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I ate tomato aspic served with man-A's at a traditional southern restaurant in Shitlanta and nearly gagged.
I think I saw the ET pr0n on there many moons ago. Hasn't been too funny in the last year though.
Biscotti do you watch eFukt?
I can't wait for this when I'm 26:
Is that guy the new Arthur Kade?
This is weak, like when Bhowie and edina did this before. I don't know why I remember that incident. Also, having a bitch of a time switching to night shift. At least they gave me 3 days.
Garfield posters.
+1 First non retarded thing you've ever said
^The fact that this kind of post always comes up after edmorel uses a slang term makes me think y'all have never heard of urban dictionary.
Why do people like James Franco? He seems to try really hard at ruining things I really like, such as W. Faulkner and C. McCarthy.
New Posts  All Forums: