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Rentals bro. I don't own a car... I get by on rentals (hourly and daily), bikes, cabs/ubers, and public transit. I do have a vintage motorcycle, but I could get by without it (and get by fine in the winter and when it needs repair). But lots of people in small urban studio apartments get by fine without a dining table, so I am not sure this matters much in this discussion.
A lot of people buying or leasing upper-brand cars are partially doing it because between a warranty and a dealer network that provides loaner cars, pickup/drop off service, or roadside assistance, you are paying a premium for never having to deal with any car related problems. That is in addition to the real differences in features, appearance, performance, and comfort. Sure, there are people who buy them for the shiny badge... But this is why I accept the analogy for...
I think that looks way better. Tripple vs V-Twin? Unless you really want the V-Twin harley look, I think the tripples look pretty cool. And at MSRP, the roadster leaves you $4k to work with getting some matched bags and any other work you want done.
Whoever asked "Where was her constant kingsguard escort?" raised a good point.
Well, at least you aren't getting the one with flames
I think you can apply a lot of those arguments to expensive, quality furniture. All of those arguments go out the window when you are talking about a $30k dining table. The only rational reason to buy that is "I like it and I have the money for it". Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is buying a 911 turbo for the weekend...not buying a 35k SUV instead of a sub-$20k Hyundai Elantra
Honestly, it is the paint scheme and the extra body panels/luggage (especially since it is integrated into the paint scheme) that makes it look so bad. I think solid black would look way better. Does it have to be a bagger? If so, I think the triumph rocket III touring is more interesting looking (if you lose the sissy bar). Otherwise, the other triumph cruisers are pretty interesting (and even the cruiser-model victory is way better looking). Add some removable...
I'm so sorry to hear that
Better than a tie and no jacket...unless you want to hang out with the other 12 year olds at the wedding.
Do you have to get such a mid life 'I'm still cool' old man bike?
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