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boom been slammed and MIA lately but both tees look great will def have to pick up some more once they come in
@yimingration and I at a local va winery Both of us in the contest denim and I'm rocking last years wvg tee
FYI, earlier pics showing the differences in color between the knit blazers in blue and grey
vedarcrew is wearing the grey i am wearing the blue its not navy, its blue there is a dark navy version in diff fabric coming for fall/winter. this is a blue kind of like a light heather blue
That is the blue blazer
fit is awesome im typically a 36 in my two wvg suits great texture and feel when worn. super soft. stretchy too since its a knit so cant wait to put some wear in it really easy and great casual/business wear
mauro sent me a handful of pics that ill throw up later tonight i picked up both colors of the knit blazer in size 36 slim and the new navy tee, plus rocking the contest jeans nice to meet some fellow local sf bros
yeah trying to swing by will text u later tonight
mauro how does the blue knit blazer for ss compare to the blue one for fw? is that fw one more dark navy?
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