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I'm really tempted to buy this pima/cashmere tee probably because it is Esk, and it is cheap. The color could be a big fail, though.
Well, hell, I could just recycle my fit from the denim competition.
MrP came through with a restock. Thanks, MrP. And Margaret Howell.
Can you actually open the shop in the UK? Everything I want is from there, and I'd appreciate not having I pay the markups from duties.
Margaret Howell knit sold out on MrP before I woke up, so I consoled myself with more Norse Projects Niels tees from Norse Store.
Where are you watching the episodes? It seems BBC only allows UK viewers to watch from their site.
Thanks a lot, guys. That was wonderful.
oh, snap.
Hey, guys. There is a Customs and Duties Thread.
Yeah, great stuff, guys! I just caught up with this thread, and I am pretty sure that this is the best photo ever posted on here.
New Posts  All Forums: