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My wife woke me up this morning just as I was dreaming that Stanley van Buren had made giant crepes with fruit animals on toothpicks. I didn't get to eat one
The cynic in me wonders if they were receiving the deduction (or whatever it is) and just not passing it on to the customer.
I have never ordered from Coggles simply based on their BS response that they don't deduct VAT because it is my responsibility to contact the appropriate agency to be refunded VAT after the fact.
Does anyone know of a good source for plain white tees with a shallow v-neck, preferably slimmer fitting or stretch, perhaps even pima cotton?
Received the island print shirt from MyHabit. It fits substantially smaller than my standard blue OCBD, but that's ok for a summer shirt. It has nice smoke MOP buttons, too
Yes and no. I'd be happy to wear a heavy linen shirt under a merino/cashmere Inis Meain knit. I have a couple other Gitman linen shirts that are thinner, and they are my favorite summer shirts.
Yes, that's the one.
I received the french linen shirt from the warehouse sale, and the linen is super thick and gorgeous. I'm very happy with the purchase.Someplace in Australia. I think I'd actually prefer the short sleeved version since it is such a summery shirt.
They are listing for $300 on ebay, hah.
Something about the La Mer print that makes me want to buy it.
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