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Man, I'm about to give up. I have a pair of the Zermatts that fit rather well, but long, which is expected from Heschung. I've been trying to find a pair of Lothiers that fit my foot, but there seems to be way too much volume in the boot. I typically wear a US10-10.5, but 9.5D in Alden's Barrie last, and a 9.5 in the Zermatts. I've sized down to 9 in the Lothiers, and everything still fits big except for the width of the ball of the foot. The facings (eyelet tabs) on...
It's entirely a matter of personal preference. I usually don't soak at all to minimize knee bags. But, some denim looks a little flat and will come to life a little more with a quick soak. If I soak, I always let them dry completely before wearing them. Sometimes, I'll just soak from the hips up and wear damp if I need extra stretching in the waist.
Tailors are like hairdressers- you can tell them whatever you want, and they will still do it the way they think it should be done. I finally found a tailor (a cute Czech female one) who will alter clothes however I ask. She actually tends to adjust things a little too slim (doesn't understand Cabourn). The best (i.e., worst) was the grumpy, old Italian tailor I used to go to who said that "people should just buy clothes that fit them!"
Only if there is a leprechaun-themed WAYWT challenge.
Thanks. I did also order a BB2 in the same shirt in the end. I'm hoping they are slimmer than GV.
^I wish I had an idea of what BBBF shirt sizing looked like... I guessed that a BB3 (16) would fit similar to Gitman Vintage M. We'll see.
Spent far too much (but still well below retail) on a NWT pair of Cabourn trousers and vest in army Harris Tweed from AW10 that match my Mallory jacket that I purchased back then. I'm planning ahead for when I am 75 and want to wear my Mallory three piece suit every day as I stroll down the the corner coffee shop with my elderly wife.
Hah, that's an old photo of me in the Cameraman. Well, I wound up going against my better judgement and purchased the vest as well. It was indeed a bit overpriced, but I have only ever seen one other (not in my size) in that matching army HT from AW10. It's for posterity's sake, you know? Someday, when I am 70, I'll want to wear my three piece Mallory suit every day.
Goddamn. I hate it when a grail pops up on Ebay and the seller just has me by the balls.
Well, I just picked up a pair of NWT Mallory trousers in the centenary army Harris Tweed to match my jacket. The cost hurt a little, but I'm frankly amazed I ever saw them offered. Here's to hoping that the older HT four pleat pants run small like I remember (and as the seller stated). There's also the matching vest in my size, and am debating on it. $900 for a pair of trousers and a vest is a bit absurd right before the holidays...
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