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Nope. It's on the BB site, and there is a huge sale right now.
^ive come to realize that BBBF OCBDs are the ideal shirt for me. The fit is perfect, and I love the thick supima fabric. If I lived in a fashionable city and worked at a job that requires me to wear suits every day, I think I'd wear all BBBF, but maybe not some of the more outrageous colors.
Second drop...
Second drop....
It's fun to watch that video with the sound off. You can see in each and every guy's eyes that he is either a total douchebag or that he knows it's all bullshit.
I usually wear my Mallorys with the four pocket Cabourn knit vests underneath, or an SNS Herning fisherman turtleneck. It's pretty damn warm that way.
Glad I found one. Frank Leder wool silk shirt.
That's cuz it got bought right out from unda yo ass.
You should ask @oucho. He knows...
Did you guys not follow the #1 rule of placing orders with Opening Ceremony during sale time? Always place phone orders, never online orders. Much of their online stock is on the store floors, and it's so easy for it to sell before they fulfill your online order.
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