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btw i hate how both of you are my same shoe size @justtemple @bdeuce22
sneakers - amazing colors, and plenty of options to fit your wardrobe - the chukkas have some extra padding in the tongue and ankle which is nice a nice touch - quality is top notch and feel very sturdy, not lightweight or cheap feeling - fit is TTS; i'm a size 9 on brannock and wear sneakers in 9 and 8.5 in dress shoes - there are no half sizes, so you should be fine to size up to your nearest whole size especially if your slightly in between or have wide feet - for me...
mauro do you have the jeans on hand? i may need to swing by and grab a henley today or tmrw and maybe some "us" socks lol
@notwithit stop wearing yoru jeans son!!! lol
im sure you will be able to flipi sell my macbook pro's every 2-3 refreshes ... holds amazing value and i think of it as renting/leasingi hope the watch will be the samei def wouldnt go for the gold more exp versions if you have a rolex, but i think the midtier (i think at the 1k pricepoint) will be a solid everyday watch. lol you could rock two watches like maradona
i saw that in store, but didnt try on i like pullovers in the winter, but i would this this piece would be pretty impractical once it started getting warm ... i like it, but prolly wouldnt get as much wear. raw denim jacket seems more practical
ooo i am really tempted to just get on teh contest maybe use the jeans as pj's lol
i just used the code this morning on two SS items
milanese loop for me
yup in for indigo henley ughhhh i cant enter a denim contest ... no time to rock denimzzz lol
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