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Well, it's happened again. My wife left town for a few days, and I dropped a grand at NMWA.
Well, my knitwear shelves are nearly full, and I'd feel bad about asking my wife if I could expand into her side of the closet.
In the end, I went with the navy S&C lambswool cardigan instead of the camel. I had forgotten () that I had an Inverallan 6A in oatmeal, so that was enough knitwear in that tone.
Bodega is always good for half price off CHUP socks.
Yeah, the front plate. I wasn't expecting it to the degree that I didn't even see it.
Yes, guys, it was very tongue in cheek. Relax. Every other Apple device I own is silver with a black screen. So, I think it's annoying that they put a white screen on the new silver iPhone. As a simple matter of personal preference, I hate white screens.
I don't know how I didn't realize this when I was ordering it, but the silver iPhone 6 has a white screen this should only take about a month to sort out since they've already shipped the damn thing. Even my wife told me that I have to exchange it for space grey or people are going to think I'm gay.
Not really a fan of burgundy in general, except when it comes to shell I'd go with grey, but I already have a grey shawl collar tuck stitch sweater from SEH Kelly. And, I have a million navy knits. I think the camel is it...
The shell trainers looks fantastic, and that's a surprisingly reasonable price for them. How many kids are going to have to learn how to buff shell now?
I have three Banana Republic ties that are all new. Two still have tags. All three are 100% silk, and the striped tie is made in Italy. They are 3.75" at the widest point. $40 shipped in the US for all three. International is extra. Paypal only. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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