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When buying overseas, Paypal is pretty much always the better option, I find, even if I am paying with a credit card.
Jasmine is the best, and I actually love the licorice.One hell of a stylish clip for holding papers together.
Just couldn't pass it up...
I don't really have the room (or desire) for much in the way of clothing these days, so I've been picking up random accessories. Little Italian toothpastes, great for travel Italian paperclips (what is wrong with me?) Japanese brass bicycle bell Brooks Swallow London Undercover retractable umbrella Seiko Fleiger SNK Watch for a daily beater A small collection of leather goods made from 230 year-old Russian reindeer leather, including a breast pocket wallet,...
Yeah, it's like an indigo linen burlap- really nice. I sized them like I do jeans, and I suppose they would stretch. But, I'd probably just prefer a 32.
Charlie made me a beautiful watch strap with his last bits of Russian reindeer to go with my little collection.
So, I just received my Cone Selvage Canvas Chino in indigo, size 31 straight, and they are too small. Anyone order them in 32 straight and want to trade? They're pretty amazing trousers.
You just described the jeans I see grannies wearing in the summer time.
I've been staring at this Leder jacket for months. Totally don't need more outerwear, but whatev.
I keep staring at this Frank Leder jacket on NMWA, forgetting that it's fairly redundant with my other Leder jacket...
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