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That's because you have to charge it at night!I saw them through a window today... Looked better than I expected after that review posted on the last page, but I wasn't very interested.
Prepped 3 artichokes for sous vide... Hopefully these rock because I always find them to be too much work to clean. Lots of time, lots of waste, only a little bit of food.
I remember the thrawn trilogy being great. Would like to read it again now that I am older but I don't know that I really want to so close to this movie... I'll end up making comparisons instead of just enjoying it as a new story. For years, I figured if any later episodes happened, they would just make movies out of the thrawn books rather than decanonizing all the books (since Lucas had originally let the post-ROTJ stories go forward saying he wouldn't make his own).
Well, he did say he wasn't going to be cutting on the counter tops. I like bamboo as a material. Think it would look awful in end-grain for an entire counter top though. If you want any thickness to the counter, you will have to go multi layered with bamboo. Some of the multiple-layer, set in different directions (to help with warping/expansion?) counter top options look pretty good.
Interesting article from Glen Weyl and Eric Posner (Richard's son and current UofC law professor): http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/view_from_chicago/2015/04/mutual_funds_make_air_travel_more_expensive_institutional_investors_reduce.html Posits that heavy institutional ownership of the airline industry leads to higher airfares in the same way that a trust would. When significant percentages of *every* airline are held by the same groups of institutional...
The reviews I have read say that it is just not as good.I was worried that the normal one was going to be too small, but when it actually arrived, it was larger than I expected from photos/measurements.
ITT: We tell GF the new macbook is underpowered. GF orders the new macbook and doesn't shell out for upgraded CPU GF disappointed with said macbook's underwhelming performance.
To be fair...some of that is just the amount of shit crammed on to each page of SF these days.
My old netbook can decode HD video without issue. I wouldn't want to do video editing on it, but basic photo edits (assuming non-giant files) were no problem. I had to stop using it though. I basically used it as a breakfast computer...but it couldn't fucking load SF and gmail without being annoyingly slow to render. God forbid you click a link to a website that is loaded with shitty facebook/twitter/etc share buttons, and those clickbait advertising photo links...some...
I don't think you fully understand how CPU intensive browsing has gotten recently.A lot of the futuristic web 2.0 stuff that websites are doing these days involve abusing the shit out of technologies that were never intended for this kind of use. The reason you can force javascript and CSS to interact in these crazy ways is because you now have a ton of excess CPU power on every modern computer...so your scripting language is being used to do all sorts of stuff it is not...
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