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Except, Don didn't have a problem with many various different hippie like folks. And that guy didn't go on to do anything important with his life...he went crazy and cut off his nipple...Don was right.
Got some emails from my landlord about extending my lease. This is great news because I really don't want to move, but I have been paranoid that the condo owner I am renting from would decide being a landlord is too much work and try to sell the condo instead (I am her first ever tenant, and I suspect I am barely covering her costs, if that). No mention of a rent increase either although I wouldn't be surprised to see one crop up after she gets her leasing guy to figure...
Don't forget though, most adults aren't SF posters. They are buying shitty used cars and timex watches to wear while they shop at Payless and Footlocker. Rolex doesn't drive the economy (and they don't market to the young).
And don't worry animal-eaters--the legal system has your back: http://news.sciencemag.org/plants-animals/2015/07/judge-rules-research-chimps-are-not-legal-persons
I'm glad he did it without any blowback.I was worried it was becoming one of those causes where even if you don't support it, you aren't allowed to make fun of the people who do.Nothing wrong with demonstrating your beliefs...but there's also nothing wrong with seeing how many people would ditch their beliefs for some cash.
Both Almost Famous and High Fidelity this week. Still great.
What we should really be up in arms about is this:
Where do you think his money is going? He is funneling that shit through his kid.A 40 year old with kids is probably fairly fixed in his ways and has limited disposable income. Gotta save for retirement and the college fund. Probably already have established hobbies. Eat most meals at home, etc. So yeah, you want him buying your car, using your financial services, or taking his family to your vacation resort, but that doesn't mean that his kids' spending doesn't...
linoleum tile bro! I feel like that would be a much better workshop floor than carpet, and it can handle getting flooded or whatever sorts of basement problems would prevent you from using wood.
Amazon also sells their video a la carte though. Unlike Netflix, this would allow them to sell season passes or individual episodes to interested viewers who don't subscribe.
New Posts  All Forums: