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i think i need a natural paper hat in size 2. im a 59 and wear a 7 3/8 baseball cap although it does stretch the 1 is a bit tight so probably would be more comfortable for me going to a 2. if anyone wants to trade or receives their 2 and doesn't like it hit me up
ok ill try and order and can report back worst case ill have to return or share on here
wanted the slub polos in small. im a 46 fj so assume i would need size small
why did nordstrom only pick up size medium and up? so annoying
man no 38s in polos @gdl203 i assume people should take their normal inglese size or do you size up to account for shrinkage?
cant wait for more knit blazers and trousers. toni has been my go to suit
blue ombre FTW!
thanks just put my order in for a tunic in mussel. i went TTS and ordered small. can someone confirm a typical 36/small is ok going small for tunic? probably should have asked BEFORE placing my order lol. this is my first inis piece
sorry i probably missed this, but i assume this is only available to those who go to the trunk show?
i used to take small bd but now take 39. the neck size throws me off cuz im typically a 15 neck but everythin gelse fits spot on
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