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I can make one that is undyed on the inside if you need.
If anyone ordered shirts in the Feb/Mar chambrays (nep, true navy, coal) in classic fit medium and wants to trade for one of my slim fit mediums, let me know. I think that somewhere between slim and classic is my ideal fit, so I'll just have a mix of the two fits rather than all slim mediums.
I have a grey homespun wool Andover in medium that I'm interested in trading. It's a little too small on me.I could go for:CPO in medium (only the older version with buttons)Andover in largeWorkshirts in mediumTrousers in 32W, although they tend to run a little short on me sometimes.I'll browse the thread and see if there is a possible trade.I had this in a medium, and I really regret having sold it. If anyone has one, I'd be interested in it.
Hello SF 2010.
I just picked up a pair of the old selvedge officer's chinos in 32x34, planning to have them taken in an inch in the waist. My pair in 30x34 are great in the waist, post stretching, but damn slim in the thighs. I'll have to watch Ebay like a hawk to see if a pair in 31x34 ever pop up. I think that would be my ideal size...
Only one back pocket flap, no front pocket stitching, and supposedly slimmer fit.
Well, that's just disappointing that RRL has redone the selvedge officers chinos. There goes my dream of finding a pair of the older version in 31x34...
Yeah, if the measurements are way off and an item is unwearable, that's another thing. It's a good thing Gustin offers refunds in those cases.
How many brands do you wear that consistently provide quality products with consistent sizing? Here's my list:Well made garments with consistent sizingMister FreedomNigel Cabourn (although sizing can vary sometimes)Margaret HowellGustin (I've only received two shirts so far, and they are exactly the same size)Equally nice garments with inconsistent sizingInis MeainInverallanBrooks Brothers Black FleeceThey're not worth owning any less. It just takes a little work getting...
It's aways sad to see something I wanted sell on Ebay for considerably less than I offered on here. Not only is the guy selling for less, but he's also paying fees. I would have bid, but was out of cell range :\
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