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Both are nice. If higher quality, lambswool will not itch. I have a few extrafine British lambswool caps that are super soft.
Gitman Vintage Japanese linen off GILT today. Time to bust out the sewing machine and slim down all these GBV fuckers.
Picked up the Japanese linen shirt, which I had missed earlier this year. One of the Christmas break projects is to attempt to slim down all of my Gitman shirts myself. (Weird, my photo disappeared)
dude, we're all narcissists here.
^I'm trying to figure out the same thing for my Heschungs. Right now, I'm undecided between Snoseal and Obenauf's LP.
I think I could do a fairly minimalist wardrobe under that amount. But, it would require getting a few key pieces on deep sale. In related news, pretty much my entire family except for me dresses in Uniqlo these days.
Yeah, but TCWalter's thumb comments made up for all of the mean ones. Actually, I never got any mean ones.
I wound up with a Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Oxford cloth button down shirt in white, size BB3 (16) that doesn't fit me. It's brand new in the package. I've only tried it on briefly. $90 shipped in the US. International is extra. Paypal only
I'm trying to upgrade a few of my shirts from ill-fitting Gitmans, and came up with BBBF (like!) and Carson Street Clothiers' lightweight flannels. Love me some slim shirts without darts.
I've never seen a better deal on Inverallan than End's 20-25% off. Keep in mind, though, that you will undoubtedly be hit with duties.
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