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Spent a little time with the bike last night. Not as bad as I thought it might be. Ordered $60 bucks worth of parts, and that should be enough to get it back to riding again. The fuel leak is probably still going to be an issue (can't tell where in/around the petcock it is coming from, but I doubt it will fix itself), but I am no longer very concerned that the fuel may have leaked into bad places. Carbs may have started to gum up, but I'd rather see if it starts first...
Good to hear. Your car is new enough that it should be easy enough to find a nice example that has been taken care of to similar standards of your own.Sucks hard when someone totals your older car that you've taken excellent care of. Even if their insurance comes through nicely, if you are talking a 10-15 year old car, you'll have trouble finding anything as good as what you had. At that point...the people who take excellent care of their cars are probably planning to...
If they spend time throwing personal insults and bringing up make believe scandals...then yes, trump has an advantage.If they actually talk about policy and are pressed for specifics on what they might do with the presidency, trump doesn't have much going for him.Of course, there are a lot of voters out there who just want to see trump joke about how big his dick is and who will fall asleep or change the channel if they start talking about Rodrigo Duterte.
Something bothers me about the number of 5s here...
That bow video is super cool. But I've got to say...this knife sharpening video from the same people feels a little off. Little weird seeing a guy wearing a roughspun tunic, sitting in front of a large anvil...sharpening a knife with a little plastic gizmo.
Methinks you are not a "client" until she actually sets you up with a paying client.
Freedom to consume giant drinks while smoking menthols!
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