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Also, pretty sure she mostly plays Taylor acoustics...because you know...Taylor.
Nice ninja edit. At first I was like "That looks like Taylor Swift, but as a 40 year old woman". The new photo is very clearly Tay Tay. And given that she has now switched to singing along to Max Martin created pop songs...I don't know that her guitar playing really matters any more.
Haven't ridden since the 14th...hope she starts
Unfortunately, if all of the actual scientists are right, GMO-food is probably what's going to get you there. [[SPOILER]]
This lady is getting wet for you right about now:
L'Etranger, l'arcangelo, l'homme arme, and L's all have the same problem as L'Incandescent.
Because the apostrophe commandeth respect.
I mean, I am currently halfway through refinishing the handles on some cheapo thrift store steak knives for my girlfriend... So I am not above senseless projects.But this really just seems dumb. Unless you have a grinder, this will take a shit ton of time... And if it doesn't take a long time, then the metal is way too soft to hold an edge.
https://www.chefsteps.com/activities/make-your-own-steak-knives This seems like a lot of work just to end up with some steak knives that are made out of what I imagine is sub-par steel that won't hold an edge.
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