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Looks like a fungus.
That feeling when Black Friday is rolling around and there's absolutely nothing that I have my eye on.
I've always thought that Lavenham jackets look like giant oven mitts.
Thinking about that Leder deck jacket. How does it fit you guys? I'm usually a medium/40 in most everything, but the measurements of the small seem ideal. I'm tall and slim, and prefer outerwear that isn't boxy.
Yeah, the IM yarn is incredibly soft, and the rollneck collars are generally not snug at all.Weeeeird. I tried the 42 in the navy Cowichan since I am a M/L in IM (6'2", 160lbs), and it was a big pear shaped coat on me. I'm guessing the 40 will be much better.
More importantly, it looks like @Synthese sized way down on that Cowichan. I sized up one on the navy, and it was too big. Going to try my usual size next.
Except that these are musk ox.
Not a chance!
One of the results of being on SF for seven years now is that I do heavy landscaping work in an old USN watch cap, a beat up Engineered Garments hoody, Momotaro jeans, and Red Wing Beckmans.
So delicious! Oh, and I found your sharpie if you are missing one
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