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If I were to get a new motorcycle (increasing in size and power over my current ride), I would seriously consider a bike rack for it:
I don't see how shake shack keeps that revenue per store if they keep opening stores. They've now opened their second one in downtown chicago and it isn't like the first one had the massive lines outside of peak hours. That second store is just going to cannibalize sales from the first store. I suspect you already had a bunch of tourists/suburbanites coming into the city to experience the shake shack (if they had never been to NYC). Those people will still come, but...
I am not going to go scour the wikis, but IIRC, something like that did happen...it just wasn't Jon who was there.Someone else went at his behest to use Stannis's fleet to bring the wildlings back...shit went bad, but we don't have a POV character there, so it is left up to the reader's imagination.
I love hatchbacks. I gotta be able to put a bike in the back, and potentially car top a small sailboat. The gti might be pushing it on the boat... I think I would be OK on weight capacity, but I think the racks mount pretty close together (even on the 4-door) and the car isn't that wide... But I still haven't found a way to justify the expense of the car plus parking/insurance/gas/etc compared to what little I spend renting when necessary. Might buy a new motorcycle...
I wish I needed a car. I'd get a GTI. Although I was riding behind a 3 series wagon the other day that might also fit my hypothetical needs pretty well...
Yeah, I see they have decided to abandon any sort of face changing for the sake of keeping the actress.Wonder if they could have done a better job showing that she was assuming a new face....maybe just showed some clips of another girl doing the route that slowly changes to arya. Not sure how to do it in a non-cheesy manner.
Honestly, unless you are wed to OS X, the Dell XPS 13 seems like the way to go right now for a premium ultra portable. 13 inch screen in a package more the size of an 11 inch Air. Strong specs, handful of useful ports, etc.
I think the key distinction is it being a sword. Probably easier to get a small dagger, and the Lannister clan may well have had some, but you would need a ton of daggers to forge a decent sword. The embarrasing fact was that the family did not have a Valyrian steel sword.Also, the dagger was traced back to Littlefinger IIRC.
How far in advance do people plan funerals (or rather how long do they wait)? Someone just said they can't attend an event that is almost a month away because they have to travel to Phoenix for a funeral.
I yelled at some bitch who walked away from a pile of dog shit a couple hours ago. She said she was going to come back and pick it up.Fuck you. Don't walk your fucking dog if you don't have a bag to clean it up with. She even had a plastic bag in her hand...I don't know if it had a piece of shit in it or some small purchase, but she could easily have used the bag again or stuffed the shit-sized item in a pocket and used it.There were some cops right there blocking off...
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