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In other news, I just backed the true navy selvage chambray for a second go around. Looking forward to it!
Funny, I went from aeropress to Hario pour over. Be sure to use the aerpress upside down.
^thanks for the info. I was going to say that they seem at least a couple years old because they are the 10.8oz twill. The color is certainly more of a sulphur grey than black. I'm looking forward to seeing how they fade.The twill has little bits of cotton seeds in it, too. They were from last year, so maybe some will pop up on eBay. They seem to have run pretty huge, though. In my photo, the khaki pair are 32W and the naturals are 31W. You can see that I had to have the...
I was machine drying this shirt. I got nearly the same amount of shrinking on other shirts with just hang drying. I machine dried the classic chambray because it was thicker, needed it to shrink down to slim medium dimensions.
Hey, Beckham wears Esk knitwear. And tweed newsboy caps. That makes him ok in my book.
Updates on the measurements of the slim large classic chambray after the second wash and dry: Gustin chart (Actual) [post wash & dry] {2nd wash & dry} Chest: 43.5" (44) [42.5] {42} Waist: 42" (41) [40.5] Back: 30-7/8" (30.75) [30.5] Sleeve: 35.5" (36.5) [36] {35.5} Neck: 16" (16) [15.5] Shoulder: 19" (19) [18.75] {18.5} Those three key measurements shrank down to slim medium, although the sleeves are a bit long still. I suspect that the sleeves will be be just right if...
If it's just a matter of putting the new snap on, pretty much any leather shop could help you. Look for a Tandy Leather, a saddlery shop, or a motorcycle leather shop. There's got to be one of those near you.
Left to right are black selvage, olive herringbone, khaki selvage, and natural selvage.
In the latest episode of the shirt sizing saga, I received my first slim large shirt today (classic chambray), and here are the measurements: Gustin chart (Actual) [post wash & dry] Chest: 43.5" (44) [42.5] Waist: 42" (41) [40.5] Back: 30-7/8" (30.75) [30.5] Sleeve: 35.5" (36.5) [36] Neck: 16" (16) [15.5] Shoulder: 19" (19) [18.75] Well, it was a tad slimmer (which is ok) and the sleeves were long (which might be ok) when it came out of the package. I didn't see...
All rigid, all new.
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