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Well, I'm 6'2", 155lbs, which is pretty thin. I remeasured some of the slim medium shirts, and they almost exactly measure the same as slim small on the charts now. They've lost more in width than length.
Japan blue and wine oxfords, true navy selvage chambray, and navy slubby-nep chambray all shrank the same way. I also received the Japan coal chambray, which I am going to return unworn.
Man, I've been wondering why I feel like I've all of a sudden gained ten pounds. I realized last night that all of the slim medium Gustin shirts I've received have shrunk a full two inches in the chest after a cold gentle wash and hang dry! It's nuts. I wore one chambray shirt right out of the package and washed it last night for the first time. It measured 41" in the chest before the wash, and 39" in the chest an hour later. Gustin says they pre-wash all of their...
Does anyone here wear Gustin shirts in both slim and regular fit? I've received a bunch in slim fit, and they are a great fit but almost too slim. I have a couple shirts ordered in regular fit for a slightly more relaxed fit. Anyone else tried this with success?
Yep. I was concerned about the inseam, but 33" plus room to let out is fine.
I'm in the same boat, it seems. I realized that I bought a shit tin of stuff last year. A few grails popped up, loads of Scottish knitwear were at steep discount, and the perfect fitting shirts were discovered. Oh, and a few pieces of outerwear from Cabourn, Ten-C, and Barbour...
Found a pair of black rigid officers chinos in 31W
Their iPhone tends to drop calls, but it sure does keep my pocket warm.
I'm going to buy two gold Apple watches.
I received the navy slubby-nep chambray today, and it's a great fabric. It didn't really come through in the photos, but the weft is almost a light khaki in color, giving the fabric a very old timey look. I'll be receiving the Japan coal chambray shirt tomorrow. I'm literally running out of room for shirts in my closet!
New Posts  All Forums: