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I love my Vicuna/cashmere blend overcoat, but have no desire for a suit in the stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I really hate this combination, FWIW. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by identity-x you can get the super-low socks that barely come over your toes and barely up your heels from Brooks Brothersr...or, for that matter (and since they won't be seen anyway) from Payless for $3. I've never seen them at Brooks. Link? Quote: Originally Posted by Indigo_phobia Could you guys recommend me some nice loafer socks? The Banana Republic ones are the only good ones...
I went to their earlier (Wolf Trap) show. They didn't play much of their old stuff. Their new stuff is good, but not up to the level of their classics. I'm more excited to see Wilco at the Wolf Trap on Wednesday than I would be to see the Gipsy Kings again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hank Rearden Again, I am not an expert and my opinion of Allen Edmonds quality could be way off base, but I guess my question is, other than the label, what makes a Prada, Gucci, or D&G shoe better than an Allen Edmonds shoe? Is it the design? The quality of the upper? The quality of the sole? The symmetry of the seams? Comfort? I've never seen a Prada or D&G shoe as well-made as an AE. Or a Gucci shoe made in...
I don't think that style (Norwegian) benefits from whiskey at all. I like the shoes (own them in No. 8) but there's something off about them in a light finish. I'd say go No. 8, a darker brown pebblegrain, or dark brown suede.
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan Why have "or" when you can have "and"? Implicit in my point is that what killed off the other makers, or caused their officers to make the decision to take them downmarket, was competition from abroad as much as anything else. Not any fairy-dust about the gold standard.
The first RLBL stuff I saw was fused. So be careful before you leap.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda If you have seen the past three years or so, 3.1 Phillip Lim, BoO, Vena Cava, Pierre Hardy, Bastian have all done shit for Gap. BoO did a Gap collab? Seems like a lose-lose for them, because they have to charge less but can't lower their quality because it's already bottom-of-the-barrel. Make it up on volume? I didn't see any of the others except for Bastian, and that one was sad. Then again, I don't care...
Quote: Originally Posted by kabert I think some of the naysayers about J. Press may be surprised if they were to go into a local store -- the D.C. store anyway. Sure, they carry classic "trad" preppy items -- blue blazers, khakis, madras, oxford shirts, multi-colored socks -- but they also carry: -- a fantastic selection of belts -- superb swimsuits (best selection I've seen in DC; plus, the maker appears to be the same maker for the now-defunct Sulka...
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