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Been awhile TOJ / Everlane / Uniqlo / MMM
Two Calvin Klein Collection hidden placket shirts. Grey Stripe and blue stripe. Both are in excellent condition, 3-4 wears each, washed and hang dried. Fit relatively TTS. $45 each or both for $80. (also selling the same shirt in a solid navy, if anyone would be interested in doing a deal for all 3)
FTFYUniqlo is a subsidiary of FR. FR, not uniqlo, would've been buying Jcrew,
This.Also, y'all want the persian blue suede, not navy.
Disagree. All of mine are pretty good quality and have held up great. IIRC synth is pretty happy with his. I feel like it just matters what pair you get- like with anything some variations/seasons will be better than others.
Yeah, IME as long as you still have the link you can access the sale... even if the sale was weeks or months ago.
Ive had a bunch of their shirts, In my experience it varies by the fabric. Oxfords fit a little shorter than the other shirts, and the thicker brushed fabrics a bit slimmer. Most fit pretty tts and slightly short.
Because it's really fucking annoying to have to read through page after page of people asking for codes. If there's a code someone will post it.
I have the camano grinder and really like it. It's a little more $$, but it's really durable and all metal/wood/glass instead of plastic.http://www.davescoffeestore.com/product-p/red-grinder.htm
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