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You're forgetting the shit ton of people that will offer like $100 shipped (including intl shipping) for a $200 item.Get way more ridiculous lowball offers than here + eBay combined.
I just picked up the purple version in 46 and it fits me pretty tts. That said, I think I remember people saying that there was a big jump up between the 46 and 48 - especially in regards to sleeve length.
This.And on that-History repeats itself? The current delays are recent, TOJ has been around since 09(?), so for the vast majority of its existence orders have gone out relatively quickly.Also, expected/estimated times are not "promised." You didn't pay for a promise that your item would absolutely be delivered to you by X date, yeah it's taken too long and you have a right to be annoyed with that but it's not the same as a promise or guarantee.
Geller x3 JE + CO x3 Collina fuzzy mohair
Lightly worn and in good condition. Fits same as most CPs. Shoe box included Price includes shipping in the US
Are you just going by composition? Yeah, sns knits are "just" wool and aren't ultra soft and shit but they hold up rediculously well (IME)- I've been wearing my olde green stark heavily for 3.5+ years and it still looks near new.
100% cotton w/ grey cotton taped placket and cool front collar tip detail. Standard spread collar and square hem with smoke MoP buttons. Excellent condition Price includes shipping in the US.
Good condition, lightly worn. Price includes shipping in the US.
Navy, size small. Fits TTS. Lightly worn and still in excellent condition. Price includes shipping in the US. 19.5 ptp 25 back length
Charcoal grey wool sweater from now defunct NDG. Worn but still in good shape, just some pilling. Tagged medium, but like most NDG sweaters it fits more like a small. Price includes shipping within the US.
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