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Get dat carbon look
basically:Rogue OneEpisode 8Han Solo Origin Movie (there you go guys, quit your bitching, we've got a move with a MAN in it)Episode 9???the ??? is where it gets scary.
Flying to Key West this afternoon for my GF's birthday. Then driving back through Miami on Monday to spend the night in Fort Lauderdale before flying back. Anybody have any suggestions? GF flew out yesterday, but we don't have much actually planned. Birthday dinner suggestion somewhere around Miami or Fort Lauderdale? @HRoi?
Plus with a female lead, they don't have to hire extra screen candy for you to jerk off to. Hollywood budgets are tight these days!
the disney purchase a few years ago de-cannonized pretty much everything except the OT, the prequels, and the various cartoons and comics that came out after the prequels.
On the other hand, if you make a GMO-free product, you are entirely capable of labeling it "GMO-Free".Why should you have to place a mandatory label on every single food item that says "This item was created using ingredients that were grown using modern agricultural methods"?I agree that the amount they are lobbying against it is a little offputting...but look at the people who buy into this crap. I mean...Chipotle made the switch to non-GMO. People buy into the...
doh! I guess we can save the bothan carnage for later then.
I think foodguy's next job should be tearing down the GMO boogeyman.
Neither of them looked like bothans. I mean...I don't know what bothans look like, but I don't picture them looking like those two normal looking humans.
They've got to play to their base I guess...Makes me feel better that all of the comments on the pages for the two heath ice creams are like "This ice cream sucks now, wtf did you do?"I did write a letter to their contact-us web form...but what are they going to do? Give me another pint of now-shitty ice cream?At least when I complained to potbelly about their reduced milkshake quality, they sent me some coupons for free shakes and gave me a suggestion for how I might...
New Posts  All Forums: