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theres going to be a ton of returns lol
fyi i am still in and just reconfirmed in the notes section to the excel thanks!
ugh richmond is so expensive revolve put up the terry gauze kake and jasper sweats. LOL at them pics doeeee ...
did anyone actually purchase the richmond jacket from bergdorf and like it? i remember the initial pics and reviews were underwhelming
saturdays camel coat looks terrible as well lol
what promo code did you use? everything i tried excluded the collab items
im going to try again later tonight but i think it is still too large for me. im a slim 36 with narrow chest/shoulders. i think the chest will be fine with layers but it was the shoulders and sleeves that made me look like i was a child wearing my father's coat
lol with today's JE pricing you will only get 1 regular JE item but point taken
yeah i remember during preorder time that nick had said to take your normal FJ size. i only have a SS FJ that i went down a size to 44 since i dont layer. I should have just stayed at 44. going to 46 was too much at least in the HJ since the shoulders and sleeves are already larger
i received my eidos navy fuzzy hunting jacket in size 46 from preorder. beautiful fabric and texture but unfortunately it fits 1 size too large If anyone wants this please hit me up
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