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Homage to a SF past TOJ Uniqlo Uniqlo Levi's CP Pretty sure I've posted this fit many times. Damn, I'm like a taller graphic novelty
Now I have mental images of Arthur docking Buster.
I had that exact shirt made last month by moderntailor. Highly recommended.
Eat hot cereal like an adult.
Where can I find some jeans/pants that fit like 511s but have an interesting material? Levi's fit me way too well but they only make basic stuff. The Zam B linen pants I'm selling would be perfect but they don't fit me at all. A lot of the pants with a similar aesthetic seem to be either really tight, drop crotch, or are dress pants. Budget is $400.
My job is boring. Oh well, only four more years!
Are you getting your complimentary Olive Garden meal tomorrow?
With a heavy heart, I must put these up for sale. I thought my fat ass could fit into them but I was mistaken. I have a 32" waist, so I suggest a 30" waist for these. Have only been tried on. If anyone has these in a 48 or 50, please PM asap! From original sale thread: (Pics are also from that thread) Classic Overlock DNA Jeans in 100% very heavy 14oz Vintage linen size 46 same as the SS14 version but only in an experimental vintage Linen that is built like a tank Only 5...
I ate tomato aspic served with man-A's at a traditional southern restaurant in Shitlanta and nearly gagged.
I think I saw the ET pr0n on there many moons ago. Hasn't been too funny in the last year though.
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