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That is different from living like that for 50 years only to have 2 years of decrepit fun before you die.
SweetAnything you can do to not sign a one year lease?I don't know when the big leasing months are in Boston, but you definitely don't want to be looking again at the same time next year.When I moved on Jan 1, I asked for either 8 or 15 months for the first lease and they were happy to agree since it was in their best interest to have the unit on a more normal schedule.
I've used a service called twilio to do some stuff at work. Basically gave me an api to their system so I could add SMS alerts to my programs. Believe it could do more than just send and receive texts (could also support calls and voice mails) and it was dirt cheap. Google voice has been able to do it for 4-5 years for free.
Do these fuckers know that the move in date is days away? And they are still putting off making a decision and asking follow-up questions? Wtf?
Time to pull a conne and move in with the parents?
Just pay for it fool! Fences is the one I always hear about although I have never used it (and it hasn't been free for years) You could try Nimi Places which is free I dunno...I rarely see my dektop since there is always a full screen app above it.... And chrome's browser sandboxing is great if you use a ton of tabs. Each tab runs as its own process, so if one tab crashes, it doesn't burn the whole browser down with it. I was a firefox fan for a very long time...but...
Chrome all the way. You have to sell your soul to Google... But you have probably already done that 6 other ways. Just works better than Firefox.
Hell, I was somewhat apprehensive about putting stuff in the storage locker of my new building...that stuff turns into an "out of sight, out of mind" thing really fast. Forced myself to keep a list on my phone of everything in the locker...and mostly tried to stick to only items that are seasonal or have a good reason for sticking around (i.e. hard to replace/not easily rentable)...most other things, I tried to say "If I don't need them in my apartment, do I need them at...
It isn't a scam...more of a "trick"They know that people will get them to use "temporarily" and then end up keeping stuff there for years and years.For every MrG who moves out on schedule, there are 5 people who have items that they didn't quite have a perfect place for in their new house, but they totally don't want to throw away....years later, they are still hoarding grandma's china cabinet and a box of children's ice skates for $50 a month.There are a few good articles...
Wouldn't the ship date be the part you want to redact? I mean, wasn't that the part the signs were made to warn against? You don't tell the prostitutes how long you are in port for or when you are leaving so that they can't predict the movement?
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