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Apparently MtG is making a pretty big comeback and is now more popular than ever.
You guys still liking your vacuums? Did you both get the S8 or did one of you get the S2? Moved into the new place last week and I am headed to the vacuum store tonight to compare models and try out a few attachments to decide which ones I need.
I think that was the problem I had with the coffees I didn't care for from them--but I also have tried more of their beans at home rather than in the shop.If I am out of beans, their shop is a perfect distance for a morning jog, with a stop to pick up a half pound of whatever was roasted most recently and bring it home to my aeropress.
funny...that's actually almost exactly what wiggle sells my choice of pedals for: http://www.wiggle.com/time-atac-xc8-carbon-pedals/ edit: nevermind, the newest edition of the atacs are significantly lighter...no sense in buying the previous model high end pedal when even the bottom of the line of the new models is lighter and uses the same mechanism...I'll just swap on a set and wait for the new model to drop.
I suppose, although this guy doesn't really inventory anything and I suspect it is a little harder to "lose" large special orders when you don't have any stock to start with. And I'm not that unhappy...I did get the bike for half price plus what is probably a couple hundred buck's worth of pro bike build and fitting. But maybe I could afford a set of pedals if not for that $125 tax charge!
Here's my new CX ride. Focus Mares CX 5.0 17lbs with 105, cross tires/brakes, and whatever not-particularly-fancy stock wheels those are. A steal at $1350 (although having to pay full city sales tax at 9.25% on top of that reminds me why I like the internet ) edit: and what's crazy is that supposedly they shaved something like 3-400g off the frame for the 2015 model without losing stiffness and while adding an integrated chain guide and switching to front and rear...
Just start randomly playing selections from these weird youtube subgenres:-mega zit popping videos-gyno-exam instructional videos-dogs with extreme diarrhea-cyst draining videos
Have you tried the beans from Bow Truss? I've had a couple from there that I have really enjoyed, and some that were only ok. Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me remember what the really good ones were (and it may not matter because I think they rotate based on what they can get a supply of).
Talking out my ass here, but what about training on rollers or a resistance machine, or even spending some time on a fixed gear bike? With long climbs, you have to get used to the fact that you aren't going to coast anywhere. You just gotta keep pedaling and keep your momentum going--and that's hard to get the hang of if you are used to frequently soft-pedaling or just coasting at times (especially in a group situation where you do it often to stay on someone's wheel...
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