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@chetB How did you size them?
Whaaat? They're not next to Maria's anymore? Sad.
Are the Arado and Videira shirts the same fit (just different names for plain vs striped)?
Same for me. I got the size I always wear for CP (including a previous pair of bball hi's) and they definitely fit a bit looser.
Would love some olive denim Also, the RGxCP hi-tops are discounted at NMWA as part of their footwear promotion.
Ecole is stocking the type 1, not the type 3. Pretty sure it's sold out anyway.
huh? Do you mean buy-it-now? He didn't buy it for the amount listed, but for the amount he had sent as the offer (which I hadn't accepted) so buy-it-now wouldn't apply.Doesn't seem as if anything has changed. The $ went through, the only questionable thing I can see is that the ship-to is different from the name on the paypal account.
So, a guy made me an offer for an item I have on grailed, and without me accepting it I got a So-and-so has purchased X item message the next day (for the amount of his offer). Anyone had something like this happen?
Skinny, slim, straight. Respectively. The skinny is pretty legit skinny, the slim (my favorite) is a bit less skinny and tapered and I guess I'd compare it to the APC PS or Acne Ace, the straight is still slim and has some taper but not as much as the other two. From what I remember, leg opening for a 46 is about: 01-6ish, 02- just over 6.5, 03- 7.25
Looks good RKD Speaking of BBJ, has anyone picked up the gradient sweatshirt? All the pics I've seen of it worn so far make it seem like it fits loose at the bottom and poofs out at the waist... but it could just be that the store models have a larger than avg drop.
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