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Made in Japan and imported to the U.K.?
Hobnail boots are cool, but you'd never be able to wear them indoors.
The arrival of spring is sad, in a way, because it means it's time to put away the chunky knits.
I picked up this Frank Leder linen shirt from someone here, who bought it from NMWA. It is a tunic/scalloped hem shirt, which fits at least a size larger than Frank Leder's other shirts. So, while this shirt is tagged as a medium, it would best fit someone who is a Large or XL. Beautiful fabric, would love for this shirt to go to a good home. Shoulders: 18.7" Chest: 47.5" Length: 33.5" Sleeves: 26" $75 shipped in the US. Paypal only.
It's a fairly historic cut. Similar shirts had a little placket extension at the bottom with a button hole that attached to the top button of your trousers! That's probably why the placket doesn't extend farther on these. It's definitely not my usual cut, but I hate to see a nice Leder shirt linger at deep discount. They all need good homes...
Well, that black Leder shirt was way too big in my usual size (medium), so I'm trying to size down on this one.
I did buy a shirt from them this year, and I like it a lot. That's a nice knit! I might pick up a knit from them, but I really have so many already... probably 25 knits that are all so nice that I don't want to pare them down. Anyway, thanks for the heads up on the private sale! I will check it out .
I'll probably pick up the oatmeal one if I like the fit of this one. Or, maybe I will size down one. I've been trying to incorporate more blacks and greys into my wardrobe lately. I've always ignored them.Yeah, I think I'm up to five FL shirts now, and some trousers and a knit. Definitely my favorite designer these days.
The 10-ply knits are wonderful, but almost a novelty. Mine is warmer than my Inverallan knits, which is saying something. Paul, do you know which colors the 4-ply Geelong knits will be?
Frank Leder linen shirt. Gonna give one of the big tunic shirts a try. Can't promise I won't slim it down some.
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