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Millesime Imperial today, wish it lasted longer, it's quite nice.
Warm water makes me gag, which I guess is something I just don't get.
Bond No 9 New Haarlem on one arm, Creed Original santal on the other. Haarlem still going strong after 12 hours, think I may buy a bottle. Have not smelled a superior gourmand.
New calfskin Leeds, got a rubber sole added and shined em up a bit.
Tetsuo: the Iron Man So ridiculous, in a good way. Loved the soundtrack. Borrowed heavily from Eraserhead IMO.
Their peppermint soap is great, love the tingle on my ballz.
Green Irish Tweed, pretty boring scent but today was significant as I finished a 4 oz bottle of it, a feat I previously thought to be impossible. Is there any similar pleasant and inoffensive scent I should try to make my OneScent? Maybe try Creed SMW or Aventus...
What an awesome book, admittedly hard to follow at times. Think I may read As I Lay Dying next.
Really starting to loathe shoulders day, progress stalling, and it's just really boring, I need to switch it up. Someone recommend a shoulders workout please. Mainly looking for building strength.
Blum APC F+B
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