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I'd be down for more navy tuck stitch knitwear. I was sad I was too slow on the draw this year.
Self Edge is pretty accurate. You should size down one, anyway, because they get pretty loose after about a year.
I've been wearing a pair of Okinawas for the past year and a half.
As far as I know, all Cabourn knitwear is made by ESK, which makes very fine knits. They are my favorite brand of all. I have at least a dozen of them at this point.
Leder is on sale at Unionmade. There's a Deutschleder suit with many sizes. Bit of light navy, which is a less popular color.
'Twas a great Frank Leder season for me. Deadstock German army bed linen, which softens over time Austrian canvas
I have them in medium, which is my size in nearly everything. I take M or L in the saddle crewnecks because sizing tends to vary quite a bit.
I have two of the raw merino turtlenecks in my usual size, and they are slightly oversized. They have just the right amount of slouch.
Two tickets to see U2 perform Joshua Tree in Vancouver.
Cabourn makes some for his Lybro line, but they aren't slim.
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