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People who think they should keep up a conversion from seperate aisles and rows of an airplane (especially when one of them is in a window seat). Wtf?
Both my father and I were boy scouts... Be Prepared motherfucker.
Pshh we have been using candles in the tree longer then I have been alive without issue (although there is an extinguisher nearby) Take a lighter to a properly watered tree... It is remarkably hard to burn one. Biggest risk is a cat or small child knocking a candle into something.
How much do you want for the sv650? Is it an S or the naked model?
All y'all with electric lights on your Christmas trees are pussys
Tonight, I am seeing The Suburbs (with the suicide commandos opening). Some of the older SFers may know what I am talking about.
I think it is all palate fatigue (in addition to the obvious fact that a stiff liquor based drink will have more alcohol than a bud lite). When you switch drinks, you change up the flavors that your taste buds have grown tired of and give them something exciting and new. When you switch to a screwdriver, you think "ahh that's a nice and refreshing thirst quencher" and you drink it faster than you would have drunk the next rye and coke. You don't get tired of drinking...
I like the Menz Room. I don't know what everyone is complaining about because I can go there and for $30, have a beer, get shampooed, and have my hair cut by a stylist (not a barber)... No massages, but I think there was a dog there the last time I went.
3 poppers? Is that better or worse than taking 2 marijuanas?
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