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Which would be far too narrow in the shoulders and short in the sleeves on me
About time! I've had all four of mine taken in in the body.
Best sales ever were the early sample sales that Superdenim used to run! Lots of cool deadstock and samples at low prices.Woah, return of the four pleat trouser! The RAF blue would match my navy Centenary Mallory nicely. I wish I had bought the matching vest when I had the chance!
I wound up with two Scott & Charters lambswool cardigans last year, and I really only need one. Plus, I've run out of room in my closet! This grey mix shawl collar cardigan was from NMWA, and is new and unworn. The sizing runs large, and I would say that this knit would be best for someone who wears a large for a regular (not slim) fit. It could be worn by someone who is a medium for an oversized fit (or as outerwear), or someone who is an XL for a slimmer fit. The...
Lulllzzzzzz. We'd pay the same amount for a jacket, except 15% would go to you? I hope you are joking.
Man, you really are a grumpy old dude. Impromptu chats with my neighbors are one of the most personally enriching parts of commuting through my neighborhood. There is a rehabilitation center (i.e., nursing home, but not just for old people) a couple blocks from my house, so I get to have some really interesting conversations with some very peculiar characters. It's fun.
It's a hell of a nice thing to be able to commute only by foot or bike from your front door. It's worth a lot more than just the time savings. There's something wonderful about walking out my front door and strolling or biking through my neighborhood to work. I get to know the place and people more, and it makes me a hell of a lot happier than sitting in a car/bus/train.
I like the cap. Was it from Ebay?
Armpit to cuff is a horrible way to measure. You can have two sleeves with the same sleeve length from the shoulder, but very different measurements from the pit due to the armhole size. Inverallan knits have wide sleeves, which makes measurements from the pit short.
I'm not purchasing much these days (actually thinking about selling a fair amount), so I pretty much only get the occasional unique pieces. Like an Inverallan cashmere scarf.
New Posts  All Forums: