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Watched Jurassic World. What an idiotic movie that was. I felt stupid for watching it. Rewatched Jurassic Park afterward and appreciated it even more. Jeff Goldblum
I meant in person. The interwebz have everything of course. I wanted to have one today.
Why is it so hard to find a 100% white linen pocket square?
Fraternization is pretty easy to get away with.
Holy fuck my arms hurt. Anyone else get this? Only after doing back exercises (specifically rope climbs and pullups) my arms feel weak and shaky, it's difficult to grip hard. Arms feel like they were crushed in a machine. Think I overtrained, going to do abs/legs/cardio for awhile.
^Interesting. I want to slow cook some beef with gravy and make mashed potatoes. Anyone have a good recipe? What is the best cut, boneless chuck roast?
Need to start looking for a new car, one of my least favorite activities. The locals do not understand car value. I see shit that's 30% over KBB suggested price, being lenient on the condtion.
His theory of recursion in language was debunked by the Piraha language anyway.
Piob, what is with all these encounters with lardasses? Do you live in Arkansas or something?
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