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yeah i havent gotten any new ones post 2014 but i always had to size down on blazers for RRL but maybe someone else can chime in wiht more recent exp
awesome per usualreminds me of:
yes you can size down 1-2 sizes depending on the model. rrl tends to be a bit vanity sized. i would say that this pair and my black slim fits actually fit smaller so i went 29 instead of my other rrl raw denims where i went 28once you wear, they will stretch a bit
wow great price. if that size small doesnt work for you let me know and i may take it off your hands
thanks @ghost01 very helpful!
@apolis - is the online inventory accurate? was hoping to find a size 29 or 30 in the white twill pants in store if available
its a sick shirt love the double faced fabric
hmmm i was afraid of that ... has anyone seen the actual popover? maybe they didnt actually make it as a popover if someone can confirm then ill just keep thisthat shirt is this: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=56444376&origkw=rrl+bulldog&sr=1&kw=rrl+bulldog&parentPage=search
so this is weird ... i ordered this popover but received this instead lol anyone own the popover? can you confirm its actually a popover? not sure if its worth it to ordre another small and return this one. kind of like it that its a full buttondown but i do like popovers for the spring summer alternative to polos
wow good for me 36 is sold out already
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