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cant add any sizes to cart. its a ghost
alphabounce good for running or just a casual sneaker? using lunarepic atm
same for me size 38 out of stock
picked up all 3 tees. 2 roll necks and 1 crew cant wait to check out this new fabric
my dad is super old school and simple. he wears the same clothes over and over again until they fall apart. same jeans, same polo, same boat shoes. he will never be stylish but appreciates clothing that is functional and lasts i can't think of a better winter jacket that will last him for the rest of his life. if you only have room and need for one go to jacket, it would be the norwegian rain moscow
lol of course today i dont have the cordovan on ... but i have black and natural cordovan just no pics atmthe leather looks fine. i have two tone so black looks better but with patina, the natural just looks like a darkened leather strap which looks good for summer and casual wear. yeah i bought a lug tool for like 30-50? i think. you can google it and you will likely find a bunch of reviews for the tools on rolex forumtoday was bond nato strap
oysterflex is only for YM. no announcement for a la carte optionyou could go rubberb or stick with nato. i go cordovan nato on mine for casual outings
how light/heavy weight are the pigtails? and any comparison to the linen l/s mercers?
Nice trying 42 hope they work
if im an 8.5d barrie, i assume a 42 vass f would be too large? i think i need 41.5 or 41 but they are sold out
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