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Their hikers are pretty much the only style I like. I imagine them as old timey mountaineering boots that go well with all of my Cabourn stuff.
Man, I've struck out so many times with purchases this summer. I have a bunch of new things, like Leder shirts and a jacket, and a couple pairs of mis-sized Gustin trousers that I now need to sell. Lately, I have twice found something I wanted and ordered it, only to have it not be in stock. I pretty much give up at this point. I do like my two pairs of FEIT boots, though.
If you can find Simplicity vacuums locally, I highly recommend them. Pretty reasonably priced, too. They aren't available online, sorta like the EG of vacuums.
Aye, that's me. Well, except for the bit about MH.
How much do they usually stretch? About like cotton jeans, or not as much?
Has anyone else been wearing their Irish Linen Superlights? I'm wondering how much stretch to expect. Mine are snug in the top block like regular jeans, so I hope they have a fair amount of stretch. Alternatively, if anyone has a pair of 33 straights they don't want, and want to sell or trade for 32 straight, just let me know.
Would place a nice order from End, but they have their stupid "US site".
If only they would put more Norse Projects on sale ;_;
Frank Leder shirts do seem to have a particular fit (narrower shoulders, wider body, with long, slim sleeves) that I have only ever experienced with Japanese brands (Spellbound, Sunny Sports, East Harbor Surplus, some Sugarcane).
I'm glad I'm not imagining the issues with the fit of the sleeves. I think one of the issues is that there are no pleats or shirring at the cuffs, and the cuffs themselves seem pretty small. It seems like a lot of Leder is made for the Japanese market, with slimmer arms and narrower shoulders. I've had other shirts from Japan that have oddly slim arms.I compared your measurements for the small and medium, and the only noticeable differences were the body width. So, I...
New Posts  All Forums: