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Buncha stoned hippies runnin' that place.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Gustin is probably dropping off 100+ packages at one time. Who knows...
Oddly enough. it always seems to take a couple days or so for the packages to leave SF. Although, the shipment notification likely means that Gustin created a label. The packages could be dropped off the next day. A lot of times, I can ship something from Utah to NY in two days via First Class if I can get the package out by the noon collection.
That, and American cars suck, in general. I'm still amazed by what is passed off as functional design.
I received the true navy selvage chambray shirt yesterday, and it's another beautiful shirt from Gustin. I accidentally listed classic medium instead of slim medium on my two selvage oxfords that just went into production yesterday, and it was too late to change them back. I guess I'll just have my tailor take them in in the body a little. She won't be able to chainstitch them, though...
B Nelson is definitely on my mind. I was curious as to whether there was a shop on the west coast that people prefer, since I get tired of shipping things east all the time. Surely, there's a good resoling shop in CA somewhere...
There is no reputable cobbler anywhere near me.
Wow, 78 posts since yesterday afternoon, and no one can tell me where to have the heels replaced on my LWBs. Is this thread just about buying Aldens?
Can anyone recommend a shop west of Colorado where I can send me Alden LWBs to have the heels replaced? I'd love it if they could also add a commando sole.
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