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We just did like 20 people over the long weekend. Honestly, could have been nice with a little more planning, but we were also all in the same place for the same amount of time. Basically my friend and I made 2 shoulders into sausage and thus covered a lunch and a dinner as well as some chorizo for breakfasts. Brats for lunch, Italian sausage for dinner as well as a big batch of Mac and cheese. Brought the things needed for the modernist cuisine recipe since it scales...
I think my pants have been hemmed slightly too short
Don't forget that don fixed the coke machine at the hotel. He literally fixed coke.
started playing hearthstone for real now. Took me a while to remember the rules since I played the tutorial games a long time ago (doing stupid things like swinging my weapon at a minion with high attack and wondering where my health went...or trying to heal myself above 30). Not sure if it will stick, but I am enjoying it.
Oh, how could I forget
In that case, let them add him to the lease if they want (although sinnedk may be right that you are giving them a convenient "out"). I wouldn't raise the rent though if they are otherwise perfect tenants. Would you have lowered the rent if a single person had rented it by themselves? Raised it if the current tenants had a baby instead of a house guest?
Y'alls must bruise easy. I've been paintballing many times, usually wearing jeans and a hoody, and I think I only once got a welt, from being hit on the bare hand. Honestly though, it always sounds way more fun than it actually is. The lack of accuracy, and the ability to just spam paint ($$) mean you can't really pull of sick, well aimed shots...and running while exposed to fire will just get you killed. If I ever go play again, I think I'd rather buy a bunch of...
Having just flipped through basically the entire invite list to my 10 year HS reuinion's facebook event...I can conclude the exact same thing. Bunch of people's profile photos have multiple children...half the girls I can't figure out who they are thanks to their new last names.One of my college ex-gfs has a baby (not mine), but other than that, I can't think of a single other person who has spawned.
@Piobaire or anyone else: Any favorite options from the charcuterie book? I am thawing 20lbs of pork shoulder and planning to make a couple different sausages for grilling memorial day weekend. Not sure which new ones to try (and IIRC, there are a few in the book with recipe errors).
I mean...he's a friend of a pastor, staying there while looking for a place...I'd probably just let that slide. That certainly isn't what I would define as subletting, and it isn't like the current residents aren't responsible for any damage their guests may cause. Are you going to tell me I had to add all of my past girlfriends to my leases? The current one doesn't have keys, but the doorman will let her in without calling me and will give her a set of keys if I'm not...
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