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For some things, I am still looking.
God damn would kill for delivery of good food. Drunk and in the middle of nowhere.
Funny you should say that. I just took a job candidate (an Australian) out to lunch, and he insisted on going to the mediocre Mexican restaurant. He was so excited.
Navigability is a problem, but I also think that city centers tend to cater to the masses (which here seem to be middle aged tech dudes in polos and blazers) who generally aren't interested in and are sometimes truly afraid of authentic foreign foods. You have to head out to the suburbs to find the Chinese communities who want the Chinese food just like it is in China.
It's a pretty short, packed trip I have dinners with colleagues each night. I need to just show up to a San Fran meet one of these days. I remember, back in the day, just happening to wind up at Self Edge during a sufu party and thinking most everyone was weird. I bet SF SF dudes are nice, tho.
I'm attending a conference for a couple days. If I had more time, I would have headed up to SF for a day or two.
San Jose, CA
Wandered into a Muji today and wanted to just give up and wear cute Muji clothes. Of course, I was drunk, though. And fuck this place I rented. Hillbillies and airplanes flying overhead. This is almost as bad as the time I accidentally booked myself two nights at the gay bed and breakfast in New Orleans.
I'll have to try that. I rolled mine, and feared that it looked like I was wearing sweatpants.
How difficult was that considering they taper so much?
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