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Anyone seen the BP oil spill movie? I just looked at rotten tomatoes and it somehow has an 83%. I thought for sure it would be a total bomb.I quite enjoyed it. Few more people in my theater, although it was a very small one.Saw it with my GF and some of her friends, all of whom spent time living in Uganda...they quite enjoyed it and found it pretty accurate.
I know what you were really hoping to see in that photo is if he looks to be about 6" now...
Whoops, sorry, forgot to change to my sock there.
I support his penis entering my mouth, I'm against it being removed.
Yeah, pixel just works
But it is not vz only. Your can buy it straight from Google for the same price (and with financing and a free vr headset). Works on every US carrier. Verizon is the only carrier currently selling it directly, but if you buy from them, you get a locked phone and probably some Verizon bloat software... Verizon must have paid for all of the marketing... Otherwise why wouldn't Google want direct sales?
Unless they need a non exploding phone today. Are we at the point where you can walk in to any store and get a 7+ without waiting? Pixel XL would be several weeks out, especially if you didn't preorder. And the marketing for it is a little confusing... Makes it sound like the pixel is Verizon only.
No room to rock side to side, it's making contact with something on both sides. Can't tilt it forward or backwards either.I think that's right.Honestly, this kitchen renovation is a bit of a hack job in places...so I wouldn't be surprised if 2 heavy men shoved it in as far as it would go and called it a day.Probably not the best time to be doing this. The building turned off the AC a couple of weeks ago, so while I don't have the heat running, I've got windows open and...
Even if trump managed to win, Hillary wouldn't go to jail. He's a lying blowhard about that too.
Wheels aren't stuck--they can be raised and lowered with a bolt and I was able to bring them up until free spinning and then back down again. I think it is just wedged into the space between wall and counter really tightly. By raising one wheel higher than the other, I think I was able to get it out about a quarter inch...if I find the exact right angle, it might move easier. I've dragged out old fridges without wheels before...the amount of force I am exerting here...
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