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Got a 3/3 on my DLPT again. Going to pop boxes of champagne tonight like a dollar menuaire
Korean has some round letters. Chinese doesn't have round characters.
I'm staying at a friend's place in Ibiza in June. Hopefully I can find some bored rich girl that is sick of all the chads and prestons and is intrigued by my blue collar background.
My 2 roommates are awesome, and by that I mean they are never here on weekends so I hardly ever see them.
I want a neapolitan mastiff named Idi Amin.
Are you a fellow Eagle, L'Inc? As Dave Attel says, it is like being a black belt in nothing.
I have never seen so many people use the word myself incorrectly. It sounds so cumbersome and weird. "If you are attending the training, please confirm with myself or Mr. blah blah blah" It's me, not myself fuckhead. Do they think it makes them sound more professional or intelligent?
I don't remember, but their relationship lasted about as long as DMX's acting career.
My brother proposed to his second wife in a Qdoba parking lot.
Received a great score on my biology CLEP. Free college credits.
New Posts  All Forums: