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I suspect that I am going to waste a lot of time browsing through online sales over the next few days only to not buy anything.
Form a business perspective, the Archive on Cabourn makes complete sense. I bought my Cameraman from the only North American stocklist back in ~2009/10 when it was a relatively unknown brand here. As a result, I got a nice deal on it come sale time. The couple of years after, Cabourn wound up with a fair amount of surplus and samples after each season, which he happily unloaded to Lewis at Superdenim. I remember Lewis' first Cabourn sample sale (pre-Marrkt) during...
Only losers wait to buy something from SEHK. Thats like the #1 rule: no waiting.Regarding the jumpers, the ten ply tuck stitch shawl collar jumper is one of the finest knits I own. It's so warm. I did size up one to a large mostly for the length (for some reason, I find SEHK tops/coats to run short), and it's a wonderful, relaxed fit.
Thanks, guys Everything came together even better than expected. I've lucked out and found some pretty amazing pieces this year.
Thanks. You could say I'm quite happy with it The older Harris Tweed four pleat trousers run a size small, so mine are 34 rather than my usual 32. They're also not absurdly huge in the legs like many Cabourn trousers are. These are a great straight leg cut.
Nigel Cabourn Mallory suit.
Mallory suit.
^Oh, funny. Well, you did kindly accept my offer. Thanks!They say machine wash, madeEbay
Man, these buckleback cords that I picked up are glorious. They're from the suiting line, with just beautiful construction and material. They're probably one of the nicest finds I've had lately. TIme to get them hemmed... thinking of a cuff.
I'm feeling like I've behaved in a similar manner :\ Although, it does make me feel good in some sort of strange way that Black Friday has become irrelevant to my wardrobe.
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