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Buy it so we can be twinsies^
Alice (1988) Never saw another version of this film nor have I read the book so can't compare it, but it was intriguing,
Amelie, possibly the quirkiest thing I've ever seen. I liked it. Paths of Glory, very good. I felt Col Dax's frustration, have been in a similar situation before and was totally helpless.
TTS, am a 38-40 in most brands, medium shirt fits perfectly. Went with large for my long johns, still tight but could've sized down. 31" waist. They have accurate size charts IMO.
That margie reminds me of Zara, at first glance seems minimalist and restrained, but then they add ugly details and add a bunch of unnecessary design elements.
Was pretty excited to go to the SF Uniqlo store today, tried on an outrageous amount of clothes to my friends' chagrin. Sadly the flannels fit way too tight in the arm, and the armholes cut too high. Same with the oxfords. Ended up just buying some heattech items, very impressed with them. Blazers and suits work good for a young guy needing some formal clothes. Definitely ordering more heat tech stuff in future.
White trash music is a superb choice, Korn, NIN, etc.
Damn, this site is a drug. Makes me procrastinate, and spend more money on superfluous stuff. Not very productive. Despite what people say, you're never done amassing clothes. Can I get a temporary ban?
Fuck treadmills.
Charlie Wilson's War. Informative and concise. Good film.
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