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God fucking dammit!! So I purchased a used car, a 96 Honda Accord from some family here in TX. Had the title signed over to me, but we didn't have a bill of sale because they are idiots and so am I, where I am from a bill of sale was not required to register the vehicle. Within 5 minutes of driving my car after buying it I receive a citation for expired plates, have two weeks to go to municipal court and prove I fixed that. Is there no grace period on that? I go to DMV, am...
Hello! I already have an iPod, so no use for this. Requires no description, still factory sealed. Also looking to trade for a black iPod Classic 160 GB. Thanks for looking!
Graduated with high honors, also the first member of my family to get an AA degree
Received a perfect score on the biggest test of my career, (DLPT) can say that this is the biggest accomplishment of my life. All those long lonely nights of studying paid off. So happy right now, time to celebrate!!
Going to take some tests that determine my salary/military career tomorrow, wish me luck!
Gangs of New York. Damn, why did I take so long to watch this?
Am I going to have to wait until fall to see some Uniqlo cords? Levi's dont really fit me well.
Trash Humpers, wtf did I watch. Similar to Gummo but was 5% as interesting. Winter's Bone, very good portrayal of isolated white trash Americans. Little Otik, pretty funny overall in a weird way
I've lived in Monterey for 1.5 years and still can't think of recommendations of where to go. That feel when you have no life...
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