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Front page reddit shit right here: http://imgur.com/a/1ltQc
I felt like my flight back home yesterday was the most filled with idiots I have seen in a long time.Despite a bunch of eager beavers in a hurry to awkwardly hunch over underneath the overhead bins, the actual unloading was epicly slow. For every person who had been standing for 10 minutes, there was another person who didn't bother to get up and grab their suitcase, and then bend back down to gather their personal effects until after the entire aisle in front of them was...
New ad layout is fucking terrible. the CSS must not load until after the rest of the site, because everything on the page moves around again at the end of the loading process. This usually makes me miss my click because I was all ready to click on something when all of the sudden, the hanger project ad loads and pushes everything around. Also, in addition to being ugly and poorly thought out, the designer who wrote the code for the ad did a fucking terrible job. This...
And yeah, like Mouse said...it is pretty much unlimited texting everywhere. I was on an old 200 text plan but was basically blowing through it every month (didn't care much as my employer covers it). That used to be more than enough since I mostly used my Google Voice number...but ever since iPhones led the charge in sending MMS instead of SMS, I had to switch to using my normal carrier (GV has issues with MMS). Tried to switch up my line to unlimited texting, and we...
May vary by provider, but I *think* you are sending 1 text.the 5 iphones go out as iMessages, and the 2 non-iphones go out as an MMS with all 7 people's numbers attached (unlike SMS, MMS can have multiple recipients). Pretty sure most carriers gave up on charging differently for MMS and SMS messages a long time ago.
That's the problem with living in Chicago but being from somewhere else...I'm always gone for thanksgiving. I am sure I will snag some 2014 regular BCBS with ease, but if it is anything like last year, I won't see a single bottle of the special stuff.
You are experiencing her with the wrong sensory organ
Sends MMS to the rest (which is notably different from an SMS)
Fuck fake trees
And no, they did not have any Arco lamps... Must of what they had were new designs.
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