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You can get The Chair with upholstered seats as well (or in darker wood/seating material):Although depending on how many chairs you want, I'd struggle to place that many armchairs around a dining table.No idea who made them (so good luck finding them...) but might something like this blend between the ages a little better if that is your concern?
Ok, fine, I bit. I only clicked on this thread to make my first thrift/discount post in years to say that I got a good deal on an all-clad skillet...and now I've spent $250 on used shoes. ...
Hows the sizing compare to AE? Generally fit an AE 11D. They are C&J made right? Tempted, although I might try bidding rather than BIN.
I'm at work big deal.
I'm really not a fan of wanking in the shower... But I still quite enjoy fairly long showers.
Really? Dammit.I mean, I don't actually think that is a terrible thing...but first you tell me that somehow the Trump tax plan is going to tax me higher and then you tell me that I'm going to be paying more SS/Medicare taxes? Did a republican not just win the presidency?
I dad used to eschew his SUV for my mom's Golf for road trips. Of course his SUV is more truck like rather than being a lifted minivan with hinged the car probably nets a more comfortable ride and a significant reduction in gas usage (even if you put a windsurfer and bicycle on the roof racks). And I suppose his SUV only has the 40% rear seat installed...but we are a family of 3. He's trying to figure out if he can go smaller on the next vehicle. ...
401k contributions are back, payroll taxes are back...and I guess the insurance premiums went up like $5. edit: and comparison to last paycheck was probably bad...for some reason (number of paydays in the year or whatever), there were no benefits deducted from the final paycheck at all. So various insurance, HSA contribution, pre-tax transit benefit were all gone. More like a 20% change from the second to last paycheck
Not to say that the teacher wasn't right about needing to know to cite things semi-appropriately (I just opened a recent thing I worked on at work...had 153 footnotes and a 6 page list of cited materials)... But it is a dick move to hand the entire class back papers with a failing grade. If everyone omitted it, then maybe you should have given better instructions.
Never read it.But basically everyone in my...10th grade?...english class "failed" our essays on the Scarlet Letter because we didn't have an appropriate work cited page and "you're going to need that in life" or some shit.I'm still kind of bitter about that. it is a report on a single book that the entire class is doing....I If you want to teach us a lesson maybe do it on a multi-source paper, or a paper where people might have chosen their own source. Also, I just...
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