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Wednesday is my only free day of the week, and it is raining hell of hard now.
Does that guy use the word sheeple in conversation?
Jesus christ, what did I do? I literally co-signed a loan yesterday for my ex gf, who is a perpetually broke dumb college student. How to reverse time?
I read a study that said Gen X'ers are 17% more receptive to figging.
Has there ever been any valuable insight gained from studying these made up bullshit things called generations? They can't even come up with a consensus on when they begin and end. /typicalmillenialrant
At least we can gamble at age 18.
Why the fucking fuck is my amazon book refund only $39 when I spent $68 on it? I didn't even open the book, and opted to use my own shipping method to get a larger refund.
Are we talking about superfuture?
I used to work on the killing floor at Jennie-O. Turkeys are disgusting, fowl creatures.
Thanks, but I don't want a non-stick as I plan to deep fry quite a bit. I went ahead and bought a bunch of stuff from the wok shop. 14" flat bottomed carbon steel wok w/ round lid, bamboo handled skimmer, a steamer rack insert, and a chuan and hoak. Pretty cheap overall for cookware, hopefully will see a lot of use.
New Posts  All Forums: