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It's not there. I changed it to Canada, then put them in my cart, switched back to US, and they disappeared.
Why do I not see Alden's on End?? Oh, that's so lame. They disappear when you choose shipping to the US. Those snuff suede Indys are handsome.
Handsome belts!
I like my Lindbergs a lot. About to get new lenses made for em.
Navajo jewelry is pretty inexpensive in New Mexico. The trick is finding a local crafters' collective that returns 50+% of the purchase back to the person who made the item.
Gonna get myself some gift cards!
At one point during miran's peak on SF, I managed to figure out who his wife is, and then him, based on clues he dropped here. But I have since forgotten, and thought it would be too creepy to mention here.
I think it's a great model, and rather refreshing these days. Honestly, I can rarely buy what I want from SEHK because it sells out so quickly in my size. So, you are surely doing something right. I suppose that, if you really got sick of some older bits hanging around the shop (if they even do), you could do an 'archive sale' once every few years.
Are you kidding? Little kids can barely pull their mini rolling suitcases with three books and a stuffed animal without tripping people and having a fit. And, said mini suitcase must be amazing (BB8, Disney princess, animal on wheels), or they won't even do that.
Black shell boots are so nice. I have the wing tip boot in black shell, and it's a great makeup.Great, thanks! I will give it a try tonight.Yes, Renovateur.
New Posts  All Forums: