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I like the Lothiers a lot. It's just that the sizing was so confusing. What do you guys think of the issue with the facings (eyelet tabs)? The ones on the left boot look fine, but the ones on the right boot are all askew.
Ok, so I fixed the volume issue by inserting my custom orthotics. They fit really well now.
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For the most part, I agree. SS for Cabourn peaked around 2010 or so. I have some wonderful linen trousers and jackets from then.
Oh, I should have included that I have no idea what the fit is like on the newer models
Accurately measuring Inverallan knits is nearly impossible. I just recommend finding the knit that fits through trial and error. My very general rule of thumb is: 1. measure your chest, and round up one inch if it is an odd number (e.g., 39">>40") 2. for pullovers such as 1A, buy that size (40" chest = size 40) 3. for cardigans such as 3A, 6A, size up one (40" chest = size 42) 4. size up even more for a slouchy fit, size down for sausage fit
Why is The Corner trying to charge me sales tax?? I live in Utah for chrissakes.
Man, I'm about to give up. I have a pair of the Zermatts that fit rather well, but long, which is expected from Heschung. I've been trying to find a pair of Lothiers that fit my foot, but there seems to be way too much volume in the boot. I typically wear a US10-10.5, but 9.5D in Alden's Barrie last, and a 9.5 in the Zermatts. I've sized down to 9 in the Lothiers, and everything still fits big except for the width of the ball of the foot. The facings (eyelet tabs) on...
It's entirely a matter of personal preference. I usually don't soak at all to minimize knee bags. But, some denim looks a little flat and will come to life a little more with a quick soak. If I soak, I always let them dry completely before wearing them. Sometimes, I'll just soak from the hips up and wear damp if I need extra stretching in the waist.
Tailors are like hairdressers- you can tell them whatever you want, and they will still do it the way they think it should be done. I finally found a tailor (a cute Czech female one) who will alter clothes however I ask. She actually tends to adjust things a little too slim (doesn't understand Cabourn). The best (i.e., worst) was the grumpy, old Italian tailor I used to go to who said that "people should just buy clothes that fit them!"
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