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Of course grit numbers vary wildly... The numbers reported on the japanese waterstones are much higher than what might be reported on industrial stones, hence why the edge pro stones top out at 1000. I have seen store websites that equate that 1000 to an 8000 japanese stone, although these two random charts I found online disagree wildly (unless the shapton/chosera stones use different grit measures than other japanese stones)
You mean a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA?
Who the fuck locks their dumb phone?That's why people lock their phones--they are smart.
Still worth contributing to the IRA. You can backdoor it into a Roth, and even if you don't backdoor it, you've got decades of gains that you won't pay taxes on. Whether it is short term or long term, you won't owe interim taxes. If you buy one thing and hold it forever, you may end up worse off in the pure IRA (if you don't get the deduction on the deposit), but if there is rebalancing/churn, you should still come out ahead. Also...there is value on the protection...
My posts are incomplete if at least 50% of the sentences don't contain parenthetical statements (or maybe I will insert the extra content via some em-dashes instead). You should see them *before* I edit them down.
The scary thing I heard recently:Google lets you set up SMS as a 2-factor notification (and if you have android, your Google account is the final lock on your phone).If you steal someones phone and put the SIM card in a different phone, you can receive the SMS right there (or if you have iphone style text popups, you can see the 2-factor code right there). Then you can use that to break into the account on a computer, and use your newly reset password to login to the...
I always knew you would like getting the DP
Your phone has your email. Your email will tell a thief what institutions you do business with and allow them to reset the passwords.
Holy crap the the rules on these MLPs get complicated fast (especially if you hold in both taxable and non-taxable accounts). Figuring out how to fill out these forms is going to be more work than filing *all* of my taxes for the last 2-3 years...maybe it is time to hire a professional.
New Posts  All Forums: