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Unionmade archive sale has some pretty decent stuff. Lots of TS(S). I picked up a couple pairs of Margaret Howell trousers. Indigo linen narrow trouser MHL dry drill trouser in stone
I applied for two grants, one preferred and the other as backup, and was awarded both!
I've always wanted to look like a Japanese janitor.
hell yes This just might be the right time to recreate my Seven Layers of Mister Freedom WAYWT.
I am all fucking over this. You know that Ryan is wearing Mister Freedom in that pic, right??
Stetson make nice silk/cashmere caps, and Shoebuy generally has decent sitewide sales. Otherwise, Lock & Co Hatters are great for wool/linen caps, and they can be had on sale sometimes from Mr Porter.
@joshgustin I would kill for more of the 29 grey slub chambray or 85 brown slub chambray. Any chance of getting more?
That would send all kinds of wrong messages to my kids o_OAh, right, I forgot about Unionmade, one of my favorite shops. Will check Maas&Stacks, too. I will see what I can do about meeting up, but I can't make any promises. It's the one week out of the summer that it seems we all are able to take a family trip.Archive it is!
Is there a good San Francisco shops thread on here? I'll naturally gravitate toward Self Edge, but feel like I should spend money on more than just denim.
Well, just wash and wear one a few times and see before you wear any others. People are generally happy to pick up new shirts from here.
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