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That's exactly what I'm looking for. And, sizes! My large head thanks you.
Well, yes, Washington, DC, is the same way. I'm certainly speaking from the perspective of a visitor, and it was a nice city to visit. Interesting history and architecture, and great food if you search a little.Right now, I am in Guadalajara, and standing out like a sore thumb, at least in terms of height and complexion. Good thing I brought plenty of button down shirts and jeans. That seems to be the uniform here for most guys.
Ottawa's actually a pretty cool city.
^sounds like an amazing experience all around!
Thanks for the tip!
Hey @brillopad, have you considered offering Saphir brush sets? I've gotten all of my polish from you, and now I just need some brushes. Maybe a couple polishing brushes and some daubers?
A whole buncha BBBF shirts. $5 tickets to see Peter Bjorn and John. Cabourn Lewis crewneck, because spring is the time to buy heavy knitwear.
It's a good thing I don't have a helicopter that is accessible at the moment.
Makes me wonder why End even has a "US" site, other than to charge higher prices to US customers. They are essentially acting like they are a US shop that had to pay import duties bringing goods to the US, except that everything still ships from the UK.
Yeah, I'm a BB2. The white Oxford was the one missing from my order, too. I wound up with a red and white stripe shirt :\ But, when I called them, a white Oxford popped back in stock, so I got it. One has come back in stock a few times lately, so just keep an eye on your wish list.All of the other ones I got are Supima, and so nice in person.
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