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agreed, slate and oak are the my fav colors from JE
last thing i need is ANOTHER winter coat but that price point is too hard to resist. my only justification is "i don't have a winter coat in that color" so went ahead and got taupe SMH
just google story et fall and everything is in the SeF page in the kanyetothe forum in the first post
wow never thought the raw cobalts would ever look like that. although i have cast 2 cobalts and they are more grey then indigo
LOL but JE isn't that far off and has gone up every season. we are getting close to troll pricingat least SLP is high end luxury brand pricing so your paying for name and brandFOG and JE are priced for hype. dont get me wrong, im a total stan for JE but its getting harder every release
seriously? how did i not know this and how do you that? i mean 5-10 returns dont break the bank but that would help alot to just kop and return later
im sure it will hit retailers and go on sale way too expensive. pigtails at 188 is an awesome price doe
jesus 588 for a windbreaker? thank god. i actually tried to check out but size small was gone and taken out of my cart before i coudl complete. honestly at 600 its better this way. i will live with just my dune pigtail
does the suede stretch more than the calf or vice versa?
[[SPOILER]] not a fan of the pics of the raschel on ssense. def can't pull that off
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