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What's the deal with DWR's self-branded pieces? I've seen some pretty good deals (in terms of % off the list price) on things like their Bantam sofa show up in their oulet...Is that going to be along the lines of Room and Board's house-branded stuff, or does it achieve a higher level of quality?
Citibike bro
What can I get for like 2 thousand dollars worth of sofa? I hate my current couch (wish I had reupholstered my 60s daybed-ish couch instead of buying this stupid sectional) but I'm not quite ready to go much more than that. Especially since replacing the L of the sectional (and I never actually use the L) means I'm also in the market for about $1000 worth of lounge chair. I've been surfing Craig's list a bit for something in the "buy cheap and reupholster" category but...
My cousin is a tattoo artist (and a pretty good one at that). I think she did at least one of her qualifying tattoos (the ones that you have to convince friends to let you give them for free in order to get your license) on her own leg. I wish there were something I wanted permanently drawn on my body...because I would totally have her give me one.
Tell me how it is... Thinking about going to Tallinn, Riga, and the surrounding area in September.
Well, we all know you two won't have anything better to do on Valentine's day
What did you go to? ITT tech? DeVry?
That is epic dedication. I'd love to go through them all in a row and see the differences... But that is like an entire day of straight blade runner.
I'd still let them rise and set on me.
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