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Sorry man, I don't think you can make it work. I don't even think you really want to make it work. You guys started dating at a very different time in your life. You certainly aren't the first people to come out of college, keep dating for way longer than you should have, only to discover you weren't right for each other's adult lives.
+1Honestly, I never looked at the subscription #. There are plenty of subscribed threads that I only check infrequently, so that number was never zero and if it changes from 24 to 25, I don't really notice.But if the PM number says 3...that means I have 3 PMs.
I didn't know you could get a ZHP for that little. There is one around here with 100k miles and a clean title for $8,900. At first I saw temptation starting to settle in...but then I realized that I wouldn't even know what a ZHP was if not for GF's posts and that I most certainly don't need to go buy one.
I dunno...why's he gotta figure out what he "should" spend. He should set a max that he won't spend more/can't afford more...but if he stumbles across a cool ride for 8k, who cares if he would have been willing to drop 25k on a different (maybe newer/lower miles) whip? Such is the nature of shopping for used cars in the situation of "I don't currently have a car, I need one soon, and there are a lot of different things I would be ok with so I'll take the best deal I can...
Might have to just install ad-block again...used it years ago when I was at a desk in an open-plan room. Flagged the "styleforum" banner as an ad so that it would get blocked from the page and instead there would just be a non-descript red banner at the top.
The real reason I don't like this new top bar: If I browse at work, there is a big-ass banner at the top of my screen the entire time saying "STYLEFORUM!!!". Used to be that I could just scroll down a click or two and it at least wasn't clear what I was reading....
Oh, and he had previously fired in stitches for having leukemia.
Let me put this in SF terms: Fok decides to shut down DT in order to make the forvm more enticing to advertisers (pretend this is DT as of 5 years ago)...and then proceeds to also go after any threads that sound DT-worthy in other areas of SF...and then spamminates the accounts of all of the major DT posters (so nobody can see their posts and they don't actually realize they are banned). Then a couple of weeks later, he comes back and tells MrG to go fuck off and never...
Tell him not to lie in response to every single question in cross if they have video deposition testimony of him saying the exact opposite things.If my recent experience is typical, juries don't really like that.
the LOLJDM plate would make me run the other way...but 5k ain't so bad.
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