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I figured things were not chronological (varys left several episodes ago), but it was sloppy to have the scenes 5 minutes apart in an episode where it seems like the news of the King's death hadnt even made it around yet.
And for further color, lets not forget that one of the big (but dubious) selling points of #leave was that they could redirect a bunch of the money that was going to the EU and send it instead to their socialized healthcare system... Or that Nigel Farage may be anti-immigrant and anti-EU, but he is also pro-decriminalization of drugs. You don't expect to see the US right wing wanting to spend MORE money on socialized healthcare or wanting to legalize recreational drugs.
I've always thought the UK has had some interesting demographics, particularly with a black population that is a fraction of the USA's population (and doesn't have quite the same history as blacks in the US). Ditto for the complete lack of a hispanic population. Imagine how far Trump's rhetoric would go if he didn't have large blocks of people (25-30% of the country) who actively dislike him as a race. When you replace poor urban black people with poor urban white...
Elections of politicians will always be a little different than a yes/no vote though.Politicians pander. They go one way on issue X and another on issue Y until they think they can win without having compromised too many of the things they actually stand for.That's why the republican party in the US currently has a bunch of rich white men on one side and a bunch of poor white people on the other side (and are constantly trying to figure out how to draw in some hispanic...
Well you are certainly doing a good job of proving me right....chavs don't typically sit for the statistics A-Level do they?
Actually some pretty interesting charts there.Some of those things are very highly correlated though. Would probably be more interesting to see the results in a controlled regression context to see which elements truly matter.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that yorkshire pud is a chav.
My cat has been acting scared of thunderstorms lately.We had a big storm a little while ago and I had left my windows open and gotten some water inside (must have been quite a storm as I had not previously had water come in through cracked windows). After cleaning up the water, I actually had trouble finding her. We've been here for a year and a half...I wrongly assumed she had already found all of the hiding spots.I can't tell if her behavior has changed, or if I am just...
I know it is not technically binding, but I find it a little astounding that that a decision this major is left to a simple majority. Something like this seems like it would be along the lines of a constitutional amendment. Going 52% to 48% is pretty rough. This isn't a single law, or a single election to a term-limited post....it is an irreversible change to the political makeup of a continent.
Also, with regards to your earlier comments about getting wrecked by turrets. It's a bigger problem on console, but it is still true on PC. One turret is easy enough to deal with, but played Hanamura last night and my team decided to go 6x Torbjorn. Other team got completely wrecked. They were complaining pretty hard core about it, and we joked back that you just need the right team comp. Of course in the next round, they decided to to 5x Torbjorn (one guy wouldn't...
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