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Damn nice pieces, man. If I wasn't trying to pare down outerwear, I would grab that Dauntless.
All sold.
All sold.
Well, then, your online persona was born middle-aged. I'm sure it has nothing to do with who you are in Real Life.
Well, no, I do prefer a shirt sleeve length of 34.5"! I generally wear a 38/40R jacket. The sleeves look a little long on you, especially if it had been an OCBD. So, maybe the OCBDs I have on order will fit me well.
Yep. Leder handknits at 60% off? I felt like it was my duty to kop.
It is a knitwear kind of week.
Thanks, nomeX. That is promising for me. I'm waiting on some slim M shirts and have the same dimensions as you, but am 7" taller. I'm hoping the sizing comes up just right on me.
LOL. Some of you guys are way too impatient.
Price Drops on the remaining two knits.
New Posts  All Forums: