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Always wanted to be on a jury,just not one that takes any long period of time. Especially since I have things being filed with [a different] court this week that are going to create a lot of work for me next week...that I will still have to do after the judge lets us go for the day.
aaaaaand....I've been picked for a jury for a trial that's going to take all of next week.
Probably a Ford fusion hybrid
It sounds like you pay foreign taxes on dividends from A automatically but not on B. In a normal account, you get to claim a credit against those taxes when you file income taxes, so it doesn't matter (unless you reinvest your dividends in which case, I guess you get slightly fewer shares...but some cash instead).But I am not sure you can claim the tax credit if they are held in an IRA. So basically: if in an IRA, buy B, if in a taxable account, buy whatever is cheaper.
Not quite sure SkinnyGoomba understands what beds are for
Huh, looks like there are some tax implications for RDS.A that aren't present. Was curious as RDS.A has outperformed RDS.B over the recent period...but some of that may be aversion to the taxes on dividends. Not sure how it applies in canada, but in the US, it sounds like it doesn't matter which you own in a taxable account (since you get an income tax credit against the dividend taxes paid), but there may be a downside to owning RDS.A in an IRA.
Don't forget that the left spot the truck parked in appears to have some sort of donation box in it.BMW guy could have just parked in the middle spot, cheated over to the left, and would have been clear on the left and out of reach of all but the longest car doors on the right.
Also, I dunno....I am scared by the sound of a 10k mile oil change interval even though VW suggests it (especially if you are burning a quart or two of oil in that period). I know modern everything is better...but unless that is 10k of calm highway driving, I'd be changing it more often, especially in a GTI prone to spirited driving.
Best be checking dat oil at every fill up. My experience with VWs is that they thrive on preventative maintenance.
And, not a movie, but the closing music choice of most episodes of Silicon Valley. Always comes in hitting hard and juxtaposed against the characters and situations of the episode. Whether it is ZZ-Top, Run the Jewels or Big Mall, it is so ill-fitting that it becomes perfectly fitting.
New Posts  All Forums: