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Hi everyone, I have this great shirt here from the guys at Epaulet. Got it last year but hardly worn it since I had a Gitman shirt that was very similar. It is in mint condition, as new. No longer sold online. Asking $95.00 OBO shipped in the U.S. Actual Measurements: shoulders: 17.25" chest:19.75" length: 29.5" sleeves: 25.5" Please PM me if interested. Thanks! check out my sig for some other items I am selling
yeah just checked out the website and saw that those cigar indys are on Barrie which is a definite winner. Too bad this is an "exclusive" and costs around $900, if any US retailers were to make a similar model I am sure they'd sell out in the pre-order (not that I need any more shoes at this point)
Hi there, selling this great jacket, worn about 10 times, in MINT condition. Fit is pretty slim, please see my auction for measurements and pics. paypal welcome, please PM me if interested. Asking $155.00 total shipped in the US.
yeah I have a few pairs of alphas and there is definitely like a half size variation between different colors tagged the same size. Just try your luck and don't be too anal, they are not that expensive and you can usually return depending on where you buy them.
these look great, I think they are on tru-balance last
damn why did I click on that link
imo the NST design on a BOOT is perfect with the Barrie last or the Military last (for the japanese market), for the Aberdeen or Plaza it looks off, too much clashing of casual design with a dressy last. On the other hand my Aberdeen NST shoes have gotten tons of wear. I'm sure that others think differently and that's why there's all sorts of make-ups for us to choose from and buy (if we are fast enough)
great picture! I never thought I liked the look of the tremont last until I saw this
yeah unless there is a harsh or no return policy - always jump on the rare models especially if you were contemplating them already. once you get them home and on your feet, you will know right away if you have buyer's remorse or if you got yourself a keeper. Anyways don't dwell on it too much, another great make-up is just around the corner.
upper left - Winn Perry reverse chamois "little tanks"upper center - modified last loden calf plain toe boots (these were 2nds from shoemart)upper right - stock model kudu chukka on Barrie with the goodyear rubber soleslower left - J crew captoelower center - #8 NST on Aberdeenlower right - #8 LWB
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