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mauro how does the blue knit blazer for ss compare to the blue one for fw? is that fw one more dark navy?
lol no sandpaper but iphone 6 plus pocket fades ftw
i have a closet full of rrl outside of their selvedge trousers and denim (which i mostly buy with discount), i dont buy anything from rrl at full retail. everything goes on sale eventually. sometimes you miss out if your a smaller size like myself but its not the end of the world. invariably jcrew W&B, polo rl, d&s or CM or another niche brand like apolis or eg will come out with something identical or similar enough for the aesthetic i love everything rrl but your...
clearly you need to play tennis in the denim lol if your teaching small children you should be fine
nice got the exact same one ... def my fav
everyday's a work day
lolz its the gf's puppy ol'dirtylark hoona already took a bite out of my "chicken wing" 2 years ago
you should email gina for their recommended size on the denim probably would help mauro & co if you gave your own measurements on your fav fitting denim so they can size you right
x-post from denim contest thread ...
i rarely have the weekends off so trying to take advantage of the awesome DC weather ... #weekendwarriorwvg blue tortilla roll neck teewvg denim project italy [[SPOILER]]
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