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One thing I've noticed with some of the Aran cable knits from IM is that the body panels are very square, resulting in wide, puffy shoulders. Ideally, the shoulders should be narrower than the body. Some of the other models don't seem to have this problem.
Well, yes, not hand knitted per se like Inverallan, but more hand work. Like you said, a thicker knit like IM's will use more yarn as well.
Generally, Inis Meain knits are not more expensive than cashmere knits from Johnstons, if you compare prices from UK shops. Furthermore, IM knits are hand knitted whereas Johnstons are likely not, making the two not quite as comparable in cost to produce.
I'm wearing one right now. I don't think sizing is much different at all from the standard OCBDs. The fabric isn't the heaviest, but it has a fantastic feel.
For the wife:
So, these olive buckle back chinos are Clydes? They look like the same cut as officers chinos. I wonder if they exist in 30x34...
In other news, I fired up my old Made in West Germany Pfaff 1222E sewing machine for the first time since I bought it. I hemmed my selvage officer's chinos a little longer so I could get a better roll out of them. The stitching could have been a little straighter, but it was a good first attempt. Up next are my massively long Deadstock Road Chinos. I fear it's unlikely I'll be able to purchase many/any more pairs of RRL trousers. I need 30x34, which they don't seem...
I apologize, guys. I should know better.I confess to having a love/hate relationship with this thread for a long time.
Your argument would make sense if I was simply buying and reselling buckles. Yes, most of my buckles cost $5-10 (although I am starting to use hand forged buckles from Japan), the premium leather I use is about $15 per strap that I cut, and about another $5-10 in supplies, and about $5-10 for shipping. That's $30-45 before I even start making it- cutting it by hand, mixing custom dye colors, burnishing edges, hand stitching, cutting to custom length, all for about $40 in...
Denim Vault has ridiculous prices and never responds to offers (even though he uses the best offer feature).
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