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I don't think internet athiests take jabs at feminism because they don't believe in god. They do it because they are assholes...
The Trump subreddit is an absolutely terrifying place. I've also noticed that whenever I find someone being a particularly obnoxious asshole in an unrelated subreddit...if I check their post history, I often notice they spend time in the Trump sub. I'm sure there are plenty of Trump supporters who are not fans of the place, but god damn is it ever toxic. If it were anyone else besides Trump, I would be thinking "It must suck to look at your core supporters and realize...
More just the smaller amount of power. The nakedness doesn't bother me (and is actually a requirement for the most part). As in, would I be much happier stepping up to something like an SV650...or would I actually be less happy, because I end up with a situation where I can't thrash the bike to its limit in my normal urban driving. I don't worry about outgrowing the bike really. It already has a lot more go than my current ride, and the primary motivation for upgrading...
How do you like it?It is the leading contender for my next bike. I am pretty confident it will be great around the city. A little less sure on how well it will do if I want to get on the highway and drive a couple of hours away.
Actually, now that I think of it, one of my company's founders is now one of the managing partners at foo's company. He's not the one who was friends with Gwathmey, but supposedly he also had quite the art collection (some of which lived in the office until he left)...I wonder if that means foo has super-cool offices.
All 9 of my shares....yay!
Of the 100 or so emails that contained classified information...how many of them are just duplicates that contain classified information in the previous message quotation?
He's gotta win the general now though...not the primary. I mean...people complain when elected politicians can't live up to their campaign promises once in office. He literally said he was working on releasing them back in January and hasn't come through with that promise. If he can't even keep a promise for during the campaign, how can anyone take him seriously?
How exactly is it that Trump thinks he will get away with not releasing his tax returns now that he is the official nominee? Dude who had a boner for Obama's college transcripts and birth certificate can't do more than come up with a litany of excuses for why he couldn't release his returns yet, only to finally say "nevermind, not doing it"??? After seeing how much damage the Romney campaign took for not releasing them earlier? And even suggesting to Romney that he...
You mean like...besides his series of trophy wives (that he cheated on with the next trophy wife) and allegations of marital rape?
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