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that's where you jerk off two dudes, one on each side of you, like ski poles right?
They do break down flat if you cut the tape on the top and bottom....although some are stapled and obviously don't break down. Unfortunately, I think they have become hard to find. Seems like most grocery stores crush/flatten and bind their boxes immediately (and few grocers still display produce in their delivery boxes)...so when you go and ask, they have nothing.
Don't get me started on people who don't pack stuff in boxes.Now is not the time to get creative with random bags and trays and whatever. Put shit in boxes that can be closed up and stacked on top of each other without breaking anything. Garbage bags, various sacks, lidless containers, non-rigid parcels...you can have about 4 of those to throw on top of everything else in the moving truck. Everything else had better be stackable.Also, produce boxes are the best,...
Gotta be careful...there are some awful sherry's out there. I would suggest the Dry Sack Medium product which is widely available and very good (or their 15 year old version, although I don't know that I ever see that in stores).
Yup. I absolutely love my Moto X. Its kind of like an apple product though--It doesn't win the spec war, but it is 100% designed around usability. So the main processor may not scream, but the special coprocessors make actually interacting with the phone quick and snappy. The active notifications/accelerometer are great....the phone knows when I pick it up and shows me time/notifications without having to light up the whole screen and drain the battery. The...
This amp is coming from the world's most attentive seller. Ignoring anything before money was exchanged: he messaged me saying when he would ship it. Then he messaged me yesterday saying he was going to ship it and has packed it tightly. Then I got a message from reverb with tracking info. Then I got another message from the guy telling me when the tracking said it would arrive, but that 1-day seemed too fast and he wouldn't be surprised if it actually came on Wednesday. ...
Is that a korean thing? The only other person I know who gets freaked out by clusters of small dots is korean.
Nah, I think conne is right on this one.I like to read...But I didn't go through the books and come up with a theory that Lightbringer (Azor Ahai's sword from the prophecy) is actually realized in westeros as a penis. [[SPOILER]] Seriously. Complete with extensive textual evidence
Second Read (spoilers contained...even the chapter titles are spoilers):http://boiledleather.com/post/24543217702/a-proposed-a-feast-for-crows-a-dance-with-dragonsNew-Reader, Spoiler Free First Read--I think this one is the variant that keeps a few surprises concealed (the first version lets them go in closer to chronological order since you already know what happens on both...
Well, I am totally fine sitting in the back seat of german cars. They all have plenty of room...and even with my height, it is much easier to manage the lack of legroom than the lack of headroom. Riding with legs bent tightly >>> riding with neck bent tightly.
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