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goddamn. Jungle cloth pants got sniped out of my cart. They would have matched my Mulholland Master nicely.
SVB- if the camera had been about a foot lower, we wouldn't have seen you at all. Urban camouflage.
Ah, I wish I was attending! I love a good knife fight.
No, I meant material that I thought really sucked, not material that you thought really sucked. Perhaps, this coat won't pan out to be what I expected, and that's fine. You won't find me buying more than one Ten C jacket if that's the case.
Some crazy part of my brain really wants to buy everything that sipang and Severisth are selling.
Definitely don't buy any of it. At least not until about 10:15 or so.
I don't know, man. I wouldn't pay a dime for something made from material I thought really sucked, regardless of whether I like the design.
Frankly, I don't understand some of the really harsh reviews from a year or two ago, unless production has changed since then. My Storm Parka is so solid that I literally felt a little claustrophobic when I zipped it all the way and put up the hood. It feels like armor. If it's a matter of disappointment in the reduction of water resistance over time, I can understand that. But, pretty much any tech fabric I've owned does the same thing. Haven is having 15% off...
Hmm, yeah, habitant, I think the 52 is going to be too large on you. But, we'll see. The Storm Parka that I have seems to be a slimmer fit than the other parkas from what I can tell. Nakedsnake- I would guess that 52 is probably the size that you want.
6'2", 39" chest, and went with a 50. The sleeves look a little short in the photo, but it is because of the angle of the photo. My laptop is down on my desk.
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