me that people are checking me out (or have "favorited" me) but I don't know who these people are...nobody I actually know uses Lulu, and when a female friend downloaded the app, nobody we knew closely had any reviews...which you would think they would if anyone we knew actually used the app.
I like the orange line (and I especially like walking on the bouncy treadmill-style moving walkway that leads to it). I usually cab it out of O'Hare, but opt for the Orange when I am flying through MDW. And unlike NYC, Chicago has managed to run easily accessible public transit to both of its airports.
I believe that position is considered an advanced technique. You are in the way, both blocking through-transit and blocking some food items, and thus maintaining stance requires extreme fortitude.
There are some *awesome* goat tacos 1 stop away from Midway (you could probably walk there too...but have you ever tried walking to/from an airport? pretty sure only terrorists do that).
Guardians of the galaxy was good fun. Wtf was that trailer for the walrus movie? Can't tell if serious... Saw that it is directed by Kevin Smith so I am guessing no (and we are seeing one of those instances where the studio trailer is misrepresenting the film as something different... like with The Village)
I think that is what he is saying. Since he has been flying Delta, he hasn't been routed through O'Hare and hasn't gotten to eat a sandwich there. Delta does fly in and out of O'Hare...but its not a hub, so I can't see how you would ever end up there when you are already flying out of Atlanta (which is their main hub).
This set was great We'll see how long it stays on youtube
Skipped lolla this year, but spent a bunch of time watching the live stream/listening in the background. I think I preferred this to attending...saw a lot of really cool sets that I definitely would not have seen in person (would have been at another stage). Being able to change channels instantly meant I could jump between stages without running across the park.A few bands I had never heard of that were highlights from what I saw:Meg Myers - I found a bootleg copy of...
My parents paid me to mow when I was in middle school (although, I think my dad kind of likes mowing the lawn...). I think it stopped when I had other ways to earn money. If I only knew how much a real landscaping service charges!
Got a bunch (too many...will sort out later) of vases. Some of japanese ones and a couple korean.Didn't pick up anything else. There were a bunch of coffee tables/end tables/side tables, but they were mostly the kind of thing where the table surface is a japenese painting (and sometimes even a slightly 3 dimensional piece of art). A little bit too out there, and certainly not within my decor. A ton of nice lampshades (and a couple of pottery lamps), but I don't have any...
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