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When are you going to start machining your own hardware to make sure it is up to par with your woodwork?
That's all calibration issues. Displays often come with horrible calibration that is designed to make them look brighter and more saturated than the competition in a big florescent lit Best Buy. If you have a popular model, you can often find settings online that get you 75% of the way there...and you can find test images to display to get you to 90%. It was either CNET or RTings.com that had an easy guide that looked pretty good on my TV.I've got a screen calibration...
Amateurs Just gotta put the right tires treads on them first.
I mean, that statement is still true even if you applied and got denied 2 years ago...
Man...when I saw the thread previews, I thought "something the dealer gives you as a courtesy to defray suspicion" was referring to some random item your drug dealer hands you so that if anybody asks you can just be like "oh, yeah, that was just a craigslist purchase, I collect these little hot wheels cars".
I liked my Athena rig (at least I think it was athena...) Campy shifting is nice.
The M4/3 system is the way to go in my mind, but the Fujis take some really nice pictures (but $$$ and more limited lens selection). The nikon seems like a waste since they are trying not to cannibalize their SLR sales. GF7 is nice looking and small, but I think I might rather have the viewfinder from something like the olympus E-m10 (can probably get a good price on a Mk 1 body).
You mean like alaska?But yes, I am assuming a charging Tesla (even on 110v) will draw a lot more power than a block heater. Even so, if you are looking at something like 12c per kw/H, then plugging a Tesla in for an hour to a normal outlet should cost you about 17 cents. In a pay by the hour or office building lot, it doesn't seem too expensive to offer as a perk.
I'm happy...but I should probably sell it before people start questioning how long it will take to produce 300k of those things...
Possibly the only time I have purchased kale....but this salad is fucking awesome.
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