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I should really get renter's insurance... Anyone want to come catalog my belongings, pull some quotes, and compile them into a summary document with pros and cons for my review?
screw robots. Buy a Miele canister like the rest of the SF ballers. The parquet twister attachment is the hardwood floor cleaning tool of the gods
Actually, looking at the market between now and when I made the sales...maybe TD Ameritrade is doing me a favor.
I've got like $12k that I need to deploy, but TD Ameritrade seems unable to get their shit together so that I can do so. I had to move it to cash so that they could move it around...but communication seems to have broken down. I got a message today that my request was no longer active due to "unresolved issues". Would be nice if at some point they had told me that there were issues that needed to be resolved.
But the carriers are working to eliminate the subsidy system (hence why on new contracts, you lose the no-contract discount if you get a subsidized phone). I was never bothered by the contracts (because, of course you will need a phone), but they did have a feature of making you feel like you were being ripped off whenever you were off-contract. If you always need a new phone, it doesn't matter, but if you are fine sitting on a phone after 2 years, you don't get a...
That sounds sweet.
Isn't the Edge (or Next /whatever the other providers call it) plan sort of the way to go now.On my family plan now, you can still get a contract phone (the old, pay something up front, but the rest is subsidized and you are stuck for 2 years contract)...but getting one on contract causes you to lose something like a $20 discount on the monthly bill until the contract is expired.So you either pay the $200 or whatever up front and lose the 20 discount....or you make the...
Yeah, how is that baby in Asia doing?
I am wearing some walnut AEs on my feet right this very second.
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