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I suppose, although this guy doesn't really inventory anything and I suspect it is a little harder to "lose" large special orders when you don't have any stock to start with. And I'm not that unhappy...I did get the bike for half price plus what is probably a couple hundred buck's worth of pro bike build and fitting. But maybe I could afford a set of pedals if not for that $125 tax charge!
Here's my new CX ride. Focus Mares CX 5.0 17lbs with 105, cross tires/brakes, and whatever not-particularly-fancy stock wheels those are. A steal at $1350 (although having to pay full city sales tax at 9.25% on top of that reminds me why I like the internet ) edit: and what's crazy is that supposedly they shaved something like 3-400g off the frame for the 2015 model without losing stiffness and while adding an integrated chain guide and switching to front and rear...
Just start randomly playing selections from these weird youtube subgenres:-mega zit popping videos-gyno-exam instructional videos-dogs with extreme diarrhea-cyst draining videos
Have you tried the beans from Bow Truss? I've had a couple from there that I have really enjoyed, and some that were only ok. Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me remember what the really good ones were (and it may not matter because I think they rotate based on what they can get a supply of).
Talking out my ass here, but what about training on rollers or a resistance machine, or even spending some time on a fixed gear bike? With long climbs, you have to get used to the fact that you aren't going to coast anywhere. You just gotta keep pedaling and keep your momentum going--and that's hard to get the hang of if you are used to frequently soft-pedaling or just coasting at times (especially in a group situation where you do it often to stay on someone's wheel...
I mean, if a doctor tells you that you have fibromyalgia...odds are that you are going to believe them, especially if you have never heard of it before. If you were familiar with it, you'd probably be like quit BSing me, you know that's just the term you use for "despite all of my fancy diplomas and millions of dollars of imaging equipment, I have no idea what is wrong with you, and partially suspect that it is all in your head".
As a bonus, since fibromyalgia is terminal, you won't even have to go back to work!
I like the urban dictionary definitions of fibromyalgia
Win! The girl from my highschool who loves posting stupid vaccine shit, also has fibromyalgia! And I know this because she was complaining about that 29 year old girl who decided not to pursue cancer treatment. She said "I guess as a person who was been told they are terminal its hard for me to see where shes coming from i live my life in constant pain and sometimes i wish i could mine wont unfortunately hers will." to which a friend responded: "Ali, fibro isn't giving...
https://www.change.org/p/unmarked-drop-off-paralyzes-biker-in-chicago-chilft-9ftdropkillsbiker-paralyzedbiker Girl is petitioning for signage or something to prevent others from falling off what she calls a 9ft drop off chicago's lakefront bike trail, which left her paralyzed. At first I was like "Holy shit, that's terrible, I've ridden that path for years and I've never seen any sort of drop off taller than a person...sounds pretty dangerous and one of the construction...
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