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Title pretty much says it all, two size medium Uniqlo Heattech shirts, packages opened so I can't return, they don't fit me.
Well worn pair of high quality selvedge Japenese denim, sadly a little too tight for my lard ass. Great fading on these, I have crudely sewn up 3 parts where stitching broke loose, shown in pictures. Still plenty of life left in these. Any questions etc feel free to PM! Approximate Measurements: Waist- 16" Inseam- 31.5" Thigh at Crotch- 12" Knee- 8.5" Hem-7.5"
You mirin' my pakol bro?
BBQ joints that don't serve cornbread. Stupid Californians.
I use that one and hear it pretty regularly.
Yes they're sanforized. I've had a pair for 2 years before the crotch gave out. Never went on reddit, but they might be sizing down too much which might be the cause. APCs are pretty durable. Soaking is up to you, personally I wouldn't, but it won't make that much of a difference.
Damn you guys are about as responsive as George Bush after hurricane Katrina. In any event, I kept them and got them tapered.
New size 30 APC NS. Options: buy size 29 NS, buy size 30 PNS, or buy size 29 PNS. Opinions?
Thanks, that's the one. Ended up being pretty boring.Saw Lone Survivor. Was pretty good, but was exactly how one review I read put it: Passion of the Christ for service members. Was also nice knowing and understanding the villagers/Talibs' speak.
Who can ID this movie for me. It stars John C Reilly, he and a friend are house painters, he's kind of a deadbeat husband, they drink beers, and that's about all I remember. Wife is religious. Not a comedy. Takes place in the south? It must've been good if I want to see it now.
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