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I feel like most cities could make some good money off a couple of bicycle or motorcycle cops nabbing people for phone usage. Mount a helmet cam and basically have indisputable evidence for every ticket.As I keep saying, many of the distracted fucks out there aren't even texting. They are scrolling through facebook or instagram, easily identified from the distinctive app UIs when looking down into their lap from the vantage point of a motorcycle or bicycle.I don't think...
Whatever is on sale that isn't minute made...
As our resident Ikea defender, I concur. My Herman Miller chair happily pulls up to my Ikea desk that's 10-15 years old and has been erected in 4-5 different homes. It's not all disposable crap. The only reason I would replace it would be to 27" LCD takes significantly less depth than my monster 19" CRT used to (although the empty space behind the screen and bookshelf speakers is my cat's favorite hiding spot and I can't take that away from her).
The whole foods version of peanut butter capn crunch isn't even good!!!
FWIW, as an avid cereal consumer, I refuse to buy any cereal that is not on sale.I like many types of cereal. There is an entire aisle dedicated to the product and there are always at least a few that are on sale. So why buy the more expensive option?But yes, you are always going to find the live like a pauper people commingling with the people giving sensible investment advice...the do go hand in hand pretty well.
and you're not even going to link us?
You think you guys are the only people who have listen to that shit?
I mean, she was definitely right on 2/3 of those. Not sure about the first bit. Did the bubble collapse on its own? Or was it really the whole MBS industry built around the bubble that destroyed everything? Not sure it was so clear that they were so intertwined back in 2005. If the housing market had crashed without all of the derivatives tired to it (acknowledging that the bubble wouldn't have grown so much without the derivatives creating demand for originations), a...
sup @patrickBOOTH
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