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34.5" sleeve is perfect for me. I think my arms might be a tiny bit short for my height? This shirt measures in at 35" and looks like the sleeves could be 0.5" shorter (but I am not complaining after wearing Gitmans for so long).Every time I back a shirt, a new fabric comes out about a week later and I think "oh, I like that fabric, too!" I have been tempted to back the blue selvage oxford after just receiving my Japan blue oxford I have generally found it to be softer,...
Great! I'll look forward to them. Thanks again.
I received my first Gustin button down shirt (Japan blue oxford in slim medium) today, and damn if it isn't the best fitting shirt I've ever worn. Everything is perfect, shoulders, chest, sleeve length(!), collar, armholes... which is not easy for me being 6'2" and 160lbs. It is enough of a classic fit to look good on its own, but slim enough to wear under a heavy knit without a lot of bunching. The construction is so nice as well, and I received it sooner than I...
Or maybe Caveat just needs a girlfriend with whom he can share the coat.
I don't know, SvB. I think that might wind up being a regrettable purchase...
Sale finds have been so ridiculous this season that I'm starting to buy multiples of the same things because they are so cheap.
There are a few IM knits for cheap on Barneys Warehouse, including a Gansey. Beware the pirate shoulders.
I have an old Gillette adjustable safety razor from the '60's that I use with Personna blades. It gives such a nice shave, and the adjustable feature is so nice.
Very true. At that price, you could wear it as a sweatshirt on the weekends.
Got my crew necks today as well. I like the chocolate navy twist more than I thought I would. They do seem to run a bit slim, and the large seems to fit me better than the medium, at least over a light button down. I may also keep the medium to wear over a tee, or pass it on. @jet if you got that natural/black in large and don't want it, I would take it off your hands.
New Posts  All Forums: