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I used to work on the killing floor at Jennie-O. Turkeys are disgusting, fowl creatures.
Thanks, but I don't want a non-stick as I plan to deep fry quite a bit. I went ahead and bought a bunch of stuff from the wok shop. 14" flat bottomed carbon steel wok w/ round lid, bamboo handled skimmer, a steamer rack insert, and a chuan and hoak. Pretty cheap overall for cookware, hopefully will see a lot of use.
I want to buy a wok, but don't know what to get. What material is best? Good brands? I heard the experts prefer a traditional round bottom instead of the flat bottom, and they use a wok ring to balance it. I'm using an electric stove top for now, but I eventually plan to live somewhere with a gas stove.
I do do this. Easiest way. Although I notice some idiots do it with angled spaces in one way parking lot aisles.
Speaking of football. Wtf Blair Walsh. srsly.
Why do people back into parking spaces so often? Are they robbing the store? Is delayed gratification really what separates the elite from the proletarian?
May have the opportunity to learn a new job, move to a new state, and attend a new school. I'm unhappy with all 3 of those things in my current situation, so if this happens (إن شاء الله) it'll be the happiest day of my life.
Was kicked out of the ghost hunting tour after puking all over my dick.
Orpheus Sykophantes What do you guys think of sour beers? Are they a dickhead beverage?I like them a lot, very tart and refreshing, as long as they arent too sweet. They are hard to find here.
What a bunch of needy cunts.
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