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It's the current WW1 shearling I'm after. Too bad they aren't still made by Aero. Going by measurements on a shearling is tough, but if I compare the End model (6'1", 37" chest) to me (6'2", 39" chest):Here he is wearing a size 48 Mallory, clearly smaller (narrower in the shoulders and shorter in the sleeves) than my 50 on me, especially when viewed from the back. And here he is wearing a 48 WW1 shearling, which would be my ideal fit. The strange thing is, the...
Probably, but nothing huge like an Inverallan knit. According to End, the chest on the 48 is 45" (Cabourn site says 48"), which is plenty for me. Both of the models are 6'1" wearing a 48, and I'm 6'2" with a 39" chest. Actually, it looks like End has reversed the measurements for the 48 and 50. Chest on the 48 is 43". I'm more looking at the fit in the models, who are a very similar size to me. That's the exact fit I'm looking for.
Just curious, can anyone provide advice on sizing on the shearling jackets? I'm usually a 50 in the Mallorys, though they are a little big in the body. Looks like the shearlings run larger? I'm thinking I'd be a 48. @Eric Gill Sans?
Nanamica Gore Windstopper Duffle Coat in Camel, Size Medium I'm putting this wonderful Nanamica wool duffle coat up for sale because I've never worn it since I bought it a few years ago. It would work well as an overcoat over a blazer or super chunky Inverallan knit. It's a great piece of outerwear that deserves a good home. I am a solid medium and would have worn it as an overcoat, but it could also fit someone who is a Large with fewer layers underneath. This...
^thanks for that. I found a calculator on Fedex, too, and it looks like duties/fees would be about $400, same as VAT
Related to my question above, do import duties/fees charged by Fedex ever top out, or are they a straight percentage? I'm just curious what fees on something that was, say, $2500 might be.
Maaaaan, I wish End would ship some way other than just Fedex. There's something I really want to buy, but the import fees would be so high for it. I was just chatting with customer service, and it was like talking to a robot. "Unfortunately, we can only ship Fedex to the US" "Unfortunately, we can only ship Fedex to the US" "Unfortunately, we can only ship Fedex to the US" "Unfortunately, we can only ship Fedex to the US" "Unfortunately, we can only ship Fedex to the...
I'm pretty sure the prices on the US site already have it deducted.
Can you even imagine the amount of import duties on that thing?? Ordering from End is the worst.
Yeah, jeans aren't really a problem, for the most part. My Momotaros are plenty long, but Sugar Cane always seems to be barely long enough. I have a few Buzz sweatshirts, and have to size up to get the length. They wind up being a bit of a roomy fit, which is fine for that vintage look. The Frank Leder stuff I have is no problem despite the shoulders being a bit narrow. SEH Kelly seems oddly too short for me. I find that there are many JP brands that I have to...
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