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New with tags, never worn. 75% cotton 25% linen. From Spring/Summer '14 Price includes shipping within the US, pm for int'l
From Fall/Winter '13-14. Moss colorway. Excellent condition, less than 10 wears. Fits TTS. Removable wool liner and packable hood. Price includes shipping in the US, pm for int'l rates
MMM Acne x2 Ervell Geller x2 Chauncey
New, never used 12.5 H x 16 W Two interior pockets Retailed for $395 Nicest leather (by far) of any JS bag I've come across - would keep but I've got too many bags.
Maybe it doesn't scale up as the sizes go up, but uniqlo ocbds are not that short - my XS slim fit uniqlo is noticeably longer than the Brooklyn Tailors and old ervell shirts that I wear untucked. Also, the broadcloth shirts are probably an inch longer than the ocbds and the denim & chambray are an inch shorter
MMM cap toe shoes in "Barley" colorway. Lightly used (5 wears) and in excellent condition. Price includes shipping in the USA.
There was a grey melange pocket sweater last fall/winter, so I dunno if he'd do the same color right away again
I've post this a dozen times, but once again - uniqlo measures rise from the bottom of the waistband, so add 1-1.5in to all the rise measurements
Black zip blazer from this current season. NWT. Fits relatively TTS Price includes shipping within the USA
Lol, he'll spend half the day in line at Hot Doug's.Don't get me wrong, I like Hot Doug's.... But summer weekend + pitchfork + them closing in October = 3+ hr wait, easily
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