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mauro i hate you ... bubba will have to be your token asian
im not saying mauro shouldnt post on social media or on here ever again. all i said is the expectations on here are too great and people need to understand the context. sure i agree, that in a perfect world, mauro should consistently release info on his products and pictures and details etc in advance. all im saying is he inconsistently does this due to his own schedule, his lack of a full team to support him, and practicality. there tends to be more risk then reward...
and id like to mention that if you were going to purchase a product, you will purchase it regardless of what info you had previous to the actual release. the only difference with releasing tidbits of info ahead of time is for hype. and maybe hype works for other brands, but here, it has only caused more problems and criticism
he is giving tidbits. its relative how much info mauro should be providing besides the fact that something is coming. go back through this entire forum. how many times do people get pissed when mauro doesnt meet his target deadline for delivery or the color changes or wasnt what he originally disclosed?im a consumer and i would love for him to provide more detail. i get what you are saying. but from his perspective, every time its not exactly what he disclosed in...
so what you are asking for him to do is provide every detail upfront BEFORE the newsletter? how does that benefit him at all? and then whats the point of the newsletter? everything would come out piecemeal. you even said that he puts it all in the newsletter. if people dont buy the product then they dont buy it, but i dont see the advantage of him answering everyones questions upfront if it doesnt translate to more sales. if all the info is included in the newsletter...
to be honest, it probably is too much to askhe is essentially a one man show. he releases "tidbits of information" as a favor to SF. and ive said this before, but unless things have changed in the last few months, SF is not even close to a majority of his loyalty members or his consumer base. so any info he releases on SF ahead of time is a perk and done as a teaser.his main client base are the stores that carry his brand plus his loyalty members that receive the bulk...
yeah i have the white officers they are pretty nice. same fit as others so got them tapered. they are kinda off white/cream with a speckled feature. so not as hard to wear as straight white pants. perf for spring/summer
closed its sold
http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=33077546 plus matching shirt to top it all off
has anyone tried to take a pair and exchagne in store for a different size??? i assume these arent marked in any way?
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