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Holy fucking shit the TOJ thread is so good especially now that Mauro's assistant is the until-recently missing link to Drew's father. This is better than any movie I've watched in the past few years. What I really want to know, though, is... Is it too late to order a whiskey FQHH MDR?
I would have enjoyed a proper meetup, but it was a busy family vacation. Wife and kids thought it was a little peculiar that I was going to have a coffee with my friend Parker, never mind if I had told them that I was going to meet a bunch of guys from the Internet. Bought a shit ton of stuff at Kinokuniya today, as well as some gaufres and Sakura mochi. So good!
Well, sorry man, but we barely had 30 mins at the last moment. There was no way I could have advertised it.
I had a very nice coffee with @Parker today and then headed over to Self Edge and picked up a pair of Sugar Cane Okinawas.
Meet me outside the Uniqlo Stetson Mister Freedom Momotaro Cabourn x Converse
All joking about Naval-inspired fits aside, I was just thinking of following the fabric theme and going with Linen. It's a nice lead in to summer, but might be a little bit of a boring challenge, perhaps.
I know exactly which challenge I would choose.
Yep, I wear the same size.
Half off at MrP is only 35% off elsewhere.
It's always nice to find gems from previous seasons. Just picked up a pair of army Cabourn x Converse Ventile Bosey boots off Ebay to go with an unworn navy pair I have. My other navy pair looks great after a lot of wear.
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