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Well yeah, but not here in 'murica. I had to buy my blue one off german ebay because they seem to pretend that the colored ones never existed here in the USA.
I'm out of town this weekend, but sad to be missing the star wars beta. Everything I have seen from it thus far looks pretty sweet. I also don't really play games anymore, but I was hoping that this game might at least trick me into being a gamer again for a couple weeks (like I did with HOTS, which I now haven't touched in over a month). Also hoping that Overwatch can do the same when it comes out.
Probably in Denmark, but I've never seen a PH4/3 (especially a non-white one) hanging in any house except for my parents'. Maybe seen 3 PH5s.
I have a blue ph4/3 that I have been meaning to hang over my dining table... Always preferred it to the ph5 But now I am starting to think that my dining area would benefit from the extra ambient light the 5 kicks out. That, or I will have to buy a floor lamp to supplement for when the area is being used for non-dining activities.
Pretty sure that means that somewhere between 1600 and now, a mailman of non-french descent got busy with your great-...-grandma.
Also, pretty sure she mostly plays Taylor acoustics...because you know...Taylor.
Nice ninja edit. At first I was like "That looks like Taylor Swift, but as a 40 year old woman". The new photo is very clearly Tay Tay. And given that she has now switched to singing along to Max Martin created pop songs...I don't know that her guitar playing really matters any more.
Haven't ridden since the 14th...hope she starts
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