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These people suck. I think they are getting progressively worse. Guy wrote a program before leaving for vacation and tells me it is done. I have someone else in their office run it and then when I look at the results...they are garbage.I take a look at his program and it doesn't even have code in it that pretends to do some of the things its supposed to do...The program only has one test case...and when I try running it, the test case FAILS!wtf?
Matt Damon's greatest hits?
I only get frustrated when somebody has some shitty javascript link that doesn't work when you middle click it. Or worse, you middle click it and that shit opens up in the same tab. WTF assholes? Just make standard-ass links and let people use your site the way they want. You're an idiot, because I was trying to open the link in a new tab so that I could stay on YOUR site...but nope, I guess you don't want me here.
I pretty much just middle click all links by default if I want them in a new tab...
I use all forms of communication with people in offices next to mine at work...standing up and walking, sending emails, making phone calls, yelling out my door...they all have their place.I kind of disagree with this. Obviously if it is urgent, they should talk to you...but otherwise, it is a perfect time to use asynchronous communication.If you don't need an immediate response, then why interrupt me from what I am doing? If I am doing some tough programming, your quick...
I go back and forth...on one hand, electric is cool (efficient, cheap, low maintenance,etc), and electric motors have a crazy power band. It really would work well in the city, especially if I could carry the battery inside to charge. Not sure how long charge times are, but with enough range and a decent charge time (even if it was only a quick charge up to 80% in time for lunch or something), I could still make shorter trips like Chicago-to-Michigan. On the other...
Yup, still finding new things to be pissed at these people for.
build more nukes!The south is building 5 (well...4 if you don't count the one that they started building in 1972 and claim to be finishing this decade)...and you guys can't even get one project started?
Who says Missendei can't help diddle her in bed?
Can you or the wife roll your traditional IRAs into your work sponsored plans? Even if only one of you can do it, it should still be worth it (IRAs are all calculated on an individual basis except for the income limit if filing jointly). Unless the investment plans in your 401k are terrible (and as the bossman, you should really get on that), this seems like the way to go. You can Roth up all of the new money, and the old money can enjoy the same tax advantages from...
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