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Why do shops even think that an email that says "972 new items in our store" will even entice me to go wade through them?
I'm on my laptop using firefox, and no products appear. I can search by a designer, but it's cumbersome. Seems to work ok on Chrome.
How in the hell do you see CSC's products for a particular designer? I click on a brand, and it just has brand info, no products.
Well, he took down the quotes with Fok's full name, so it's definitely not as creepy anymore.
Maybe I'm old fashioned, but there's a big leap in caring when someone creates a site and then makes passive aggressive posts to it for everyone to see.
That's next-level creepy that, according to his site, vox is obsessed with (1) '60's actors, (2) himself, and (3) making fun of Fok.
Well, I guess if I can't tell them apart, it's just as well that you sold one of them
Hahaha ok, man.
He should be disqualified (and shamed) for selling the jacket, though.
I wound up with two Scott & Charters lambswool cardigans last year, and I really only need one. Plus, I've run out of room in my closet! This grey mix shawl collar cardigan was from NMWA, and is new and unworn. The sizing runs large, and I would say that this knit would be best for someone who wears a large for a regular (not slim) fit. It could be worn by someone who is a medium for an oversized fit (or as outerwear), or someone who is an XL for a slimmer fit. The...
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