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Sweet Jesus, this Esk Ben cardigan is a thing of beauty. The camel hair is like a softer, heartier version of merino. Turned horn buttons The right forearm has a thicker contrast stitch. Hidden inside pocket. Nice, comfortable fit. Sizing seems true- I went with medium, my usual in almost everything else.
I thought I'd start the conversation about Esk Cashmere knitwear, which hails from Scotland, land of hardy woolen wear. Esk is no exception. Although, it seems to be the luxurious counterpart to Inverallan and Inis Meain. Esk's fibers are largely pure cashmere, but also include extrafine merino (sometimes mixed with cashmere), Egyptian cotton, camel hair, and occasionally Shetland wool. All knits are fully fashioned, and constructed in their own factory. Here...
Always crazy for knits! Esk makes Inverallan seem very utilitarian. Inverallan is great, don't get me wrong, but it's the same knits made from the same wool for centuries. Esk is even a notch above Inis Meain, which has largely been the same knits made from the same wool, too. IM has been branching out with MTOs and newer designs, but some of them are too modern/biz cas for my taste. Esk is largely classic or heritage-inspired designs made from some of the nicest...
Another Esk knit. 30% cashmere/70% extrafine merino. half price
Nearly verbatim That, and "Oh, it's just something I found at 50%(!!) off"
Every time my wife goes out of town and leaves me home alone, I buy a bunch of clothes.
Can someone let Unionmade know that they can just go ahead with their next drops? I'm ready.
Carmina WWII Field Boot from Epaulet (frankly, I was surprised to see them in my size, 10, at 40% off). I've been looking for a new boot for AW. It will be my first venture outside of Alden.
I've always liked GRP. I look forward to seeing what you have from them. Here are a couple interviews with the folks from Esk: http://theholbornmag.com/2013/08/09/qa-stuart-maxwell-lorraine-acornley-esk-cashmere/ http://www.fashioneditoratlarge.com/2013/07/made-in-britain-esk-cashmere/
They do make the sweaters. They have their own factory in Scotland, and I'm fairly certain they made the three Nigel Cabourn knits that I own. I have a camel hair cardigan on the way from the UK, and can give you a review once it arrives if you are interested.
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