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Yes, fit is totally inconsistent. I had the same knit in a smaller size fit larger than one that was the next size up.
Funny, spacepope always looks pretty small in his photos, but it seems he's a pretty big dude. Or, NN and Synth are tiny.
Damn those are the best prices I've seen in a really long time. I'd consider picking one up if I didn't already have four that I've barely worn, in addition to many other heavy knits. Damn you, warmer winters.
Nah, it's a fun experiment to see just how shitty this company can be. At this point, I've spent the equivalent of two pairs of Levis 501 STF from the local department store. So, the money isn't that big of a deal.
LOL. Just received 'order confirmation' for my two orders from November. Not sure if this means they are actually being shipped, or if they are just reminding me that I still haven't received them after seven months.
Who knows, but both of those sagas are epic. They should be recorded in the annals of SF.
Signed the papers and sold my house today! Progress seems to be picking up on the new house, which is exciting, too. Then I got home and smashed my iPhone 6 on the driveway. It's ok, though, I sold the house!
There was a guy on the plane from SF>SLC a few rows in front of me yesterday who, I swear, was wearing a white rainbow nep button down. Add the navy shorts and Wayfarers he was wearing, with nautical striped knit draped over his shoulder, and he looked straight out of an Apolis lookbook.
Can you guys link me to the best polishing/care method for shell? My cigar LWBs need some help.
I seriously owned that watch back in 1989. I think the case might have been clear green, though.
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