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Anyone know who's going to be stocking the jersey fleece blazer?
I was actually just looking for the same thing. I found a place in mid-west city called charles the tailor that seems okay. You might also give Mr. Ooleys in Penn Sq mall a ring and ask who they use. Any other suggestions?
Any experience w/ Han sunglasses? I really like the timeless model, I'm just concerned about the quality of the lenses. Anything similar to that model you could point me to?
Just a heads up, Bill Hallman in Atlanta has a few of the Robert Geller fair isle sweaters in plum.
Hey ya'll. It's about time for a new pair of jeans. My warehouse 660's are my favorite, so I'm looking for something similar. Basically slim, but not skinny and I like a bit of taper. I'm thinking about sd103, samurai 710, skull 5507. Would any of these work? Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by Turntabloid no, this is the leather soul ultimate indy! So, what's the vintage?
Hmm, maybe I'll be brave and cut mine off. I didn't even realize yours are black mike. I do like the cloth pull tab on my Trickers since it doesn't get in the way. Thanks for the replies ya'll.
Quote: Originally Posted by mikesduc these came without tabs which i was happy about. Did you mean for this to happen or was it a mistake? The pull tab is the only thing I don't love about my jumpers and I've thought about cutting them off.
Quote: Originally Posted by Turntabloid So this is the Vintage?
Any info on The Vintage or The Ultimate Jumper from the LeatherSoul preorder?
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