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I received the linen Cameraman today, and the thing is crazy. It's like serious linen burlap. I'm glad I sized down one, because it seemed to run larger than the AW Cameraman. I think it could even be a half size smaller, but I am not complaining. The dark army looks great, usually brownish in most light. In other news, I saw that someone had put a sealed autographed copy of Ascent of Cabourn on Ebay for GBP350.
It's helpful to have a pipe wrench or two when building a rack like that. It will wind up being more sturdy in the long run.
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
Too late! I bought the dark army Cameraman. I already have a linen Mallory from last year, so I thought I'd try something a little different.
Julius would be awesome, especially if stuff was available in brown wools and leathers (sacrilege?). But, you realize, this would mean spending thousands more on a whole sector of my wardrobe that wouldn't even fit in my closet... got dem chunky knits!
I see the breadcrumbs on Firefox for MacOS.Can we move this discussion to the Styleforum Bar thread so you all can help me with my existential crisis?
Ahh, I see. Well, he does traditional streetwear better than any of us (so far).I'll just leave this here as a little filler. Also, I am in the middle of moving, and have no idea where my clothes are at the moment.And, for reference, here is the town from whence I came.
Over the past few years, sale time finds me buying pretty obscure shit that I'm not sure I'll ever wear. Maybe I just like collecting interesting pieces. Sometimes, when I buy something, I think, "I'll look great in this when I'm 70". I don't know.
I can't remember, does Flannels refund VAT after the item is received? The same seller has another copy of Scott's Last Expedition up on Ebay, and he accepted an offer of 39 Euro. I've been trying to figure out who that guy is. He has a fair amount of obscure Cabourn pieces from time to time.
What are you talking about? Chocsosa is clearly the frontrunner so far.
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