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I didn't realize that the tiles in my shower were painted...until I was cleaning the bathroom yesterday and my scrubbing started to flake off some paint out around a grout line. I feel stupid for not realizing, but it is well done: the tiles look like tile and the grout has enough texture that even with paint on it, it still looks like grout (and can hold dirt like grout). If I had known, I would have been more gentle with my cleaning...now I have a rougly nickle-sized...
Well, you can still get a 13" pro or a 13" air... I am actually not quite sure I get the new macbook. As far as I can tell, it is an Air replacement It is less powerfull than the 13" air (hard to directly compare the M to the i7, but it definitely has less graphics power and no upgrades in storage/memory), costs several hundred bucks more, has worse battery life. It is slightly smaller and has a retina display...and comes in gold?
Anyone have a picture of the new chargers? Sad to see magsafe abandoned...I always thought that was pretty clever (and a constant source of breakage/repairs on dell laptops IIRC). If the charger doesn't have some sort of built in hub, I am going to be disappointed. Can't charge your phone and your laptop at the same time? Project and charge? I was thinking I would pick up a macbook air if I go back to school part-time (don't want to carry around my work laptop, and I...
the airport express now supports N (5ghz)...did you try it before or after this hardware update?
Maybe, although the one thing I would count on Apple to do is make these things thinner. They are pretty fat right now--if apple likes to do anything, it is release a version that is half as thick as the original.So maybe you get some updated electronics (and a ton of battery life thanks to the extra space), but you are still going to be wearing a bulbous version of the $10k watch they are selling in 3 years.
I think you should have kept it at stage 2 in case you need to imprison any russian dissidents
Yeah, that's awful battery life for a device that does a whole lot less than your smartphone. And $10k+ for first-draft of a tiny electronic bauble that will be obsolete in a year? I'm sure people will pay it, but those people are otherwise known as idiots.
Does anyone else think that some of these things you can do with the watch would be pretty awkward? Paying with it? Using your boarding pass on it (here let me contort my wrist upside down onto your reader)? Scrolling through and liking tiny photos on instagram (omg, I really appreciate the artistry of your 1.5" photo).
I wonder how much of a douche you will look like answering calls on your watch.
I see one in the photo comparing gold and space gray
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