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has anyone actually seen the xeno zx flux? apparently only sizes 7.5 and 10.5 actually hit retailers ... they got the hightops and superstars but not the fluxs. i assume its because of the west coast dock strikes but no one has them. even on ebay, flippers only have 2 sizes i havent owned any adidas since sambas in middleschool so any idea how the fluxs fit compared to nike?
nice makes sense ... people are always confused like i said, you overestimate your consumer lol
i assume geller?
yeah i went green as well
just placed my order for the bunny. sorry a bit late due to being out of town and stuck in crazy snowstorm in dc.
agreed +111
agreed ... also i have the lightning bolt one so as much as i like this colorway its probably too similar for my warddrobe
http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/15163877-flannel-ing-greatness it was the flannel from last fall i believe; probably a rewards member exclusive that didnt hit the main site ... cant remember though
yup chatted with them this restock is all sold out (at least in the normal sizes) ndc fail
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