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What happens to push to start cars when they get old and shitty? Like...can you still hold it longer to let the engine keep turning over, hoping it will catch? If you have a manual, can you do a push start or roll it down a hill in gear and then let out the clutch?
I dunno...the non-solid wood vanities and medicine cabinets in my apartments have always turned to shit as something gets wet and starts to puff up in some corner where the paint/plasticized veneer has started to fail.I'd take a little warping risk over that.
Piob got fat because he was a poor: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/02/12/the-crippling-thing-about-growing-up-poor-that-stays-with-you-forever/?tid=sm_fb
Well, it only ended down 7.8%... Not great, but that's why those after-hours numbers are not really reliable...they were twice as low. Beat guidance too...just not by as much as the analysts has guessed. When that happens the executives are probably like "We fucking told you guys what it was going to be and we did a little better, why aren't you happy?"
http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=125229157 It's no wonder American cars grew into such a bad reputation. Still trying to picture someone having sex on a running car assembly line...
I mean, the current understanding is that Cruz is legit, McCain is legit, Obama is legit, Schwarzenegger is not legit. But the supreme court has never actually ruled on it. Consensus seems to be: Definitely: Obama checks out, Arnold does not. Almost certainly: McCain checks out although there is some weirdness relating to citizenship grants in the panama canal zone. He was born a citizen by birth because of his parents, but people born in that area to other parents were...
Although, McCain was born on "american soil" right?
Well damn. Although we'll see where it sits tomorrow at the close. After hours numbers are kind of bogus anyways...true one day pop numbers need to be close-to-close (and really, adjusted to account for the rest of the market's performance). They do indicate sentiment though...and sentiment seems pretty negative on those results. When I used to do this kind of stuff, we very rarely touched after-hours numbers. And intraday numbers only came out if you were looking at...
I always just assume that people who complain about stuff like that have terrible diets. The size of the burrito, combined with the abundance of fiber (my standard burrito has almost 30g of fiber...a Big Mac has 3) is going to induce some digestive changes in someone who eats like shit.
I dunno...if I cared (and didn't believe the current court's interpretation), I'd probably be all over that too. I mean, how long did crazy people beg for a birth certificate to prove that obama was actually born in america (when really, with the interpretation of "natural born", it didn't matter where he was born since nobody was disputing his mother's identity)? Here you've got a guy from that side, who we *know* wasn't born in america. I'm not so sure that pointing...
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