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From the current RRL sale. Looks like I got the last one in my size...
ORLY? I wonder what the Crawford English Tweed Coat is going for in store. Or, maybe I shouldn't know...Thank you for this! I hadn't heard of Old Blue, and I like the cut of those bucklebacks. Price is particularly reasonable, too.I'm a big fan of Obenauf's LP.
SVB- I can't say I'm not disappointed to hear that you snowboard. I've had visions of you as something more like this:(ironically, that white Renault 5 in the background was my first car, but in black)Will do. I was advised to order a size up on the SS versions, so we'll see if that was good advice... The other long sleeved coalminers that I picked up are great(long and slim) although the natural slub terry version is an uncomfortable, boxy fit.
Three more Homespun henleys, only short sleeved this time, from Bureau Belfast. Looks like my henley game is solid. Bizzatches gonna love this.
I swear, every time I take clothes to a tailor and tell them what I want, they say "no, that is not possible".
God, tailors are some of the hardest people to work with. My local tailor wants to do a military hem (where the back is longer than the front) on a pair of suit trousers because they are slim. It's only for my wedding after all :\ Edit: oh, reading CM now, and it looks to be common practice these days. Goes to show how often I wear a suit
The whole family loves the heattech socks they got for Christmas.
I seem to find ten different shoe size chart conversion tables. Is UK9 really US9.5, or US10? I'm looking at Grensons. Edit: looks like Grenson lists UK9 as US10. Anyone experience anything different?
It's always fun finding a new favorite shop or two.
Leather will rot if you add too much of any oil. It has to still be dry enough to breathe. Olive oil is an old saddlery trick. It's the animal based oil that can go rancid.
New Posts  All Forums: