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needing to tuck the leather under itself to form the toes takes these to the next level, I can see where the $730 markup comes from now
haha I'm a fan of those but would probably get a couple pairs of something more traditional first.
yeah those bootmaker editions usually start at size 8.5, bad for those with smaller feet , sometimes the very popular ones will be made in sizes smaller than 8.5, in which case if its something you are interested in you'd better jump on it because they usually only have one in stock of each size, good thing Shoemart has a good return policy
these are some nice looking kicks, too bad they are only slightly cheaper than CP's (considering you can usually get CP's for a discounted price if you are patient)
stuff looks great, makes me want to break out the tailored stuff i have stashed away in my closet behind the raw denim and flannel shirts
if I were in your position, I would also consider the possibility of a captoe boot on barrie (something like the J Crew jumper boots, or the Unionmade Kirkwood boot with commando sole), OR the classic 1339 shell chukka in #8 (though from personal experience I found the shell chukka to be a bit blobby compared to lace up boots in the same last and size). in any case you have a great collection already so don't rush to get anything that is not 100% what you want.
I own both the LWB and PTB, since they are on the same last and are both blucher style, if you are wearing them for casual purposes only you may find that they are somewhat similar when compared side by side. If you are deciding on a boot or a PTB, I would recommend a boot, especially if there is a model you like that in stock in your size as that is less often the case.
^ good for them, I hope they are able to incorporate it into a few different models
looks like a great shoe to compliment your denim collection
no, I check the stores that get special makes ups regularly and the Barrie lasted "indy" boots are pretty new and scarce. I wouldn't be surprised though if more shops do a make up with that combo
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