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Sprained my foot, don't want to do anything. Also, working night shift and having all these briefings/meetings/appointments at like 11 am, middle of the night for me.
Lost a good friendship today over an argument about the number of syllables in the word "veggies".
Tonight is probably the only time I've regret not owning a TV
I would offer to do it but I think you are in a far away part of the Peach State from me.
I like to use two forks. Going to do a marine mud run challenge in two weeks, pretty excited. 5 miles, 30 obstacles. Should be good cardio.
What? Both of those are white meat. Boneless has more breading, it is more unhealthy. Besides, boneless wings are glorified chicken nuggets and are for pedophiles. The choice is clear.
Do you know many religious people that aren't huge hypocrites?
Accidentally took a nap in a cemetery earlier today.
Nekromantic was a good movie.
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