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Not a lot. The down liner is relatively thin, and the down compresses well where it needs to. I was also surprised by how slim the arms are in general, but I have slim arms...
I think I wound up getting mine for $89, so I don't mind paying the tailor. I haven't worn them yet, but I imagine wearing them with tees, or casual linen shirts. I think I need to give them an initial soak, though, because they're like armor.
If anyone is looking for slim, long undershirts with a little stretch, I highly recommend Bread & Boxers.
You mean we can place 50% MrP orders through them on Monday?
They only have access to Net-a-Porter presale, not Mr. Porter. You might want to edit your post so they aren't swamped with MrP requests.
I picked up my natural selvage officers chinos from the tailor yesterday. I normally take 30x34, but these were 31x32. I think I need to buy 31W from now on and have them take in. 30W fits great in the waist, but is too slim in the thighs for me.
I received my down liner the other day and was impressed by how well it fit me and inside my coat. My only complaint about the Storm Parka was that the sleeves are lined with cotton. But, adding the down liner solves that problem...
I have a whole category of outerwear in my closet that was purchased specifically to be worn over Inverallan knits.
He's hooked me up before...
You have never lived in Utah, have you?
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