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I don't think you have to stand next to supermodels for that to be evident...
I think he is just as big as he wants to be. He has historically lived a pretty private life in Mpls...and its not like he doesn't have piles of money. He's an odd dude, and he probably recognized that getting that huge would not be good for his own sanity.
I think the problem with Prince...is that this is like, the only good video you can watch, because it wasn't his performance and he didn't own the rights to it.Everything he does own the rights to, he fervently tries to keep off of youtube and other streaming video sites. So there aren't enough ways to see his awesome skills and live performances and instead you only get to hear the few common prince songs that still show up these days.
I mean...you should get the toilet kind. It will work fine. for reference, toilet kind: sink/drain kind: the sink plunger will still work on most toilet problems...but considering you shitty habits, why not get the right tool for the job?
I kind of wish I had gone to mine. It was a couple weeks ago, but it was just an awkward time to get back home. Wish they had done it around thanksgiving or something so people from out of town would be likely to be home visiting family. Still, from the pictures, I think it wouldn't have been a bad way to spend an afternoon. True that most people (especially those who stuck around) were looking a lot worse than they used to...my buddy's GF was one of the few girls who...
Wait...when is my turn? I am patiently waiting.
to be honest, I don't know what I really need gigabit for. 100mbps is still faster than my internet, even with overhead. I did just transfer a few gigabytes of files this morning...but it was to my tablet so had to be over wireless. My backups run when nobody is home (and are only incremental) so I can't imagine they really need gigabit speed. But I did need a new router (and I made sure it had gigabit ports). G wireless has a lot of overhead and is noticeably slower...
To be clear...I was just talking about gigabit Ethernet at home between the router and the fixed computers (desktop and HTPC, with the option to plug in a laptop for faster file transfers).I only have comcast, although they recently bumped the speed on my plan from 50 to 75. I think I could buy 105 or 150meg service, but honestly, 50 was perfectly fine for me.
Chicago marathon?Or maybe just that they are always expensive...dunno...I have never booked a Chicago hotel before.
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