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I've been staring at this Leder jacket for months. Totally don't need more outerwear, but whatev.
I keep staring at this Frank Leder jacket on NMWA, forgetting that it's fairly redundant with my other Leder jacket...
^How does that wallet work with the asymmetrical pockets?? Probably TMI, but I just thoroughly enjoyed using my Seki Edge grooming kit.
Is it just me, or is the latest Marrkt sale disappointing? Or, did I miss out on everything because I just woke up at GMT-8?
I even do my wife's ironing.
If only!!
I was talking with the Chair of the Fine Arts Department here, partly because we are friends, but also because I am making a belt for her sterling silver buckle, and she comments on how she likes my jeans. Sensing that she is someone with whom it is safe to nerd out on clothing, I nonchalantly tell her that the denim is from Japan and made of cotton and sugar cane fibers. She replies, "Oh, from that place in San Francisco... Self Edge? Yeah, I've been there..."
I love how that looks like a severed leg was used to model the shoes.
Best vneck undershirts ever. Slim, soft, and with a good amount of stretch. Weird, I actually find the fabric to be pretty thick.
Yeah, Alden would be great, but I doubt it would ever happen.
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