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selling nwt JE leather swarm size small/1 want to trade for size medium or sell at my cost (599 plus shipping)
yeah wish they were Js
anyone have a james grose rider that did not size up? did it stretch some with wear?
a lot of restocks on JE's site including more oak and alpine bogotas i grabbed the textured kake from union when it first dropped. it was just too stiff and didnt look all that nice IRL, esp for the price i like how it is a unique fabric but there are so many other offerings from JE that are also unique would prob kop on BF sale if its available. then again, the last thing i need is more sweats
Is that a black aluminum jacket on IG? Prefer oak color but that's interesting they made it in another colorway Annoying it wasn't dropped at same time to give people a choice
did you buy at retail?i want one in black as well but dont want to spend 250 for it
lol with the exception of buying like one tshirt, the vast majority of items bump you to free shipping anyway, especially when you buy more than one i got my bolivia and love it. pretty pricey but makes all of my old northfaces and patagonias pointless. great easy jacket to grab and go. havent tried to layer but i imagine it would be difficult since its fairly thick
was able to pick up the oak bogota in small those email notifications work!
how did you size?
@gdl203 thanks for entertaining me and being a gracious host this evening got a chance to visit NMWA briefly after work. picked up a bunch of staple inglese shirts and tried on the burgundy camoshita suit and the new leather jacket offerings now need to somehow justify the price of the rider and corduroy suit
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