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The weird part was that many of the beans were completely done at 1:35, while others were still clearly not even close past the 2 hour mark. Probably got a mix of 2 packs of bulk beans (with one of them being something they found on the back of the storeroom shelf)...hopefully reheating and simmering for a while will get those last bits to finish. Smell and taste were great on the beans that were cooked--enough to convince me I don't need to soak. I assume you pull the...
Yeah, USPS sometimes does this at my office...although there isn't even a notice, it just shows up on tracking as a "we tried to deliver".Bull shit you did...it is a business address, there is literally *always* someone there during any hours they might have delivered. I suspect that the issue is that letters can go in the box downstairs, but packages get brought upstairs. Bringing a box upstairs sure sounds like work.Sure, you have to bring it eventually, but if there...
I figured the WF would have them fresh (their bulk dispenser is pretty small, but who knows how many they are storing in back). Chicago's got a pretty huge hispanic population, but admittedly, most of them are not shopping at this whole foods.
5-6qt enameled cast iron pot with the lid on. Brought it to a simmer and dropped it into the 325 oven for an hour. Added salt and pepper and put back in for another 35-40. When it came out, there were still beans that were definitely not done (but other beans that were perfectly done), so I went back in for a few more rounds. Not really sure how long it was in there total, but it had to at least make it past the 2-hour mark. Pulled it when a few sample spoonfuls were...
I had been getting a little disappointed in Amazon Prime lately...in the early years, it was super awesome and fast, but lately, I rarely get stuff faster than promised and often after factoring in "business days" and order cutoff times, I feel like I don't get things fast at all. But yesterday, I ordered something at 4:40 in the afternoon. Today I have it in my hands and it is not even noon!
Here is the play store redirect that I got when I clicked on this very thread:http://c.mobpartner.mobi/?s=1322576&a=6483&tid1=144597786Browsing on mobile with android chrome
Alright, I can definitely tell that I am not chewing on a pebble!
I was lucky to order in June (where most of the orders are filled) and receive in october, but if I had waited a bit longer to order, I still wouldn't have my jacket and I have definitely moved since then.Thinking about selling my MDR though...ever since receiving the A2, I don't really wear it very much since it doesn't fit as well (the benefit of being able to tweak measurements for a second order) and stylistically just isn't as much of a match for me.
Should be easy to spool up mongoDB on AWS. Obviously, you could do it yourself in an EC2 instance, but there are several versions available ready to go in the AWS marketplace. Is mongodb really what you want though? I know all of the nosql items are the "hot" thing right now, but your basic SQL database works pretty well for most things.
Made the smokey black bean stew that foodguy posted the other day. Some of my beans just seem like they refused to cook. I don't think it was because I didn't soak them, but I kept just adding more time and there were still some beans left that were not cooked. Had just bought them that day from the bulk dispenser at whole foods...usually their stuff is pretty fresh. When I reheat the rest of it, I guess I will add more water and let them simmer for a good amount of...
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