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awesome thats helpful yeah the commander arms are long, but ive gotten used to it. maybe i will have them altered, but my tokito bicycle ahs long arms too
did sizing down in the ashby make the arms too short? i sized down in my bedale and regret it and am not selling my size 34 cuz it is short in the arms but fits fine everywhere else. if im a small in the commander and tokito line, do i take a small ashby or xs ashby?
has anyone seen a navy ashby in small at the outlets? what price do they go at on sale?
this is the shirt for sale small bd at cost SOLD thanks
pm me if anyone needs the new amunzen in small bd brand new at rewards member cost. already have a shirt from last season in a similar pattern SOLD thanks
if anyone sees the +J grey flannel suit jacket/blazer in small (non stripe version) let me know. cant seem to find it anywhere
they are all live now for me. all the colors of boxers too man, 82.50 for a blue shirt? what the hell is a chambray? GOD THESE PRICES ARE TOO HIGH! i mean i could go Salvation Army and get this same shirt for $3! lolz
got busy and failed to post my review on the boxerssizing - im a 30 waist in most pants and took a small, TTS. i didnt try on another size, but these fit really well on first wear. no bagginess anywhere or excess fabric. it is stretchy and conformed well. i cant speak to sizing down, but you will be safe going TTS.comfort - ive and owned most of the typical boxers available from really cheap like uniqlo and H&M to the more typical high end CK, 2xist, armani. these are...
lol good memory soma! yeah i have the olive one: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=48186386&cp=11588650.12138270&ab=ln_men_cs_sweaters&view=99&parentPage=family from like 2 seasons back. great piece, super soft and stretchy
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