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Cheaper than cdg's, plus better leather.
From this current season. Like new, only worn twice. 18.5 ptp, 26.5 back length Price includes shipping within the US.
BNWT price includes shipping within the US
I have a pair of Grenson Hadley boots w/ a commando sole and they've worked great for winter. You don't really need super weatherproof boots if you live in the city. I used to have a pair of bean-ish boots and almost never used them.
This. It depends on what kind of work attire, and it's easier on the more casual end of biz casual. For me, my suede Harrington is the easiest to wear with work stuff.
The lines got insane the last couple weeks, people were waiting 8-10+ hours. They got to the point that they were cutting off the line before they even opened for the day.
Honestly the new ones (black) might be my favorite of the uniqlo jeans I've had. They don't stretch out like crazy in the waist and the fit (sized down one) is s really good
In good condition, only worn half a dozen times. Fit TTS. The #5 fit (slim tapered). 15.75 waist, 6.5 leg opening Includes shipping within the US
In good condition. Nice lightweight fabric with interesting texture. Grey (maybe hint of brown?) Price includes shipping in the US
New Posts  All Forums: