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So i noticed i have a small separation between my bunnies. not sure if its always been that way from day one but it looks like they missed that panel of stitching. has anyone else had this issue and is it an easy fix? can i just go to a local tailor/dry cleaner and get it fixed or do i need to find some fur expert to put the bunnies back together?
yeah even in the pictures of the purl grey curve tank vs the regular grey curve tank, the purl grey stops before his wrists vs regular grey. even if the model has long monkey arms, the length is def shorter also interestingly they removed the description of "SLIGHTLY LONGER THAN AVERAGE LENGTH IS IDEAL FOR LAYERING." from purl grey so maybe its intentional being shorter. but they need to then adjust the measurements
damn was afraid of that. i get my cotton cardi tomorrow in small TTS too. there was no XS to size down to
some smaller designers do provide their clothes on consignment at no or small upfront cost and the stores can recoup if the items dont sell. JE is large enough and these shops are fairly large with online presences so i doubt that is happenign here just seems odd that no one picked up the beige shorts. maybe they will eventually pop up or will restock soon
weird that so many stockists got raschels in natural but not beige. anyone know of a place with raschel shorts in beige in medium? i think mike said that a restock was NOT ocming right?
did anyone pick up navy cotton cardi and have pics?
@MIKE_JE will the cotton cardigans be restocked and/or are they available at retailers?
Were curve tanks always 48? Or is that just the result of post sales and remaining stock? I imagine because it's the new purl fabric there will be an upcharge
damn fam anyone have luck altering their boucles? and how much something like that would cost? i geuss i would have to have them altered from ankle/calf down at the seam and remove like two inches of fabric or something?
noep thats the regular old school grey mercerpurl grey on JE is listed as 45% COTTON / 30% VISCOSE / 25% POLYESTERmercer grey on je is listed as 50% POLY / 38% COTTON / 12% RAYON FABRIC
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