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There is also a drink called Tom and Jerry's. Similar to eggnog.
Moby Dick. Already enjoy the writing style, have high expectations.
Same reason I don't own a truck.
Kind of related: http://everydaycarry.com/This is the norm on a military base, so many narclons running around. IDGI.
Looking to start up a krokodil lab, PM me for Russian business contacts.
Fascinating book, I can't put it down!
Great DDL performance. 8/10
Ugh, why did I eat Popeye's? So disgusting. biscuits are greasesoaked and taste like salt tablets, chicken is stringy and 80% breading. Zaxby's was closed.
There's gyms in South/Central America. I worked out at this ghetto gym in Cuzco, and befriended some huge Peruvian bodybuilder. Apparently whey protein/supplements are harder to find, so a lot of lifters drink infant formula. Well, This guy went straight to the source and had some of his wife's breast milk with him! He offered me some, wasn't bad. This might've been lost in translation, but he basically hinted that he keeps his wife perpetually pregnant so he can have...
New Posts  All Forums: