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Loving the pixel so far. Still getting used to the size. I am testing out an alternative work email app called Nine because 1) once the work security settings are applied to the device, several features stop working (nine encapsulates the security restrictions to the app itself) and 2) Tried the new exchange integration into the GMail app and did not like it...conversations didn't automatically collapse the quoted messages, so scrolling through any long-running thread...
Thanks fedex. Shit's been on the truck since 4:39AM and is being delivered to a business address on a friday. So of course you only deliver the damn thing 30 minutes before I leave work so I won't have time to charge or set it up.
Unless Ronald Jr. is planning on being president next, I think Piob's date choice still stands for the point he is trying to make.
So what you are saying is we need to fix the education system so that we don't have people who who made it through the first 18 years of their life without being taught anything?
Trump's best joke was when he said “Nobody has more respect for women than I do.” Audience couldn't contain themselves.
Dipped back into overwatch again as my summer schedule has eased up. Hoping to get a decent season 2 competitive placement.
I feel like these days...it is more important that your kid goes to a high school that can get you into a *college* that puts you with those people. Sure, you need to know how to interact and bond with them, but outside of a select few super elite high schools, aren't the real connections and influences moved up the the college level now? Maybe it is because my high school wasn't fancy...but I can't think of any real lasting impact it had other than preparing me and...
Pixel is coming tomorrow.
I'd say there's a limit though. Best to have a diversity of experience. At least if you care more about your kids general happiness vs financial success (queue discussion of educated white parents vs educated asian parents).You want your kid to know and understand the fancypants world...but I'm not sure you want them to be so accustomed to it that it appears to be the only way of life (unless they have a trust fund...then whatever). In some ways, being tied to those...
Yeah, I suppose I mean my comments are mostly restricted to smart kids who want to go to good colleges. If a kid is dumb and unmotivated, I'm not sure what that means--maybe a private parochial school with nuns to beat them into shape is the best option. Or maybe for some people, paying for programs that make up for a lack of parental involvement is another benefit.In my experience, I didn't see anyone getting turned down from the advanced classes who was actually...
New Posts  All Forums: