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Graduating from what? Old Man School? The Phaeton is a pretty dang cool car (at least the couple I drove back after it was first introduced in 2005 or so were pretty nifty), but seems like a pretty odd car for anyone young. Gigantic hunk of expensive metal, which would probably be a pain to park in any of the places young people like to live or visit.
You wouldn't happen to be a bobsledder would you?
Funny you should say that. I have worked with a partner from a big law firm (I would venture to guess 100x larger than yours and with a full dedicated IT staff), and it appeared that they had approximately the same policy. He seemed to have a preference for the Apple...and while maybe he had a local copy of Outlook (not sure he actually did), everything else was just Citrix apps.Although, honestly, the little macbook air was a pretty good machine for him. If you are...
Is there any point to a personal 529 for someone thinking about grad school in the future? I remember looking into this a while ago and finding a reason why it didn't matter (maybe it was that tax deductability rolled off above a certain income or that the available plans all sucked)...but this Utah option with vanguard funds sounds interesting. edit: nevermind. Looked it up and there is never any federal tax savings...only certain states. Add that to the fact that you...
80 inside? I guess that's a little warm. but with proper attire and appropriate use of curtains, windows, and fans, you shouldn't really need AC inside until it is continuously over 80 outside...just suck it up a little.
Sooo...then do you have any hot friends looking at a younger alternative to settling for an ugly dude? I'll swing up to mid 30s
Maybe we will get some shit-gold lines in the S5 premiere
Essentially, Jon had the right strategy going in there...Break Mance and you break the army.
Kinda sounds like you are saying you wish you had waited a few more years
Isn't there something about women caring less about pure physical attractiveness, especially later on? Maybe the average looking dudes had to try harder in the past and learned a thing or two... And now they are the only ones who can satisfy her. Also, a lot of dudes deteriorate fast. Balding... Metabolism slows down (but the beer drinking doesn't) and the muscles they spent their free time growing in college/early 20s have finally completely deteriorated...
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