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Zosia has a banging body
Gonna need some new furniture when I move. Should I just call up Rove and order like 6 of these and bolt them together into a sectional shape?
Diesel engines are great to drive...torque grunt is much more entertaining than HP in normal driving conditions. Where do you have trouble finding diesel? Are you just not looking hard enough? There is a ton of diesel on the road in both urban and rural areas...even the cramped-for-space urban gas stations by me sell diesel. What does piob even need a giant truck with performance for anyways? It's not like he has to get the kids to soccer practice or haul any...
It's awful. I think I continued watching it just so I could continue to have an informed opinion on why it is awful.There are some moments of entertainment...and while there is a shit ton of stupid whiny millennial BS, I think it is a fairly good representation of the shittiest kind of whiny millenial. Maybe they will watch it and realize how shitty they are acting.After watching the first 2 seasons, I really wanted to gather some data and throw it into a regression. ...
I've shared toilet bowls with nobel prize winners--it isn't a new feeling at all.
What? You expect me to shit in McCarren park? Or to shit without having previously consumed Coffee?
I remember having similar thoughts when I first saw this. But now that I think about it...a lot of thugs actually care quite a bit about how they look. It is a shame that their sense of style is so atrocious, but many of today's thugs put in significantly more effort into their appearance than the average college bro or biz-cas office worker.How much money did bubbles make selling fresh white t's to the thugs in The Wire? How much thought goes into your standard hip hop...
I took a dump in the coffee shop where they film Girls, which definitely belongs in this thread.
I dunno...both Neon Bible and The Suburbs were pretty good albums. Dunno that I have heard the Arcade Fire's newest album...but they seem like the kind of people who may have let fame go to their heads. See the classic Arcade Fire Stole My Basketball
Fund orders are executed at the end of the day.Vanguard ETFs would execute immediately, but it sounds like you mean actual funds.
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