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It's in great condition. I doubt there is enough fabric to let out to make it a 38L--the length of the jacket to the vents would be off.
Lakers baby Lakers
Cleaning closet and need to sell this Hugo Boss suit. Worn probably a half dozen times. Would like $45 for it. I'll pay shipping. Specs below: Pants Outseam- 43" Inseam- 33" Waist - 16.25" Knee - 10" Ankle - 8.5" Jacket Sleeve (from Shoulder Seam) - 25.5" Shoulder - 18" Length - 30.5"
I have two items I would like to sell. First is a pair of shoes from Brooks Brothers. They are size 10 US ; 9.5 UK. They are tan, goodyear welted, and have a brogued mock-cap toe. Price is $175 $160 $150 $140 $130 inclusive of shipping. I've had this roughly 2 years, and have worn only a half dozen times. Left shoe has a small scratch on the toe which is pictured below. Will ship with original box, but without shoe trees. Second is a pair of Mabitex pants. They...
I have a 38R and wished I would have gotten the 40R. Same color, same style. Really good shape as well. Want to trade? PM if interested.
Kevin Durant threw down recently during some Drew League game... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCJwoEHRU_A Quote: Originally Posted by fir3fox Rumor mill... Gasol for Love and a pick? Merry Christmas LA. At least Love will get out of that hell hole he plays in now. Heard the pick is supposed to be the #2.
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman My bad. Harden is listed as a 6'5" guard, but IMO he's not quick enough to guard most NBA point guards. So put Harden at SG, Durant at SF, and leave Westbrook at PG to bring the ball upcourt, but let Harden initiate the offense. I like the thought--OKC was most effective in the playoffs when Harden initiated the offense off of a high screen. They need to be doing that much more next season, if its not...
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD bynum (+/- odom ), or amare are great trade chips, but they both still have huge red flags on their backs with potential season ending injuries always a scary possibility. I'd want something with less injury potential. If orlando ends up knowing that howard isn't resigning then they have to make a move right? That really sucks for them. Hopefully they get something great back and can still...
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD Trade westbrook for nash! seriously though how about this trade: okc: russell westbrook, Kendrick perkins, nate robinson ORL: Dwight Howard it works in the NBA trade machine. you make Maynor a non-ballhog PG who will pass to howard or durrant. orlando gets westbrook and perkins, (both with great contracts) and nate robinson as a throw in who you can the contract go after 2012. Both teams are far far...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I love when people use latin terms for which they don't know the meaning. Case in point
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