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Still looking for a pair in this size. I've come to accept that my 30x34 pair is just too snug in the thighs.
My waist got narrower and and my shoulders wider over the past year, and I had to replace all trousers and shirts.
SW is great that way. They're the only place I know of in the US carrying frank Leder?
Vastly different in materials and cost. Mainline is 2-3x the cost of MHL, and the knits are sublime by comparison. Although, MHL fabrics can also be quite nice.
The fit is great- tailored to the hips, roomy in the thighs, and tapers to the ankle. It's not my usual cut for trousers, but I like it for a change of pace. The UM measurements are off (of course), so use the ones on the MH site.Yeah, my one MHL knit is a raw merino rollneck, and I like wearing it and imagining I'm away at sea where warmth is more important that comfort. Which do you have?
It's mainline Margaret Howell, and I agree, her fabrics are amazing. It seems like her knitwear is a hidden gem that gets little attention on here. I also received the pair of moleskin trousers the other day, and they're incredibly soft.
Margaret Howell knit from AW10. My one and only venture into fair isle.
One thing I will say is that Ventile is not a particularly breathable fabric.
Uh, that's pretty much what happened with Inverallan MTM.
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