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As in an in-sink disposal? Odd, those are pretty much standard in all new construction or renovations around here. If I owned a place that didn't have one, I would probably install one within the first couple of months just because they are handy to have, easy to install, take up little space, and cost what...$150?Does NYC have some weird rule about them?edit: looks like NYC banned them until 1997...and a lot of buildings still ban them fearing for their pipes. Weird...I...
I think he's just mad because she won't let him put it in the outgoing port.
I don't know who she is, but in this tiny google news thumbnail it kind of looks like Bhowie is "doing some volunteer work" with her.
People actually have trash compactors in their homes? I thought that was like...a magazine ad product nobody ever bought
Lot of people love their 250s... If I were shorter/lighter, I would snap up the Ninja 300...especially if it were offered in the naked version in the US. A kit like that would be a great alternative to a factory naked bike. But alas, at 6'2, over 200 with gear on, and with an occasional passenger, I just don't think the bike would be the right fit for me...would have to step up to the honda 500 (which comes naked).
Beware the perils of the evil that is Javascript (circa 1999): http://www.nytimes.com/1999/10/07/technology/trapped-in-the-web-without-an-exit.html
Ah...we don't really have departments in our core business. Maybe the manager in filing/records or the office services department knows what their underlings are paid, but I think they have structured the job descriptions of the billable staff in such a way that they don't have to spend any time on non-revenue-generating activities.I would assume that different offices operate independently (although there must be some level of central budgeting and shifting of the bonus...
Well, presumably piob would considering his role...but I certainly have no clue what the people below me make or what the range between high and low might be (besides knowing what I made when I was there and like...wildly untrustworthy/inaccurate glassdoor info).I know the people I directly report to don't know my pay either. The HR/Operations people would have that info and the people at the top who set bonuses would probably know...but the people I work for most of the...
It has been free literally the entire time it was available in the US...Although lots of people pay, because for $10 a month you can use it on your phone, don't have to hear the same annoying ads over and over, and get higher quality streams.
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