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As I said...it was cheap!...until it doubled on me after I upgraded my GF's ticket. Mostly just wanted to surprise my GF with it...but there was a bit of an ulterior motive as on my flight out, the only available economy seats were middle seats in the back. Also, you get free checked bags in first...I know she has to check at least one way to carry liquid gifts for a friend, and I will probably need to check one or both ways as well. If the upgrade only costs a little...
I love reading on my kindle, and the current paperwhite looks 10x better than my older model.That being said, If you want to read things that aren't books, it will probably be a pain in the ass. I don't have a touchscreen model, so maybe the new ones are a little better, but they are annoying anytime you want to flip back and forth between things (referring to earlier pages, checking footnotes, etc.).For things like PDFs and reviewing word docs for work, I usually use my...
Yeah. My employer already cuts my paycheck...why would I want to throw more eggs in that basket? I understand it with a startup and options (but even then, I would be doing some diversifying as soon as options vest). If the company goes down, you lose your paycheck AND your investments. Although, my parent company is a different beast than my actual company...if they were to crash and burn, I suspect we would still keep chugging along.
Because I am going chicago to minneapolis?And the flights themselves could have been cheaper...but the first class upgrades seemed cheap (until it doubled on me). My guess would be because there is not a lot of business travel on those dates and thus the seats stayed open.
My parent company took a huge shit today. Not that big a deal really (and they have always been oddly volatile) but I do own a small amount of it.
Mostly annoying because it is a very short flight home...its not really worth paying much for an upgrade on such a short hop. If it had either been on United (who I have miles with) or for a longer flight, it wouldn't have been such a big deal, but for such a short time and not even getting status credit...dammit.
god dammit. first class upgrades were really cheap for the flights my GF and I are taking for thanksgiving. I took her confirmation email and went to buy it secretly (we are on separate itineraries because we fly out on different days but return together). Bought her upgrade and then went to buy mine. It still said the same price. Choose seats and hit purchase...fucking thing spits it back at me and says prices went up. Shit almost doubled in price, but I had to pay...
Obama just cancelled my yoga class!
Time for GF to go buy a bunch of Snap-On tools. Maybe put some Snap-On tools on his christmas list. Gotta get dat Snap-On to fix his car. If he is going to be replacing trim, I suggest this Snap-On product: *I may or may not be a Snap-On shareholder
10-15? A good quality stove should last more than double that!
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