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Cool, was just wondering about this. Any more Russian reindeer from A Suitable Wardrobe?
A big part of me really wants to pick up the 4th iteration of the Mister Freedom CPO dropping tomorrow, as it's one iconic MF piece I've never owned. But, man, $400 for a shirt!
South Willard had a bunch for SS, but I haven't seen any for AW. NMWA also has several. The scalloped hem/tunic shirts are huge, though. And, Neighbor.
Yeah, textured indigo cotton.The brown wool FL shirt is ridiculously soft, and the grey one is a mix of wool/silk.
Yeah, I picked it up from Unionmade. I would look for French shops, if you can, as it's much cheaper there. You're limiting yourself if you still think Unionmade mostly stocks henleys.
A few BF pick ups. Frank Leder Frank Leder Frank Leder De Bonne Facture Esk Margaret Howell
I'm bummed their Frank Leder trousers sold out in my size a few days ago.
I would say so. I wear a 50 in all Cabourn including my Cabourn knits, which were all made by Esk.
Yeah, normal sizing. I'm a medium in all of my Esk knits. Just ordered another. I think that's eight now (edit- actually, eleven)
ESK Cashmere - 20% off with OBSIDIAN Some of the nicest knits out there. There are more color choices if you click on the item.
New Posts  All Forums: