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I picked up a couple Marweather caps from Context when they were clearing them out at 60% off, and have since realized that they are the best caps I've worn. I wish I could find them for a reasonable price somewhere...
That's because they have sold. Here and here.
$70 BIN! They were both Mainline.
I would like to bid ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
If you could give me the measurements, I'll compare to another IM knit I have. With the linen birdseye, it's not likely to stretch like a typical merino/cashmere knit.
Hmm, well, it is nice What's off about the fit? I find it a bit of a crap shoot between getting an IM knit that fits slimmer and long enough and one that is short and super boxy.
Man, did anyone see that herringbone linen Tenzing and anorak on Ebay for $70 BIN each?? I would have picked them up in a heartbeat, but of course they were already gone.
I do boot camp regularly, and it pretty well kicks my ass. It's great for building all around muscle tone and aerobic capacity. The most elaborate piece of equipment is a jump rope.
Ah, that's good to know! Let us know how they compare...
Has anyone tried sizing down one on the short sleeved GV shirts for a slimmer, untucked summer fit? I suppose it should work out, right? Medium long sleeved shirts fit me well, but not particularly slim, and I usual tuck them. I'm thinking a medium short sleeved shirt would look a bit billowy and long if untucked.
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