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^I regret having sold mine. It was the earlier version with buttons and no third pocket on the front.
Thanks for the tips. We'll be staying at the Radisson for a conference. I'll be heading out for the afternoons, and plan to use cabs from the hotel. I'll be sure to have them recommend the best method for returning to the hotel. I've spent a fair amount of time in larger cities (including San Jose, CR), so I think I'm fairly adept at fitting in (although, I am tall with a red beard).I think I'll just wear tees/jeans/ball caps for the most part, and nicer clothes for...
I'm headed to Mexico City tomorrow, and am trying to decide whether to pack tees/jeans/chucks to not stand out, or linen buttondowns/chinos/Aldens. I'll mostly be in Zocalo and Bosque de Chapultepec with the rest of the tourists for a couple of days, but I will be staying in the DF.
Can anyone recommend a simple, slim-fitting, point collar shirt that I might wear under knits? Gitman OCBDs are too beefy.
Alright, a few last bits of knitwear. Inis Meain Laurence J Smith Mahayatra
My Esk knit seems to be hung up in customs for a while. It was sent DHL Economy from Germany, which had me worried. But, it looks like they are transferring it to the USPS, which hopefully means less likelihood of duties.
Fair point on Made in China, Dave. I'm not necessarily concerned where something is made. But, when I know a MF piece was made by Sugar Cane in Japan, there is a very high expectation in my mind. I only own MF from the Naval Tailor line (and a Mulholland Master), so I haven't seen much of the Made in US stuff with the exception of a couple of tees.
My feelings exactly. Compared to RRL, MF is an entire level above in terms of construction and fabric, generally. All of the MF I own, which is quite a lot, was made by Sugar Cane in Japan. The construction is comparable to the Made in England Cabourn garments I own. Much of the RRL that I have is fairly obviously not as well constructed, and not worth anywhere near full retail. RRL's pre-distressing is a big turnoff for me, and I pretty much only buy rigid/unwashed...
It is that one, indeed. I don't have the waistcoat myself. I just remember seeing it in a shop when I bought my army Mallory.Well, we all need one.
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