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Just picked up a pair of army Cabourn x Converse Ventile Bosey boots off Ebay to go with an unworn navy pair I have. Not everyone's cup of tea, I know. But, my other navy pair looks great after a lot of wear.
KAFKA's Patron Sale is on. I think you have to be a registered patron, but you might be able to sign up. I seemed to receive 20% off as my patron rate, plus another 20% off with 'PATRONPRE'. Picked me up some Norse Projects Niels tees and socks (great basics) and an Inis Meain linen/cotton cap.
^i think I might pick up one of those in store next week.
Well done @Synthese! I'm just flattered that I managed to hang on with you other top five or so guys who pretty much make everything look great.
Just backed the red chambray. I'm hoping it's more like the third photo than the first since it is rust red.How about some solid flannels?? I'm not much one for plaid unless it is very classic.
I buy all my shit in anticipation of the zombie apocalypse at which point I'll travel 2,300 miles back to my home town (don't ask me how I'll get there) and hijack the Charles W. Morgan to live on the high seas surviving off whale meat far from all you sick or dead bastards.
The jacket looks to be one size too small, which will influence that appearance.
Thanks for the help! I figured it was well worth a try at that price. Gotta look good on my morning bike commutes.
Don't worry, I make up for it with outerwear, trousers, and knitwear.
Yes, but there's no indication of sizing on the hat, and my head doesn't always fit into the "one size fits all" category
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