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Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I've seen no evidence that the Breck Girl is any smarter than Palin and we know he had an affair so I would say this comment is a FAIL. What does having an affair have to do with intelligence? I never said John Edwards was anything to write home about, but the man does have a brain. But more to the point, somebody who "hears" nonexistent sonic differences in wires isn't really qualified to speak to...
No idea about exact timelines. When I first became aware of RLBL, they were fused. I didn't pay attention to the line for a while, and saw last year that they were no longer fused.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Knize sells RTW brands like Kiton and Cucinelli? I always thought they were chiefly a bespoke shop that sold their own label. I feel so disillusioned. Knize is the only high-end men's shop in Vienna now, and it's too big a shop to get by on bespoke. They used to badmouth Kiton, but I guess since Braun went under they sell Kiton now. Tod's is also fairly new for them. There is plenty of Knize-labeled RTW...
Quote: Originally Posted by blackbowtie Oh no! That would be disappointing. I'm going for the old stuff. Most people at the Wolf Trap last month went to hear their old stuff as well. They played basically none of it. The only songs I even recognized were Un Amore and A Tu Vera. That said, it was a fun show at a great venue. But I expect Wilco day after tomorrow to be better still.
I love my Vicuna/cashmere blend overcoat, but have no desire for a suit in the stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Does anyone that voted for Obama, think Palin has been getting unequal treatment vs. past VP candidates on the losing ticket? I mean, can anyone see Letterman making jokes about a philandering base ball star screwing one of Edwards daughter in the summer of 2005? That sort of thing? Or is she getting what she deserves, simply because she's Sarah Palin? I think she's been getting the treatment she's been...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I really hate this combination, FWIW. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 Apparently it's because of Ethics investigations and the costs of said investigations to Alaskan taxpayers? Right. People who are investigated generally care first and foremost about what the investigations cost. Maybe, just maybe, it's the probable result of such investigations that has her running for the hills.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I'm starting to think that the Presidency is just an example of adverse selection. Anyone with real brains can make far more cash elsewhere and have a fraction of the stress. A by-product of a hyper-partisan D.C. and media. Hard as it may be for a simpleton wire-believer for you to understand, maximizing income isn't everyone's goal.
Quote: Originally Posted by identity-x you can get the super-low socks that barely come over your toes and barely up your heels from Brooks Brothersr...or, for that matter (and since they won't be seen anyway) from Payless for $3. I've never seen them at Brooks. Link? Quote: Originally Posted by Indigo_phobia Could you guys recommend me some nice loafer socks? The Banana Republic ones are the only good ones...
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