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Rapha makes nice stuff, but at the end of the day, they are an overpriced lifestyle brand.
That one I don't think is mediocre. Been meaning to ride my bike down there sometime this fall before it gets cold.
Pretty sure there is zero smoking in Disney these days. A few designated areas that take you away from the kids but people would probably notice the smell crammed into the little smoking area.
Unfortunately, some of the ticketmaster alternatives have become just as bad...which tells me that those stupid fees are the best way to rake in money.The problem with stubhub is that their fees are still really high. I think there is a varying scale depending on the event, but often the fees are pretty insane. I know that they have to fund their ticket guarantees in addition to making profit...but an electronic transaction that involves processing a payment and sending...
Are they potheads? A while back there was an article about smoking pot in disney world. There are forums out there where people have carefully cataloged all of the places where you can get away with it...I think there was even an NYT article that made reference to it (but didn't go into detail).
The thing is...the recline pivot is at seat height anyways. So while the top of the seat moves a few inches, it really doesn't move that much at knee height. (between zero at the pivot and less than an inch anywhere within the realm of "knee height").I think half of the people who are against it, really just want to use their full size laptops on the tray table...and make excuses about knees. That, or they either slouch and push their knees way out or like to sit with...
Also, sitting in one position for a long time is pretty bad for your body. I would wager that those couple of inches of recline are enough of a change in how the weight sits on your spine that switching back and forth a couple of times during a Miami-Paris flight (such as when food service comes) would be sufficient to ease a lot of back strain.
http://gawker.com/seat-reclining-wars-escalate-as-second-flight-is-divert-1628328481 Why does Gawker have some crusade against reclining your seat on flights? I know there are people who are not in favor of it, but it is not a majority of people (I saw a survey that said about 30% never recline, 30% always recline, and 30% don't care and sometimes do it). But Gawker keeps writing these articles like it is a crime against humanity. The french dude was clearly in the...
The moka pot is a bit less sensitive to grind size in my experience (since you grind fairly large for it). I got away with a crappy flat ceramic freebie burr grinder for a long time before I found a metal conical burr grinder for $4 at a thrift shop. You could probably do just fine with a cheapo blade grinder (or using the store grinder and just buying in half pound increments) and a moka pot. Would set you back very little money and get you decent coffee.
Table already sold...so I guess I don't even have to think about it. Raw denim probably would have rubbed off on the white upholstery of those chairs anyways
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