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oh.... I picked up a couple by East Harbour Surplus this past summer, and had hoped they were more easily obtainable.
What, Banana Republic?
Ready for winter. Ten C S&C Heschung
I would love to know where to get some unstructured spread collar shirts like this.
Well, here's to hoping that Ten-c fits TTS. I just picked up the Storm Parka at 70% off from Bodega. As long as it fits, I think I finally found my go-to winter parka. I like the adaptability of adding liners, but I also want to be able to wear it unlined over Inverallan knits. I am a little concerned that I should have gone with a 48, but Haven's measurements look like it should be just right in 50, my usual size for outerwear. It doesn't really look like a boxy...
Esk Cashmere has been making Cabourn knits in Scotland for years, but I am not sure about the fair isle.
Another TBS code. If you guys can quote the one you use, that will save others a lot of time. FW14-20-3WNTT
Like I said. Women od ALL ages.
I think I'm at that magical age of about 40 when I'm appealing to women of all ages.
Nah, Canadian women Are cute everywhere. Like Iceland.
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