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Thanks for the tip!
Hey @brillopad, have you considered offering Saphir brush sets? I've gotten all of my polish from you, and now I just need some brushes. Maybe a couple polishing brushes and some daubers?
A whole buncha BBBF shirts. $5 tickets to see Peter Bjorn and John. Cabourn Lewis crewneck, because spring is the time to buy heavy knitwear.
It's a good thing I don't have a helicopter that is accessible at the moment.
Makes me wonder why End even has a "US" site, other than to charge higher prices to US customers. They are essentially acting like they are a US shop that had to pay import duties bringing goods to the US, except that everything still ships from the UK.
Yeah, I'm a BB2. The white Oxford was the one missing from my order, too. I wound up with a red and white stripe shirt :\ But, when I called them, a white Oxford popped back in stock, so I got it. One has come back in stock a few times lately, so just keep an eye on your wish list.All of the other ones I got are Supima, and so nice in person.
BB messed up my order and sent me a wrong shirt. So, I called them and they sent me the correct shirt at no charge... A lot of stuff isn't appearing on the site, but still pop up as available in my wish list.
Yes, sometimes wearing Mackintosh is like wrapping myself in a plastic bag on a rainy day. Ventile isn't too much better.
Ahh, that makes sense. I think I am finally done buying shirts, unless they another drastic drop.
I'm in the exact same boat, at 6'2" and 160lbs with broad shoulders. BB2 fits me so well.How on earth did you get the so cheap? $78 with the BCSP15 doesn't equate.
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