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Hot damn. I'm ready.
I received the storm parka today, and it is super fuckin badass. This thing feels and looks like I could wear it on an Antarctic expedition, especially with the huge hood and shearling collar. It's definitely on par with any Cabourn or Mister Freedom I own. I'm not too concerned about the long term waterproof quality of the fabric since it is either dry and cold here or snowing. I also have my Cameraman for truly wet days. I even go the sizing just right for layering...
Jesus, man. What kind of deadstock Mister Freedom you got?
MTM Workshirt Levi's 501 STF
A couple more A Kind of Guise caps. Superfine British lambswool, so soft and warm. It all matters when you got no hair.
I'm pretty tall and can wear most Inis meain knits easily. Every once in a while, I get one that is too short.
Is that yes to my question? If so, how do I go about it? Email them?I did well with Bodega. Got a bunch of Chup socks at half off and then a Ten C coat at 70% off.
Doesn't the Corner offer 20% off your first order or something like that?
Anyone interested in combining a couple small orders to get free shipping to the US? I'll even pass along your item(s) via USPS Priority at no cost to you (as long as it's not a ton of stuff, and I wind up getting stuck with a large duty fee, hah).
Now known as Esk Cashmere They make beautiful knits.
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