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Yeah, the IM yarn is incredibly soft, and the rollneck collars are generally not snug at all.Weeeeird. I tried the 42 in the navy Cowichan since I am a M/L in IM (6'2", 160lbs), and it was a big pear shaped coat on me. I'm guessing the 40 will be much better.
More importantly, it looks like @Synthese sized way down on that Cowichan. I sized up one on the navy, and it was too big. Going to try my usual size next.
Except that these are musk ox.
Not a chance!
One of the results of being on SF for seven years now is that I do heavy landscaping work in an old USN watch cap, a beat up Engineered Garments hoody, Momotaro jeans, and Red Wing Beckmans.
So delicious! Oh, and I found your sharpie if you are missing one
Yeah, the Scott's books pop up on Ebay fairly regularly for decent prices. Ascent of Cabourn is less common. I hadn't seen one for a year or so, and then paid ~$400 for a sealed and signed copy. Now I just need another opened copy so I can read it. Would love a copy of the Burma book.
Wool sweaters, beanies, insulated vest, and a large beard.
Man, denim vault gets some nice stuff, but his prices are about 30% higher than anyone else.
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