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wtf ... why are you having surgery? man ive been so mia. good luck and speedy recovery bro!
lol awesomestan
does Need Supply price match?
i was hoping that was a restock of the stretch obsidian which was pulled from the site also looks like more pics of the boots at notre in different angles and lighting. the waxed looks to be a diff shade
+111111111111can't believe where W+H is now
does anyone have both teh springs and grey skittles that can do a comparison? are they very similar with the exception of frayed hem and pain splatter?
awesome thanks!
lauren should already have me down for the whiskey PTB as well as the wingtip. in your post you have me as confirmed but also tell me im wait-listed ...
http://www.daytonboots.com/products/service-boot?variant=2743521601not as good as the W+H version but you can still do a MTO for dayton's charcoal nubuck boots but wait time is at least 12 weeks lol with a 250 downpayment and slightly cheaper cost
ive only seen the non hoodie version of the jacket. looks great in person but def would kop hoodie version if and when it drops and it isnt at retail price lol
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