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I received my Ben and Mackenzie cardigans from the Esk online sale today and am happy with them for the most part. The Ben cardigan must have been a close out from last year as it fits just like the other one I have. the Mackenzie cardigan, however, seems to have a flaw. The hand linking of the collar is not quite right. (I was wrong about any of the sale knits possibly being seconds. It seems that mine just has a flaw, and Esk has offered to take care of it)
It's a relatively unknown brand, and sizing/lasts are SO atypical.
I've recently realized that most of my Inis Meain knits just don't fit my tall lanky self very well, so I thought I'd pass them on to someone else who might enjoy them. Each of them were worn at most 1-3 times, and have no obvious pilling. They all fit roughly the same despite having slightly different measurements. They can stretch a bit if needed. They're all made from the super soft 90% merino 10% cashmere yarn that IM is known for. Turtleneck in Natural -...
Apparently, it wasn't in the MH sale section, just the regular section. I bought a M and L to decide on sizing, and can PM you about the one that doesn't work for me if you're interested.
Eventually, MrP hits 100% off if you wait long enough.
I'm finding that it makes wearing knits so much more fun. We should drum up some more folks for a mini meet at some point.Yes, that is true. I'm finding that most mid- to heavy weight knits look and feel best one size larger.Again, true. For me, it's a difference between it fitting slim, and having a little slouch. I'm realizing that a little slouch is so much more enjoyable and looks better on me.
Where from, their sale? I'm still patiently waiting for my two, with no tracking... (Edit: arrived today!)
Another knit from Margaret Howell. Thank you MrP 80% off.
Ah, thanks for that! I picked up this jumper in M and L to figure out sizing. I tend to go M on lighter knits and L on heavier knits. Curiously, it's from AW12.If Any of you were wondering, I found the archives of past seasons on the Margaret Howell Japan site. Here's that knit from the lookbook. It looks rather different than the MrP photo, so we'll see how it is in person.I also recently picked up a fair isle knit from AW10, and it's glorious.
Resulting from my recent revelation that the majority of my Inis Meain knits fit me like shit, I bought a North Sea Submariner from Gentry for a nice price. (sized up one as per my other recent knitwear revelation that all knits should be sized up one)
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