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Orpheus Sykophantes What do you guys think of sour beers? Are they a dickhead beverage?I like them a lot, very tart and refreshing, as long as they arent too sweet. They are hard to find here.
What a bunch of needy cunts.
Was better than the prequels, can say that much.
Just got back from Star Wars, 7/10.
The best MRE is the chili mac, hands down.
Goddamnit, I just spent 10 minutes reading about Cincinnati chili. Why is there always so much cheese piled on it? Looks absolutely horrid.
Lifeboat (1944) Great movie, and Tallulah Bankhead is awesome.
atwo bottles evan williams nog. ehh wouldve liked me own shit
Watched in the Heart of the Sea as I am a big Moby Dick fan, and read ITHOTS as well. About what I expected, 7/10. One thing I disliked in the movie [[SPOILER]] The whale attacking them is a small part of the book, and it's mainly a survival at sea story. I feel like people may watch it expecting something else based on trailers.
TN is my favorite state in the south by far. I'm planning a trip there soon, need to eat some Nashville hot chicken.
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