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It's generally not the lack of side seams that can make tubular shirts so desirable. It's the fact that many of them are loopwheeled, which is a much denser, more solid knit.
That was a very inspirational email.
Yeah, those are important things. I don't imagine they would earn any review points for my proposal, unfortunately. I didn't realize you had left academia. What, are you the Styleforum Executive Director full time now?
This only makes sense if they are pants made from tents that were recycled pants. And, even then, wouldn't they be upcycled? Fuck, can you tell that this grant proposal I'm about to turn in has fried my brain? Time to get drunk and think about Margaret Howell. Well, her clothes. Not her clothes, but the clothes she makes that I want to wear.
PANTS?!? That's it. I'm out.
I've always wanted a sailor bag with a back pocket.
Ooh, I like the dark olive selvage even more than the herringbone. They even have 31x34
I'm keeping my two orders in place just as a fun experiment to see how incredibly long it will take to get them. They were two pairs of jeans at $30 each, so no big deal. I feel sorry for the guys who ordered hundreds of dollars worth of stuff.
The shrinking was even worse on the Japan blue and wine oxfords.
Yes, slim medium fits me well. But, in my experience, the shirts have shrunk nearly a whole size, so I am sizing up to slim large now.
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