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Ravello, shoemart bootmaker edition
Was polishing my collection and figured I share a pic or two (and show off some that are overdue to be worn).
Hi all, I have been renewning my tie wardrobe and bought a lot of ties recently, some new, some vintage. The following are some that are nice but I am not looking to keep. Prices include shipping within USA, I am willing to give a $5 discount for every 3 that you buy, prices are firm otherwise. Regular paypal payment is welcome. The pictures are of the ties in lots, I have more pictures of each individual item, please PM if interested. Lot 1 from left to right 1) Vintage...
Hi everyone, got some stuff for sale. I have measurements and more pics, prices include shipping within USA just PM if interested. Would be glad to work out a deal if buying more than one item. 1) RRL green selvedge stripe button down shirt. Size S - SOLD 2) Brooklyn Tailors Blue Giza Cotton Oxford size 2 - NWT - SOLD 3) J Crew "Harington Bucks" tan suede - size 8.5 worn 3-4 times, practically new. SOLD 4) Used Future Korean Designer Brand A2 Leather bomber Jacket -...
as counter intuitive as it may sound, start from the bottom up. get 1-2 really good pairs of leather shoes - brown is more casual than black, then get really well fitting chinos for work (I like darker colored ones as they are less common but lighter ones may work better for spring./summer). After that then work on button up shirts/sweaters/jackets. Most people when starting to shop for themselves do ok on shirts and pants but then horrible shoes (new or old) ruins the...
definitely the levi's bag or small duffle that size. The Medium is way too big for everyday and is suitable for a week long trip.
for me 8D in M58 last black calf, and 7.5D Barrie last in style 975 #8 shell fit about the same, if this helps
I owned the LWB in #8 and the plaza last wingtip boot in #8. Ended up selling the wingtip boot as the two were really similar and the wingtip boots weren't getting any wear. I would try to branch out more in style and colors. You really don't need the boot and shoe version of the same design and color.
No intro needed I hope. These rare boots were only tried on a few times at home and worn around the block 2-3 times to test for fit. Unfortunately for me they pinch my toes a bit on my right foot (which I noticed is slightly larger than my left). Otherwise they are in like new condition. Will be shipped from NY , my asking price includes USPS Priority mail within the U.S. If you need international shipping it will be an additional $45.00. These are heavy boots, from the...
The #8 2 eyelet chukka is a super versatile shoe. One of the reasons that Leathersoul states it is their best seller. If kept clean and well polished, can go with suits to jeans and chinos, I personally wear #8 and khaki chinos often. Cigar is an alternative but more rare. #8 and navy pants is a great combo. Hope this helps.
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