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Yeah, I never bought almost anything from them (clothing-wise I mean, I'd pick up Baxter's clay pomade from them because they're one of like 3 places here that stock it and my office was only a couple blocks away). I remember the guy that ran the original store years ago being pretty cool, but in recent years the staff seemed more worried about getting internet-famous and shit and the place had way too much of a #menswear feel to it for me. Also, they just didn't care...
Yeah, the emil bomber and the vast majority of outerwear I've tried has been cut pretty well. Richard Jacket is usually pretty good too. I like the type 2 cut as far as the new denim. Sweaters mixed. For me the shirts are usually the weirdest, I've only ever found two Geller shirts where the cut worked well (at least for me).
I got the one that NMWA is carrying and its more of a charcoal color, while the one that Meyvn is carrying is a lighter grey.
The grey Richard from NMWA.
No.I may be saying that as someone who just picked up another one...
^^ Pretty much the same for mine (black lamb mdr I got 9/2012). I'm sure I've said this before, but you really don't have to worry about the durability of the lamb. I've worn mine heavily since I got it (and haven't done any conditioning or other maintenance) and it's in great shape. The only wear and tear is a little roughness on the edge of the cuffs from them rubbing against stuff.
Geller Emil Bomber
I've got a small from '14 and '15 and they fit pretty similar except the cuff and waist ribbing is different this season from previous seasons.
Uh, would've been pretty difficult for Marc Gasol to be a "massive bust" since he was only the 48th pick. Plus he actually played pretty well from the start (12 and 7.5 as a rookie)
As someone who is a distance runner and has had a beard for 7+ years now, I have to co-sign this. I don't get any warmer working out because of the beard. If anything it's more of a pain during the winter when it freezes.
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