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Made in USA is definitely a "brand"... But the people who are most gung-ho about buying in to the Made in the USA brand are generally not the same sort of people buying $10k chairs. You pay your 100% premium to get your crescent wrenches made in the USA.
How much does Trump want to bring up infidelity while his daughter from his mistress/1st homewrecker is sitting in the audience...
Serious question though...has anyone actually called Hannity?
Wait, are people really arguing that he's not sexist because his favored form of attack on male rivals is to insult their manliness? Thereby implying they are more like women? The subtext being that manly men=good, women=bad?
I go both ways on some of those. When you've got a sprawling piobmanor, you can have your giant bathroom attached to your bedroom. I see why it is nice to have, and it keeps your other bathroom clean and ready for guests. Easy to see how it became a standard item at the time when american homes were blowing up in size. But with sizes coming back down, or when remodling older homes...you are trading off a lot of space and money for something that is honestly...
Yes, but I was going to the upper west side, wasn't paying for it, and google said it was faster to drive. I just didn't expect the 3rd world taxi.
There is a $5.50 fee to pay by credit card in a taxi from Newark airport...NY cabs aren't allowed to pick up there, and NJ taxis are apparently complete shit. And because NJ cabs are similarly not allowed to pick up fares in NYC, they expect you to pay double tolls to get them back to Jersey. And the cab companies wonder why people would rather take a god damn uber...I only hopped in a taxi because I was expensing it anyways, and traffic was a mess so I figured a cabbie...
I see groups of people claiming lester holt was a flunkie for both sides...so I think that means he actually did a pretty good job?I flew out of LaGuardia this morning (and took a NJ taxi from Newark on Sunday)...He was certainly right-on with that statement.
You could put in in a vat of ice water. Or even just fairly cold water if you use a cooler as a cooking vessel, especially if you maybe pre-packed a bunch of bags and froze them. As long as the item isn't super sensitive to cook time, an extra hour or so should guarantee that the Anova melts the ice and gets up to temp. But last thing I want to worry about in the morning is getting dinner ready...
Except the question wasn't about the DNC issues. The question was about cyber-security, the DNC emails were just an example. Deflecting it back to the DNC is in fact dodging the question.
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