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I've post this a dozen times, but once again - uniqlo measures rise from the bottom of the waistband, so add 1-1.5in to all the rise measurements
Black zip blazer from this current season. NWT. Fits relatively TTS Price includes shipping within the USA
Lol, he'll spend half the day in line at Hot Doug's.Don't get me wrong, I like Hot Doug's.... But summer weekend + pitchfork + them closing in October = 3+ hr wait, easily
Brand new with tags Size Small/2 price includes shipping within the USA
Dark green suede Excellent condition (worn less than 5x) Measurements: shoulders 17.0" chest (pit-to-pit) 19.5" midsection 18.5" waist 18.0" body length,front 23.0" body length,back 25.5" sleeve length, from shoulder 24.25" sleeve width @ pit 6.5" sleeve width @ elbow 6" sleeve width @ cuff 4.2"
This. I really like mine and like he said the replicas aren't that nice (or that much cheaper). Also the Sapien isn't that crazy expensive anyway. Container store usually has them 25% off when they do their shelving sale .
Margiela Geller
lol @ the idea of 30-40s being "pretty cold"
In good condition, hemmed to 30 inseam Waist 15.5 Price includes shipping within the US
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