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Lol. The right has been boycotting starbucks over shit for years. Anybody boycotting a coffee shop for attempting to help people in need is probably a dick who you don't want hanging around your store anyways. Lyft is seeing huge numbers of new users. They got great return on investment for their actions.
Have you considered altering your aeropress technique?If you can't get something you like out of an aeropress, it probably means you just haven't found a combination of grind size/quantity and steep time that you like.
Yes, the sharp percussive sound shows up easily on the waveform. And the smart ones like that are also synced to the time code coming from a master clock. So everything records in sync (I am a little less sure how much that matters for audio...but you still want your sound to be able line up perfectly with the framerate of the video) and you have a nice visual reference of where the timer is at the point where you need to sync it.
Pfft. The absolute heaviest use of lyft and uber is in dense urban areas...As for AirBNB, I'd be willing to wager real money that the frequent travelers who make use of AirBNB are not the kind of people chomping at the bit to ban incoming travelers and residents.
lol if you don't think this is better for every single one of those companies. Do you think the people who are in favor of banning muslims are big lyft and AirBNB users? With an attitude like yours, it is a real wonder that they are all near-billionaires and you're not.
They look like you tried to embed an image from your email that we don't have access to.
No offence to the Thrift but...what's wrong with this thread?
Now that I have the pot (and it came with a lid)...I kind of wish I had bought another. I have a 1qt ikea saucepan that is actually pretty decent. But it is a disc bottom rather than clad, and now that I have a glass-top electric range, even the smallest heating element really over-heats the thin walls of the pan. Only thing I would miss is that it has etched measurement marks. I don't care about them on bigger pans, but on the tiny little 1qt, I actually find it...
The all clad copper series are induction compatible. There's still enough steel present to make it work (ditto for the normal and D5 ranges...the aluminum isn't magnetic, but there's enough steel to make them work).
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