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They killed all of the true dornishmen...so...good luck?
Someone still needs to come out with a Nest-like system that works well with Fan-Coil units that are used in high rises. You can hack it to work with some relays, but it isn't a pretty system, and you need a whole nest device for each unit. I've got 3 separate thermostats...two of which are simply on opposite sides of the same room since it is a corner unit). And because the thermostats are all near the windows with the fan-coil units, they are overly sensitive to...
Do thermostatic valves save water without lowering perceived shower pressure? If so, How? If not, fuck that shit.
http://fusion.net/story/308137/animal-rights-activists-bernie-sanders-oakland/ These are the same assholes that cram into restaurants and start shouting about meat being murder, and then threaten assault charges on anyone who tries to touch them or force them to leave private property. Nice to see them pull their stunts when the secret service is around to manhandle them out of the way.
Depends where you buy it I think.The verizon store tried to convince my GF she'd have to wait to get any SEs, but that she could get a rose gold (eww) 16gb if she came back the next day since someone had ordered one and changed their mind. Also tried to convince her that 16gb was plenty because you can just increase your cloud storage for less money than the upgrade She walked over to Target, and they had plenty in stock in whatever configuration you wanted.
Arya's totally going to peel that girl's face off
Well, this tells me that Jaime's presence in riverrun might actually be important to the final story. Maybe they will convert Loras to the sparrows and instead of Clegane-bowl, we'll just get zombie Gregor vs the knight of flowers. 😐
Maybe they'll just get out of the business of wishing they could operate a professional sports league altogether. Leave that shit to slimy rich dudes...at least we expect them to cover up crimes.
Well, I'd presume any penalties would be assessed at the NCAA level. Makes sense that the conference won't do anything. I doubt the conferences are really in a position where they need to be making ethical conduct bylaws that somehow differ from the rules applied to other conferences.
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