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Sailors don't wear wedding bands (at least not sailors who have googled "ring degloving")!
Saw a GL450 with a dominos delivery sign suctioned to the roof... Piob finally find a way to get that extra $20 a month!
Haven't been yet. Just finishing packing now...departing the US in 14 hours and will make it to Tallinn eventually
The huddler platform simply lacks many of the controls we take for granted on other systems. That's not really an excuse though. Huddler is a non free platform so presumably there are paid developers working on the back end. Solving live-person spam is not easy, but not letting them post 50 new threads the day they sign up should be a simple change. If huddler's devs can't make that happen, there is something seriously wrong. Maybe they over promised, or over extended to...
Nah, it is fucking huge. I can't fully operate it (the s5, which is smaller than the 6+) one handed while actually holding it. Sure, if I balance it on top of my fingers without actually gripping, I can move my thumb around enough to both reach the home button and reach the notification drop-down at the top, but that relies on gravity, so I can't lay on the couch with it held over me (and I certainly wouldn't want to be wandering around or on my bike while not having a...
My grandparents sent me a fleece jacket for my birthday. It is a Large Tall and it is a little too long but also probably a bit too big in the body. I saw that it was "Tall" size (which not many companies offer in outerwear) so I figured it would be perfect to step down to a Medium Tall. LL Bean does not have a "Medium Tall" size. wtf? now I have to decide if a regular medium would be too short, or if a regular large would be too fat....or else I have to simply...
I just picked up an S5 loaner for my upcoming trip (for whatever reason, the company is weird about reimbursing international expenses...). I don't know how people do it...I have relatively large hands and I can't stand this thing (and I have no desire to use my phone with 2 hands...that's why swype is great). Need to go find a SIM cutter so I can swap the plan into my Moto X (since this stupid phone uses micro SIM instead of nano). So judging from the comparisons I see...
To be fair, it's not like the original HM leather will last forever if not taken care of.There are a bunch of soft pad chairs in my office that have probably never seen leather conditioner... They are probably almost 30 years old and a lot of the leather is in pretty sad shape.
I mean... .70 isn't exactly crazy talk. It's not S&P index fund low, but its not 2%.
Surge isn't really am energy drink... It is just a mountain dew competitor. Might have a bit more caffeine but it is no red bull. Maybe you are thinking of Amp which was originally sold under the mountain dew banner and was a definite energy drink. Fwiw, surge went away because mountain dew is better.
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