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Armpit to cuff is a horrible way to measure. You can have two sleeves with the same sleeve length from the shoulder, but very different measurements from the pit due to the armhole size. Inverallan knits have wide sleeves, which makes measurements from the pit short.
I'm not purchasing much these days (actually thinking about selling a fair amount), so I pretty much only get the occasional unique pieces. Like an Inverallan cashmere scarf.
Bought that cashmere scarf.
You know all this from pictures? I, too, thought they looked great in photos, until I handled a couple pairs. The leather and distressing were truly awful in person. That's some 'really handmade US craftsmanship' that I can do without. I've long since moved on from Red Wings and exclusively wear Aldens and Heschung. Talk about handmade craftsmanship...
Grail? Or, have GATs officially jumped the shark? (Pun intended)
Can someone (@LA Guy) just put this in Dumb Threads already?
Size up one on everything except the 1A.
I picked one up from Independence and it fits exactly like all of my other Mallorys.Yeah those were some killer prices, but I didn't get anything. I'm mostly interested in finding older grails at the moment.
@Synthese, I'm glad you made it to Mister Freedom! Will you have more photos to share? I still haven't made it to the shop.
Weird, is Cruise somehow affiliated with Flannels now? They seem to have a lot of the same inventory.
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