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I'm going to strive to wear as much linen and wool at the same time this winter.
I like my several Inis Meain knits, but Esk is on a totally different level. IM has issues with inconsistent fits for me, although it seems they've largely ironed them out by now. IM's traditional knits are great, although it seems they just keep putting out the same thing for the most part. Most of the new knits they're doing are quickly approaching biz cas Dad Style, in my opinion. There are also some quirky issues like the pirate shirt shoulders. Esk, on the other...
I have two unworn Inverallan cable knit caps that I picked up a couple years ago. One is red, and the other grey. The newer caps are larger and fit my head better, and these seem to run a little smaller. I removed the tag on the red cap because it was sewn on very low and the hat was unwearable. I still have the tag if you'd like it. $40 each, with free USPS first class shipping. Paypal only.
Well, it only took about a month to arrive from Germany, but my James crew finally showed up. It's another wonderful knit from Esk. The 70% extrafine merino/30%cashmere blend is luxurious. The fit is great as well, with just the right amount of slouch. One thing that struck me was how heavy gauge the knit is. I expect to get a lot of wear out of it this winter. If it's good enough for David Beckham, then it's good enough for me. Now, just waiting patiently for...
39" chest, and always a medium. Sometimes, they come up a little short on me, though.
Thanks, guys. It's Barney's Warehouse, so I doubt they'll give me any measurements. I'm not totally into the trousers, so it's ok. There is a fair amount of decent stuff up there if anyone is interested.
Does anyone have any experience with MH trousers? Are the trousers with numbered sizes the true waist measurement? I am considering buying from a site that has not measurements.
I think the value of this thing dropped considerably in light of this recent post:I'll give you five bucks for it.
Got it. What is the SF discount on Valextra?
Does that mean that it would be ok if I vomit into a Valextra Large Trolley?
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