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Yeah...I need to do that when I move in October. Still thinking about an LCW. Hopefully I can find one...I race bikes with a bunch of people who went to architecture school...does it matter what kind of architect they are?
I saw something on facebook today about making deep fried tequila. Basically wet angel food cake cubes with tequila, fry, and sprinkle with powdered sugar (do you still include lime? I dunno?). Should probably do that since it includes non-boiled off alcohol, but she won't be put off by it like she will with your refilling her wine glass every time she takes 2 sips.
Yeah, but how can I trust people I haven't gotten drunk with? I'm gonna have to cancel my prime membership...I don't know about this Amazon guy. What if he and FedEx are both teetotalers?
I've never gotten drunk with a corporation though
The problem I have with my friend's Rove chair isn't so much the lower quality leather (it's decent enough). It is that the chair simply isn't comfortable. I dunno if it is the lack of flexibility or a lower grade of foam, but it doesn't feel right.
My work is the importantest. I'm kinda like Harvey except for big corporations instead of drunks and alleged diddlers. Although amazingly...they are just as bad about paying their bills (guess they really are just people at the end of the day)
If I wanted to take a single day trip (or partial-day) outside of Tallinn, where would I go? Particularly if it is possible by bus/train since we won't have our rental car anymore when we arrive in Tallinn.
All comes down to whether or not you can see. In my current place, The kitchen was lit by a single fixture (3-globe overhead fixture in the center of the room) and thus all of the light gets blocked by shadow when standing in front of certain areas. So I installed a hood with built-in lighting over the stove, and some Ikea LED strips over the sink/counter on the other side. Nice bit of light to fill in what my body blocked. The cheaper ikea light strips were nice (the...
Wish there was an option to turn this off...I am not famous or a hot girl... Anyone sending me a direct message still gets routed into a black hole without notifications even though I am not a target for unsolicited messages from random stalker dudes.
Yay...just spent a grand on my stolen bike paying up what I still owed for parts that actually made it on the bike. I suppose the silver lining is that the single most expensive part (besides the frame) is still sitting in the shop, and there were a few other places where a cheapo part had been used temporarily...so at least I didn't have to pay for those. And then I threw some more money at a replacement bike (that should be cool...but not anywhere near as cool or...
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