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how did you size?
@gdl203 thanks for entertaining me and being a gracious host this evening got a chance to visit NMWA briefly after work. picked up a bunch of staple inglese shirts and tried on the burgundy camoshita suit and the new leather jacket offerings now need to somehow justify the price of the rider and corduroy suit
im in for whiskey lindrick
black float knit looks better ... i think it will behard to pull off the white
i was able to try the boucle pants at barneys boston. amazing texture and feel. i had to size up cuz the thighs and seat were super tight, but love them!
is anyone else getting oak bogota or a restock coming back to JE? missed out on small
so is there a restock at JE?
For those that have handled the main line rider and the pitch black, do you have a preference? I kind of like the all black look but anyone else have an opinion?
medium just got restocked. only one though
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