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I've always wanted a sailor bag with a back pocket.
Ooh, I like the dark olive selvage even more than the herringbone. They even have 31x34
I'm keeping my two orders in place just as a fun experiment to see how incredibly long it will take to get them. They were two pairs of jeans at $30 each, so no big deal. I feel sorry for the guys who ordered hundreds of dollars worth of stuff.
The shrinking was even worse on the Japan blue and wine oxfords.
Yes, slim medium fits me well. But, in my experience, the shirts have shrunk nearly a whole size, so I am sizing up to slim large now.
nahneun is Mark McNairy? This all makes sense now.
No, it shrank too small after the first wash. It's a great chambray, a nice dark navy warp with a contrasting weft. It's fairly hefty, too.
In other news, I just backed the true navy selvage chambray for a second go around. Looking forward to it!
Funny, I went from aeropress to Hario pour over. Be sure to use the aerpress upside down.
^thanks for the info. I was going to say that they seem at least a couple years old because they are the 10.8oz twill. The color is certainly more of a sulphur grey than black. I'm looking forward to seeing how they fade.The twill has little bits of cotton seeds in it, too. They were from last year, so maybe some will pop up on eBay. They seem to have run pretty huge, though. In my photo, the khaki pair are 32W and the naturals are 31W. You can see that I had to have the...
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