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i think the plan is to send out on monday
Wow good luck ... Nov is rainy season so unless you don't mind rocking wet jeans for 4 days hiking, I'd recommend rocking water proof hiking pants insteadI have reccs for restaurants if ur staying cusco. R u using enigma guides? They are by far the best
Lol more to life than cigars, scotch and clothes
Whoa new guy to beat
also if i am correct, both ohhello and myself are weekend warriors you everyday wearers shoul dbe ashamed of yourselves
x-post from denim contest threadwvg denim at machu picchu [[SPOILER]]
nice didnt even realize i was runner-up haha. congrats to ohhello and everyone else participatingkeep the pics coming!wvg denim at machu picchu [[SPOILER]] also full disclosure i havent washed these yet ... anyone have pics pre & post wash?
a few quick shots in cusco before we start the inca trail [[SPOILER]] plus gratuitous crotch and @$$ shotswvg traveling the world
mauro i sent you a ton of pics since i was away from my comp let me know if you got them
boom been slammed and MIA lately but both tees look great will def have to pick up some more once they come in
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