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Well, I have found a new piece of knitwear over which I will obsess, and it goes for a grand. This might not end well.
Haberdash is a funny place. I stopped by to pick up a suit and had reasonably good service. At their SWD shop, the shy sufu kids working there were amazed by my 10mo APCs as if they had never worn denim beyond a month or two. They were either incapable or unwilling to talk to me about anything in the shop. So, I bought some mustache wax and left.
Maybe I am getting old, but it amazes me that not getting 7 Gitman shirts at 80% off from the UM sale is such a terrible problem in life.
Tensions are always high once November hits. For the sake of SF, Black Friday needs to start on the 1st.
I might have missed this, but do you guys have an ETA on the Scott & Charters lambswool cardigan MTO?
Yeah, another guy recommended them but I think they are a little too CM for me...
Buncha odds 'n' ends. Ten C down liner for my Storm Parka TURMS polish Bread and Boxers V-necks. These just might be the slim, long, shallow v-necks I've been looking for.
Artist Denim in Thailand also adopted it since Roy. I think they are out of business now, though.
Did any of you get my 31W SExT11 jungle cloth jeans?
Can anyone comment on the difference between slim straight and straight leg? The measurement charts are the same. 7.5" leg opening for the 32W slim straights is too small for my taste, so I went for the straight legs. I'm hoping they aren't super roomy in the top block.
New Posts  All Forums: