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It's actually the 18th edition that I kopped for about $5. I'm going to see some old buildings in Europe and figure this would help me appreciate things a bit more.
Those Subway pulled pork subs are an abomination. You either put slaw or nothing on a pulled pork sandwich, not regular sub toppings. Gross. Speaking of pulled pork, I just found an excellent spot for it at a random gas station between Brunswick and Savannah GA. It's not like a restaurant attached to a gas station, the cashier just also happens to cook BBQ. Good news: I think I nailed my promotion test. Will find out results in August. Going to the Balkans for 3 weeks of...
^Eh, I prefer that to the presumptuous types that reach for a plate I'm still working on. Of course, I eat at shitty chain restaurants. So, I made a chocolate bourbon pecan pie. Sounds good right? The chocolate nearly ruined it, overpowered the other flavors. The best bites were the ones with no chocolate, where you could really taste the bourbon and the vanilla with the crunchiness of the pecans. Wasted a whole pie. Now I know. Desserts with more than two adjectives are...
Is there an actual reason why all telecommunication companies (this time it's WOW!) are universally shitty and dishonest? No other industry seems to have such a monopoly on awfulness.
Just saw a guy cruisin' in his pimped out cadillac on 22's, blaring Lil Wayne, with a Papa John's sign on his roof...
Is that a picture of Reggs or Nosu3? Dolphins are throwing me off.
Got all As this semester. My profs might've used the L'Inc grading system to where they don't want dat low grade distribution but I'll take it.
I need a hobby.
This is L'Inc's cry for help.
When my friend buys something off the internet, he instead says he bought it offline.
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