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It actually looks like it is the result of the shearling being stitched down under the Ventile.
I could help you plan an epic outdoor trip to Utah, if you were interested.
Thanks. The split waistband makes it pretty straightforward, and it doesn't have to be quite as precise as for a pair of wool dress pants. I think the most important thing is to have a strong sewing machine that will sew through several layers and belt loops with ease.
I'm feeling particularly pleased with myself today. I broke out my old Pfaff sewing machine and took in the waist and hemmed a pair of selvage officers chinos. I even figured out how to do a bar tack. They fit so well now.
30172402 trying to claim c4est's throne as trash lord.
They changed the cut last year, I think. If they have two back pocket flaps, they are the older, less slim version (that were still a very slim straight cut, in my book). I have about six pairs in various colors that I've been wearing a bit sparingly. Might pick up some of the older khaki HBT ones.
In a slimmer version, which are unwearable for me.
I went back through my rigid officer chinos, and thankfully I had sized up and taken the waist in on all but one or two pairs. I guess I will just give the smaller pairs a soak and try to bust them in. I recently managed to score a NOS pair in the old red line selvage 10.5oz twill, same as my old Orchard St. chinos. Should be nice.
Also check London Undercover. I really like mine.
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