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swung by to pick up like 2-3 month old purchases lol all the new chambrays are sick ... and you wont go wrong with any of them but got to handle and take home a pair of the undies and they are awesome. going camping this weekend so will put them to the test lol, but first impressions ... really beefy. they are the same material as the t's so super soft and breathable but thicker weight so you shouldnt be tearing holes in them. my test will be how well they hold up...
finally you embrace the club collar
need 8 gianni and 8.5 wingtips please!!! already purchased the frankenmonk from you
thanks but yeah i checked here. sold out of small
interesting ... it actually lets me go through checkout.i had already checked stuarts (i meant stuards not malford earlier) but if you go through the US.stuarts site it has this note:PRODUCT REFERENCE: 50552PLEASE NOTE THIS STOCK IS ONLY SOLD IN THE UK ONLYbut when i used your link, i never got that message. so maybe this works lol. great workaround. hahai had a friendly SF user pm me so if that doesnt work, ill try stuarts. thanks for the help all
yes i have received shipments from End before. I think its a new policy. none of the UK retailers are shipping barbour to the states. if you try to checkout and insert your US address, an error pops up telling you they cant ship barbour stock to the states. barbour must be capitalizing on the "recent" popularity of the brand and doesnt want people getting a deal by ordering through UK directly. jcrew and club monaco and barbour retail shops have these at 730ish plus.
if anyone knows where i can find the barbour dept b commander in olive in small hit me up. end and malfords wont ship to US or if someone ever sees a commander at the outlet let me know and hook a bro up!
but then how can i afford my new iphone 6 plus?
wonder why DC/gtown store isnt on that list
yeah its always a good time. havent seen you krish in years. mauro purposely picked a date where i cant attend ... he made racist asian comment about my glow being too strong or that bubba was already fulfilling the token asian guy quota
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