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Have you met my good friend tagutcow?
Think I need to stop drinking for awhile.
It's embarrassing to say, now that I have time to think about it there's some good points. It was, persuade an audience of college students on whether or not one year of national service should be mandatory. I wasn't sure if it meant military, or working for the government in general, etc. It was the last class I needed for my CCAF degree, which is about as useful as a piss on a forest fire, so I'm not too upset.
Bombed the shit out of my Public Speaking DSST. I had 10 minutes to prepare a 3-5 minute impromptu speech. I didn't really understand the topic, didn't care about it, and couldn't think of any points. Could talk for like 90 seconds before I said fuck it and shut it off. Going to take a speech class at a college instead.
Awesome movie and kept me hooked until the end. Joan Fontaine
There's this overwhelming smell of cooked red meat that's been sitting out too long to where I can't sleep/concentrate, it's permeating the whole area. Gross.
I seriously don't get watching team sports. I'd go to an actual game, because that's a fun social event. I play basketball and football on occasion, but I can't understand my friends who dedicate hours a day to watching ESPN etc. It wouldn't perplex me so much if it wasn't for the fact that so many people watch, I'm in the extreme minority here.
Pink Flamingos.
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