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Lol. Lol.
The new KFC food item just looks like a jizzy dick
Enjoyed The Imitation Game a lot But, I've always been interested in Turing's story. One of my favorite books is Cryptonomicon, which features a fictionalized (but pretty technically accurate) account of Turing at Bletchley Park, and I've read some of his work in CS classes. Pretty terrible what happened to him at the hands of the UK government, but the codebreaking story is just fascinating. Several of the DC museums had interesting exhibits about his efforts the last...
Yeah, but if you buy food elsewhere, you might have to do something more than put it in the microwave to eat it.
It is just shitty bagless vacs that have to be emptied so often. I used to have to empty my old hoover upright all of the time even though I only really used it on the area rug in my living room.Now with my miele s6, I only just switched to my second bag after months of vacuuming, despite the fact that I also vacuum all of the hardwood in addition to the same rug. And that is with their most compact vac model and a pet cat.
I should really get renter's insurance... Anyone want to come catalog my belongings, pull some quotes, and compile them into a summary document with pros and cons for my review?
screw robots. Buy a Miele canister like the rest of the SF ballers. The parquet twister attachment is the hardwood floor cleaning tool of the gods
Actually, looking at the market between now and when I made the sales...maybe TD Ameritrade is doing me a favor.
I've got like $12k that I need to deploy, but TD Ameritrade seems unable to get their shit together so that I can do so. I had to move it to cash so that they could move it around...but communication seems to have broken down. I got a message today that my request was no longer active due to "unresolved issues". Would be nice if at some point they had told me that there were issues that needed to be resolved.
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