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Well yeah, if you only pay $20, unlimited is way better.Although that $30 plan they currently offer can be shared across multiple phones...so with a family plan, you can come out ahead (and on the current plans, *everyone* gets unlimited calling and texting...how much do you currently pay per line for that and how many minutes/texts do you get?)
What are the outside temps now? Doesn't AC require a bit of heat differential to blow fully cold?
Judging from the frequency of animal pictures on her instagram...Karma is already hitting drew hard.
You don't got dat Prime Now down there?
I figured out brokencycle's email address and sometimes I just send him outlook invites from random return addresses to see if he accepts.
But do keep in mind...there is nothing really requiring these people to keep you grandfathered in AFAIK. They purely do it because if they made you switch plans, you might also decide to switch carriers. Keep you locked in to your grandfathered plan and you will never leave. If they start losing money on the deal, they are just going to tell you "No More Unlimited" when you try to renew. But right now, they have a bunch of unlimited customers who are using tiny amounts...
That's the throttling. Not illegal as far as I know (your contract on that original plan expired many many years ago and you have signed new contracts since that include it).But it only happens after you hit the throttling limit. On a 4g phone, that limit is 5gb per line. Up until 5GB, your speeds are equal to every other plan. After 5GB, they may be slowed down subject to tower congestion until the end of the monthly billing cycle.In the past, there was a period where...
+1 to this, if you don't need everything to be brand new.So many people out there buying stainless flipper-grade appliances and tossing out perfectly good mid-range stuff that just happens to be white instead of silver.Do you have a store near you that sells building materials left over from renovations? There is one around here and I have seen some great deals. Someone recently snagged a thermador triple wall oven for $450. Why would someone throw out a perfectly good...
Exactly. On an enthusiast forum, they are something special. To everyone else they are the wheels on a 13 year old car. If I buy some si wheels to put on my 03 civic dx because the previous owner fucked up the stock wheels, that's not an upgrade, that's just buying some non fucked up Honda wheels so I don't look like an idiot with line green rims.
Well then he doesn't really get to jack the price up on account of the wheels. Car had wheels, car now has wheels. Both wheels say "bmw" on them.I know you think they are something extra special, but fact is, you are buying a bmw with bmw wheels. Outside of an enthusiast forum, that is all they are.It was a selling point when it sounded like it came with the old rims for winter use.
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