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So it's for people trying to get into shape and not experienced gym goers?
Beautiful. I think I'll watch some more Bergman movies now.
Funnily enough the person that thought veggies had one syllable was a 1LT. Guess that degree didn't come in handy this time.
I don't think anyone can tell when I'm serious
This door to door meat salesman, I don't think he was prepared for an informed customer. He asked if I was military, and said he always sells to military, and if I went to one of my friend's houses, they'd have his meats, so why don't I want them too? I've never heard the keeping up with the Joneses strategy used for chicken meat. It was 18 lbs of frozen marinated chicken breasts for $150. I told him I bought my breasts for $2.25 a lb and he ignored me, holding up a 4 oz....
Living in a cultural wasteland has some upsides, outside of SF I probably would have never heard of the term "dadbod" and would be happier for it. Speaking of fads, crossfit seems to have taken over here. I've never gone, but looks lame and the participants seem obnoxious. Should I give it the old high school drop out try?
Reminds me of Jan Svankmeyer
Sprained my foot, don't want to do anything. Also, working night shift and having all these briefings/meetings/appointments at like 11 am, middle of the night for me.
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