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Thanks! I'll get in touch after the holidays.
This post was from back in March 2013 so I'm just wondering if the EG plus size central stock availability is still valid. Thanks!
Would love it if you'd run that feature up to 12.5 instead of stopping at 12.
Price drop to $300.00
I checked out the Midnight Blue one a few weeks ago and they were black grosgrain lapels. Definitely a sharp tux though it's really blue! Not what I would call Midnight at all.
I'm going to go against the grain and say that the London is a roomier fit than that Napoli. I bought a 44L London and the only alterations I had to make were to cuff the pants. Love that suit. Too bad Suitsupply only offers it in navy so I also went with a charcoal Napoli. The jacket fits but the pants downright suck. Yeah, I'm quite a bit bigger than 99% of you (6'4" 225 lbs, athletic from squats, deadlifts, presses, etc.) and the London pants barely fit me but the...
I stopped by the Chicago store last night after work looking for a couple suits in 44L. I tried on the London, Napoli, Sienna, and even the Sevilla. I skipped the Washington since I've tried it before and it's way too tight in the arms. I'm 6'4" and 225 pounds and built like Alcide from "True Blood" without the abs. 50" around the shoulders, 42" chest, 34.5" waist, 25" thighs Anyway, I loved the London jacket right off and it fit perfectly. The Napoli was great, too, and...
Alden x Leffot Longwing in Black Alpine Grain with Plantation Crepe Soles in a 12D on the Barrie last. Worn a few times earlier this year but I actually need a 12.5D. Excellent condition and includes original box and Alden cloth bags. $300 + shipping, PayPal only.
For myself, I'm wearing a morning coat with a high-wing collar detachable collared shirt and plan to wear an ascot with it. Any suggestions where to find a self-tie, non-cheesy one of those?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bean Counter I'll cast my vote for Wang. Both will look similar in photographs (i.e. from far they will blend to grey) - the Wang will show up a bit lighter. I went with the Wang glen plaid for my wedding. Very nice tie. -J I actually have the Kent Wang glen plaid that I wear to weddings. I showed both to my groomsmen and they voted for the shepherd's check. Good point about it showing up lighter in pictures.
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