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Tried to kop a RO from Yoox, hilarity resulted. From FW11, some kind of stonewashed calf, dark dust color Some thoughts: Uncomfortably high armholes Pockets inside and out were perfect depth soft leather, but super fragile, felt like if I sneezed it would shred collar only works down with this leather, popping results in some limp dick floppy nightmare. Returned.
Have my annual PT test next week, hoping to get 75 pushups in a minute, 70 crunches in a minute, and 9:45 run time for a 1.5 mile.
Krane Emory bomber, or Jonas coat? Anyone have experience with them? How warm are they? Need a proper piece of winter outerwear, only have leathers right now. Something about the Emory doesn't sit well, like thick winter weight bombers might look too top heavy. Any other suggestions welcome.
The Roots- Here I Come is essential lifting music
Someone tell me there's no way in hell I'm an XL in a RO stooges leather. I have a 42" chest, 5'10" 170 lbs. 47 cm s2s and 55 cm p2p according to seller, similar to my TOJ, but I don't want a loose leather. hmm... I'm getting worse with measurements the longer I'm on this site.
Besides my one friend most women that go to the gym here frequently are socially retarded twats. Nice eye candy though. Was DLing 405 once, which is more than I've ever done, when done some girl comes up to my friend, "is he supposed to be doing it like that? I did that much weight last week and hurt my back." Congrats on being as strong as an average size man and using poor form, appreciate unsolicited advice though!
Brick was one of those movies that had a plot I had to shamefully search wikipedia for to fully understand.
Traffic, was good but I feel like it ended abruptly, I wanted another 3o minutes of movie to see what happens next. Besides that the Ocean's movies and Schizopolis, haven't seen other Soderbergh movies. Any good ones?
Finally graduated from size Medium to an in between size Marge in tees. Feels awkward man.
Faust (1994) Pretty weird movie, I enjoyed it as expected. A couple very memorable scenes. Have seen almost every Svankmejer film now.
New Posts  All Forums: