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received my boucle order last night. got both sets in both colors. keeping black pants and grey sweater and returning the grey pants (m) and black sweater (s) (both sizes sold out or was yesterday) unless someone wants those on here unique fabric and look. but not soft at all. i imagined the fabric to be a really nice feel like the pigtail or something but its very rough. the pants fit same size as my kitos and shorts and like the boucle contrasting in black. the...
darn it ... will be in nyc the following week on Oct 20 and 21. sorry for the stupid question but i assume there is no actual store front so only way to visit is when you guys have pop ups like this?
i want neros without blowouts or bring back the stretch raw blacks
oh was there a code for the remaining balance to be paid? i didnt put one down
is that grey or black?worth kopping?
@leFLOPjames if moving to china lowered the pricing and kept at same level of quality that would be one thing. its a completely different animal when you move overseas and all products are increasing in price I honestly dont care where its made as long as quality is fine and pricing is reasonable @beans718 the mods want trades/sales/offers all to be in the Buy & Sell part of the forum, not in the brand discussion forum. has nothing to do with making a profit. has to...
do a return protection claim if you paid with a qualifying card
size small always sells out first. please MAKE MORE SMALLS and mediums and less in XL and L
its ok we are all stans here
sf group think
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