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Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May I'm not going to bash you, people just need to post fits so there is some perspective to the criticism (and whether said criticism should be taken seriously). Not that "expensive stuff doesn't necessarily look good" is really criticism. I never claimed I was the best dresser either. I just know what I like and what I dont like when I see it. I like a lot of your stuff, just not the last few.
Quote: Originally Posted by MortyGras Nice tatts. Shitty outfit. The "tatts" arent that nice either.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrGimpy This thread is now a threak. What does that mean?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll JD's pics are fine. ppl just don't have anything else to hate on right now, except for robbie. If uncontrol would post some new shit already people would lay off, its true.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist In my experience this means your fit was entirely unremarkable. People comment on good fits, and people comment on bad fits, but unless you're a regular in WAYWT nobody really comments on average fits. Yea it was because the photo was actually terrible both times since I used my iphone and a mirror. Not a good idea. I just took a photo of what I was wearing today anyway. JD, feel free to bash me...
Quote: Originally Posted by Exit English Seriously shes not even that thin. Would you prefer she looked like this? Wait, I just realized I think she has a website across her ass. Probably the longest domain name known to mankind.
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May There are a lot of noobs who have never posted a fit talking trash lately, not just re: me. Not sure why. I definitely posted two of them a few months ago, but no one noticed.
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you ^ I disagree. i really like the pants and while i wouldnt wear that shirt, it is still really nice. the pants are definitely the best part. The pants arent bad, the shirt is definitely what I was hating on though.
Who the hell are you guys. Im so lost!! As a side note, I think I need an avatar. Half the time I dont even know peoples names, but I recognize their avatars.
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Apparently in too much of a hurry, started leaving before camera went off. Or maybe this can re-start debate about posture. Click for full version. \t\t Alexander McQueen / Alexander McQueen / Alexander McQueen you had some cool stuff going on for a while, now you just look like you hit up Winners a few too many times. Just because its a brand name like McQueen doesnt make it look good. This is the product...
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