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IIRC They automatically remove it.
Brown Lamb A-2 2011 In good condition, no damage Stock size 46 17 shoulders 19.5 ptp 24.5 back length from bottom of collar
I haven't bought any from this most recent set, but online it does look like the measurements are larger than they previously were for at least some models. That said, the shirts had gotten smaller recently (the flannels I have from last winter in small fit like my old XS shirts). There are a couple cool batik print shirts up on the site, though I don't think there's much stock left. Also, as far as people saying stuff has gotten worse (honestly that goes for most...
I have 3 (grey with slanted pockets from fw14, olive/khaki patch pocket from fw13, and navy spring summer one from I forget which season) and while they all fit slightly different all were true to size for me (46). I'd say usually the only reason to size up is if you have wider than average shoulders.
I don't know the specifics here, but from past experience- they're all offering around the same because grailed has a restriction set up so that you can't offer less than 60% (I think) of the current price. They're only all offering about the same because they're unable to send you even shittier offers...Also, grailed is kind of random. I'll occasionally have stuff sell quickly at decent prices and other (just as nice) stuff sit there for ages at rediculously low prices...
Diesel blue suede stock size 46 never worn, just tried on 17 shoulder 19ptp 24.5 sleeve 24 back length from bottom of collar
@chetB How did you size them?
Whaaat? They're not next to Maria's anymore? Sad.
Are the Arado and Videira shirts the same fit (just different names for plain vs striped)?
Same for me. I got the size I always wear for CP (including a previous pair of bball hi's) and they definitely fit a bit looser.
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