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Those are them. I just find it difficult to gauge the actual color of something with Unionmade's black background.
The saddle shoulder crewneck sounds great. I'd be interested in something lighter than the 10-ply, as I already have one from you, along with a bunch of other heavy knits (Inverallan, Scott & Charters, Kanata, etc.)
I'd be down for more navy tuck stitch knitwear. I was sad I was too slow on the draw this year.
Self Edge is pretty accurate. You should size down one, anyway, because they get pretty loose after about a year.
I've been wearing a pair of Okinawas for the past year and a half.
As far as I know, all Cabourn knitwear is made by ESK, which makes very fine knits. They are my favorite brand of all. I have at least a dozen of them at this point.
Leder is on sale at Unionmade. There's a Deutschleder suit with many sizes. Bit of light navy, which is a less popular color.
'Twas a great Frank Leder season for me. Deadstock German army bed linen, which softens over time Austrian canvas
I have them in medium, which is my size in nearly everything. I take M or L in the saddle crewnecks because sizing tends to vary quite a bit.
I have two of the raw merino turtlenecks in my usual size, and they are slightly oversized. They have just the right amount of slouch.
New Posts  All Forums: