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Sonofabitch. For three weeks, I missed out on bidding on a pair of ARN produced Cabourn trousers on ebay, and they kept getting relisted. I finally bid on them at the last minute today, and got outbid at the last second. Oh well, they were white, and I am not very likely to have worn them much. Any nice Cabourn trouser sales at the moment? I was thinking of buying the linen work jeans at Bureau, but they are way oversized.
Superb craftsmanship and materials. I'd say they're right on par with Cabourn, but at much more reasonable prices. Now, I just have to wait until September for a rainy day...
Barbour x Norton and Sons (predictable, perhaps)
Thanks for the recs, guys. I would have gone with SEH Kelly, but it seems their clothing is made for short(er) guys. In the end, I went with a Barbour x Norton and Sons Stanhope from Cultizm. A lightweight spring water resistant jacket was the only thing missing from my closet (well, that and a huge badass down parka, but would likely never foot the bill for an Everest)
I'd have to agree. I have many Cabourn pieces, including several pieces of outerwear. While I'd like to have that sky blue Ventile Aircraft Jacket, I'm kinda done with paying $750 on sale for a piece of outerwear. Surely, some other UK company else makes Ventile spring weight jackets at a reasonable price?
I remember being stuck at home with the flu for a week, and that was the only movie I had at the moment. I watched it so many times that I can't ever watch it again.
Oh, funny. They just hemmed a pair of suit pants for me while I was visiting. It's a fun group of people in a peculiar location. They invited me to hang out in "the clubhouse" afterward, but I had to run back across town to a banquet. Their ties did look nice.
Not Cabourn, but a nice deal on a Private White VC Ventile coat with shearling collar. I'd pick one up if I wouldn't be fairly redundant with my Mister Freedom midnight p coat and Cameraman.
Anyone post SS15 preview yet?
I picked up a couple Marweather caps from Context when they were clearing them out at 60% off, and have since realized that they are the best caps I've worn. I wish I could find them for a reasonable price somewhere...
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