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Are you two sure that you don't have your terms flipped and aren't both talking about the same damn fridge? 🍺🍺🍺
Disagree. Win 10 has been awesome for me on multiple systems. Sometimes work computers have some performance killing security junk on them.
I'm legitimately confused here. How is what they did not illegal? Were the prosecutors just overreaching and thus failed to convict on some lighter charge?
Apple really is trying to tell their remaining professional users to fuck off... In addition to killing the programmer's keyboards, they tossed the photographer's SD card slot. Is there a lighting to 3.5mm dongle so you can plug your iPhone headphones into your MacBook?
Apple just keeps getting better at the "we are telling you it is true, so it must be true" game. 21.5" is big. This feature (that our competition has had for years) is brand new. You only need one USB port. Courage.
In what world do a 21.5" and 27" imac count as "colossal" and "ginormous". Apple started selling a 30" cinema display in like 2004 (although they have now completely exited the display market). I've had 27" display for years (back when the market was flooded with cheap korean ones), and I doubt I would ever buy a display smaller than 24"...maybe a 22" if I had very specific space needs. The new Surface thing comes with a 28.
No more or less invasive than my previous Android phones. I like it a lot overall, although I still haven't come to terms with the size yet. I have the small one, but it is still bigger than my previous phones. Nice to hold, but I am left handed and can't quite reach the top right hand corner while holding it comfortably (and that's where a lot of stuff is placed for you righty cucks). Camera is awesome. Finger print reader position is slick (and swiping down on it to...
It is midnight and my new Pixel is still at 68% battery. Hasn't been plugged in since I left for work. Wasn't a heavy use day, but that's still incredible.
Vader isn't the first evil and mysterious right hand man to Palpatine...so I am not sure that people would be that confused about where he came from. Also, R2-D2 never had his memory wiped and he definitely knew a bunch of shit that he wasn't letting on.
@LA Guy Since when is CE showing up in google and not requiring 100 posts to comment?Also, kind of scary that there are people/bots out there just looking for opinions they disagree with to throw some canned response at. On SF, it is obvious this sort of thing is happening...but on many other message boards, a naive reader would not identify them as political astroturfing.
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