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Yes, but I don't think there was a security line that time on a tuesday.On my flight, the precheck line was preferable to the first class line. On our way back, the MSP precheck line was huge so the first class line was the way to go even if it meant doing such barbaric acts as removing laptops from bags and taking off shoes.
Well spent indeed. The GF was super surprised and excited by it. She flew out a day before me, and managed not to figure it out until she was standing in the aisle, looking back and forth between her phone boarding pass and the seat in disbelief.Thought it was a little strange that she didn't get charged for a checked bag, and didn't quite understand what "Boarding Group: PREM" meant, but nothing actually said "First" and it was a very early flight so she had no idea.
Boy's town. Not willing to wait in crazy lines or pay crazy prices for it...but if they make it easy, I'm happy to buy some every year. Never managed to buy the specialty bottles though...not sure if WF will have them. In previous years, they would take down names (at least on the regular bottles) so you didn't have to wait in stupid lines and be in town on black friday. No pre-sales this year, but at least I am home this time.
They told me that all of them were putting them out at 8AM on friday (I talked to the people at the Halsted one). If what they said is true, I would guess that the rest of the liquor stores in Chicago are also getting them then (if there was a one-week embargo and they honored it).
Does anyone make a teku glass with a cut rim instead of the regular rolled rim. Planning to pick up some bcbs this week. I believe they have a monopoly on sales in the city to the big liquor chain in Chicago... My whole foods said they aren't putting it on the shelves until this week.
That's a nice gray.
Our old friend Ocata, formerly ACTC, is getting bought out by Astellas Pharma Inc. I still think their research has a chance to go somewhere...but apparently so does this other company, so they will get to reap the benefits. I'll be exiting at or around the merger price, which translates into only a 3.4% return.
Watching the plebs board as I sip my adult beverage. #firstclasslyfe #hashtag #instagram #poppinbottles
How exactly do you identify who is expelling the Chobani-farts if you all work at one shared 24ft long startup table?
I'll let you in on a little secret: If you want Prime rating, you're going to need a little bit of cash to "grease the wheel" so to speak.The agency known as Amazon will immediately upgrade you if you just slip them $99 a year.
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