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That's strange. My 50 down liner fits inside my 50 snow parka perfectly. Maybe it runs slimmer than the parka, though.
I think he means they aren't as plush as the socks on the Esk site. It's been so damn warm all month that I haven't had a chance to wear any of my Esk knits except for one of my Cabourn knit waistcoats.
The down liner is pretty thin.
It's just disappointing to see obvious, but simple, issues with patterns for the price of IM knits. Most of my medium IM knits measure about 25" in length, which is shorter than any other knit I've worn. I've been jaded since wearing Esk knits lately, which don't cost much more, but are far superior.
Yeah, Greg, I'm also 6'2", but 160 lbs so I wear a medium. It's all too short on most of my IM knits. I can't really abide by the simple square pattern on their knits, though, especially for the price. In related news, I wore my Gansey for the first time today, and the cuffs suck. The sleeves are basically long tubes.
Man, I can't bear to order any more IM knits until they update their patterns (fits). It's all just too boxy and short, with pirate shoulders.
The promo with End is pretty much the best deal you will find. Sizing is always a crap shoot. I once had a 40 1A fit larger than a 42 1A. Just make your best guess, order, try it on, and repeat as needed.
Chup socks are great. Anonymousism is a near second, although they run pretty small and short, generally.
I've been moving away from Gitman shirts for a bit now. BBBF are nice, and Carson Street Clothiers shirts are pretty much the perfect fit for me. Aside from Gustin, Gitman seem to be the only standard OCBDs made from interesting fabrics other than your typical oxford cloths. I don't even count Japanese-made shirts because the shoulders are always way too narrow for me. I won't wear Uniqlo (too boring), but the rest of my family wears it. My wife and daughter love the...
^It's not about wearing it. It's about having it. Get on board, man.That's the only bad example. Look at any of Gustin's other shirt offerings, and you get (presumably) wonderful fabrics, a choice of fits, and high armholes for the price of a Gitman on substantial sale. I just ordered my first shirt from them (slim fit, thank you), and will happily blow out all of my Gitmans on B&S if it works out.
New Posts  All Forums: