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Yeah, they're great for sailing ships and chopping wood and such. Not really luxury.
Yeah, they are def a bit pricey. But, I like the simplicity of design, and have a handful of their titanium items for backpacking. Although, the titanium flask is also good for everyday use
A rarity, wearing a suit, so I made it a Cabourn linen suit. The humidity at the coastal wedding was unbearable, so the jacket didn't last long. Lock & Co BBBF Cabourn Alden
I love snow peak pants, but they are all too short on me. So, I just bought some discontinued snow peak collapsible chop sticks made from old baseball bats.
Except that current sale price is lower on the thing I bought during the founders' preview. o_O
Finally picked up that linen Frank Leder shirt I've been staring at.
There is still time, nephew.
Picked up a pair of Feit mid hikers for a song from The Corner (thanks to @stevent for the tip). Should go well with my natural wool hikers.
Even stranger, then, as to why they aren't on sale on SSENSE anymore.
That's what I figured. It was Feit, on sale for 40% off, which I've never seen before. On a related note, it's always disappointing when I'm watching an item and the price goes up.
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