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Chez Panisse was great. Fried octopus salad, roast chicken, fresh things. Nothing bad to say about it except that they only do 3 courses on Mondays, and I would have happily eaten a 4th (wonder if they shrink the portions the rest of the week though...it was a large amount of food). Bouchon for lunch was not. GF and I shared an excellent salad and a great glass of wine...but it went downhill from there. After a pretty long wait, her croque madame was kind of sad. ...
Got dat last minute chez panisse cancellation!
Had an awesome meal at the bar at Nopa. Best fresh cannellini beans I've ever seen. I had had a sherry cocktail and a glass of sherry earlier, so the bartender brought me a glass of this on the house to try with my dessert. I normally detest sweet sherries, and a little goes a long way, but this was fucking awesome.
Lol, in SF when you get in an uber, it might ask if you want to play a hacker challenge game to pass the time. The questions were legit programming questions, but some farce of a "hacker" game. I don't know that they were super hard, but i got all three wrong and I am partially a programmer by trade (though a much different type of programmer than works at uber). There was a 60 second timer, including reading the question and code snippet... So you really gotta be on...
I'd rather drink purple nespresso than the blue bottle shot I had this morning any day. This ritual Ethiopian pour over is good but the cup at four barrel is currently winning. Might also be that it is from a v60 while I think four barrel used a beehouse. I often find v60 produces a cup that is a little too acidic.
Had a blue bottle macchiato... Nothing special IMHO. I've had it in NYC and wasn't blown away there either... But I happened to be walking by. Bought a snickerdoodle cookie from them too. Either the cookie was mislabeled or they have a fundamental misunderstanding of what constitutes a snickerdoodle, but I was very disappointed.
Taking an uber pool to my next destination to pay them back.
Crashed an employee party at a food truck park. Snarfed down a beer and $20 worth of empanadas courtesy of Uber. I'd this what San Fransisco is like every day?
My only amex is the SPG one which I do not believe includes the concierge (and I'm not staying in an SPG property with a concierge)... But I am putting the visa signature concierge team to work! We'll see how they do... Otherwise I am on a cancellation wait list. It's a shame I'm planning everything on this trip so late (can't see Alcatraz either)... But I'll be back at some point
Ooh chez panisse would be great, but I think I missed the boat on reservations. I wonder if I can't still finagle a table for one somehow... Unless @foodguy knows somebody
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