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How can slow cooked chicken be dry? I've finally arrived. Now I get regular comments of "Yo dawg you be lookin' swole as shit." etc. Of course, they're usually flattering me so I can buy their mixtape, but it's still nice. And that's the real reason we lift right? Respect from dudes.
So is Dr. Bronner's a cult?
Please no. We already have enough pansies in the ranks.
Just get a non smart phone. One of the best decisions I've made. My bill (just me on the plan) is like $52 a month.
Wear a turtleneck.
Why would you want to escape? Do you live in South St. Paul or something?
Made a few Last Words. .75 oz Chartreuse (the green kind, none of that weakbody yellow stuff) .75 oz Luxardo Maraschino liqueur .75 oz Boodles gin .75 lime juice Shaken with ice, served straight. Pretty delicious.
4/5 Have a new found appreciation for Texas after watching this. Also took me a minute to recognize a young Dennis Hopper.
Bought a used car. Was an interesting buying experience, I feel like I've officially experienced the deep south. The seller was a bit of a redneck. As we drove around town, he told me to drive carefully, "That right there is the chief of po-lees. He's a colored fella, but he ain't too bad."
I want to drink but I finished all of my Chartreuse last night.
New Posts  All Forums: