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Jesus. Video, blatant violation of traffic laws, alleged (and easily provable) cell phone use... Why are they even trying to fight this?
Meh. I obviously haven't spent a lot of time with 3d touch, but I hardly think it is an essential groundbreaking feature.People who are still sitting on 5/5s/5c (or even 4s) don't care. If they felt they truly needed 3d touch in their lives, they would have upgraded already. They haven't upgraded because they either care about the money, or they care about the form factor (and their old phones are still functional but might be getting slow).The new phone is both a...
All of the 5/5s holdouts who don't want a bigger phone have no experience with 3D touch and thus don't care if they have it.
I've enjoyed the first 4 or so episodes of Love. I probably wouldn't still be watching Girls if my GF wasn't...but I will say that they really do a good job of writing absolutely deplorable characters.
Off to Utah for some skiing tonight!
I imagine that doing so would make them look like even bigger toolbags than they already do.Can you imagine screaming for 9 months about how "we should let the next president choose, we won't even consider this guy, let the people have a voice"...and then flipping to "oh, fuck the people's voice, we don't want that, lets keep this guy".I mean yeah, they are all years away from a reelection campaign at that point...but still.
Yeah, I got the free chips and guac...but my mailbox has not seen any chipotle love. I did notice that the chipotle was very empty when I went in for my free chips (and paid burrito). edit: by empty, I mean the tables were all occupied, but there wasn't a 40 person line like usual at lunchtime.
I am sitting on a similar issue. I am like 90% sure that either my insurance paid something they weren't supposed to last year, or that my dermatologist failed to bill correctly (and continued billing as if I were on a traditional plan, after I switched to a high-deductible plan).I am paranoid that the next time I go back, they will make me pay...and I don't want to actually investigate it since poking around can only cost me money.
I still want to know how to get free burritos.
I'd just like to alert everyone that lena dunham's charachter did a lesbian scene last night with a reasonably attractive girl. I'll give you three guesses which girl you don't get to see naked.
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