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I need a hobby.
This is L'Inc's cry for help.
When my friend buys something off the internet, he instead says he bought it offline.
Find Finn is vaclava krishna's less mystic brother
http://www.infowars.com/england-bans-its-own-flag-to-avoid-offending-muslims/ I think it was Eason that said that the UK was the shittiest first world country.
I don't post in this thread too often, but I found a great new apartment. It's nothing special, but it's walking distance to school, a few bars, and the gym. I look forward to being able to walk places, especially after drinking. Uber is a ripoff. I'm sick of living in the outskirts and getting in my car every time I need to go anywhere.
Students are treated more like customers now, and the golden rule is the customer is always an asshole.
No wonder Gavin McInnes left.
I always hear people praise my city for its location, saying it's only 3 hours away from everything! One of those places is Shitlanta so that doesn't count. Wouldn't you rather live somewhere where it's a desirable location itself? I dont want to drive 3 hours all the time just to enjoy myself.
That would make things easier, however I loathe this area and will be leaving in two years. I don't want to own a house unless I plan to live somewhere for awhile.
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