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flex welt = water loc sole by a different name, it's just oiled leather. A double water lock is a double sole with the oiled leather, probably looks more rugged in most cases. Both are great for the rain, in fact the regular leather soles are fine for the rain too though some people prefer that they are worn in a bit in dry weather.
all sold, thanks for looking
all items sold except remaining shirt which I have dropped the price, somebody snatch it up before I decide to keep it and get it tailored!
price drop, thanks for looking!
yes the measurements are correct, someone else asked me this so I'll answer this here - the shirt definitely fits slim in the shoulders but the sleeves won't be too short since they are cut longer. I usually wear shirts and jackets with 17" shoulders but still find this shirt comfortable in the Small. I hope this helps.
yep, would keep if it fitted me better. the sale was slim pickings by the time I got there, I am sure someone else got a lot more good stuff in the morning.
some outerwear added, I will consider offers if anyone is interested in more than one item, thanks again for looking!
price drop on shirts! a lot of stuff sold
great stuff, good thing a lot of it is not what i am looking for, but still tempting
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Does anyone know how consistent Filson's process for canvas color is? I'm trying to put together a set of otter green bags and I have a hard time finding bags that look like they match. It seems as the bags age they lose their green tone and start to turn almost grey or brown. Or is all the variety because Filson has used slightly different colors of canvas? Do they have different sources? if you buy...
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