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It's a pretty short, packed trip I have dinners with colleagues each night. I need to just show up to a San Fran meet one of these days. I remember, back in the day, just happening to wind up at Self Edge during a sufu party and thinking most everyone was weird. I bet SF SF dudes are nice, tho.
I'm attending a conference for a couple days. If I had more time, I would have headed up to SF for a day or two.
San Jose, CA
Wandered into a Muji today and wanted to just give up and wear cute Muji clothes. Of course, I was drunk, though. And fuck this place I rented. Hillbillies and airplanes flying overhead. This is almost as bad as the time I accidentally booked myself two nights at the gay bed and breakfast in New Orleans.
I'll have to try that. I rolled mine, and feared that it looked like I was wearing sweatpants.
How difficult was that considering they taper so much?
I also cuff mine. I have them in small, which is a 33" waist.
Price drop.
Price drop.
Well, they still owe us something even if it was just a test! The best thing about it was the photo in which McNairy looks like a grumpy little gnome down in the corner.
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