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Hmm, I saw an email about those and was considering it. I could use a new v-neck...thinking about a gray one.
Nah, the first few candy corn are good. They are like mozzarella sticks...the first one is good, the second one is good, the third one is good, but if there were an endless parade of mozzarella sticks in front of you, you would feel disgusting pretty damn quick.
Yeah, these app store redirects are getting absurd. Happening on both android and ios. Any ad that redirects is obviously *bad*, but one that pops open a new app is even worse. Anything that redirects users is a security risk too. Don't these ad companies have a way to stop this crap? I haven't heard an audio-plaing video ad on SF in a while, but these redirects are even more annoying...would think the solution would be similar. (but I acknowledge that incentives are in...
But the guy in the boat wasted his time. Could have been home eating dinner instead of out wasting gas.
Read the last line of my post.It's not right, but it is probably what happened. Somewhere they had code written by someone who knew what time the market opened at, and used that in some metric when they should have used market close.Since funds don't update live during the day, they would still be displaying the correct NAV...but they were probably somehow recording that your trade actually went through at that price, when really it should have gone through at the end of...
Well, they were probably all funds. And fund orders essentially get filled once per day, after the close. My guess is that the 401k company either ran the funds that were available themselves, or owned significant amounts of each fund they offered. When a request to change allocations went through, they probably simply made the change on their books, saying "Ted now owns 147.3534 shares of Fund X as of this date" and just made sure it balanced out later. They may not...
Remember how I said the MDR certainly wouldn't work with a creased wool pants type of business wear? Check out this embarrassing photo of my MDR that is apparently sitting there in the gallery: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=13466&g2_serialNumber=2 Disclaimer: This was me putting it on for the first time when it came in the mail...I wouldn't actually wear it like that.
Yeah, although isn't that kind of how car companies roll? Start out with an econobox, and then grow it a little bit every refresh so you can say "Most leg room in its class" or "we extended the wheelbase for better handling". And eventually. you have just grown it into a midsize car and have room in the lineup to introduce something below it. Isn't that pretty much how VW ended up with the Lupo/Fox after the Polo/Golf got too big.
Fricking americans...I want my Audi A3 back!
If you lazy fucks really want to see my crappy sunset, you can just click on it!Did something change though? My mobile uploads used to always come in fairly decent sized IIRC. I guess I'll have to manually fix them going forward.
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