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That's a nice side of the island. We were a little more north in Hauula, where we rented a house right on the beach. A week of swimming, drinking beer, and eating fruit was pretty idyllic.
You MUST go to Opal Thai in Haleiwa. Best Thai I have ever had. Also, bring some snorkel gear and swim with the green sea turtles at Laniakea Beach. Just don't touch them.Pretty much any of the shrimp trucks are great, and hit up the fruit stands each day. It will blow your mind.When you are in Honolulu, stop by Reyn Spooner for some board shorts or a shirt, and have the banana pancakes with coconut syrup at Wailana Coffee House.
Ah, thanks for the recommendation. That square goes nicely with any of those three ties. Now, I just feel bad that NMWA has sent me three separate packages with ties/squares lately
Or maybe Van Buren is copying Bonobos! Did you ever think of THAT????
There were tags on the image in the article
$45 on Amazon
Trying to put together some nice tie+square combinations.
NMWA has some great offerings in some interesting fabrics. I can't really bring myself to wear 'traditional' ties (silk? diagonal stripes?). So, I went with some interesting colors and textures. Now, I could manage to have a couple nice summer tie/square combinations
Maybe I am doing this MC thing ok? (Thanks, NMWA) Sozzi + Drake's + Bigi (a bit matchy with square above) + Calabrese + Drake's
Also Neighbor in Vancouver. I wear Smartwool running socks. Best I've tried.
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