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+1 First non retarded thing you've ever said
^The fact that this kind of post always comes up after edmorel uses a slang term makes me think y'all have never heard of urban dictionary.
Why do people like James Franco? He seems to try really hard at ruining things I really like, such as W. Faulkner and C. McCarthy.
I mispronounce a lot of words, and it makes me mad. I often only see these words in print, so if I try to use them myself I usually fail and look like a hick. English words too.
If you're white, I think you should have a decent amount of muscle to pull it off. I've been shaving my head 3x a week for over a year now and haven't looked back. Of course, sometimes people mistake me for a skin, Vin Diesel, or a gopnik but that's fine.
+1Does anyone work a muscle group a day? My shoulder days are weak compared to the rest, what are some good shoulder exercises?My schedule:Mon Chest TricepsTues RestWednes CardioThurs AbsFri ShouldersSatur Back BicepsSun Legs
Nice, will check it out next time I'm in the Twin Cities.
Which gym was it?
3Sixteen made nice pair of raw grey jeans, not sure if you could still find a pair.
Creed Aventus. Couldn't resist, had to buy a bottle. Is my work scent.
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