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Alright, you guys may have convinced me... If I can sneak out of work a bit early, I might be able to check some out tomorrow (damn vacuum store closes at 6). I did see that there are some cheap alternative brushes... But the reviews are a bit mixed.
I've yet to go myself, but you are the second person this week to say that next was a little disappointing
I guess I don't need more than a turbo brush...I only have a woven wool area rug in my bedroom and a low-medium pile one in my living room. But I do have a cat, and 95% of what comes off of my are rug is cat fur. Also, I'm expecting this vacuum to last far longer than I plan to live here...maybe my next place has carpeted bedrooms or something. I believe the power brushes are quieter (since they don't need a vortex of air to spin them up), they don't bog down if they...
Nah, the Calima has a turbobrush...if I am buying a fancy vacuum, I want that thing spun by a motor rather than by diverted air! Are you sure you can add a power head for that little? I thought that the lower-price models didn't include the power-hose...so you end up replacing a bunch of parts to get back into power-land. And the electric hose and electric wand are both ~$100 parts on their own.
Nevermind, looks like that model doesn't have a full blown power-brush which I would prefer. Need to get a lot closer to $1000 for that to happen on an S8...
Is this promo at all dealers? I gotta find somewhere here to look at one (unless our 10% sales tax invalidates the value of the promo)
Anybody catch the interview where Sean Bean says "I’m obviously not Jon Snow’s dad." http://uproxx.com/tv/2014/07/sean-bean-confirms-game-of-thrones-fan-theory-about-the-lineage-of-jon-snow/
Modern Scirocco or vintage? I always thought the vintage ones were cool, although it was an old Corrado that I really wanted back when I was in high school. Those were a nifty VW...G60 supercharger or VR6, I could have swung either way (although by the time they got old, the superchargers were all doomed, so a lot of them were replaced with turbos instead of rebuilding). Sweet little 2+2 that they say was originally conceived as a porsche 944 replacement...so you end...
The maintenance guy is replacing all of my locks just in case...so now I will have just 1 key for my entire apartment. So I guess something good has come from this. Don't want a full security system, but I am thinking of getting one of those super cheap wireless network cameras...won't call the police, but a crime like this is over before an alarm goes off anyways. And then at least you would have some pictures of the crook and a better idea of what happened. E.g. did...
You're supposed to be using one of these with your hiking shorts:http://www.amazon.com/Go-Girl-Female-Urination-Lavender/dp/B003BEDUS6
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