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Yes. It is really only useful for people with a lot of leave to burn or retirees, however.
This was two years ago. Look almost exactly the same now, but without the extreme farmer's sunburn and now have more visible abs.
I'm not too familiar with EG, do they have wonky sizing in general or did they revamp it in the last few years? This jacket in size XL has the same measurements as my size medium SS10 linen Baker jacket.
I work at an intelligence agency, so absolutely no one save one person supports Hill dog. And that one person is voting for her because "it's about time we have a female president." I suppose that's a good reason to vote for her. The libtards support Bernie, note that all of them are under 30. Republican support is mixed and lukewarm except for a few gay dudes that love Trump. I think they even started a website about it.
Find Finn is that a glass of eggnog in that picture? Those dawgs look like they'd be very messy to eat. (sup hroi)
A lot of ridiculous scenes, but still an important movie. 8/10
Going to go backpacking in Eastern Europe this summer. I'll be walking around cities most of the time, but will be doing some outdoors hiking too, possibly climbing Mt Olympus in Greece. What should I wear? I want something comfortable but won't get me turned down from clubs. Are these okay? Shoes or should I go with these? Boots These don't look too ugly to me and seem to be comfortable based on reviews. I'm open to suggestions. Do I suck it up and bring multiple pairs of...
I know a bit, but I'd ask The Shah. He knows فارسی
Biscotti are you in the merchant marines or something?
Ha yeah. I guess I over-glorified the military and thought it was going to entail more of an adventure. That's fine, it's setting me up pretty well money-wise and I'm getting a free education out of it.
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