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I don't trust people who shave on their days off.
I should also add that I have no interest in doing things that most people consider fun. If I didn't care what some people thought of me I would become a mountain hermit
My cheapness is legendary. Refilling a one gallon jug with water from my shower instead of buying it at the store, cutting my own hair, etc. I don't deprive myself of doing fun things, but if it's something that doesn't matter to me then I'm going the cheapest route. I save over half my take home pay. Little things add up.
Yes. It saves me dozens of dollars every year!
I don't have a smart phone.
Am I the only one that doesn't have a password for their phone? I can't think of a reason I'd need one.
What?? That ending with the monkeys on the raft did nothing for you? I love that movie.
This is a very fun and entertaining movie. Recommended
Finally moved out of the barracks! Now I have the same level of autonomy I had when I was 17! And I'll be saving an extra $500 a month. Also, getting a promotion.
Think my computer has more viruses than a Tijuana whore. Should probably stop clicking on links from beastforum. Can I put all my files that I want to keep on an external hard drive, then factory reset my computer? I am pretty techtarded.
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