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Chup socks are great. Anonymousism is a near second, although they run pretty small and short, generally.
I've been moving away from Gitman shirts for a bit now. BBBF are nice, and Carson Street Clothiers shirts are pretty much the perfect fit for me. Aside from Gustin, Gitman seem to be the only standard OCBDs made from interesting fabrics other than your typical oxford cloths. I don't even count Japanese-made shirts because the shoulders are always way too narrow for me. I won't wear Uniqlo (too boring), but the rest of my family wears it. My wife and daughter love the...
^It's not about wearing it. It's about having it. Get on board, man.That's the only bad example. Look at any of Gustin's other shirt offerings, and you get (presumably) wonderful fabrics, a choice of fits, and high armholes for the price of a Gitman on substantial sale. I just ordered my first shirt from them (slim fit, thank you), and will happily blow out all of my Gitmans on B&S if it works out.
The vnecks are not the relaxed style, and they definitely are longer (which I like). They are indeed thick and could be worn as a tee. Yes, I take my regular size.
I have some of their vnecks, and they're the nicest ones I've ever worn. The cotton is super soft, and the bit of stretch is perfect.
Someone should buy it, say they didn't receive it, get their refund, and then send it back to sipang.
I like both for different purposes. My MH knits are exquisite, and my MHL knit (raw merino rollneck) is super utilitarian with a nice slouchy fit.
Mike, I don't think you should be pursuing that knit any further.
I received my "Gitman Vintage" shirt from GILT yesterday. While it is indeed the Japanese linen from SS14, the shirt itself seems to be a standard Gitman short. It has a reinforced collar, cuffs, and placket. Ironically, I think I like it a little more than most of my GV shirts. The fit is slimmer, although it still has the #%$^%*#! low arm holes. Either way, I need to stop buying Gitman shirts. There's just too much to dislike about the fit and construction.
In my experience, yes.
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