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I'm gonna finish buying up Scottish knits before the dollar tanks.
Couple last MrP grabs Snow Peak Flexible Insulated Pants, because the shorts were so great. These will be a great mid layer for warmer skiing, or cold weather camping. Dents shearling mittens, because it's cold here.
I didn't receive keys for two of the five things I ordered this season. One shop simply forgot, and then sent me two keys for a shirt. The bedlinen shirt and canvas trousers arrived, and they are great. Leder shirt sizing is funny.
Thanks, Paul. I appreciate it.
Camel hair is probably my favorite yarn.
Really interesting Russian calf, Charlie. Perhaps I need a small wallet from you.
^Neat to hear. They are pretty hard to find outside of JP. I lucked out and found that one at a shop in Vienna, so the price was reasonable. Looking forward to breaking it in.
NMWA has the black Deutscheder trousers in the narrower cut. The fabric is so stiff and heavy that I can only imagine wearing them in the fuller cut. The hem width on the narrower cut is 7 inches! I'm not even sure I could get my foot through that.I made what are my last purchases of the season, which was probably my favorite Leder season so far. I think I wound up with four shirts and a pair of trousers.
Those are them. I just find it difficult to gauge the actual color of something with Unionmade's black background.
The saddle shoulder crewneck sounds great. I'd be interested in something lighter than the 10-ply, as I already have one from you, along with a bunch of other heavy knits (Inverallan, Scott & Charters, Kanata, etc.)
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