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More Margaret Howell (albeit MHL). Quite possibly my new favorite label.
I'm going to consider this the official MH thread, since sipang did such a nice job starting it. I just picked up my first Margaret Howell piece, the indigo linen cable knit from Unionmade, and it is a thing of beauty. I sized well, and it seems to fit slimmer than the grey version shown above.
Margaret Howell, in linen and indigo
^9.5 in what? Hopefully, that's what you wear in Alden Barrie. If not, I just might be in between sizes :\
I find that my Uniqlo supima tees lose 5% every time I wear them by leaving massive lint balls all over my jeans and car. I hate them.
Yes and no. They did the group order, but I never had an issue with customs. There were some terrible delays with the last handful, and I think a few people did not receive theirs (although, Mandon did offer to let them choose from their current stock at the time, but maybe were not responsive).
Half off at The Mandon Store with 'summer 50'. Not much left there, although there are a couple Aero cafe racers and a Filson bag. http://www.themandonstore.com/
Damn, can't get on Marrkt. On the lookout for some nice trousers...
I'm a beanpole, so slouchy often looks like homeless on me.Good points. I have some linen socks that have some polyester, and they still don't hold their shape much at all. I may still give it a try, though, for something new.
I'm considering buying a linen knit. But, from what I remember, they are heavy and stretch a lot. Not sure I could handle the slouchy fit.
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