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And one more...
You east coasters are such wimps when it comes to snow. If we got that much snow in one shot out here in Utah, it would be a party. I saw a news headline that said, "By the end of this storm, one in seven Americans could be under at least half a foot of snow."
The worst thing about the Alden thread is the utterly awful camera angles
And styleforum pays me $0.03 every time someone posts in it. So please use it.
YMMV, of course, but somehow the customs bill on my End purchase of $2800 was only $111.
Oh, well that's too bad! Good thing I have way more shirts than I will ever need.
Nope. It's on the BB site, and there is a huge sale right now.
^ive come to realize that BBBF OCBDs are the ideal shirt for me. The fit is perfect, and I love the thick supima fabric. If I lived in a fashionable city and worked at a job that requires me to wear suits every day, I think I'd wear all BBBF, but maybe not some of the more outrageous colors.
Second drop...
Second drop....
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