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Hey! why would we want to make work for some motherfuckers in some Milwaukee exurb?
I initiated a small deposit into my WiseBanyan account...but that will probably take 2-3 days to clear. Not a lot of other ways for me to quickly deploy cash right now. I actually have more cash than I would like, but it is sitting in a savings account that is not linked to relevant accounts for ACH. So either I would need several days to authenticate a new link or I would need several days to transfer to checking...and then several days to transfer to brokerage. Yay...
Except there's a lot of evidence that the brexit is not really going to stop immigration (at least not in a way that doesn't involve strangling the economy): https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jun/10/immigration-truth-brexit-would-not-bring-it-under-control
The cosplayers have got that covered too
Obviously the UK will have to do something. When they exit, they will have no trade agreements. They will also have to sort out their issues with worker displacement. Lot of UK folks working in the EU. Lot of EU folks working in the UK. And a lot of EU/UK people working in the UK, but for companies that will need to move operations to an EU member. But I don't think the EU is just going to say "ok, y'alls can keep the free trade zone with no strings attached" So...
The cosplayers will make sure there are still sexy titties in games
WTF Fedex Smart Post My package arrived in Chicago on Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday it traveled to Wisconsin. Scheduled for final delivery on Monday. I thought the goal of Smart Post was that they used your local post office for final delivery...but why is it now in Wisconsin?
I was actually responding to brokencycle...just took too long to type it and your post slipped in there. I think I agree with your comment.
FWIW though, I was playing Overwatch the other night and there was a girl playing on my team. She was using the mic, spent time playing both of the characters I posted above, and I didn't see a single person make sexist or chauvinist remarks. 10 years ago if you had a girl on voice chat, there would for sure be some horny teenager who can't contain himself every game.
I think they changed one character (Tracer) to have some less sexual poses. But even that was I think driven by a bunch of people who were going off her personality. The problem wasn't oversexualizing ALL characters, it was oversexualizing THIS character. Got rid of hte pose on the left for the pose on the right, sometime early in the development phase I think the initial complaint read "It's not fun, its not silly, it has nothing to do with being a fast elite...
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