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The thermapop is a perfectly fine cheaper alternative to the thermapop. Bought one for my parents and I honestly can't tell that it reads any slower without doing a side by side comparison. And it has one of big benefits of the thermapen that people forget about--a very narrow probe tip that doesn't poke gaping holes in your food.
Windows still lets you enter a password hint. Actually, it requires that you leave a password hint. I think this is a poor security practice, as such, my password hint is "fuck password hints"
Actually, they just removed that feature and I thought they were a reasonable idea.Usually there was a sailboat or bike thing I could pick and it is unlikely that some phishing site knows that about me (remember, most of these attacks are automated--so even if you could guess after researching a person for an hour, that is never going to happen in the typical attack scenarios).But they also had a text entry where you could put a phrase you would always expect to see.Mine...
How do you remember them? Easy to have a standard fake answer for "where did you go to high school", but what about when it asks obscure shit that you don't even know the real answer to? If your mind works a bit different in a year, you get locked out.
Also, like 25% of the questions revolve around weddings. Do they assume every customer is married and thus has answers to the locations of their wedding or honeymoon, the name of their best man (what if you are a woman?), etc. So that tells me these weren't purely designed by some idiot millennial...
One of my banks is making me set up a new way to login. First I have to create a password that follows stupid rules (like limiting the types of special characters that can be entered while also requiring them to be present). Then they want me to come up with five security questions...each of which are chosen from a very short drop down list of options (the list is different for each question #) I seriously don't know the answer to most of them. I don't know what any of...
Pretty sure I have seen airports operate on time with more snow than that
Lol. Lol.
The new KFC food item just looks like a jizzy dick
Enjoyed The Imitation Game a lot But, I've always been interested in Turing's story. One of my favorite books is Cryptonomicon, which features a fictionalized (but pretty technically accurate) account of Turing at Bletchley Park, and I've read some of his work in CS classes. Pretty terrible what happened to him at the hands of the UK government, but the codebreaking story is just fascinating. Several of the DC museums had interesting exhibits about his efforts the last...
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