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I'd transfer too if I was a student at Loyola University...
Sounds like they have really cut back on the touchwiz crap and that you can disable most of what is left.
I've been thinking about one of those although I am tempted to see what Nexus devices come out this year. Still a little bigger than I would like, but my buddy just got one and it seems like a really nice phone. Battery life and water resistance are big plusses to me.
FWIW, Alien is a sci-fi suspense/horror movie. Aliens is a sci-fi action movie. Aliens has machine guns.I'm not sure I'd agree with Kaplan about Alien holding up better than Aliens. Alien might hold up better to someone who was around at the time and is appreciating what it did for film...but I'd guess that if you brought in a 25 year old who hadn't seen either, they would much prefer Aliens.
The REI in my town stopped renting camping gear. This sucks. I have backpacking gear for 2, but it was great to be able to go rent a giant tent/some comfy pads, and go car camping (or train camping). Seemed perfect for urban areas...our apartments don't have basements or secure garages where we can store monster tents and excess gear, and people who will go camping less than once a year don't really want to buy even a cheap fair-weather tent. There seem to be some...
@LA Guy: Something keeps happening on SF that drags my computer to a crawl. Especially if I have multiple tabs open. Hard to find concrete examples since it makes the browser angry, but here's what I am seeing right now: Here are some errors in my console (and what's with that weird GAL
What treatments have you done? They look great.
Probably a couple of ways. First, if you do it part time in a spare bedroom (or when you are gone), it probably doesn't factor into the loan at all.Second, if you can qualify for the loan with your regular income/assets/etc. then, the fact that you might airbnb it some of the time doesn't really apply to your qualification.However, if you require anticipated rental income to qualify for the loan, then the lender is going to be more picky. Just because it is listed on...
Not watching Aliens is a suckers move. Totally different film with a totally different vibe.
Nice! I also have a package-opening pocket knife that needs a some work. Despite basically only cutting packing tape, it somehow has a big nick in the edge... What angle did you go with?
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