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Why do people think Inception is such an awesome movie?
Pretty short but funny and interesting critique of modern architecture. Recommended for people like me, who have an interest in architecture but not much formal knowledge.
If I had to pick one poast on this website to describe what the average forumite is like, it'd be this one.
Are feminists allowed to laugh? There's this woman in one of my classes that always struck me as off, I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I realized, not once has she ever laughed, told a joke, or had an air of levity to her. Does laughing broadcast to everbody that you're happy with the current state of the world, in which women are oppressed?
I'm just kidding, I'm single at the moment. I was thinking about the question as I'd just watched Scenes from a Marriage. Apparently divorce rates in Sweden went up after its release.
Do you have a time machine I could borrow bro?
College admin workers are completely worthless. Also, who has lunch at 3:30 pm? Do they think they're in Barcelona?
What do guys do when their wives/girl friends start steadily gaining a lot of weight? Hold their tongues and get a Cialis Rx?
Some people think being enlisted will be a more "authentic" military experience, or would rather be technicians than managers. Depending on source of commission, O's could have a 3,4,5 year or more active duty commitment. I have a wealthy friend with a private pilot's license whose parents offered to pay for his college. He wants to be a pilot, but instead enlisted because he felt guilty that his parents have money and wants to slum it with the regular folk. I think he's...
There are posters plastered around school telling the tale of some local girl needing a bone marrow transplant. In the Did You Know section of the poster, they state that Only 1 in every 540 person on the register list gets a call to donate. Are they legitimizing slacktivism? They're basically saying, hey you can feel good about yourself by signing up for the donor registry, but don't worry you probably won''t actually have to do anything.
New Posts  All Forums: