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Like he said the lamb is pretty hard to damage, I mean unless you plan on climbing over barbed wire fences or think someone is going to try and knife you, you'll be fine. I wear my lamb DR out all the time and after 4-ish years it's never once been damaged.
I had the opposite happen, a few things in my dreambox that had been discounted went back up to full price
Same. I've got three pairs of MMM boots (black and brown side zips and the replica argentine ones) and they've all held up very well. The oldest one, the brown side zips from FW11, I've worn heavily for the past 3 2/3 years and they've held up perfectly and still look great.
Plaid Ervell button down collar shirt from S/S 14 Size small In good condition. No rips, holes, stains, etc.
Is it just my imagination or are they smaller in general? I swear the new ones I got last month are tighter in the chest than the old ones (as well as shorter, but I'm not tall so it's no big deal for me).
Same. I used to have one (sold it off) and it was very warm. I actual barely used it because it was overkill for anything but the coldest days (even for Chicago winter) and so it only came out when it was single digits or below.
They do vary. While some are disappointing, both of my pairs have held up great (over multiple years of heavy wear) and I didn't pay near half of 1k for either of them (they pretty much always go on sale for 40-50%+ off)
EG Moleskin Bedford Geller Zip Blazer Geller Richard Blazer Geller Linen Lounge Pants John Elliott Escobar Sweats Story Et Fall Tan Suede Jodhpurs
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