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Does E35 in Vienna have any kind of normal sale schedule? I missed their BF sale, and not much is on sale at the moment.
I tried the WWI shearling from End, and I recommend sizing down one. It was pretty big. Aside from that, I thought the design and construction were not very impressive. It has one too few buttons, which made it awkward to wear. The second button from the top was too low, which caused the jacket to splay out onto my shoulders.
Snow Peak insulated shorts Long story, but I have been watching these for a while. I do a fair amount of cold weather camping, and this is the last thing I've needed. I wear thermal underwear, but need a little extra insulation on my core to keep warm. Thanks, Mr. P 70% off $200 shorts o_O
So true, @oynag. After watching something for weeks, my brain is, like, "this shit better be good!"
That moment, when you really want an item, the only one left, and the site has started a sale, but only for certain brands, and you are so likely to just buy it at full price, and then it goes on sale the next day...
What was your first pair, noob? I had a pair of APCs that were pretty disappointing. All of my JP pairs have come out nice. I tend to prefer Sugar Cane's cotton/sugar cane blends, as they are thick and durable, but soften up nicely. Good luck throwing a pair straight in the washer. You never know how they'll come out, especially if you have a front loader. My general routine is size down one inch in the waist, wear straight out of the box, handwash at 6-8 months,...
It is always better to soak or hand wash in a tub. Throwing jeans in a washer takes out too much of the starch, and often puts heavy creases in the denim. An initial soak is nice if you want to soften them up a little, and get the texture of the denim to pop. I usually just wear them straight out of the box, though.
Well done, man!
I don't even soak, unless they are unsanforized. No pain, no gain.
Yeah, I don't know what it is, but Snow Peak shorts run huge. Doesn't make sense, as Japanese people are pretty small.
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