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Finally picked up that linen Frank Leder shirt I've been staring at.
There is still time, nephew.
Picked up a pair of Feit mid hikers for a song from The Corner (thanks to @stevent for the tip). Should go well with my natural wool hikers.
Even stranger, then, as to why they aren't on sale on SSENSE anymore.
That's what I figured. It was Feit, on sale for 40% off, which I've never seen before. On a related note, it's always disappointing when I'm watching an item and the price goes up.
Weird. SSENSE just completely removed a brand from the sale. Is that typical? Maybe it wasn't supposed to be on sale...
I picked up these Gustin Cone Indigo Selvage Canvas Chinos in 31 straight, and they don't fit me. I'd be happy to trade for a 32 straight, or just sell these. They are a pretty amazing fabric that feels like a heavy indigo linen. I hope someone else will enjoy wearing and fading these. See fabric photos on the Gustin site. They are hard to photograph, but are definitely a deep indigo. Waist: 32" Front Rise: 10.5" Thigh (2" down): 24" Knee (15" down): 16.5" Inseam:...
I just wanna say
Depends on the shoe. I sized down one for the wool hikers, and it's the right size. The Feit website has sizing advice for each shoe, or just give them a call. Just hit up Apartment Number 9 and Meyvn. Jacob at Mevyn was nice, and we chatted about the brands. Great shop. It was great to see Niuhans and Story Mfg in person.
I wish. I'm on the wrong continent, though.
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