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Hah, yeah, I'm not sure what went wrong with that trouser. Come to think of it, I think mine also had one loose belt loop.
Ironically, ARN made the first trousers for Cabourn. I have several pairs of the early Cabourn trousers that they made, and I have to disagree on the fit, quality, and style. They're by far the nicest trousers I own. Neil at ARN has a real eye for cut and patterning. That said, I also bought a pair of new beat trousers from Flannels a while back, and they were cut so small and short that I gave them to my wife.
There's really nothing I want these days (and my half of the closet is full), so I'm relegated to small purchases. x2
Now that RRL started marking the prices down, I finally got to order the indigo Aran knit cap.
Like most ARN trousers, nice and trim in the waist and hips, with a full, straight leg.
Any idea how the jeans measure up? True to tagged size like the trousers?
Still doesn't work :|
Weird. The item I want says "Take 30% off", but then it doesn't take 30% off.
I just picked up a pair of the same deck pants in a slate blue covert twill that were probably from a couple years ago. They were made by ARN Mercantile, which I am guessing is no longer the case? I have a few pairs of ARN-made Cabourn trousers that are now a size too large for me that I'll gladly save for when I'm old and fat
I'll agree related to Mister Freedom being very high quality using exceptional fabrics. I have somewhere around 10-12 MF garments, mostly from the original Naval Tailor line. MF was my introduction to heritage clothing, and I remember each garment blowing my mind on first look. Much of it used to be made by Sugar Cane to exceptionally high standards. I no longer wear a few of the MF garments that I have, but couldn't imagine getting rid of them. I'd put Mister Freedom...
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