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This morning's beer mile gave the worst shit I have ever had in my life. No diarrhea or anything... Just the nastiest dump I have ever taken.
5% abv minimum to comply with the official rules. 4 beers, one before each 400 lap. Must finish beer before beginning lap. Single lap penalty for vomiting... World record is sub 5 minutes.
Ran a beer mile this morning... At 11:53, I am not too impressed with my time (the drinking part was HARD) but I beat my friends by a big margin and did not vomit. If I did it again... I would work on chugging... Trying to show down the drinking component is a mistake
I found this guy pretty comfy after picking up at an REI garage sale: http://www.rei.com/product/845301/rei-incamp-insulated-air-sleeping-pad Thought I wouldn't like it vs one that is air+foam, but it worked well. Not marketed as being a backpacking or ultralight pad, but it packs down pretty small and really doesn't weigh much. The built in pump works well enough (although if you want to attack it with strong lungs, you will be done faster). But if you have already...
And if you get an oreo shake, you get the cookie around the straw AND a couple of mini oreos tossed atop the lid
I just saw the new conference room they put in as a part of renovating one of the floors of our office. Most of the renovations look good so far, but I am really quite disappointed with the choice of chairs for the new conference room. In our other conference rooms, we either have eames soft pad group chairs or pollack chairs...I believe they are all original from the 80s renovations that built out those rooms. Many of them could have used some leather conditioner over...
I haven't ordered from AMZN in over a month... Better not buy any shares
My friend saw an ice cream truck coming the other way on the street, got excited, swerved, and crashed me out hard.
Link to this psg drama I missed?
They make pretty good shakes too.
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