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It is true that the high salray coaches are paid out of athletic program budgets, but the vast majority of those programs lose money (and that is excluding capital expenses like stadium upgrades and new weight rooms). There are something like 20 d1 schools where the athletic program actually makes a profit. More (but still much less than the majority) have profitable football programs but still lose money on atheletics...which is fair since you don't expect women's...
Filled some gougeres with kobe-style roast beef and various fermented cabbages.
How difficult is it to just peel your own? And is it in oil? That probably keeps the air off of it.
Nah, came from a tube and I just colored it and formed it into shape.My grandpa won it after finding the whole almond in the risalamande
Little bit of side consulting is the secret to being a professer in business/econ/etc. departments. They already get paid more than other professors, but some side consulting at 500 an hour or more is what makes it slick.
What are these book things you are taking about and why do you need three of them?
Your dentist worked a miracle to bring your tooth back to life and now you are complaining? God millenials are such little shits.
OK, the gougeres happened Rest are freezing for later
I made a marzipan pig for Christmas Eve dinner:Decided that a marzipan pig really warrants making some marzipan bacon:
And eff it... My mom has a pastry bag, so I am going to make foodguy's gougeres.
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