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Really tempted to buy this and slim it down. Bit sacrilegious, though.
My pleasure, Gus! I like little projects like this.
Leather toggles for Cabourn coats. Hand cut from 9oz belt leather and burnished by yours truly.
What on Earth is that coat? Looks fantastic.
Now I just need a ticket to Berlin.
Thinking about buying a Bigi tie, but 9cm is so wide Clearly, I'm not used to this whole MC thing.
Hell, 12.5" is my minimum for 32W. About 2/3 of Leder trousers seem to measure less than that, but I am guessing these are pretty relaxed.
Beautiful tweed!
I'm trying to put together a few tie and pocket square combinations for the rare instance in which I wear a suit. These should go nicely with my linen suits as well. Drake's Calabrese
Just pay postage. Send me a PM with your address.
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