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Look at this dirty ass window I want my money back
Who knows... They have xrays but they might want to bomb swab it. As long as they wrap it back up or use one of their stroller bags...
What is the etiquette on providing new ladyfriends with the use of contact cases that belong to old ladyfriends (seeing as I don't wear contacts myself but prefer to offer then something better than a pair of shot glasses filled with salt water)
Off to Alaska. Hopefully this keeps my pack safe from the baggage handlers... My big duffle bag wasn't wide enough but a double layer of trash bag lashed together with line should give them something to hold on to without exposing the straps to being eaten by the conveyors. Hopefully I packed the right stuff too...
You should have come here for the NOOD (no fleet for you though)
Thanks. I couldn't handle the tiny, long, non-justified lines....so I made an improved version if anybody wants it.https://www.dropbox.com/s/9bzfitg9h9mzh2e/Sandkings.pdfPrint it double sided (short edge) and staple in the middle for a nice little booklet. If you don't make it a booklet...its going to be pretty hard to read since the pages are all out of order.Plan to read it on the plane tomorrow and then leave it in the airport for someone else to read.
Is this somehow available on my kindle? I only see expensive used copies on amazon.
Almost double what I paid for my kz400 but looks to be in great shape and has a quarter to a third as many miles as my kz had. Still seems way too high.
Yeah...You caught me pre ninja edit. I was confused by the above post that listed the Hound's height.Although now that you say 5'11...that's not even pretty tall...that's just a little taller than average.
I think the problem was that they picked a guy who was pretty tall to face him Not to say that I thought the Red Viper was poorly cast (I liked him a lot and he was better cast than the Mountain), but if you are going to pick a tall man...it is going to be hard to find someone who looks extraordinarily tall next to him. I am surprised that they couldn't get some better makeup on the Mountain though...make him look older and rougher.
New Posts  All Forums: