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Raced my boat with inexperienced crew this weekend and didn't finish last! Sailed with a good friend of mine--she's closer to the right weight (the guy I own the boat with and my fat ass probably come up 50+lbs over ideal weight) but she's never raced sailboats and I've only dragged her out in the boat a couple of times before this. Still though, it worked pretty well and we were 8th out of 10 after 5 races.
Yeah I could have had an AX 2.0 for $100 less than the CX 5.0 , but with ultregra shifters and derailleurs. Wasn't crazy about the colors on it and figured the carbon version was the way to go. The 105 vs Ultegra differences shouldn't really matter much since it is mostly only the shifters and derailleurs (bb30 cranks and avid canti brakes for CX) so performance should be about the same and weight similar. And if I swap in a campy it SRAM group layer... I have the...
Do you do them in dark brown? They look good and I feel the market is short on simple good looking brown gloves.
Beauty is a useless construct women shouldn't have to worry about eh? I bet that chick doesn't live in a butt ugly house... I mean, it wouldn't pass StephenHero muster, but I bet she spends time vacuuming it every week, does manual work cleaning, gets repairs done when necessary, and avoids filling it with so much excess shit that it just piles up all over the place hoarders style. That is partially so she gets to enjoy her home and partially so people don't think she is...
Why is that song about how it is ok to be fat #1 on spotify despite the fact that: 1) It is about how it is ok to be fat. 2) There seem to be a bunch of chubby feminist blogs that have written pieces hating on the song. in addition to the people who hate on it for "skinny shaming" 3) The song sucks.
Labor here I suspect...by quite a lot. We probably only have like 4 costs that aren't billed back to clients in some way (like rent)
a 10+ GPA doesn't make any sense unless they aren't using a 4 point (or 4.3 as it may be with A+'s) scale I know a bunch of people who went to schools with weighted grades...so AP/Honors classes were +1. Some may have even had different levels where honors were +1 and AP or some sort of higher honors were +2 (or maybe more like +.5/+1), but there was no such thing as +6 or more...that's absurd. And it is an average...so I don't see how taking summer courses or more AP...
Can I bring my motorcycle? I gotta replace my steering bearings and fork oil...but its not exactly the kind of job you want to do on the street.
Well, Unless they are super successful or are one of the few who are good with money...they won't have enough money left 10 years down the line to pay tuition. Does the NCAA allow scholarships for former pros? Figure if it is just because they are old (and not still broken), they could probably still hack it in a college league.
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