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The dreams signify you've been watching too much efukt lately.
I remember sampling some tator tot hotdish and lutefisk at the lutheran church potluck as a youth. My childhood was pretty much Lake Wobegon Days.
Are there people in this world that enjoy eating hotdish? (casseroles and such)
Shavemob has the same quality razors as DSC but are a lot less expensive and you buy the year supply at once.
Spending almost all of my free time reading Infinite Jest, can't put it down. I don't mind looking up all the obscure words.
Thanks. When did you have yours?
gelato>ice cream>>frozen dog droppings>>>frozen yogurt (frogurt) Lucky, all we get in my office is stale doughnuts.
I guess. And I couldn't get sweat in my eye.
Recovering from PRK surgery, today was the first time I could exercise in 2 weeks. Wanted to see how many pushups I could do in 1 hour, got 679. It doesn't seem like a lot, but after 500 it's hard to do sets higher than 20.
I don't live in Atlanta, I live in Disgusta.
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