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Saw it last night, thought it was great. Only had to pause a couple of times to explain to the GF. Again, not that she's not smart, just that much of the beginning of my career (started working in 2009) dealt with litigating the fallout of the crisis and I know what all this shit means.Read the book a long time ago and felt like it stayed pretty true to it...and I am completely amazed they managed to turn a book like than into a funny and engaging feature film. I don't...
Piobs rates are so low... Once federal loans went to fixed rate, a lot of people ended up with a bunch of debt at >6% which gives you a lot higher payments.
Whenever I see parents putting heavy pressure on someone's college study decisions... I think "asshole"
@Piobaire will love this: http://www.vice.com/read/talking-to-american-debt-dodgers-who-moved-to-europe-to-avoid-paying-off-their-student-loans-111?utm_source=vicefbus
Uh...that's why your battery has no life. Even listening to on-device audio all day is gonna drain the battery...but streaming it? no way are you getting full day life with that on any device.
I too came to SF in order to up my "how to dress" game.
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the files are quite large...but that's sort of the point. Guy who made these was going for the highest quality he could.SW is ~17gb, ESB closer to 20.ROTJ is only 7gb, but that's because I only have the V1.0 release. If you aren't in a hurry, I'd just wait for the official 2.0 to come out since it hopefully clears up a lot of issues that were still present in 1.0.
I'll happily take care of it gf. Toss me the keys and I'll make sure it is driven daily. Where are you traveling to?
My motorcycle is from the 70s and I wouldn't think twice about leaving it for 2 weeks... For the winter I add sta-bil, drain the carb bowls, and pull the battery...but...2 weeks?
Ok, for those of you still looking for the Despecialized Editions, shoot me a PM and I can give you a link to download them direct. Since someone mentioned an issue downloading a player to play them, I always suggest VLC for playing any media from the internet...there may be fancier players out there, but VLC just works. https://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Direct windows download link: https://get.videolan.org/vlc/2.2.1/win32/vlc-2.2.1-win32.exe Direct mac download link:...
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