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Yeah, neck resets are $$$ if you don't have something like a Taylor. Of course it is less $$$ as a % on a $3k guitar.
Psst: http://www.styleforum.net/t/116619/general-bike-thread-desiderata-questions-porn
I think my favorite one is:
But it makes the local crime blotter hilarious:http://www.cwbchicago.com/2015/03/yuck-of-irish-wrigleyville-binge-spawns.htmlYay Britney!
Not saying I won't at some point make a sous vide hamburger simply because I like playing with new toys...
I'm trying to think where the benefit would be. Only thing I can see is if you had a party and wanted a bunch of burgers to either come out at once, or to be quickly prepared without having to man the grill. Especially if you have limited pan/grill space. A big bath full of burgers sitting at temp would only need a quick sear to be done, so you could rotate them through your pans faster and have everything ready at once. Similarly, if it is a party with more random...
This guy came out and started beating them with a stick:https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10101701442941568I like when the woman says foie is so evil it "used to be illegal"...the fact that courts decided it shouldn't be banned doesn't really help your point there...Why is there a guy at the end trying to kick them out by chanting "Take George Soros and go!"...I could be wrong, but I recall that at one point George Soros was the largest land owner in Argentina where he...
SF is showing me ads for these people: https://www.trumaker.com/?&utm_source=Styleforum&utm_medium=Banner_300_by_600&utm_term=Sign_Up&utm_content=fellini_black&utm_campaign=SF_Launch Does a hot chick actually show up at my house and measure me? Does the same girl bring the clothes back and help me try them on. I am going to be sorely disappointed if an older Panamanian gentleman named Javier arrives at my door step.
Pork tenderloin tonight. Bit too long for the vac bag, so I cut it in half which also made it fit easier into my bath.Rolling with a big stock pot with some foil on top. It fits this stuff, but I could see how a rectangular box with the same volume would be much better for holding a bunch of relatively flat bags of food.Will see if my cooler like this: [[SPOILER]] is ok with the temperatures before buying yet another large boxy thing to have to store in my kitchen.
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