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I wouldn't say we are bad at manufacturing or that China is better at it than us.We are bad at doing it cheaply, but I would posit that we are much better at doing it well. I'm not saying all chinese products are junk or all USA made (or german made) products are solid gold, but I hear a lot of quality complaints from people who manufacture in China. QA standards and tolerances will slip over time as factories figure out how shitty they can go before you will start...
My guess was replacing the stock fixture in the old apartment so he can move his fancy-foo fixture to the new place (based on my understanding that he is somewhere in the process of moving/furnishing a new space).
Sounds like someone had never made vigorous use of a bed.
They came to my apartment and jizzed in my subwoofer and took a dump on my couch instead of fixing the cable.
Could it be a woman in the costume? Can't remember the shot or how much they showed when Casper was being driven around.
Well, if you wanted to burn out his eyes or something. You might leave his head intact.Having not seen the picture of him bandaged (and not recalling specific scenes from the trailer, which song always make it into final edits), that was my justification as to why a killing blow wouldn't be too the face.Probably waiting at that apartment knowing that the only people who would find it would have to be crooked.
Think of how much money I could have saved foo by sending him the contractor special light I am planning to remove from my apartment and replace with a pendant.
I figured bean bags or other survival until the second execution style shot... I guess be could still be alive, but that is also one good way to clear up having too many characters.
I'm gonna be tied up in jury duty all week and when the market learns of my lack of productivity, it is going to go crazy.
Always wanted to be on a jury,just not one that takes any long period of time. Especially since I have things being filed with [a different] court this week that are going to create a lot of work for me next week...that I will still have to do after the judge lets us go for the day.
New Posts  All Forums: