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Whoa new guy to beat
also if i am correct, both ohhello and myself are weekend warriors you everyday wearers shoul dbe ashamed of yourselves
nice didnt even realize i was runner-up haha. congrats to ohhello and everyone else participatingkeep the pics coming!wvg denim at machu picchu [[SPOILER]] also full disclosure i havent washed these yet ... anyone have pics pre & post wash?
a few quick shots in cusco before we start the inca trail [[SPOILER]] plus gratuitous crotch and @$$ shotswvg traveling the world
mauro i sent you a ton of pics since i was away from my comp let me know if you got them
lol no sandpaper but iphone 6 plus pocket fades ftw
i have a closet full of rrl outside of their selvedge trousers and denim (which i mostly buy with discount), i dont buy anything from rrl at full retail. everything goes on sale eventually. sometimes you miss out if your a smaller size like myself but its not the end of the world. invariably jcrew W&B, polo rl, d&s or CM or another niche brand like apolis or eg will come out with something identical or similar enough for the aesthetic i love everything rrl but your...
clearly you need to play tennis in the denim lol if your teaching small children you should be fine
everyday's a work day
you should email gina for their recommended size on the denim probably would help mauro & co if you gave your own measurements on your fav fitting denim so they can size you right
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