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Only one back pocket flap, no front pocket stitching, and supposedly slimmer fit.
Well, that's just disappointing that RRL has redone the selvedge officers chinos. There goes my dream of finding a pair of the older version in 31x34...
Yeah, if the measurements are way off and an item is unwearable, that's another thing. It's a good thing Gustin offers refunds in those cases.
How many brands do you wear that consistently provide quality products with consistent sizing? Here's my list:Well made garments with consistent sizingMister FreedomNigel Cabourn (although sizing can vary sometimes)Margaret HowellGustin (I've only received two shirts so far, and they are exactly the same size)Equally nice garments with inconsistent sizingInis MeainInverallanBrooks Brothers Black FleeceThey're not worth owning any less. It just takes a little work getting...
It's aways sad to see something I wanted sell on Ebay for considerably less than I offered on here. Not only is the guy selling for less, but he's also paying fees. I would have bid, but was out of cell range :\
This happens in so many threads, especially if it is in SWD. My theory is that much of SF, especially SWD, is populated largely by young guys who either (1) have a fair amount of disposable income, or (2) have poor financial skills, and (3) have endured little hardship in their lives (i.e., are to a degree sheltered or spoiled). Under these conditions, guys will complain about the littlest things unless their desires are met in just the right way. I see guys complaining...
See, that's just it. You've lost perspective (and gotten defensive about it). Gustin isn't asking anyone to wait months. You need to accept that it will take at least months to receive your items if you choose to order from them. You're acting like it is an inconvenience from the very start, yet you chose to enter the situation knowing what it was.
Hearing the comments recommending that Gustin have stock on hand are pretty funny. It's like some of you guys like Gustin, but you want it to be something other than what it is. I speak from experience that having stock on hand is a tremendous pain in the ass (and costly, too) for a business that thrives on MTO. I'm willing to bet that Gustin closed the community boards because of all of the whining. Really, guys, if waiting an extra month or two for a pair of pants is...
I think I just bought a Beams+ jacket from UM. I'm wearing the very same jacket in brown herringbone wool today, and it fits me so well.
How does sizing usually come out with the jeans waists? 32" is generally ideal for me, and 31W supposedly measures 31.5" and 32W measures 32.5". Are these pretty accurate?
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