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I don't know, guys. I have a 39" chest and 50 fits great with a knit.
$252 down from $420, which is pretty much the same price as the MH site sale, but with ease of ordering, cheap shipping, and no duties. UM usually picks up a few nice MH pieces each season.
God, any airport. People fly in their pajamas these days.
Margaret Howell moleskin trousers. I'm trying something a little more narrow...
Bert, did you accidentally link us to a gallery of Pitti on the 1940's?
Very true. I find UM is best browser by department, rather than brand. And, I just skip over shirts.
The problem is that you guys are ordering everyday items. UM has been good to me for a high end piece or two at 40-60% off each season. I picked up a couple of beautiful MH knits last SS. The previous FW it was a Harris Tweed CDW shirt jacket.
Thanks, guys. I was able to order some Margaret Howell moleskin trousers. MAYBE
It's not working because all you assholes are trying to buy stuff. Stop, and give me ten minutes to see if it actually works.
It's one of those instances in which one has to spend money to save money.
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