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though it's been said before, the best way to determine fit and comfort is to ensure that the ball of your foot is at the widest part of the shoes. some people may have short toes and some people may have longer toes but using that area as a reference point has always worked well for me. Also there is just a feel when you put on a pair of shoes if it feels slightly too large or slightly too tight. If you think it fits you well and is not causing any pain or slipping off...
Hi everyone, I have a few items for sale here, prices are firm, please PM if interested in purchasing. Asking price includes shipping costs in CONUS. 1) New With Tags Gant Rugger striped poplin shirt. Hugger Fit. Color is "Skipper Blue" which is greyish blue with yellow stripes. Size SMALL, asking SOLD. For more pics please see here: http://www.parkandbond.com/product/85183521 Measurements: Shoulders: 16" Chest: 19.5" Sleeves: 26.5" Length: 29.5" 2) Flathead Glory...
Hi everyone, I have a pair of Crockett Jones for RL cognac shell cordovan loafers for sale. These are not the Marlow style, they are called Prescott and retailed for $850.00. These are in flawless condition, and are size 7D US (or 6.5 UK). Bottom outside soles measure 3 7/8" wide and 10 7/8" long. Insoles measure 10 1/8" long. These will go to the first person to offer $500 inclusive of all shipping and fees. I will consider offers as well but will not respond to offers...
shoes look absolutely great! it's good to know that there are more choices out there that don't start near the $1000 mark. hopefully they'll branch to the U.S. in the near future
Hi all, I bought these in Uniqlo soho after feeling how soft they are, but they are bit small for me and I couldn't return since I lost the receipt. They are heather blue and would fit best for someone with 27-29 waist and 5'8" or shorter. They are NEW WITH TAGS. Retail is only $19.50 and I'll sell it for that price shipped free to you. Please PM me if interested. Measurments: Waist: 28" unstretched Total Length down side: 38.5"
Hi everyone, I have a nice DARK BROWN shell cordovan watch strap that I don't need. Bought from Chronoworld on Ebay several months ago. Here is a link to the original item. I am looking for $60 total shipped within the USA. please PM me if interested. Paypal is welcome. http://www.ebay.com/itm/FLUCO-Horween-Shell-Cordovan-WatchStrap-20mm-Dark-Brown-/200601494302?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item2eb4c7e31e
I don't get this, you sound shocked if not disappointed that J crew sent you a brand new pair instead of one that was a return. Also I am pretty sure that the color is not J crew's fault so much as it is Alden's. Of course if you only want to buy new deadstock BB shell you are entitled to do that. But from the sounds of it, it was a "flawless" pair and likely to get a rich color with sun exposure like most pairs of #8. Good luck with your search for the perfect pair of...
I have 3 Barrie boots in size 8D and they fit similar to my barrie longwing blucher and PTB in size 7.5D. I think you can get away with more room for a boot since there's more ankle support. As for the NST boot in barrie, the particular pair I tried in 7.5D was a tad small, and in 8D was a tad large. Such a shame since I love the look of them.
In looking for black friday deals, I found these in my size at shoemart and could not resist getting them, even though they were full price. They are Ravello shell, bootmaker edition on Barrie Last. I am sad to hear of the steep price increase in Aldens even though I own enough already. I only hope that everyone involved in making the shoes are reaping the rewards of their popularity at this time and not just the head honchos. Anyways enjoy the pics.
those white soles make the Indys look like Timberlands, which is not a good thing. As for the dimple on the shoes, if you felt the need to post pictures of them asking for advice, it is obvious that you are not happy with them so it makes sense to send them back regardless of what caused it. Good luck getting a proper replacement pair.
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