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Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 My friend had Lasik surgery and he admits it is the best decision he had ever made in his life. The only drawback is it isn't permanent so he is back to wearing glasses at the moment but he is planning on getting it again when he can. yeah this happened to me, while I can get away without glasses 98% of the time, I need them for driving at night and on other rare occasions. I got it a long time ago so I am...
J crew has a "slim fit" version of some of their shirts online. If you email "Jack" at J Crew and ask for measurements of a particular shirt, you will get a response with detailed measurements of the garment. I have never tried on the slim fit shirts so I can't say if they are really what they advertise as. I do own some regular J crew tailored stuff and a LE Canvas chambray shirt and they fit pretty similar. For shirts I plan to tuck in I would get the back darted for...
pretty much all people who visit this thread more than once a day have a sickness
added lots of new items, thanks for looking.
1) Gant Rugger Awning stripe oxford shirt. Size M. SOLD
Quote: Originally Posted by Renton Here's my small but ever growing collection. #8 NST Blucher, #8 PTB, and 405 Indy boots but the next time we do this, I should have more to show. I've got more than a few on order. I have these exact 3 pairs, and they are great!
Uniqlo, WWM, skinny ties, vintage Dior ties, Dior Homme card case
eff those black leydon boots are great, I'd definitely snatch those up too if I saw them on the seconds list
most of the belt makers here have only a limited supply of buckles, like 6-10 styles which are pretty standard. I don't believe that finding unique buckles is a good use of their time. They can all however make the belts with snaps or chicago screws so that you can change the buckle out for anything you find on your own provided it's the right size for the belt. GL.
size up then ^
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