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I can assure you that nothing I have for sale has been used gently.
Try working for a company whose name is deliberately misspelled...(as a sort of pun, but not a funny or immediately obvious pun) I always worry about giving my email address over the phone...even if I go real slow, people will get it wrong. And of course, the people who get it wrong are never people who have other ways to contact you, like clients (you would hope they know how to spell the name of the company they are hiring). It is always some vendor that you contacted...
Tuesdays at Owen and Engine are pretty solid burger days.
Well, perhaps the end goal of GRRM's storyline had Myrcella dead (and the rest of dorne either dead or unimportant). They sort of needed dorne around for the red viper's storyline to run its course...but now they don't really care. Weird to introduce the sand snakes, have them suck, and then toss them aside, but hey...maybe they are still needed for something. Perhaps the target storyline has Cersei directing her anger southwards which makes for an easy opening for the...
I think it is safe to say that if the writers haven't introduced them yet...the missing dorne characters aren't going to show up. Saw an article somewhere where they were actually asking HBO for permission to do the final season in *fewer* than 10 episodes.
Don't worry, Chipotle isn't going to go out of business after only one bad quarter!
Wtf, who gave the NFL a Ferris wheel?
What is all of this NFL draft mumbo jumbo, and why must they set it up right outside my window?
You don't even have to go to the books for this...that's in the damn show.
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