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I'll be returning the 31x34 to Unionmade, where I bought them at full price. Just grabbed a pair in 32x34 for $170 from the RL site
I received the rigid officers chinos in olive today, and they are a very similar shade to the sulphur dye, but with a green tint.The disappointing thing was just how slim they are in the legs. They are 31x34 and fit the same as my other 31W in the waist, but like my 30W pair (which is too slim to wear) in the legs. I compared them on top of each other, and it indeed looks like the legs are sized down one exactly compared to last year's rigid officer's chinos. Guess I'll...
The buckles are probably too wide to fit in the small flat rate box, unless you want to fold the belt up, which is a bad thing. Seriously, though, I could lose $4.27 in the wash and not notice. If you want the thing, just buy it.
That's perfect. Thanks!
Can anyone recommend a fairly minimalist laptop bag in black nylon that can fit a 15" MBP? Around $100 or so would be great, if possible.
Or, maybe everyone just posted crap for a week and none of it deserved thumbs.
LOL, I just got the same response to an email I sent back on 11/3.
I love red bean ice cream! Oh, sorry.
Yes, they are always like that. And, the buttons are poorly sewn on, so they rip off pretty quickly. So, the first thing you should do is resew all of the buttons on before you lose them.
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