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an hour past picture monday but here is part (about half) of my collection
there's tons pics online already but here are some of my LS makeup on plaza when they were new
these have served me well, I recommend the deluxe as they are a bit thicker and take up more room if that's what you need. if you google around you may find a better price elsewhere)
what are you saying? you don't want to admit that you are wearing a $500 version of the boots your parent's milkman used to wear
great shirt - too bad it seems I am in between sizes for Gitman Vintage
hi everyone, have 2 items for sale here, prices include shipping costs and paypal fees. check out my sig for more items. please PM with interest, offers may be considered if you are looking to buy more than one item 1) Chippewa for J Crew Mocc toe engineer boots. Size 8 medium width. In excellent 9/10 condition, no longer being sold, this size was never online and was a rare find in a store. Asking $185 OBO shipped in CONUS. I wear a size 8 in most Alden shoes and 41 in...
that's what we all say and then you realize that you don't want to wait 5-10 years to get a rare shell boot/shoe, and you justify it by saying that if you get the new pair now, you can enjoy them in the meantime with the knowledge that Alden prices will probably be more insane in 5-10 years. good luck resisting
I have a standard XS which fits me (normally a small perfectly). the torso is a bit boxy, it'd be nice if it had a drawstring at the waist, but the arms are actually quite slim and fitted. construction is also pretty darn good imo though i just wear it in the city. overall I do recommend it if you can get it for low $200 pricepoint.
umm someone is selling ravello chukkas for an insanely low price on ebay, better jump on them if they are your size
having handled both brand in person, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the choices. If you tend to wear really slim fitting european cut suits, the Aldens would provide a nice contrast in form, but the Carminas would work as well. If your suits are fuller cut, the sleekness of the Carminas would look off in my opinion. I am a big Alden fan and despite the opinion of some members here, I really do think that depending on the last and style, they really can be worn...
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