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I usually do my bike work in the kitchen...I've got some thin old woven rug that I throw down underneath so dropped bearings don't roll away and I don't have to worry about setting down greasy parts. And then I've got a sink handy for washing parts/hands.
I always thought the Mazdaspeed 3 seemed like a sweet ride...but I think I would always end up choosing the GTI over it. The car itself seems like it would be great, but the Mazda interior finishes and seats are just not on VW's level.
I have too much crap....but even if I didn't, I am not organized/tidy enough to do it. At least now, I can lock stuff away in my bedroom when I do have visitors and it all looks fine. Toss misc. junk on top of my unmade bed just to get it out of the living room, etc. Also, I would be worried about too much food smells/airborne oil getting on everything....but if you don't cook a lot, it isn't a big deal.
Walking down the dock to the boat yesterday, some woman in a bikini grabbed my hand and wanted me to sit down on an inflatable raft with her (I think they were trying to deflate it by sitting on it). So we flop down and she flops on top of me and rubs her (most likely fake) boobs all over my face. She seemed like she was clinging to the last vestiges of her youth (had the abused skin of a frequent tanner) but it wasn't an altogether unpleasant experience. Kind of a...
You think TI has heard of Einstein?
Wow. Did I really just make the exact same joke twice on the same page of the same thread? Complete with video?
You really are Johnny Cashing that thing aren't you? Not that I can talk: my steel bike (which wasn't even complete when it was stolen) began its journey towards life in like...2010
Got one of these coming with my name on itL Focus Mares CX 5.0 Not as cool as my custom steel cx bike was, but hopefully this one won't get stolen and it will be my first full-carbon bike. Should be a good little bike, getting a great deal on it. Not crazy about running 105, but my guess is it will work and shift perfectly fine and the models that switch to SRAM all have hydraulic disc brake setups. I'd prefer to stick with rim brakes, and while I am sure the hydraulics...
Well, I suppose I could pick up a car then. We are there for part of a Thursday (morning flight in from Riga) and then all of Friday/Saturday, before taking the ferry to Helsinki Sunday morning. Haven't decided where to stay yet; probably either find a Hotel or pick out another Airbnb apartment...are there any cool neighborhoods we should look to stay in?
Maybe I'll try my grandpa's business card.We don't do zipps...too overplayed here in sramtown. How about an artisinal hand-built wheelset? [[SPOILER]]
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