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Eh, but the throttling still leaves you 512kbps which is fast enough for most use. AND, the LTE throttling is congestion-aware, so unless you are on a crowded tower at a busy time, you won't actually hit that minimum speed.I don't personally use anywhere near enough data to pay extra for unlimited...but if I did, i would much prefer a grandfathered unlimited plan to having to pay extra $$$ for more usage.
Will you really save $30 a month? I thought they all had almost identically comparable plans these days.
Well, and now that all of the carriers have dropped the contract concept and switched to true payment plans...you no longer have a financial incentive to upgrade.A few years ago, if your contract was up and you were still using an old phone...you were paying money for a subsidy you were no longer receiving.
Too bad GreenFrog doesn't live in boston anymore: http://fox4kc.com/2015/08/27/man-with-almost-perfect-poop-donates-it-to-help-patients-with-c-diff-infection/
that's why the hatch back is the best back.
I might consider one as long as they keep the size... I'm due for a new phone soon, and while I am loathe to leave android, it is hard to find a replacement phone in a form factor I like with decent features. Now that the iphone has swype...I think I can deal with the rest of the changes.
I don't want to wear a suit every day, but I also am pretty sure I don't want to work somewhere where I can't show up to an interview in a suit. I mean...if people really believe that just because you are capable of dressing yourself nicely for an interview, you can't wear equally awesome casual clothes...they are probably just going to be annoying to work for. The only exceptions would be like..."interviewing" with a founder to be employee #2 or something. Would...
Oh, I didn't mean to say it was half-assed or ironic (besides the reverend's name...) It was overall a lovely event and very memorable...and yeah, I bet it still cost more than $5k....but if you've got a 4-figure wedding, you've still saved a lot vs what you could spend.
How's it shitty? Food and drink were way better than any wedding I have ever been to and the restaurant is nicer than some big banquet hall. Ceremony was still in a nice place, just not a huge venue. I mean, you can't do it if you want to have a big wedding. But I don't think they had more than 30 guests and it was awesome. But that also probably only works if you don't have a bunch of family you have to invite. It was pretty much all just friends plus their parents...
My friends totally rocked this. They still had a ceremony, but it was with a craigslist reverend named Michael Jordan (or maybe Jackson). No bridesmaids/groomsmen, and the groom played his own sort of wedding march on an electric piano. Tea service with some cookies afterwards.Then a few hours later, they had the basement bar/event space at a good restaurant. Food was brought out, but no formal dining. Instead of a choice between bud light, cheap wine, or well drinks,...
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