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Does it really take 2 weeks to get a license if you go in person? They printed my IL license while I was standing there. Also, it looks like a car purchased from a dealer has 30 day temporary license/tags...so...buy from a dealer?
Really? Are you kidding?Young people don't have lots of wealth...but they spend (and cause to be spent) a lot of money. They are the marketers wet dream of disposable income.They aren't going to be buying your fancy car or your fancy vacation, but they will piss through 10 to 15 bucks at a time no problem (especially considering nobody buys albums anymore). A teenager with a job (or an allowance) is probably spending every dime they earn. Movies, concerts, video...
Mobile preview cut off the last line of this post. I thought I was clicking on this thread to read about someone being pissed off that they thought they had poached a sweet deal when they won an eBay auction... Only to have not met the reserve price.
Buy a small one so that when you inevitably stop using it, it doesn't waste too much space in your cupboard.
I got a belstaff textile jacket off ebay (overstocked or discontinued model) for under $100. Perfectly fine jacket for any conditions I was going to be riding in until I found a leather jacket I liked. Can totally get passable gear for cheap. Especially if you are willing to buy cheapass stuff now, and buy a second time when you have been riding longer and have a better idea what kind of stuff you actually want.
Dunno...even with the DNA evidence and the interaction with the guy in prison? And Frank's guy is tall and very slight. Velcoro's ex is skinny and hot. How'd they get a short fat kid?
Well, my impression is that the hybrid model would help with that. Seems like it has the same engine *plus* the extra torque from electric assist when you push the pedal down.And the impreza is no WRX, but it still has plenty of power for what it is.
Hmm, I always use some variation of a corporate code at Hertz, but I have never thought about fudging the pickup time. Its not like the guys working there care if you call them up later and say "hey, I won't be picking up until 5:30".Maybe that explains why sometimes I get it so much cheaper than others...if I need the car Friday evening but can't be there until after they close at 6, I will just book it for 8AM, pick the keys up on the way to work, and just leave the car...
Nice. Fuck railings. Don't need that shit unless you're selling.
What's the deal on the subaru xv crosstrek? I've been seeing a lot of them lately and they seem like they might meet my potential needs. Seem like they are a taller and slightly wider impreza, with a hybrid option.
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