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The eames lounge was always a luxury good. And it has made some big improvements in the internals and material quality over time, so the price not falling seems reasonable.But much of the rest of the line was fairly attainable. Nowadays, I think you are right that they have been pushed to the luxury end of the market. The Shell chair is a luxury good now...nobody is buying them for school classroom use. The HM stacking/interlocking one is like $450 a pop. And the...
I did not win the chili contest. I blame the inclusion of non-gmo ingredients... It called for a bit of baking chocolate, but whole foods only had weird options. Thought the chocolate came through too strong... Would have blended better if they had use some of dat GMO. The winner was based off the same recipe as mine... But his was definitely better.
Sounds like you spent a lot of time looking. Couldn't keep your eyes off those folds eh?
Best I can tell, the original Eames was about 7-10% of the median household income at the time it was released (couldn't find a concrete price for late 50s early 60s, but that was the range I saw). But the lounge was also really the exception to the Eames' general goal of producing functional furniture that can be affordably reproduced. It was the luxury crown. The current Eames is still about 10% of median household income (5k vs 50k)....so that has actually stuck...
That hope unit sounds pretty cool.
I'm not even 100% sure that thonet chair is being made. I don't see any pictures of it actually being sat in anywhere except one of a guy testing out an obvious prototype and a few shots of samples at a trade show.
I think that guy just got flagged by the spam filter for the moderation queue...so he kept posting since he wasn't seeing his own posts showed up. Then when a mod looked at his post and thought it looked real, they approved his account and all of his posts went through. Sure hope someone finds some info on this E.Ward guy though... I found the artist of some random etching I bought at a thrift shop on facebook. She's an old lady now but it was nice to find her and...
I want an Aalto vase...put some tulips in it. My mom recently found the small or medium sized one in a thrift store...like $3, with the Ittala sticker still on it (maybe in the original box too). Gotta love when someone with traditional american tastes gets a piece like that as a wedding present from some distant cousin...says "my what a stupid looking vase" and tosses it in the donation pile.
Don't blame me, I posted a picture of a cool chair.
What about a thonet 808? Seems piob friendly (the upholstery is also not fully taught, but also not entirely relaxed, that seemed to be an important criticism of his chair).
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