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This thread really makes me wish I had a reason to wear suits.
How much stretch to you guys get out of your canvas chinos? I sized the Cone indigo canvas chinos slightly small like I do my jeans, expecting a good amount of stretch. So, they are fairly snug. I'm just trying to decide if I should give them a try, or sell them and wait until I can order them in a size larger.
I feel like I should buy up a bunch of BBBF shirts that I wouldn't really wear now (tattersals, windowpanes, etc.), but might wear when I'm older. The fit is so good, and they are so on sale. RIP
Has anyone had any luck finding replacement laces for their Converse x Cabourn Ventile Bosey boots? Converse was completely unhelpful, and I can't find any place that sells 63" cotton laces in navy and olive. I'm thinking I might need to buy some cotton webbing and dye and make my own.
Happens to me every day.
Yep. Charlie @ Equus made the strap for me. The other pieces are Cleverley.
Seiko 5 here, too. My nice watch is a Tissot Carson with a band that is twice the value of the watch. What I really want is:
I generally sell things off that I don't wear, usually with just the occasional regret. I've limited myself to half of the walk-in closet, which isn't that big. Lately, it's more like 65% of the closet, and I'm hoping my wife doesn't notice too much. I can't go any farther, though...SVB is great at wall pairing.
I'm not much one for popping collars, so I'll definitely be leaving it as is.
Quite perfectly, yes
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