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LOL, Other shop
Well, I just spent an hour trying on two coats I own, but have never worn, to decide which (or both) to sell. After roasting under an Inverallan knit and wool cap, I decided I kinda like both of them. That wasn't very helpful. Nanamica Windstopper duffle RRL Crawford English tweed coat (although quite a bit baggy in the body and would need to be taken in a bit. Plus, my wife says her Dad has had a similar coat for the past 40 years. Not sure what to make of...
Sure, will do, guys. I'm not necessarily expecting some magical waterproof jacket since I'll use it mostly as a winter parka. I have my Cabourn Cameraman for wet, snowy days, and tech wear for truly wet days. My expectations are also probably a little lower considering I got it for 70% off. Really, I just want a parka to wear over Inverallan knits, and would love to get the shearling liner and hood for wearing with thinner layers.
This looks so cozy. I want my storm parka to look like this eventually.
oh.... I picked up a couple by East Harbour Surplus this past summer, and had hoped they were more easily obtainable.
What, Banana Republic?
Ready for winter. Ten C S&C Heschung
I would love to know where to get some unstructured spread collar shirts like this.
Well, here's to hoping that Ten-c fits TTS. I just picked up the Storm Parka at 70% off from Bodega. As long as it fits, I think I finally found my go-to winter parka. I like the adaptability of adding liners, but I also want to be able to wear it unlined over Inverallan knits. I am a little concerned that I should have gone with a 48, but Haven's measurements look like it should be just right in 50, my usual size for outerwear. It doesn't really look like a boxy...
Esk Cashmere has been making Cabourn knits in Scotland for years, but I am not sure about the fair isle.
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