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I really like my storm parka, even if the winter was so warm that I didn't get to wear it yet. I'm not sure how much sense it makes to get it to use with the shearling liner since it comes with a hearty shearling collar (which is removable). I added a down liner to the shearling collar, and it seems like a bombproof winter jacket.Actually, I don't even know if they make it anymore. The Snow Smock is pretty close, but rather m65ish.
You are totally missing a perfect WAYWT with one of your shop coats.
I would not put Obenauf's on the suede side. You'd probably need some kind of spray, but I Haven't tried any. Fiebings Water Protector Spray might do the trick, but I would test it on a scrap of leather first.I usually wait at least a few hours after applying it and buff off all of the excess with a soft cloth. It will feel a tad sticky to the touch, but that's only because it is wax. It won't get on your clothes, though.
I think it looks great with the collar down and buttoned, but I'm a bit of a traditionalist. Popping the collar on a coat like that always reminds me of
Ah that's a shame. One thing that will help at least with the outside is to wax the leather. A couple light coats of Obenauf's LP or something similar should help keep dye from rubbing off on your clothes.
You guys realize that the dye, especially indigo, is going to get all over everything, right? I lined a backpack in denim, and wind up with blue corners on books and business cards. I mean, it's cool, but you have to expect that.
Absolutely. You should know, though, that everything is half off at the moment, and they will clear everything out for AW15 very soon.
Thought I'd try a couple cotton/hemp shirts from Olderbrother in Portland. I don't really see any mention of the brand on here, but they source organic Japanese fabrics, and assemble and dye in California. The garments have a great relaxed look to them, and I could imagine anyone from @Parker to @kindofyoung wearing them. black indigo dark indigo
And OMFG ORDERING FROM UNIQLO DURING SALE TIME IS SUCH A FUCKING NIGHTMARE. For some reason, I had to go through six different credit cards before one would work. Meanwhile, items keep selling out from my cart. And none of it was even for me.
Maybe it's because I only care about a few brands, but a number doesn't do anything to excite me.That's just it, they aren't personalized. It's just a number, and I know some shops count all of the sizes as individual items.
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