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I don't think there's any further discount on past season stuff, but almost everything from this season is discounted.
Hmm. Which email did you send it to? I emailed the info@patrikervell one back on the 19th to get measurements for the pocket sweater and still haven't gotten a response...
Same. Also, the shirts are longer than they used to be (at least the last few seasons have).As far as sizing goes has anybody tried stuff from this current season? Tempted to buy a couple things on sale, but none of the stockists I've seen (including ervell's own site) have measurements.
Haha... below the 20s as real bad? If the windchill is still above 0 it ain't shit.
20% off at Totokaelo. Code TKBDAY2015
Bought these from forum member artishard a while back and they didn't end up fitting me, so they're back up for sale. In good condition, only lightly worn (and i never wore them). Taken in slightly at the waist (measurements below). Price includes US shipping Waist: 15.5" Rise: 10" Thigh: 11.25" Knee: 7.5" Hem: 6.5" Inseam: 30.5" original posting - http://www.styleforum.net/t/495222/robert-geller-bleached-5-pocket-slim-jeans
Old Helmut Lang Geller
Any calf suede options coming soon?
Did any shop other than Nomad pick up the type 2 5-year wash?
Grabbed the (non-bisected) Aran sweater in medium and it's too big for me, if anyone wants it.
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