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I had a rental Hyundai Sonata over new years and it was quite a nice ride really. Also my first experience fully plugged in with Android Auto--I gotta say it was super slick and way better than Apple CarPlay.Still infinitely better than those terrible Chevy's I have rented.
Hadooping that big data through the cloud with your synthetic control methods?
TIL: I could guarantee someone living in my own apartment.
Agreed. Wasn't loving it in the first half (and I was lukewarm on episode 1), but it really returned to form for the third act. I definitely didn't recognize her...
I'm pretty sure I have one of these sitting in a drawer at home:
Nobody questions the gt4 because it is fricking sweet and covetable... It looks like a sports car and does sports car things. Not practical, but nobody thinks you bought it for practicality.Nobody covets the piobcar. He's willing to pay the premium to cruise around in an always new douchemobile... But that doesn't really make it less of a goofy jack of all trades, master of none vehicle.Again, nothing wrong with him buying it, but it's like an untailored OTR high end...
Piob just enjoys leasing giant German land boats. He doesn't have kids, doesn't move his own equipment or construction materials. He claims cases of wine take up a lot of space, but that's not really that compelling of an argument (not like the alternative is a Miata). Yet he also gets very picky about performance and ride quality...both things that are somewhat antithetical to the size vehicle he desires, leading to them just costing even more money and burning even...
Yeah, I was a little confused by the comparison to the Ford Explorer...unless the Explorer has gotten a lot smaller recently, they are not really very similar.The crosstrek is an impreza with something like 3 inches of lift and 3 inches of added interior for a total of 6" of increased height.
Now you have to deal with latency to the game server AND latency to your graphics processor! I have heard the steam link can be kind of cool, but that is using a local network and even then I hear it needs to be hard wired for the best experience.
The width is probably the most important part, especially for actually wheelchair bound drivers. If somebody parks too close, they might actually not be capable of getting back in their car. Closeness is probably actually more important for the temporarily handicapped. A long term person is probably used to scooting around, but someone with a temporary impairment might not be prepared or capable to travel extra distance.
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