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anyone keeping an official tally of the regular vs weekend warrior participants? mauro you and/or gina should send the screennames/handles to notwitit so he can update his first post for the participants
went to mauro's to get some dress shirts and this happened x-post from wvg denim contest thread:
so remember when i said my skin is too sensitive and only selvedge denim can touch my pores? well mauro persuaded me otherwise by pulling on my denimhead heart strings and my competitive nature ... so i'm officially in!!! #wvg #weekendwarrior #stacksonstacksrandom pics of me in mauro's backyard 5/2/15 in a size 31x36 and indigo henley [[SPOILER]]
the selvedge chinos
yes except anything good at jcrew doesnt actually go on sale third party items and certain items from w&b are always excluded including those selvedge chinos
thanks guys!
question on sizing for the farnese belt "intreccio" elastic woven belts im a size 30 waist and typically get size 32 belts i ordered the tubo in a size 85 and i think that was spot on. for the intreccio do i go small or medium? i think im in between but if anyone has both belt styles, how did you size?
the indigo dyed t's are amazing will def buy again esp if theres a vneck or uneck or pocket versions coming
awesome yeah i pulled the trigger and will try and post som epics comparing the two. they definitely look very similar.
anyone have a review of the wallace and barnes selvedge chinos? looks like they just dropped a navy version as well. i have several different RRL selvedge chinos but looking to see if this is a decent alternative the price is hard to stomach although i guess its a little better with a student discount (not sure if it is excluded though)
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