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Ah, that's good to know! Let us know how they compare...
Has anyone tried sizing down one on the short sleeved GV shirts for a slimmer, untucked summer fit? I suppose it should work out, right? Medium long sleeved shirts fit me well, but not particularly slim, and I usual tuck them. I'm thinking a medium short sleeved shirt would look a bit billowy and long if untucked.
Well, at 6'2", 155, I think there is a good chance it would fit.
Today, I walked by a Jil Sander shop and didn't go in. Later, I had an unexpected feeling of guilt as it occurred to me that I at least owed it to styleforum to visit Jil Sander whenever possible. It's one of those unwritten rules, right?
They do carry some great lines, but their prices are steep and they rarely list measurements of anything.
Had a good time at Haberdash today, buying a suit for a conference banquet.
Before you all get started worrying about your online orders, DON'T ORDER ONLINE. Call and place an order over the phone at one of their stores and stay on hold while they find it on the shop floor.
Or Homespun if you want that heritage look. Beware of sizing inconsistency.
I really wish my wife would stop buying Keens
ARN Mercantile. They made trousers (and I think some waistcoats and jackets?) for Cabourn back around 2011. I have a few pairs, and they're top notch, except for the pair above. It's pretty hard to find their stuff these days.
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