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Man, these buckleback cords that I picked up are glorious. They're from the suiting line, with just beautiful construction and material. They're probably one of the nicest finds I've had lately. TIme to get them hemmed... thinking of a cuff.
I'm feeling like I've behaved in a similar manner :\ Although, it does make me feel good in some sort of strange way that Black Friday has become irrelevant to my wardrobe.
It seems to be less pronounced when they are on the trees. Maybe it's just something that will straighten itself out once I start breaking them in. It's the first time I've ever seen it happen with a pair of shoes, but they're also the roomiest shoes I've owned. I'm really looking forward to wearing both my Lothiers and Zermatts this winter.
WTF, none of the grocery stores in town sell Woolite for handwashing delicates (sweaters) anymore. Is it fine to just use a little Woolite dark?
I like the Lothiers a lot. It's just that the sizing was so confusing. What do you guys think of the issue with the facings (eyelet tabs)? The ones on the left boot look fine, but the ones on the right boot are all askew.
Ok, so I fixed the volume issue by inserting my custom orthotics. They fit really well now.
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For the most part, I agree. SS for Cabourn peaked around 2010 or so. I have some wonderful linen trousers and jackets from then.
Oh, I should have included that I have no idea what the fit is like on the newer models
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