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Not sure what a "Gladwell Audio Translator" has to do with me, but they're boom-tizz because they sound like 1980s car stereo.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay The price is astronomical, especially compared to the price last year. IIRC, they were $575 or $595 last year. Ouch! I'm glad I got my split toe Aldens (cigar, not whiskey, but I think this style looks better in cigar - and dare I write it No. 8, too! - than in whiskey) in the early part of this decade. Inflation has not been nearly as steep as the price rise in these things.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I want similar shape/idea as stocks. Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan A great resource is A few people there recommend AH-D2000 for those who like pronounced bass...seems a lot of folks like it as a budget headphone. The AH-D2000 isn't that pronounced in the bass, just flat and much more extended than most. And it's not a "budget" headphone by any...
Finally got a chance to visit Everard's Clothing in Glover Park (next to Sky Shoes) today, had an enjoyable chat with Louis and came home with a pink linen shirt labeled "Xacus" (never heard of them before, but they have nice fabric, good construction, and shanked buttons) and three Lehner pocket squares. He also literally gave me the white-with-blue-polka-dots linen Holliday & Brown square out of his blazer, after I asked him if he had any more that I could buy. Gave it...
Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 Miata My pick, especially if you can find a 2000SE or 2001SE with the Nardi wood steering wheel. You might want to look at the Acura RSX, too. Or the MR2 Spyder, if you can live with the cargo carrying restrictions.
Best coffee I've had in DC by far is the Kaiser Melange at Cafe Leopold over on M in G-town, by DWR and the bathtub store. Second best is the "chaipuccino" frappe at Tryst in Adams Morgan. In ATL there's Method over on North Decatur (Emory Village) and maybe Aurora, but everything else sucks.
I think Isaia's problem is that their advertising is horrible. And the recent logo'ing, with the red thread and stuff, makes them look like something sold out of a white van as "Aye-Taalyin." A pity, because their clothes are generally great.
Both woven leather and perforated shoes sound horrible to me. If you're going Vass MTO, how about a spectator boot? Weird, but could be interesting. I would just wear an Alden suede desert chukka myself.
Bally Stams, Ludwig Reiter ReiterSports (the only sneakers I've seen constructed as well good men's shoes), Varvatos laceless Chucks
Quote: Originally Posted by robert in LA It's Japanese slang for traditional, conservative American dress, but with a twist. The Japanese have become THE main stream consumers of the J Press and Brooks Brothers lines, both of which have been Japanese owned for a while now. I believe BB went a few years ago from being British-owned (Marks & Spencer) to being Italian-owned (heir to Luxotica fortune). And in the DC store at least the signs...
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