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Best vneck undershirts ever. Slim, soft, and with a good amount of stretch. Weird, I actually find the fabric to be pretty thick.
Yeah, Alden would be great, but I doubt it would ever happen.
Really beautiful leather and work, Charlie. I have a soft spot for light contrast stitching with black leathers.
Fedex is very concerned about the umbrella and fucking Marvis toothpaste order I placed with End.
WTF, stupid video goes viral, kid is severely beaten for his white Vans, which are now 'selling' on Ebay for $50K. You can't make this shit up.
You guys know you aren't supposed to buy more indigo goods until you've beaten the hell out of the ones you have, right?
Can anyone recommend some nice Pima or supima cotton briefs, preferably lower rise? I used to wear some from Banana Republic, which were surprisingly nice, but they don't seem to offer them anymore. I'm thinking about some from Uniqlo, but the contrasting band is a bit much.
I'm glad you kept it. It's, like, the signature c4est piece!
They better be. That's a lot of women in your life to piss off if they aren't.
Where are you, the North Pole? Is NMWA actually Santa's Workshop? [[SPOILER]]
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