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Want a natural canvas cap in XL? I'll just send it to you. New and unworn.
I was all excited about their ball caps until I realized they were fitted. Fucking XL still doesn't fit my head.
Nau Urbane jacket has a snap off hood.
I've had great success with light coats of Saphir Renovateur. You have to be careful to not let the leather dry out or it will start cracking pretty easily.
I think I'm finally realizing that SF has best served me over the years mostly by enabling my apparent desire to collect. Thanks to SF, I've got quite the accumulation of: Historic Naval-inspired clothing Historic British explorer-inspired clothing Japanese denim Scottish knitwear Alden shoes Kinfolk magazines Italian toothpastes and the latest- upscale desk supplies, including: Italian paperclips Japanese brass writing utensils On the lookout for that perfect...
That's exactly what I'm looking for. And, sizes! My large head thanks you.
Well, yes, Washington, DC, is the same way. I'm certainly speaking from the perspective of a visitor, and it was a nice city to visit. Interesting history and architecture, and great food if you search a little.Right now, I am in Guadalajara, and standing out like a sore thumb, at least in terms of height and complexion. Good thing I brought plenty of button down shirts and jeans. That seems to be the uniform here for most guys.
Ottawa's actually a pretty cool city.
^sounds like an amazing experience all around!
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