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rofl i am in the exact same boat and def need to stop checking this thread in particularalready preordered the NR moscow in s&p herringbone; ss film in blue grey; ss binder jacket in khakitoday ordered eidos HJ in fuzzy bluenow contemplating eidos FJ in grey melange at least i am not partaking on the rgeller bombers
wow great color
greg - is the grey melange herringbone much darker than the grey herringbone db overcoat on the webstore? more like charcoal?
pp credit w/ 6 six months no interest is great and easy way to pay off bigger purchases
@conceptual 4est what size do you take in eidos ... 46?
totally in for navy fuzzy HJ trying to justify a f/w FJ as i already have a s/s FJ
is that the knit navy suit? i have the same thing. great hand to it and love how soft it is just picked this up from mauro love love love
rofl small world if you ever see an asian guy in biz cas rocking the olive bunny or SS green merino in a rush every morning thats me haha
i'll try and swing by just to say hey depending on when i get off work i live in the building above sixth engine at 400 mass
awesome much appreciated will stick with it then
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