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Great film. I've noticed that older movies tend to end right after the climax, with newer movies it appears that they drag it out and need to have closure for what happens to every character. I much prefer the former style.
This talk about cheap fucks has me reevaluating my life. I live an austere frugal life 50 weeks out of the year so I can go on an awesome overseas trip for two weeks and totally let loose. Not sure if that's the best way to live.
They don't taste that good. The head cavity holds all the flavor.
Minimalist art, like Agnes Martin etc. I'm not in the "a four year old could do that!" camp, either.
Brown sugar and marshmallow on pumpkin pie? Was it made by this woman?
Kira, I joined SF when I was about 15 years old as well. I primarily lurked for the first year or so, because I knew that anything I would post would probably be incredibly moronic. If you have any interest in not being the most hated poster of all time, I suggest you do the same.
Just realized how disgusting canned soup is. Never again.
Has anyone here ever attempted The Story of Civilization series by William Durant? Reading all 11 volumes seems like an impossible task but I was thinking of picking up Part IV: The Age of Faith, Constantine to Dante - A.D. 325-1300 as I am interested in that period.
10 bottles of Stella Artois. It has become my go to readily available lager. Boring yes, but refreshing and a cut above Bud, Miller, etc.
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