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with a 38 chest i think your more like a medium unless you want the small to be more form fitting
yup at coachella this weekend. he was rocking one of the rrl mohave henleys
it looks real to me ... its just an outlet item so quality control is very low and inconsistencies are really high
lol why would anyone be offended? what this thread needs is less bickering and more pics. props man they look great. i assume you are having that crotch reinforced before you do more yard work?
you are def a smallim a bd small and also slim 36 chest and im modeling those tees btw
@opermann where did you get the chesterfield? the bay?
well no reason for everyone to stop posting pics. past couple of pages have been really great
@ el matador beach for contest: wvg anchor ss rrl type two eg fatigue shorts
agreed with vedarcrew. once you know your size, you can stick with it i know the wvg team is working on updating the measurements chart/size chart but if you currently fit in a small bd, you will be fine to rely on that
i'm 5'8 as well ... as you can see the stacking looks good and isnt overblown i took a size 29 which is my true waist size. i could have gone 30 for a slightly looser fit
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