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Am looking for places to stay on the listing of the craig, damn there are some weird people here. There is some creepy dude named Chet that is into kayaking and giving massages, seeking a fit male, and there is no information about the rent, the apt, etc. Thought I stumbled onto the gay anonymous sex section. Or it's people with weirdly specific preferences. "Strongly prefers single lesbian military" Why? With some of them, I can see why they want a female when the guy...
Just realized that Beck is not Canadian.
Have access to 4 large on-base gyms free for military what's up
285 lbs and I weigh 168 lbs.
I love kids.
Everyone loves pets. Just have to have a bunch of dogs and cats shitting up the house.
Title pretty much says it all. I purchased both bottles from fragrancenet, kept in a cool dry dark place. The Aventus is at about 94% and the New Haarlem is about 95%. They are nice scents, but Green Irish Tweed will be my OneScent. Looking for $80 shipped for the New Haarlem, Aventus is SOLD. Shipping to US only, sorry.
Jesus christ this movie was sad.
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