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If you guys are on the fence between two sizes, always go with the larger.
Definitely not. Just wear it oversized.
Damn, that's a crazy sale at Bench and Loom. Nothing that I want left in my size. Are they going out of business or something? They're the closest shop to me, and I've never ordered anything from them.
I walked all over Mexico City in my Boseys last week. I liked them so much that I picked up another pair on Ebay just now. I had to pay full retail, essentially, but got my first pair at half price.
About the only thing that strikes me this fall is the farm pant, which I think looks great. Well, and I'd love an indigo Everest parka. But, I could go on a trip around the world for that price...
A couple of East Harbour Surplus shirts, sized small, for wearing under knits. Great slim fit, and the soft collar is nice for this purpose.
^I regret having sold mine. It was the earlier version with buttons and no third pocket on the front.
Thanks for the tips. We'll be staying at the Radisson for a conference. I'll be heading out for the afternoons, and plan to use cabs from the hotel. I'll be sure to have them recommend the best method for returning to the hotel. I've spent a fair amount of time in larger cities (including San Jose, CR), so I think I'm fairly adept at fitting in (although, I am tall with a red beard).I think I'll just wear tees/jeans/ball caps for the most part, and nicer clothes for...
I'm headed to Mexico City tomorrow, and am trying to decide whether to pack tees/jeans/chucks to not stand out, or linen buttondowns/chinos/Aldens. I'll mostly be in Zocalo and Bosque de Chapultepec with the rest of the tourists for a couple of days, but I will be staying in the DF.
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