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better late then never right?
im still inwhere are we sending pics? just email to you mauro or post here?its def time to do the 6months pics now
yes don't always follow sf think ... most of the time only the loudest people are heard but are rarely right
come on folks ... people gotta order those sweaters to make the minimums
nice ... i have last years thermal crew and its great hopefully there are enough people who buy in to make the minimums
any discount promos for sf users?
Whoa new guy to beat
also if i am correct, both ohhello and myself are weekend warriors you everyday wearers shoul dbe ashamed of yourselves
nice didnt even realize i was runner-up haha. congrats to ohhello and everyone else participatingkeep the pics coming!wvg denim at machu picchu [[SPOILER]] also full disclosure i havent washed these yet ... anyone have pics pre & post wash?
a few quick shots in cusco before we start the inca trail [[SPOILER]] plus gratuitous crotch and @$$ shotswvg traveling the world
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