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Which color Saphir cordovan creme would you guys recommend for cigar shell? Dark brown? Whiskey? I need to polish out some scuffs, and neutral just isn't doing the job. My cigar shell shoes aren't particularly dark, more of an olive tone, so I want to be sure to not darken them with the creme too much.
That's what I'm talkin about!
the shah is really 63? As i get a little older and my beard starts to grey, I find that I'm more comfortable in the crazier clothes I like to wear. Older guys tend to look more comfortable in clothes that are outside the norm. @the shah, @berlin report, @ManofKent, and @Gerry Nelson are all great examples. And, by 'older', I mean older than 23.
The best way I have found to remove oil is to lay the garment flat and put a pile of wheat flour on the spots overnight. It will draw the oil out of the fabric. Repeat until the oil is gone, and then wash it.
They are Ventile. I have three pairs.
Yeah, great assortment. But nothing in my size I can't live without.
This is that thread that happens once a year, when MC and SWD get together, like going to visit my weird uncles for the holidays.
Grabbed the only large CPO at SESF. They are going like hot cakes!
Exceptionally well, given that the past two winters have been so warm that I've barely worn it! The only colder snowy days have been suitable knit+Cameraman conditions.
New Posts  All Forums: