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in for anything indigo dyed
dont rush me son
save me a cashmere beanie and gloves ... need to swing by and get my mallard too
homeless man
great price on this ...mauro, just fyi, italian shoe makers cant fix your flat feet
yeah the red wingtips are sick. i have CP chukkas or else id grab those black ones too
i have the charcoal wool thermal and love it. its my go to layering piece on weekends now its getting colder
yeah i figured. ill swing by this week when i get a chance. no point in you wasting time and money on shipping when im close
awesome thats helpful yeah the commander arms are long, but ive gotten used to it. maybe i will have them altered, but my tokito bicycle ahs long arms too
did sizing down in the ashby make the arms too short? i sized down in my bedale and regret it and am not selling my size 34 cuz it is short in the arms but fits fine everywhere else. if im a small in the commander and tokito line, do i take a small ashby or xs ashby?
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