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didnt realize they were exclusive to barneyswarehouse has a decent selection of presumably last year's serapian models for cheap pricesmight have to pick up a folio as a gift ... anyone have experience with the portfolios?
natural indigo YESSSSSS
yes they did not shrink at all at the waist
pics or it didnt happen
i doubt they will be offering them sinc ethey are new, but if the apolis transit stuff is available i would love a proxy
RRL dont make socks yeah all of my patterned socks from richer poorer and happy socks die since they are really thing. plus i tend to use shirt garters which adds to the stress and holes. make em last and im in ps stop hating on rrl
if its 8.5 ill take them off your hands
yes to crazy print socks
agreed straight black doesnt get much wear dark navy, grey, charcoal, brown for dress socks
anyone able to proxy officer chinos? size 28 please
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