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Well, in the end, it was another sweater in the tan color, so another strike out! Time to take a break....
Goddamnit I am going to fly 2500 miles just to kick his ass if he sells that jacket. Nobody buy it.
I've got a great photo in mind for a historical challenge.
^Seriously. I buy one new pair of raw denim each year, which is plenty when you add them to previous years' jeans.
Haha. H Markopolos must have been one of those dudes who ordered twenty pairs of jeans because the price was so great. That's the only reason I can think of for his raging bitterness.
Need? What is this need you speak of?Maybe two months, but not a year... Sad thing is, it's been so warm the past couple winters that I haven't even pulled out my Inverallans or similar knits.
I'm just tryin' to break my losing streak. The tan does look great, and if the grey isn't as nice, I can always resell. It's a beautiful knit.
So, yes, I already have this in tan, but why not also have it in grey? A nice little MH piece from AW10 that popped up on Ebay UK.
Man, I need to just stop buying stuff. Most seasons, I find a handful of great things on deep sale. But, this time, I've struck out with about seven things in a row. It's a tough feeling...
I bought this just to spite you all (and possibly myself). Esk cashmere cotton tee. Matches disappeared it when they offered the extra20 code, but I had it open in a window. $400>$82.
New Posts  All Forums: