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Broadfall trousers. I used to wear them when I worked at a museum dedicated to 19th Century maritime history. (0)
I thought we were back to discussing Manton working for Trump when I saw a preview of your post.
How so? The waist can vary a lot, depending on the model. Which fabric are they?
We're taking topknots because we are all samurai. Too bad my hair fell out.
White dudes making a society for white dudes that needs to be protected in perpetuity by and for white dudes. Maybe someone, at a different time, in a different place, can explain to me how that's governing America, and not white nationalism.O rite, the J Crew red chambrays! And the limited edition Apolis+Filson bag that wasn't so limited edition.
IDK, man. Dudes were all wearing BoO shirts and APCs, both sized down two, and red Wing GTs back when I joined. So much more interesting now.I don't, and I did actually laugh.
The aspect of this viewpoint that I find laughable is: At what point did threat and degradation begin to emerge? When the colonists arrived? I'm sure American Indians felt that way. Or, was it when white dudes of European descent are facing the real possibility of being a minority in America?
I'll start with a sloppy roll and see how I feel. I rarely ever have the occasion or am in the environment to wear a suit, so I think a more causal look would do the trick. I might go with a cuff and sloppy break eventually. I'm really not into the whole short cuff look.
So, I have three pairs of narrow trousers that need hemming- grey moleskin, indigo linen, and khaki cotton. I'm trying to figure out how and at what length I want them hemmed. I really don't do the cropped look at all, and I don't want them to wind up looking like a generic pair of biz cas trousers. Any advice? Or, should I just do a tiny hem and roll them? Or cuff them long? Black rolled Moleskins rolled Cotton rolled
It actually looks like it is the result of the shearling being stitched down under the Ventile.
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