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nice glad it arrived safe and sound
nice ... i bought those rigid white speckled officer chinos and haven't worn yet. waiting for it to be a bit hotter before rocking but also feared the white pant game
lol u wish
awesome super helpful thanks!
mostly leather items. leather pants, vests, jackets
any easy fix? i mean if its a sewn button, not a problem but these are metal
anybody have issues with their antique indian head coin buttons falling off? it looks as if the thin backing is corroded or rusted and its just weak to begin with. two buttons have fallen/broken off on two separate jackets -___-
his last sentence answers your question. there is no change to the fit in the other shirts, as long as its not overdyed. if your a xs bd in your prints and other non overdye oxford, you can rely on that in the future. these latest overdyes undergo a separate shrinking process which gives a slight variation
i think the closeups are the best representation of the color. not sure what filter JT used or what editing, if any, was done
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