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Nice rec of Nonnative, cyc. I have not seen Minotaur yet, but will keep an eye out. DWW- Thanks for the recs. I was sad that I missed out on the S&C chunky cardigan from NMWA last FW. I'll have to keep an eye out this year. I did check Berk, and they seem largely sold out. William Lockie does look nice, but a bit too CM/trad for my taste.
Anyone recommend some luxe heritage knitwear, for lack of a better term? I'm not looking for something to be worn with a tie, though. I'm thinking more along the lines of something a fisherman might wear, but couldn't afford to wear. I'm burned out on Inverallan and Inis Meain, so don't recommend those. My latest purchase was Margaret Howell's indigo linen cable knit, as an example.
Funny, was just browsing the site. I'd probably enjoy looking at everything, but none of it is going to be a steal. Much of the suiting looks like it's half price, but I'd be more inclined to check out the shirting and knitwear. I could go for this shirt, for summertime weekend wear:
Just picked up some indigo tees with the survey code. Thanks, guys.
Most Margaret Howell seems to be designed to fit oversized on taller men. Maybe Caveat isn't tall enough (sorry), but the main issue is that he's not wearing it as intended. I recommend he put on some shoes and a nice crisp shirt, steam the suit, roll the trousers, and try again with photos.
Annual pair of jeans Horsehide leather jacket, possibly Badass down parka
More Margaret Howell (albeit MHL). Quite possibly my new favorite label.
I'm going to consider this the official MH thread, since sipang did such a nice job starting it. I just picked up my first Margaret Howell piece, the indigo linen cable knit from Unionmade, and it is a thing of beauty. I sized well, and it seems to fit slimmer than the grey version shown above.
Margaret Howell, in linen and indigo
^9.5 in what? Hopefully, that's what you wear in Alden Barrie. If not, I just might be in between sizes :\
New Posts  All Forums: