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hmmm interested in the riders how do you size compared to alden barrie size? go up half size for rider?
much appreciated gents did others size down a whole size from their dress shoe size for natty beef rolls or just a half size down to account for stretch?
do the shell cordovan penny loafers stretch as much as the natty chromexcel ones? i sized down for natty for stretch but i assume i should stick to my TTS dress shoe size for shell pennies?
For the rigid olives are they actually olive? They look like the same shade as the dark grayish ones that were released like 2 seasons ago
DC thanks!
yeah i havent gotten any new ones post 2014 but i always had to size down on blazers for RRL but maybe someone else can chime in wiht more recent exp
yes you can size down 1-2 sizes depending on the model. rrl tends to be a bit vanity sized. i would say that this pair and my black slim fits actually fit smaller so i went 29 instead of my other rrl raw denims where i went 28once you wear, they will stretch a bit
wow great price. if that size small doesnt work for you let me know and i may take it off your hands
thanks @ghost01 very helpful!
@apolis - is the online inventory accurate? was hoping to find a size 29 or 30 in the white twill pants in store if available
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