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I just picked up a pair of the same deck pants in a slate blue covert twill that were probably from a couple years ago. They were made by ARN Mercantile, which I am guessing is no longer the case? I have a few pairs of ARN-made Cabourn trousers that are now a size too large for me that I'll gladly save for when I'm old and fat
I'll agree related to Mister Freedom being very high quality using exceptional fabrics. I have somewhere around 10-12 MF garments, mostly from the original Naval Tailor line. MF was my introduction to heritage clothing, and I remember each garment blowing my mind on first look. Much of it used to be made by Sugar Cane to exceptionally high standards. I no longer wear a few of the MF garments that I have, but couldn't imagine getting rid of them. I'd put Mister Freedom...
I can't seem to figure out where to enter the promo code...
Nigel Cabourn heavy covert twill trousers from back in the day when Arn Mercantile made them.
It's still working, but very, very slowly. I picked up the navy deck trouser. I had these in a beautiful heavy covert grey twill, and it turned out that they ran way too small. Looks like sizing up this time should work. I was very happy to find these, since I've always thought that the ARN-made trousers were from Cabourn's heyday (at least for trousers).
My wife woke me up this morning just as I was dreaming that Stanley van Buren had made giant crepes with fruit animals on toothpicks. I didn't get to eat one
The cynic in me wonders if they were receiving the deduction (or whatever it is) and just not passing it on to the customer.
I have never ordered from Coggles simply based on their BS response that they don't deduct VAT because it is my responsibility to contact the appropriate agency to be refunded VAT after the fact.
Does anyone know of a good source for plain white tees with a shallow v-neck, preferably slimmer fitting or stretch, perhaps even pima cotton?
Received the island print shirt from MyHabit. It fits substantially smaller than my standard blue OCBD, but that's ok for a summer shirt. It has nice smoke MOP buttons, too
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