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This thread has a long history of hypersensitive resellers.
From Ebay. Funny enough, it was from robin, who used to be a prominent poster on here.
SS14: The Season MoK Went Floral
No kidding. The only shirt that fits me reasonably well is the Norse Projects Neils tee.
^I bought two of their tees, and realized that they are only good for Miami Vice reenactments.
Yes. They will also ship Royal Mail if you ask. Oh, and be sure to check their Outlet Shop. They separate out previous season's sale stuff.
'Extra20' at Kafka http://www.kafka.co.uk/
Alright, finally done. Super tired of watching items I wanted to buy. Margaret Howell This was one of the best sale seasons for me in a while. I think the total pickup was 2 Margaret Howell knits 2 Esk knits Inis Meain knit Barbour x Norton & Sons knit Margaret Howell button down Cabourn grail piece, navy Mallory Carmina boots RRL natural trousers Apolis indigo tees
Thanks. I'm convinced that, unless it is particularly obscure, a grail item eventually pops up on Ebay.
I just picked up this navy/grey Nigel Cabourn Mallory from FW2011. I had seen the waistcoat in person, and it was the nicest Harris Tweed color I've ever seen. Ever since, I've wanted the Mallory. I have the Army version from the same year, so they should complement each other well.
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