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Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia The old Apple in earphones were horrendously bad. The new ones are not that much better. In fact, for the price, they are dreadful. The imbalance/lack of bass is epic. I agree with you on the old ones. Complete garbage. They were also not really IEM's, in that the earpieces didn't go that deep and they had conventional drivers rather than balanced armatures. But the newer IEM's, with dual balanced...
Kiwi, AE, Alden, Lexol, and Colonil.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Two buttons on the other hand are always on the racks, everywhere. I would be interested to see sales figures of both since (say) 1965. I would be that twos have outsold threes by at least four to one. I assume you mean just in the USA, where the "standard" suit has a 2-button, center-vented coat. I have no data except my own observations, and they are time-limited, but it seems to me that the "standard"...
A search on Amazon for "Martegani" didn't turn up any interesting shoes for me (which is good, as I don't have any more space to put shoes) but did for some reason pull up this eyesore from Mezlan:
Gee, thanks. I really needed a pair of shell cordovan penny loafers. Actually, I must have, because I'll likely be getting some in the mail next week! It'll be interesting to compare the RM's with my other two pairs of penny loafers, both JM Weston calfskin. The RM penny loafers are Blake/Rapid (like the RM shoes sold at Everard Clothing in DC) and not Goodyear welted, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku I have a few of these Engineered Garments shorts and they are great: Those front pockets are awful. I don't know about cargo shorts. Edun had a nice pair of shorts this summer that weren't cargo shorts but had a special pocket located roughly right-kidney for your phone.
Quote: Originally Posted by NakedYoga My advice: if you can, do both. Many schools don't let you do both. (Often, one can do journal and mock trial, or something like that.) I couldn't personally imagine doing both. Writing a publication-worthy Comment 2L year was work enough! I went the journal route, but given that my summer jobs have both been more on the pubint side (this summer I got the feeling everyone was getting a pass so long as...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro I don't soak my jeans either but thats just me. I understand why some people do it but it really makes no sense to me. we have had this discussion way to many times. This thread is the first time I have ever heard of soaking jeans. I just wear mine. Sometimes hang them, sometimes fold them, sometimes throw them in a corner. And then I wash them when they get dirty. They're jeans, after all, not tailored...
It's not that big a market. (And there's no functional difference between the various conductive alloys peddled by the various wire hucksters.) Consider the universe of people with lots of disposable income, zero intellect, and no desire to show off to people who are not the hybrid nerds/idiots/snobs we call "audiophiles." That is the expensive audio wire market.
Bump to say I received the BBGF suit I bought from this seller today, and I think it's worth noting that he packs things more securely than most electronics makers do. UPS would've had to shoot at the box to damage the wood GF hanger!
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