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Somoene else's reasons:"It's his piety combined with the strict intolerance, imprisonment, and violence against whoever he thinks is a sinner that is off putting. He's a dick, but he thinks he's so good. Even worse than incestual 1%ers somehow."
Yeah, we've been seeing a bunch of articles and discussion about this shit. Not confined to Chicago of course (seems to be a national TSA problem at busy airports), but with 2 major airports, it is a constant topic. Lot of people are hypothesizing that since the TSA is currently in the process of asking for money...they are intentionally understaffing themselves so they can say "see! we need more money!". Hope that backfires on them and somebody says "See! You guys...
I used amazon's 20% prime discount to grab the origins edition for $48.
It's not just free though...it is free 2 day shipping. Sometimes comes even faster. Most places don't even ship it that fast when you pay for shipping.plus the streaming video (they have a couple good original shows, and overall selection is decent...don't charge extra for the little bit of 4k they have either).Plus a bunch of other perks only available with prime. Some irk me because they still cost extra money, but Prime Pantry is great for heavy/large bulk groceries....
GF was right to un-friend.
Better or worse than Uber's icon which isn't even a U?
I'm feeling withdrawl from the Overwatch open beta. The 24th can't come soon enough, game was really slick (although I feel sorry for the console players...seems like it would be a rough game with a controller).
I dunno...if she doesn't have email notifications, I don't think she will see anything unless she was staring at facebook when you did it. But really...you should just man up to it and hit that. Worry about the clingyness if she actually tries to cling to you.
Maybe I'm in the minority, but I don't actually find them tacky. Knockoff giant logos or LV print fabrics are tacky (although I think both are kind of tacky even when not knockoffs). The question posed in the thread is "are eames lounge copies worth it?". There are other reproductions or "inspired by..." pieces that are worth it to me, but not this one. I just can't fathom spending that much money on a chair that I honestly don't find that comfortable compared to the...
New Posts  All Forums: