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During the early 90s one of the honorable representatives from New Hampshire was named Dick Swett.
Quote: Originally Posted by dirk diggler I got my wife's ring (2.75 carat, E color, vvs2, princess cut) for approx. $11,000 vs. the $16,000 diamond stores wanted to charge me. That is an excellent - some may even say unbelievable price for that diamond. For example, in the $16,000 price range, Bluenile lists a 2.7 carat, J color, VS1 princess cut, which is much lower quality than what you list. For a 2.3 carat, E color, VVS2 princess cut,...
Slightly off topic. . . My fiancee wants me to buy the navy or green cords to wear at the Greenbrier this Christmas. I think Dorothy Draper would approve.
Quote: What astounds me is that even at the top of the NY social scene (which I would consider some of these events to be), 95% of the men look completely abysmal. A pleather tux.?
Quote: And unless something drastic happens, the best engineers in the world are not going to have their degree from Harvard (which offers no engineering degree.) Harvard Engineering I find it hard to imagine why someone would choose Harvard over MIT for engineering though.
Quote: i just assumed everyone wore belts over the patch. if you're an under-the-patch guy, can you explain why? I see under-the-patch all the time and always assume the person is trying to show off the brand. I find under-the-patch to be rather gauche, akin to leaving the brand label on a suit coat sleeve. The only time I could see it working is as an ironic display of say a cheap JC Penny brand.
I typically iron a week's worth of shirts in a batch on Sunday. I imagine I'm one of the few men who irons while watching the NFL or Nascar. (And perhaps the only man who watches Nascar and irons.) Like Renault, I basically just listen to the TV and look up for the interesting replays.
I bought a Brooksease suit about 10 years ago. After the 3rd trip to the drycleaner the interlining started poking through. I don't know if it was the fault of the suit or the drycleaner but I haven't bought a BB suit or used that drycleaner ever since. I understand that the mid 90s was a low point in BB quality, so things may be better today. However, I wouldn't pay $225 for a Brooksease suit.
Quote: Does anyone use their steamer on their ties? I have steamed a couple old ties that were unwearable due to the amount of wrinkles. Although no one would confuse them with new ties, both were refreshed to presentable condition. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable doing it regularly out of fear and respect for errant water droplets.
Quote: Brooks has a very limited slim fit collection. Even a basic white shirt in a spread collar is not available. I keep checking every season to see if they have finally decided to put out a slim fit, non-iron Ainsley collar in basic solid colors. I have bought enough of the polo collars to last me indefinitely and I refuse to wear forward point collars. I dream of the day when the only ironing I need to do is the occasional Jantzen shirt.
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