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i wash all my JE items in cold on perm press. i never tried on delicate so will try that next. but none of my mercers or other items have had the neck issue but all 3 of my anti-expos have collars that are all wrinkled
hopefully they fix the collars on the anti-expos though. i guess its fine with the raw hems but the collars go crazy after a wash, even with a hang dry
anyone have a photo comparison of slate vs charcoal? really wish JE put some sort of color palette comparison
anyone with the black sweatpants from gap? how do you size compared to mainline?
lol at peas in a pod
nice looks just like sage de cret bunny killer
i would buy the villain in loopwheel since i missed the first run. other than that, im done with villains. kakes, mercer half zips and dual flashes are way better
1. oak bogota and slate bolivia 2. grey skittles and white skittles 3. black float knit
dislike and thumbsdown lol
direct from JE during bf mercer half-zip flash sale
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