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Gitman Vintage Heavy Grey Oxford, Size M I'm fairly sure that this is the Japanese heavy oxford cloth from a couple years ago. I've worn the shirt several times, but it still has a lot of life left in it. For some reason, the sleeves ran a little shorter on this shirt compared to my other Gitmans, and it never fit my lanky self quite right. $60 shipped in the US. International is extra. Paypal only. Shoulders: 18" Chest: 20.5" Length: 30" Sleeve: 24.5" Let me know...
Universal Works Donegal Wool Tweed Rollneck, Size S I have too many knits, so I'm selling a few that I never wear. This is a wonderfully warm Donegal wool rollneck that is in excellent condition. I think I maybe wore it once. Made in England. $75 shipped in the US. International is extra. Paypal only. Original retail was around $225. Shoulders: 18" Chest: 20.5" Length: 26" Sleeve: 24" Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Epaulet's S&C cardigans ook a little goofy as a slim cut. I'm settled on size. Now, I just need to decide between two colors
1969 posted one in B&S. He's wearing a medium and is 4" shorter and 10lbs heavier than I am. I'm guessing I shouldn't size down to S. I like the look of this fit.
I wish there were more fitpics of the Scott & Charters lambswool cardigan on here. Or, maybe I am missing them? I'm considering sizing down one from my Inis Meain size since I'm tall and slim, but would be happy to be told that it's a dumb idea. The most I'd wear under it is a OCBD.
But what about the dance?
Some good choices here. Thanks for the recs! The list is:C&J IslayAlfred Sargent HannoverAnd possibly Cheaney Fiennes
I'm looking for a pair of boots like Trickers but without the huge, blocky heel, made in England, with a commando sole. Any recommendations?
I would love an Everest Parka, but I made the mistake of showing my wife what they cost. I don't think one could ever show up in my closet
New Posts  All Forums: