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^Not if you ask them to send it Royal Mail
Yeah, if you can't quite get them buttoned, that's one size too small in my book. By the time I'm ready to wash my jeans around six months, they've gotten pretty loose. Measuring my ideal waist and starting one inch smaller has worked out well in this regard.
What kind of tips? I can recommend some great restaurants and things to do. How long will you be here? PM if you like.
I also do not like this. I'm pretty sure we're not disagreeing here.
Not sure what this means, but I picked up a superb MH knit in medium with the +20% code last spring. Yes, it is a gamble to wait.
It's supposed to be a service ribbon used as a lapel pin. A little bit odd if you ask me.
^buying jeans that fit right from the start invariably results in jeans that are too baggy after a few weeks of wear. They shouldn't be painful or impossible to button up, but just a little difficult to get on. Turning denim inside out is only necessary when machine washing. This prevents creases from forming and fading during the wash. It's totally fine to soak and hand wash jeans right side out.
Last spring, they did an extra 20% off on top of the 40%. Regarding their pricing, at least on Margaret Howell, it's very similar to the MH site except shipping is $10 and there are no duties. My order shipped.... Still have a 100% success rate.
You'll get some serious knee bags if you do squats in damp jeans. I don't even do initial soaks on jeans unless they are unsanforized denim. Just break 'em in the hard way... dry.
Jeans do indeed stretch in the thighs and knees if you wear them enough. That said, it is possible for a cut to be too slim in the first place. My fail safe method for sizing jeans is to buy them one inch smaller in the waist than a comfortable pair. They stretch to fit perfectly.
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