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Really starting to loathe shoulders day, progress stalling, and it's just really boring, I need to switch it up. Someone recommend a shoulders workout please. Mainly looking for building strength.
Blum APC F+B
The Fall (2006). Beautiful movie that seems to have flown under the radar.
God fucking christ dammit. Has anyone successfully received a deposit/rebate from Verizon? I should be receiving a $400 check. I had limited credit when I signed the contract, so put down a deposit that I'd get back after 12 months of service. My friend, who is the primary account holder, received his check two weeks ago. WTF is going on? We both bought phones and share a plan, and both put down $400.
Society (1989) Was pretty much a movie length version of the TV show Goosebumps, with a not so subtle allegory. If you like corny 80's horror movies (1986 version of House) you might like it.
Looking to buy some AE Leeds in black calf to replace my Bates for service dress uniform wear. What size should I get? I wear 42 CP achille lows, 10 Nike free 5.0s, 280 original GATS, 43 MMM sidezips, and 43 Fiorentini+Baker 745s. I'm a 10 on braddock device, just unsure on width. Also, will these be on sale soon?
So am starting to realize I only enjoy things with gin. Besides G&T, Tom Collins, and a martini, what are some classic gin based drinks?
Got 405 on deadlift today, personal best. Don't use belts for deadlift anymore, fine without it. Also the program I posted a while back was Greg Plitt's MFT28. Did it for two days with my friend who is trying to shed some el bees. I think the program is horseshit, just way too much. Worked out for 3 hours on chest day and still didn't get everything, definitely over training, program is ideal for the unemployed. My friend's going to stick with it apparently.
Figured that would raise some eyebrows. CITES actually does a good job of regulating that sort of thing, it's certainly not illegal and comes from dead elephants I believe. Also I worked in a slaughterhouse for over a year so I'm not really a champion of animal welfare anyway.
Ken Onion Leek had a slick design and opening was great, but overall too delicate. This is my knife, Buck 112: Carved this the other day, just used the knife and some sandpaper Had 3 chain links on top, but the first one broke, oh well.
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