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received my first kake today and took same size as mercer and my villain and all my JE tops size small fit is perfect and love the oak greyish/brown color i also got a size XS incase i wanted to size down but it defeats the purpose so this will go back unless anyone wants/need on here. Jif you want it let me know, if not goes back to JE early next week
i took same size in my mercer as the washed mercer tees, size small. im a 36r and size small in most brands
im in ... what do i need to do? lol
i took size 29 in strech kane, granite and canyon and also kept 29 in skittles. 28 in skittles fit in waist they were painted on my thighs. def some stretch. even 29 are really too tight int eh thighs so will have to stretch them out before i wear i have room in the waist in all of these. i typically take a size 30 in most pants and do a medium in the escobar and kitos (like the slightly baggier feel in sweats)
yes i had to size by my thunder thighs regardless of my waist measurements
did you size same as villain and your other JE items?
dc is the worst right now. 7am 90 degrees plus humidity and 11pm 90 degrees. ridiculous kake for cold movie theaters and malls that blast ac lol
not sure im feeling the trousers so took a pass grabbed my first kake in xs and s. typically take everything in s so will see which one fits best the oak looks to be the same as the raw edge sweatpants so it might just be the photography lighting. similar to how the dark grey kake looks diff then the dark grey mercer but its the same IRL
anyone have pics of some worn in used kanes? want to see how they have developed over time
Did this get delayed?
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