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Same. They fit the best of any jeans I've had, and don't stretch out a ton.
Yeah, that's where I picked it up. Didn't see any others though.Also, yeah, Grailed is full of people flipping shit. I've sold stuff on there where I've then seen the guy listing it for 50% more almost right away
They are a little narrow in the toebox, but I was still able to wear my normal cp size fine. Only issue for me is heel slip, and that's improved some as they've broken in.
Nope. The collar on the grizzly is removable though.Also, the junya does fit a little small but not crazily so. I'm on the larger side of a 36/small and the small fits me, though if you want to layer a bunch you might want to size up.
Grailed / small. Last I saw there was a medium still for sale on there, but the guy was asking almost a $1000 more than I paid for mine.
CDG Junya Margiela RG x CP Geller
http://billy-kirk.theshoppad.com/#/product/no-150-claw-buckle-belt-black What I usually wear and the most low profile / least bump I've found
Code is WOW30
Yeah, same. My MDR (late '12) isn't quite as old as your jacket, but I've worn the shit out of it and never conditioned it or anything and it's still in great shape.Suede DR5 (also happens to be for sale, if that's alright to mention)
Yeah uniqlo skinnies are closer to the type 2.
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