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Can anyone recommend some nice Pima or supima cotton briefs, preferably lower rise? I used to wear some from Banana Republic, which were surprisingly nice, but they don't seem to offer them anymore. I'm thinking about some from Uniqlo, but the contrasting band is a bit much.
I'm glad you kept it. It's, like, the signature c4est piece!
They better be. That's a lot of women in your life to piss off if they aren't.
Where are you, the North Pole? Is NMWA actually Santa's Workshop? [[SPOILER]]
You can go trout fishing year round, dude
That's some great aging on that key chain, @Churchill W! I'll be in Chicago in May, and will be looking forward to picking up some shells from Horween. Glad to find this thread. Massdrop has been my go-to source for Saphir and Japanese games
Sure, I do that, too, and it's fun to try new things for cheap. But, I have very few expectations for stuff like that. if it works out, great, if not, I return/sell/donate the thing.Man, I'm done with pretty much everything, I have too much clothes for my closet, and I don't really get a chance to wear a third of them. I'm hoping my wife doesn't realize I'm about to take over part of her half of the closet. Good thing she doesn't really care about clothes much.I don't...
To me, it's pretty clear, too, that guys who complain about wanting an extra X% off or free shipping or whatever, are likely just consuming stuff, buying too much. Buying something because I truly want it should negate any care of that last nickel and dime needed to get it. I think massive sales are just a way to make someone feel better for buying something they don't actually need or want.
I don't remember any of the halftime show.
Norwegian Rain makes me wish I lived in a rainier place. Is it possible to have a thread dedicated to NMWA group orders that only Greg and Kyle post in? I can't keep up with this thread, unless I can list "keeping up with baller clothing" as a reason I should receive tenure.
New Posts  All Forums: