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Again, you could apply for one of those jobs if you wanted. Obviously there is something keeping you from doing so. Although...my employer pays OT to the two lowest rungs...so you can serve a corporate overlord and still earn time and a half.
Also, Nazi New York has sweet furniture and design objects (except for the hitler portraits).
Well this is interesting: http://graphics.wsj.com/blue-feed-red-feed/#/president-trump easy to see the kind of bubbles people end up in and how that might influece what they think the rest of the country thinks and give them opinions they think are absolutely correct.
I've been playing around with my new electric pressure cooker after hearing Russ and Kenji praise it for beans and stocks and the like. Pretty magical in what it can do for beans on a weeknight...or chicken chili/stew type things. Had some usda prime short rib from costco last night (although I had to use a hacksaw to get the bones apart because they left them 6-8in long)...I'm impressed with how quickly you can finish some braised short ribs, but I'm not 100% sure the...
Have not read it, but my understanding is...sort of?I'm not done watching the second season which only recently came out, so I am scared to google for fear of spoilers...but my understanding is that it does not rigidly adhere to the novel, but uses much of its world building while both streamlining some book characters/plots and creating a setting in which the show can extend beyond the boundaries of the book in additional seasons.So similar concept/feel and maybe early...
What? An IRS agent is almost literally the definition of a civil service job. They may not lead with it when hitting on a girl, but that's literally the definition.
Sounds like jealousy....if those jobs are so great, why don't you apply for them?Oh that's right, they usually come with other downsides that you don't wish to bear.
it was an almost empty bottle from 2009 or so... Turned back into a liquid when I added a splash of water and shook...but was a weird gloopy substance before that.
You should probably waste more time then because this guy is either an idiot, or he is working really hard to rationalize something that is clearly fucked up.That's almost as bad as Kellyanne saying "Nobody wants to see the tax returns anyways". The numbers Spicer quoted were objectively wrong and have been thoroughly disputed.Finally, he can fuck off on all of this "the only thing Spicer actually said.." bullshit. If you aren't going to take questions, then we are...
What's your favorite Dr Bronners flavor? Also, have you ever had the last few ounces in a bottle congeal into a weird gel?
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