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I've never bought CPs.
Very nice, Deusis! Your post actually made me
Ah, the eternal debate on Cameraman warmth. My Mac/HT AW version is great on snowy days with a sweater, down to about 0C.
Camel hair feels like a rugged merino wool. It's very soft. Good to know, EvanM. There are so few stocklists that one almost has to order many of the knits directly from Esk.
Wow, this thread is only three pages long now.
All I'm saying is that keeping up with this thread would surely be a big contributor to my not receiving tenure.
Is there a better way to keep up with new stuff coming into the shop than to read this thread? I swear some of you guys are employed as professional NMWA thread posters. Maybe I need to block all your asses except Greg.
Two Gitman ties, and some more Scott Nichol socks.
Decisions about this AW. Margaret Howell merino rollneck OR Esk Geurnsey (except in navy camel hair, not black like the photo) Or, just get both... my knitwear shelves are getting full, though!
@ManofKent Kafka still has some Matthew waistcoats in their sale store if you are interested. @capnMURPHY2021 I have the Ben from last FW, and it's great. You should look to Scott & Charters for a cardigan like the one you linked. They're fairly reasonably priced. I'm regretting not getting one last year, but NMWA should be restocking. I just noticed that they are now selling accessories through their site.
New Posts  All Forums: