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Something about the La Mer print that makes me want to buy it.
Pretty much all Japanese denim has gone up in price over the past couple years. It's not easy comparing Cone to Japanese. I've seen both fantastic and terrible examples of both. That said, I find most Cone denim to be fairly flat in texture whereas premium Japanese denim tends to focus on slub, loose weaves, and heavy weights... Basically the extremes of denim production.
I'm convinced that BT clothes are made for short people. Their L shirt fits like GBV M, but shorter in the body and sleeves.
I just wish they wouldn't wash the shirts. I have a fantastic Japanese heavy oxford shirt that has sleeves that are slightly too short compared to my others :\
Well, I bought it.
Hah, now that i finally find the island print in long sleeve in my size, I'm not sure that I actually want to buy it!
It was funny... I was looking at that French linen shirt on sale last SS, wanting to buy it. But then it ran out in my size. I guess it all worked out fine in the end. Gitman linen shirts are so nice in the summer.
Thanks for the heads up. Picked up the french linen shirt.
Wow, where on Earth did you find that? It's from ~4 years ago. I've been enjoying mine, and would love to find older Cabourn trousers in smaller sizes.
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