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Time ATAC all the way!
bet you $5 that you can!edit: wait, is it writing a monthly performance review of someone else? Because I will concede that you cannot macro that (or at least if I could, I would get to go home right now).
I dunno...my mountain shoes have carbon soles and I am pretty sure they are almost exactly the same as the road model with the exception of the lugged sole. Used to be that the much larger cleat-pedal interface on road shoes meant that that you didn't get hot-spots on long rides, but when you are standing on a block of carbon, hot spots aren't really a thing anymore.
Sounds like a task you should write a program for.
Turns out she is not a real doctor and is only a physicians assistant. I did not recognize that distinction when I passed her in the hallway and she told me where to go to pee in a cup.
I went to the doctor on friday...and there was this super hot lady doctor I had not seen before. Kind of makes me want to switch away from my man doctor--would that be awkward? What if I run into him in the hall when visiting my new lady doctor?
Oh, maybe the road ones fit 2-hole cleats as well, but I guess I was only really looking at mountain shoes. I need mountain pedals on the CX bike (and shoes with some tread), and I am not sure that I see the advantages of running road pedals anywhere else. At least not big enough advantages to have separate shoes for different bikes.
Yeah, they should find that mattress in an alley like a real man!
and at least in this industry, it isn't a Christmas-bonus style token of gratitude... It is a significant portion of total compensation and basically entails taking the pool of remaining profits at the end of the year and dividing them up between employees. Not a partnership, but much more similar to a law firm than a big company in that regard...I suspect the banks do something similar for non junior staff.
Had a lot of fun playing a couple of simple indie local multiplayer games lately. Nidhogg and Towerfall: Ascension were good times. Simple mechanics but tight gameplay. Was surprising how entertaining Nidhogg was in a local-multiplayer situation...was also a blast to watch so I might do a tournament bracket at some point. We were playing on an awkward mix of Xbox 360 controller, non-analog-stick usb controller, and keyboard...people were capable of winning with any of...
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