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has anyone tried to take a pair and exchagne in store for a different size??? i assume these arent marked in any way?
should have told one of the SA's they woudl have gave you the sale pricei heard from the SA that they are revamping that store and making it all higher end "new" polo rl and rrl in the next few months. apparently they have scrapped all of the old polo suiting for a more modern cut but less agressive then the anthony rlbl cuts and a lower price point. gtown will be one of the few stores pushing the new polo wares and will increase its rrl holdings. hopefully the plan all...
yeah we suck ... only saving grace is that japan got knocked out today go usa!
^you can always grab the canvas clyde in duck selvedge i grabbed 28 in those (my typical old RRL size) and fit fine. still havent had time to hit up the store for an exchange and 29x32 is sold out in the slim fits online
yup gtown
yes im a 9 but take all those marlows in 8.5 the toe was cramped a little but has stretched with wear and still has heel slippage
yea i havent owned anything from jcrew until this season but grabbed a few of the indigo dyed t's and polos and henleys. just as good as the rrl versions and couldnt justify the rrl cost (except on sale)
yes sorry it was crystal clear to me lol but without context and the fact that i hardly post in this thread it didnt make sensei have a ton of alden barrie so just wanted to make sure it was consistenti rock an 8.5 lindrick, penny and tassel (although tassel requires heel insert for slippage). dont have the marlow but will get eventually. so yes just wanted to confirm i would be same size in the frankenmonk.thanks all!
yes my friend ... thanks per usual
if someone returns a raspberry in small bd or you find another one in your "storage room" lemme know
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