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The past couple years, around this time, I've managed to pick up a pair of Margaret Howell trousers from Barneys Warehouse for nearly 90%off.
There seems to be a glitch on Barneys Warehouse. I bought something earlier this evening that was 40% off, then 60% off, then 40% off, which came to 86% off.
Aw, sorry. I sure will.
P.s.- I hope you weren't talking about the pair on Barneys Warehouse. I seem to have bought the last pair earlier this evening. O_o
Pretty accurate. It's odd how large the waist is on them. I am a small, and prefer a 33" waist.
That was probably me. Neutralizing with hydrogen peroxide gets rid of any remaining bleach that can continue to eat away at the cotton fibers. I would just give it a go and wash/wear them.
Weird. Still shows as half price for me.
FEIT has half off on some surplus models. Picked me up some indigo suede slip-ons.
You are probably a medium. I am 6'2", 165, 39" chest, 32" waist, and medium is my size in all 12 ESK knits I own.
Exactly what I was thinking. They match my indigo Sleepy Jones pjs
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