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Man, I need to just stop buying stuff. Most seasons, I find a handful of great things on deep sale. But, this time, I've struck out with about seven things in a row. It's a tough feeling...
I bought this just to spite you all (and possibly myself). Esk cashmere cotton tee. Matches disappeared it when they offered the extra20 code, but I had it open in a window. $400>$82.
I'll never know... Seriously, though, my impression is that it is like Scott's Last Expedition, full of old photos and garments, the newer garments from the collection, hardware, etc.
A large amount (vast majority?) of MF has been produced by Sugar Cane over the years. They're the ones who can produce the denim and sew up the crazy garments that MF wants to make. I think they, at first, couldn't even sew up the midnight twill into the pea coat because it was so heavy. There's a funny story about the first pair of 7161 jeans that Christophe cobbled together from multiple denims the night before(?) he was to meet with Sugar Cane reps about doing a...
I'll do it, but only if you are willing to tell them that they sent you two right shoes while I tell them they sent me two lefts and then we can both demand half price.
SVB's new WAYWT wall makes me think he's moved to Morocco.
Well, I did it. Not for asking price, mind you.
I just paid entirely too much for a book that I should probably never unwrap and read. It's The Ascent of Cabourn from his 2003 exhibition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Hilary ascent of Everest, and to introduce the collection for which we know him (Mallory, Cameraman, etc.).
I went off snow peak's measurements, which I am guessing have the intended waist size of the user for each size. We'll see how well I did.
All three!
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