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I would guess that they are the usual Chucks sizing. My Cabourn Bosey boots were the same as my usual Chucks.
^still more expensive than ordering straight from Aero.
^if anyone is going and might be willing to proxy, let me know.
Any shops worth visiting in Albuquerque? Doesn't have to be clothes, necessarily. I'm in Old Town, so I'll be hitting the art/jewelry shops.
Ah, wonderful! I'll send you a message to reserve one, Paul. I'm sure I'll be more inspired at that point, as it is still 30C here.
I gotta remember the knitwear goes quickly. Missed out on the navy rollneck. Very nice looking piece!
Their hikers are pretty much the only style I like. I imagine them as old timey mountaineering boots that go well with all of my Cabourn stuff.
Man, I've struck out so many times with purchases this summer. I have a bunch of new things, like Leder shirts and a jacket, and a couple pairs of mis-sized Gustin trousers that I now need to sell. Lately, I have twice found something I wanted and ordered it, only to have it not be in stock. I pretty much give up at this point. I do like my two pairs of FEIT boots, though.
If you can find Simplicity vacuums locally, I highly recommend them. Pretty reasonably priced, too. They aren't available online, sorta like the EG of vacuums.
Aye, that's me. Well, except for the bit about MH.
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