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frankenmonks = lindricks = alden barrie? can someone confirm?
lol lucky for me mauro didnt think that far ahead ... unlucky for me korea lost a lead in less than 6 minutes fml
yeah it was too tight. i could button the waist but the thighs were bulging im 28 in all rrl jeans and squeezed into the black slim fits with some wear and stretching, but these new dark indigo ones are too much. going to grab 29s next time i can make it out to the store
grabbed the new slim fits and man are they small. smaller than my reg slim fits and also smaller then the black slim fits. going to have to go up at least 1-2 sizes on these
nice my kind of contest!
bronbron in some tech fleece to see maleficent after game 1 fail
ive seen the new rrl slims but whats the new limited denims you are referring to?
nice glad it arrived safe and sound
nice ... i bought those rigid white speckled officer chinos and haven't worn yet. waiting for it to be a bit hotter before rocking but also feared the white pant game
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