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Very true. At that price, you could wear it as a sweatshirt on the weekends.
Got my crew necks today as well. I like the chocolate navy twist more than I thought I would. They do seem to run a bit slim, and the large seems to fit me better than the medium, at least over a light button down. I may also keep the medium to wear over a tee, or pass it on. @jet if you got that natural/black in large and don't want it, I would take it off your hands.
I used to spend a lot of time on the superdenim side of superfuture. Denim Bro is also good, although it's mostly workwear.
You mean the other way around? Shoulders look wider and trousers slimmer to me. I agree with Ike that it looks rather formal. Some of the outerwear looks great, but that's really the last thing I need more of at this point.
Frank Leder handknit arrived today. It's surprisingly BROWN. But, there is a nice mix of greys and oranges in it, almost like a Donegal tweed. The wool is pretty nuts. it reminds me of lopi from Iceland, very long wool fibers. Trying it on, I find it incredibly warm, and the sleeves and body are plenty long. It could serve well as the main body of a bear costume, daily wear at a high alpine monastery, or on an Antarctic expedition. If I pull the tags off, it's...
It's actually not an opinion, but rather a direct comparison. One thing I realized was that all of my ill-fitting IM were about 24.5" in length (same as the measurements on your site), which is about 2" shorter than any other medium knit I've ever worn. I do still have a couple that I like, though.I'd be curious to hear what you think of Esk if you get a chance to try some in person.
Certainly understandable. That said, Esk mens has no North American shop in their stocklist. Having owned a fair amount of both Inis Meain and Esk, I would say that the IM classic Aran and Esk James Crew are most comparable (aside from the lack of cable knitting on the James). The James retails for $495, and you retail the classic Aran at $435- not much difference. The diversity of knits and yarns, and more modern (i.e., better IMO) fit of Esk knits make them the top...
^yeah I'm not quite sure why that is. I get the sneaking feeling that they just MTO a knit if needed. I've never seen a sale from them in the past, which makes me think they carry a pretty small stock.I should have added that there are one or two non-cashmere knits of theirs that I want that I would be willing to pay retail for.
Look at the current Esk sale on their site. Ends soon.
I don't think so I think every one I have (8?) has been at least 50% off. Maybe one or two were 20-30% off.
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