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Welcome to the South, where competent, expedient efficient work is more rare than an Appalachian virgin.
Took a bod pod test today, I'm 8.8% body fat with a 2% margin of error. Going to celebrate with some Waffle House tonight.
Dennis Hopper was a T-Rex the entire time!
What an awesome movie. Probably the saddest I've ever seen. 8/10.
Watched Dancer in the Dark. Was very frustrating at times. The ending was very powerful. 7/10.
I've this wealthy stoner friend that once drove 2 hours to the nearest Chipotle in Miami, where he spent over $250 to get a month's worth of burritos. On the drive back he got pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. Apparently he kept pleading with the officer to let him bring the burritos with him, but he was denied.
I get the burrito because it's more calories for the same price, more economical.
Not sure who's spam here...
After he demanded the pop back I was going to ask if I was no longer considered a nice person, and then slam the door in his face, but that would've been too cruel. Speaking of possible scams, I bought a a $50 pack of meat from Omaha Steaks out of curiosity. It seemed to be not a terrible deal, like 9 meals worth of protein.
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