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im so glad im off that text chain lol
pretty high price considering the quality for their products also the reviews and comments from their knit cardigan/blazer was meh so wouldnt expect much better on this but maybe someone on here can buy and review
people always want what they cant have now that rewards is gone, everyone comes lining up
lol could be yours ... def not mine
lol sucks to be si-jin
found this interesting and funny: http://hypebeast.com/2015/01/ralph-lauren-agrees-to-cease-converse-imitations-following-trademark-infringement-accusation
LOL toucheclearly namor is a better man that i
man strong work namor as alawys. i actually tossed my original contest pair after i got a nasty oil stain and never took pics
yeah those canvas clydes are awesome. i have that mustard duck canvas color as well as the greyish color from 2 seasons back. treat like raw
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