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EG Moleskin Bedford Geller Zip Blazer Geller Richard Blazer Geller Linen Lounge Pants John Elliott Escobar Sweats Story Et Fall Tan Suede Jodhpurs
From spring summer '14 hidden placket, point collar new, never worn note- stock pic is of the regular placket shirt, couldn't find one of the hidden placket price includes US shipping
Niche "Ojal Shirt Size medium, but fits like a size small New, never worn price includes shipping in US
Not necessarily. I got both of my staple color (black and brown) side-zips at under $450 each on sale.
I got the letter from fedex, but $0 charge, which was surprising (not that I'm complaining).
Fuck yes. In the last year its gone from zero Geller stockists here to Notre and now Meyvn (which is just a couple blocks from me).
Same. I keep buying slightly different versions of the same thing, for example I just bought a 3rd Geller zip blazer and 2nd Richard blazer (though all are different colors and from different seasons).
I had an "item not as described" situation on grailed where the buyer didn't even bother to send me a PM first and just opened a dispute on paypal without warning, and since the item was less than $100, I just said f*ck it and refunded him to avoid the hassle. Annnnd then he tried to re-sell the supposedly not as described item on grailed... for more than it bought it for in the first place.
Don't. If anything I'd go up to a 41, not down to a 40. I'm a 41 in CP and Margiela boots and 9 in Nike and went with 41 and it fits great.
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