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Same. Ordered on the 23rd of last month
tMine too. I just checked my order history and I had back to back orders last fall where I kept everything, since then.... 0 for 7
I built one a while back and posted it in the diy thread. If you aren't adding a shelf like I did then you really don't need any tools at all.
Is the code working for anyone? When I try to use it I get a "not a current promotional code" error message.
Why would this be a fear? I've never heard of a store refusing to allow a return for damaged/defective merchandise, even if it was bought on final sale.
Lol 280-290 isn't really "crazy" cheap for CPs
Gellers Suede Cons TS(S) floral Barena linen Ervell suede
Anybody pick up the seamed crewneck sweatshirt? Measurements on ssense and acrimony make it look like it fits a size big.
The grana tees are great (and they seem to hold up well through wash & dry), wish they'd get around to restocking them. I don't know about sizing up though, I went TTS (same size as uniqlo supima tres) and don't find them to fit tight.
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