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daamn. You win! I think I only own about 7 pairs of shoes.
Don't forget the chocolate! I recommend Leonidas.
^I think I'm finally going to have to resign myself to storing some of my clothes in a spare closet. They don't all fit in my half of the walk in closet. There's too much of everything, but it's all to rad to get rid of any of it.
Nice pickup @el Bert. That is indeed an Andover with the pocket flaps tucked. What kind of feet do you guys have who are sizing down on Chucks?? I have to go up a half size since they're so narrow.
Yeah, about that much. It sucks, but, really, where else are we going to get them from at a reasonable price?
Beware the inevitable duties when ordering from End. They'll eat up at least half of that savings.
Lol @ Mug!
Not sure if you can get them there, but I swear by Prana Zion Stretch pants for hiking. They are incredibly comfortable and I've worn them everywhere from the desert to the snowy peaks of mountains as a mid layer. They're nice, casual summer pants and great for yoga.
A little ridiculousness from the Denim Challenge Thread.RRLMister Freedomx4RoyAnonymousIsmRed Wing [[SPOILER]]
The Details RRL indigo cotton cap Mister Freedom Midnight P-Jacket - Sugar Cane 16oz 100% cotton indigo warp/black weft denim (AW10) Mister Freedom Denim Utility Shirt - Sugar Cane 6oz 100% cotton denim (SS08) Mister Freedom Chambray Utility Shirt (SS08) Roy boxers - Cone Mills White Oak chambray (very limited release) Mister Freedom 7161 Utility Trousers - four Sugar Cane 14oz 50% cotton/50% sugar cane denims (2007) 301 Okinawa denim - left leg and right...
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