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10 bottles of Stella Artois. It has become my go to readily available lager. Boring yes, but refreshing and a cut above Bud, Miller, etc.
^I raise you one Raising Arizona
Overrated, unless you like listening to Korn and eating canned Hormel chili.
Thanks for the helpful response to what was surely a dumb question. Have some Lablanco pisco I got in Lima that I'm looking to drink up.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Wasn't feeling it, this is what happens when white people go unchecked. Too kitschy and I didn't like the girl Scott was fighting over. Needed to watch Boyz in the Hood and Juice as a palette cleanser.
Any recipes for Pisco sours without simple syrup? Can I just add sugar? Am new to making drinks.
Also, Arkansas accents are the worst.
Is reaching the 1000 lb club good for someone 168 lbs at 5'10"?
Homage to a SF past TOJ Uniqlo Uniqlo Levi's CP Pretty sure I've posted this fit many times. Damn, I'm like a taller graphic novelty
Now I have mental images of Arthur docking Buster.
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