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Much byrrh was consumed!
What's so hard about making pie? There is a reason it is a turn of phrase...it is really easy. Maybe you won't make the best crust in the world, but you won't be that much worse than frozen crust...and the fillings are basically baked sugar...hard to get that wrong. You have to be a gigantic fuckup to make inedible pie. That's the whole reason grocery store pie is still good--even with the apathetic effort put into them, they still taste decent.
I swear I remember having boxes like that in my college dorm. They weren't quite as ornate but they had similar combination knobs and I don't recall them just being blank faces. Dorm was built in like 2000...wonder if they salvaged something (or maybe my memory is just fading)
Think I finally got rid of the smell of whatever shitty cleaning products were used by the cleaning service to clean my bathroom before I moved in. Went with a 3-stage process on the shower walls, tiled lower walls, and tile floor. Soapy water on a stiff brush to scrub the surfaces and get down into the grout. Soapy sponge to pick up everything dislodged by the brushing and clean further. Clean water sponge to further pick up leftover chemicals and rinse. Why do...
Housewarming party at the new place tonight (y'alls are invited of course, pm for address, but I don't think any of you live here). Forcing me to finish unpacking
Bought them at a Tiger in Estonia. I'm sure other Tigers are selling them too, but I don't know where you might find something similar here in the states. Were only like 5 euro too...many color/pattern choices.Edit, I see you are in australia. Maybe they have Tiger stores there? I know they have some in Japan, so they aren't only in europe.
I sort of agree with some reddit user who said this:
You don't?We've been asking for it to get cleaned for 2 weeks...our company only has some little rechargeable stick vac that is pretty useless for anything besides "Whoops I dropped my cereal" (2 full charges sort of made enough room for a couple of yoga mats). I don't know when the cleaning crew shows up with their real vacuums, but it wasn't getting done so I took matters into my own hands.Grabbed some headphones and did my favorite household chore while listening to...
I didn't have real work to do today. I should have taken the day off to ride bikes...but I didn't (the people were going to leave to ride bikes *before* I would have been to work...who takes the day off to wake up even earlier?) Instead I brought my old vacuum to the office and spent a large part of the day cleaning the room we use for Yoga. Took far longer than I expected (turns out vacuuming an area rug is significantly easier than vacuuming 2000 sq feet of disgusting...
So it is just fancy TF2? Either way, Blizz taking on a team based FPS is kind of neat. I'll certainly give it a try.
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