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I know a lot of news organizations have policies prohibiting you from trading in the companies you cover within X days of reporting on them. In the financial press, often they are discouraged from being active traders at all. Like LD said, even if it isn't illegal, it could still expose the company to risk. LL could sue you for defamation (whether or not they actually have a case) and having it look like it was done to enrich a few employees would make matters worse. ...
From the articles I saw (I didn't read that in depth), it sounds like CBS was either prompted or supported by a bunch of short sellers who have a vested interest in the company losing value.Might be nice if that video started with "Hey, some guys who will make a bunch of money if the LL stock tanks wanted us to talk to you about this".On one hand...that's how the market should work and one of the arguments given in favor of insider trading. Absent insider trading laws,...
Not if you are Lumber Liquidators.
Ah yes. The cycle must continue. First we had different minters of cash....but they realized that was stupid and agreed on a single currency. Then we had a bunch of random charge cards...we've mostly solved that barring a few places that still refuse amex/discover (and a few people who apparently still have diners club cards?). Life has gotten too easy...time to add 5 different ways to pay for something with your cell phone.
From a lawyer I know on facebook:
So...for anyone who actually knows: to what extent is that CBS report bullshit? Whenever I see something complaining about formaldehyde, I tend to be skeptical. It is a favorite compound of the scare-mongerers since it is used on dead people and sounds scary...but when it is in your vaccines or your plastics as a necessary ingredient, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. I saw something say that some samples were more than 13X the *california* limit. But maybe...
Not yellow enough for you?
I was somewhat inspired upon seeing this sofa for sale:
I think a slightly mustardy velvet would be awesome, but I will probably end up with a gray or blue tone...I already have a bright yellow dining table and I think carrying the yellow theme over into the living-room area might be a bit too much.
I dunno...I am thinking about new upholstery for my couch, and yellow is a strong contender. I do prefer orange, but I had an orange daybed once and it didn't really match any of my other furniture.
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