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Sony cancels their release plans for "The Interview"So...you recognize why they were attacking you...and you go ahead and cave to their demands?
There are many sites online that sell gift cards at a discount (dedicated sites and places like ebay). Those are from regular people...but it reflects the true value of the gift card.Also, most companies sell their gift cards to other companies at a discount. That's why walgreens has an endcap filled with giftcards to various chains, and why coinstar machines will pay out higher rates on an amazon gift card than a cash voucher...because they still make money selling a...
Darn. No deals on 2-hole shoes that fit me.
I don't see a man yee-hawing in that photo lets get some animated gif action in here.
I was going to ask a similar question yesterday about how to manage multiple accounts...but realized I already mostly knew the answer for how I wanted to do it.The issue comes down to different account classes. Not hard to imagine a world in which someone has:- 401k- Roth IRA (that they can no longer contribute to)- Trad IRA (that had an old 401k rolled into it, so it can't easily be rolled into a backdoor Roth)- Taxable accountYou could easily have more if you have other...
Where are these extreme discounts to be had?
You'll do SS with your coworkers, but not with SF?Why don't you go fuck yourself?
I'm just going to come out and say it:
This is what mine looks like right now: The International and S&P500 funds are a little overweight from their target allocations (10% and 35% respectively), but otherwise it is pretty close to balanced territory. Whether or not that is how they should be balanced is a different story...
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