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Well, it turns out that she was the woman who knit the jumper in the first place, and she offered to sell me another direct for GBP138 (currently $209). I promptly told that howfin numpty "Yer bum's oot the windae" if she thought I was going to run the risk of paying duties (not to mention that she didn't deduct VAT!). Long story short, my jumper came back with the sleeves knitted on backwards, with the cuffs at the shoulders.Anyone want it? I'll sell it to you at cost.
I had a UK shop cut the sleeves off of a $300 Margaret Howell knit before sending it to me in three separate packages. Each sleeve was prorated at $63.75, keeping the value of each package under $200 (and, therefore, no duties!). Upon receipt, I sent the sweater pieces back to Scotland to to have a granny reattach them and ship it back to me, with only the cost of the repair stated on the customs forms.
I'm looking forward to the day when SF gently commits the SNS Stark to the archives, alongside the Wings + Horns tiger fleece hoody, on the shelf just above Red Wing Iron Rangers and Clarks DBs.
Hell yes.
I, too, have been wondering about different collar options. I like button down, but club and spread collars would be nice options, too.
Yes, but I'm a bit biased
Finished edges are not an indicator of the quality of leather, just the craftsmanship. Raw edges will eventually look very fuzzy. Burnishing and waxing edges generally stops this from happening depending on the treatment.
I always ask UK shops to send via Royal Mail, and never get hit with duties if they do.
I'd soak only the waist and wear them damp, then.
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