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The lack of external controls just seems idiotic. My circulator has the ability to control via app...I haven't used it a single time. All I am doing is setting a temperature, a wheel is sufficient. I never need to vary it during a cook and I have like 5 different timers in my kitchen that I can use.
Listening to the police scanner... Dispatch reports a woman screaming for help in a tweed jacket. Unit asks for clarification of some sort (couldn't quite hear). Dispatch says "Woman in a tweed jacket" Unit says "What's That?" Dispatch says "I dunno, use Google"
This.Modern faucets are pretty good at making a spray that feels useful without wasting a ton of water. Unfortunately that also means pots fill slowly. 2.2 gpm is the max allowed in kitchens, but I'd you get a faucet designed for California rules it is more like 1.75 and many even go down to 1.5. Might be even worse if you have low pressure.I just checked and saw a random moen pot filler rated at 5.5gpm. Filing up my 5.5qt pot for some pasta or vegetables takes almost...
I mean...the obvious answer is ikea. Just stay away from their bottom-of-the-line stuff and the iconic obviously ikea pieces. I'd take mid-grade ikea over gambling on some overstock.com furniture 95% of the time. Something like three Mellby chairs and a coordinating loveseat....should leave in plenty of money for a coordinating desk.
I guess...when I think of "older", I think pre-war. 1960s houses (or even 50s) aren't all that different from today. Much of the development boom in the last generation has been about how to build mcmansions cheaply, not how to do things differently or better.
How would a 55 year old house have knob and tube?I know you are getting old and all...but that's like...1960. At that point, grounded circuits are required in most areas, so what little bit of knob and tube installation that was going on post-war became pretty much impossible.
Just be careful with 2-factor on your phone. If you lose your phone, and have a phone that will show texts in a pop up even when locked...someone could potentially unlock your account without having to unlock your phone (and then be able to unlock your phone using the account they just unlocked).
If she needs a mastectomy, I know a really excellent nipple reconstruction tattoo artist (no joak). Don't let the hospital put a misplaced pink dot on there and call it good.
I don't want to watch any clips with dialog...so I won't.
How much cheaper are we talking once you factor in shipping the car and any sort of import duties? I'm willing to exclude the cost of the trip to Europe are that would be fun... But if you are buying something like aa 3 series, what do you save? And can you use it to get model variants that aren't sold in the US like wagons?
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