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I was just gonna ask!
I'm talking about putting a brick through the other guy's windshield.Sorry, I had been drinking.
Definitely tucking it in. It feels a bit like a dress otherwise. I think I might take the sides in a little (I'm skinny) before wearing it regularly.
Unionmade has some new Leder up. It's strange how they have gone all generic in their descriptions. There are a few bedlinen pieces, but they just describe them as a sturdy cotton fabric, or something. Plus, their buy is kind of boring. In other news, the tunic/scalloped hem shirt fits great sized down one.
I'm not talkin' about dance lessons.
I'm tellin' you!
Made in Japan and imported to the U.K.?
Hobnail boots are cool, but you'd never be able to wear them indoors.
The arrival of spring is sad, in a way, because it means it's time to put away the chunky knits.
I picked up this Frank Leder linen shirt from someone here, who bought it from NMWA. It is a tunic/scalloped hem shirt, which fits at least a size larger than Frank Leder's other shirts. So, while this shirt is tagged as a medium, it would best fit someone who is a Large or XL. Beautiful fabric, would love for this shirt to go to a good home. Shoulders: 18.7" Chest: 47.5" Length: 33.5" Sleeves: 26" $75 shipped in the US. Paypal only.
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