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All these watch sporters have been military, maybe relevant. Mojito seems pretty standard, and no bullshit, Applebee's made a delicious one. Just don't eat the food there.
People that wear their watches so the face is on the underside of the wrist, claiming it's easier to check, looks moronic. Also, Hooters fans. Shittiest dining experience of my life, go in there and all the teenage twat servers nervously eyeballing us and afraid to speak. Get a mojito without mint, one of the four goddamn ingredients missing, tastes likes turpentine. Our middle school dropout server who might be 14 dinks up our simple order, there's an upcharge for having...
I've always ordered my burgers medium in a restaurant, and am not sure why. It's not steak, is there really a difference in a burger if there's pink or not?
Saw American Hustle, go see it if you haven't already.
bump. Sick of typing in classics I want to see only to discover they aren't available, don't have time to wade through the garbage. At least they have Battleship Potemkin now.
Was drinking with friends, had to be called back to base for inspection (which turned out to be a false alarm bullshit) My female friend who I've been obsessing over for about a year hooks up with my best friend, and they met each other that night. Forgot what genuine emotion feels like, not too good lol. Guess it's my fault for being beta!! Gotta move on.
Gitman Vintage oxford shirt? It all depends on whether or not it'll be short enough to wear untucked, how long are they? I'm 5'9.5" and wear whatever a size 38 would be.
Lols at the placket up top instead of at the bottom, makes no sense.
Did you get the black sack full of goodies? That was a nice touch. Holy shit eggnog is miracle gaining beverage. Just downed 1760 calories and 40 g protein in 5 minutes.
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