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You are funny. No one should wear Cabourn because they work in an office, and no one should wear Cabourn when they are adventuring in the outdoors. Many Cabourn garments are, after all, modeled after expedition gear.
Well, hell. Looks like someone just bought the last indigo 1A from Allevol. I guess that ends the debate for me.
I just bought Parker's Margaret Howell trousers. Grey trousers were the one thing missing from my closet.
$420 is even with the VAT deducted...
I thought about buying that one, but the color looked a little off. Not sure if it was indigo. $420 shipped from Allevol. Ouch.
I've always wanted one of Allevol's indigo cotton knits. But with the price and cost if shipping, I've never convinced myself to go through with it.
Anyone care to proxy epic knitwear?
Well at least I will have gotten my size correct. So drunk again.
God, I woke up in Vegas with a headache, only to discover that the Margaret Howell rollnecks have sold out. I feel so ashamed.
I just drunk purchased mustache wax.
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