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Whichever group is in power has the privilege. In the state where I live, it's the Mormons. They benefit greatly from this privilege, and, as long as it doesn't affect my life in an overtly negative way, I don't really care. I have known plenty of people over the years who whine about the Mormons, and it gets them nowhere except to make them sound incredibly annoying.
Never heard of MrP codes... ???
Looks like the trunk show was a fun time. I'm secretly hoping you guys didn't sell the Heschung boots I need to exchange for... I swear, Greg reminds me of the cool kid in the neighborhood who would show up with contraband fireworks and sell them to us at a very reasonable price. I don't know if that makes sense.
Or, it could be from all of my google image searches for 'righteous boobies'.
I know!
I've seen the worst ads on here lately.
I can generally wear medium or small in most tops, depending on how I want something to fit, but am almost always a medium. For my Mallorys and Cameraman, 50 is perfect in the shoulders and length. But being 6'2", 155 lbs, I have to have the body on my Mallorys taken in a little. The only Cabourn I have tried in 48 are the two lambswool knit vests (made by Esk) that I picked up from Superdenim samples sales ages ago, and I had to stretch them a full size larger.
I have a 39" chest and take a 50 in the Cameraman. The fit is perfect with a medium weight knit underneath.I don't know how some of you guys size down from Mallory to Cameraman. I take 50 in both and have to have my Mallorys slimmed down a little.
Yeah, I figured what the hell and bought another pair- straight leg in the Nihon Menpu brown weft slub. Should be some interesting jeans.
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