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I dunno...just seems kind of dickish, at least at the professional level. You trusted this person to work for you yesterday, and now they have to be escorted out? I've never seen somebody escorted out of my company after quitting...and a lot of people give much more than 2 weeks notice without fear of finding themselves jobless early.
You don't have to wait until you are 30 to teach your friends the manners that their parents forgot to teach them. Buy a good bed and mattress. Mattress that is comfortable, some sort of platform bed that can hold up to years of..."abuse". Nothing wrong with IKEA if you are careful about what you pick. Since your new place isn't that large, you have to realize that some of the items you buy simply might not work at your next place. Some of the IKEA sofas are actually...
Well clearly you should send one to me because my watch broke in a bike crash and now I am wearing a timex
Hmm...Apparently, like all things employment law, it varies by state. In some states, you can claim unemployment in that situation after a one week waiting period (so for two weeks notice, you could get a week of benefits). But not in most states, including yours and mine.
But you have to be willing to pay them up until the date they claimed as their last day? Otherwise you are the one terminating their employment.Of course I don't think it is usually done because of money. It is done because they don't want someone who is jumping ship to a competitor to have unfettered access to a bunch of secret shit for a few weeks.
That's pretty unlikely. I think it gets used in a lot of kitchens without any mention. Especially before it became a cool term to refer to. When it isn't being used to cook something in a funny/molecular way, they probably don't bother referring to it on the menu.It is also an older model.What do you mean by stand alone controls? You don't need to use bluetooth to control the Anova Precision--it has all of the controls on it. It lacks the touchscreen interface of the...
This cab driver hasn't learned how to quietly mumble into his phone... He also took a shitty route but because of one ways and no-turn signs, you can't immediately undo it.
I was referring more to the fact that you don't get them if you willingly quit... So if he boots you without paying for whatever notice period you offered, you get unemployment. Or maybe I am misunderstanding the process.
I ordered one. I am probably just going to use my prexisting pots and pans as a tank.... Either a 5.5quart dutch oven or the 10-12qt stock pot should be fine unless I need a lot of space. Maybe a cooler if I need more space. Figured I would just buy a torch from the hardware store if I want to go that route...
If he fires you...does that mean you get unemployment? Maybe he is doing you a favor.
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