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Tarmac, I know a picture tells a thousand words, but please give your thoughts in text as well as your lovely pictures. ;p
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey No, I think Vox was answering you questions.. No, no. I meant Bird. I appreciated Vox's answer, as usual.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Dude, we've been drinking and we aren't getting laid. What did you expect? lol ;/
Oh, look: another SF'er making snide posts on a Saturday night that don't even directly address my questions.
The lasts? The leather? The designs? The workmanship? A combination of the above? More generally, what makes a better shoe--and how could you discern superiority from inferiority simply by picking up a leather shoe and examining it?
I was just about to post about the three-figure admission being somewhat prohibitive...$76 is more realistic for a lowly student. Probably will attend now.
Well, like many of you here, I was shocked to find that Johnston & Murphy shoes suck. You know, everyone I knew thought J&M was the bee's knees. Then I discovered Allen Edmonds and never looked back. But now I'm looking forward. Where do people tend to go after hitting a mid-tier brand like AE? Part of the reason I've stayed with AE so long is that they fit my odd feet very well (9.5 EE) and still have some respectable models left. Still, I'm interested in branching...
What is a ventilated shoe tree? Is it something like this: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=...:0&tx=50&ty=70
Yeah, I think I'll just use plastic for storing some of my "cheap" shoes; I did a good google search but can't find split-toe plastic shoe trees. I do think that's problematic even for storage. ;/
I have purchased from Cedarville. They still cost triple or quadruple the price. If people can explain to me the superiority of wood over plastic when it comes to storage (as in, not wearing the shoes for weeks), then I'm all ears. I've read quite a few articles on the issue and most end up touting cedar for moisture absorption--which has no relevance when it comes to storage. I myself would rather buy another pair or two of shoes than spend money on cedar shoe...
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