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That would make things easier, however I loathe this area and will be leaving in two years. I don't want to own a house unless I plan to live somewhere for awhile.
I'm renting a house and now the owner wants to sell. Looking for a new place is annoying. I'm not sure if I want to live in the trap to save money, roommate in a nicer place, or just pay more and be solo in a nicer place. Right now I'm paying $500/mo for a 4 bd 2 bth house utilities included. It's right next to my job too. It's an ideal situation that sadly is coming to an end.
So this happened down the street from my house:
Why do people think Inception is such an awesome movie?
Pretty short but funny and interesting critique of modern architecture. Recommended for people like me, who have an interest in architecture but not much formal knowledge.
If I had to pick one poast on this website to describe what the average forumite is like, it'd be this one.
I'm just kidding, I'm single at the moment. I was thinking about the question as I'd just watched Scenes from a Marriage. Apparently divorce rates in Sweden went up after its release.
Do you have a time machine I could borrow bro?
College admin workers are completely worthless. Also, who has lunch at 3:30 pm? Do they think they're in Barcelona?
What do guys do when their wives/girl friends start steadily gaining a lot of weight? Hold their tongues and get a Cialis Rx?
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