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I have never seen so many people use the word myself incorrectly. It sounds so cumbersome and weird. "If you are attending the training, please confirm with myself or Mr. blah blah blah" It's me, not myself fuckhead. Do they think it makes them sound more professional or intelligent?
I don't remember, but their relationship lasted about as long as DMX's acting career.
My brother proposed to his second wife in a Qdoba parking lot.
Received a great score on my biology CLEP. Free college credits.
I held this same opinion. Then I turned 8.I am jellyfish of that english breakfast.
Augusta during master's week. I am not a small business owner so I don't really benefit from these excess jamokes. Also, the weather is already too hot and it's April.
They opened for Blink182 when I saw them in Mnpls during their Neighborhoods tour. The crowd was chanting "we want blink!" the entire time.
Marshmallow Peeps. Who the hell eats those?
The Brothers Karamazov. I expect to be busy for awhile.
Speaking of mattresses, this makes me happy. I bought a used shitty mattress from a friend, and was going to pick it up the next day. Well, that night he and some friends were drinking and one of them passed out on the mattress, and somehow pissed themselves, completely drenching my latest purchase in urine. Well, the guy felt so bad that he bought me a new mattress that is worth several times more than the original now piss-soaked one.
New Posts  All Forums: