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Wow, where on Earth did you find that? It's from ~4 years ago. I've been enjoying mine, and would love to find older Cabourn trousers in smaller sizes.
More Inis Meain. Kafka has their remaining knits at half off. It's more this color than pale blue.
I have to go back to some nice Japanese denim soon. The APCs were ok, but nothing special. Now that my weight has stopped changing, I'm willing to pick up another pair. I bought a pair of Momotaro 0201 just before losing a bunch of weight, and now they are my baggy work jeans. I will warn you all that they stretch a fair amount, more than other jeans I've worn...
Bored in the office today... APC NS 6 months no wash or soak. Wallet X-ray
So, I have this good friend in town who runs a very successful book restoration company with 19th C hand operated equipment out of his garage. I ran into him at the local coffee shop yesterday, and he tells me that he has always wanted to open a shop in town where he can do his work, sell leather bound books, stationery, leather goods, a limited amount of men's clothing/accessories, shaving goods, etc. This is essentially exactly what I've been daydreaming about for the...
That is what I'm saying.
Life on the farm Stetson Gitman Universal Works APC Lacrosse
One of my Arans is totally fine, but the other was very square with puffy shoulders.
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