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Great DDL performance. 8/10
Ugh, why did I eat Popeye's? So disgusting. biscuits are greasesoaked and taste like salt tablets, chicken is stringy and 80% breading. Zaxby's was closed.
There's gyms in South/Central America. I worked out at this ghetto gym in Cuzco, and befriended some huge Peruvian bodybuilder. Apparently whey protein/supplements are harder to find, so a lot of lifters drink infant formula. Well, This guy went straight to the source and had some of his wife's breast milk with him! He offered me some, wasn't bad. This might've been lost in translation, but he basically hinted that he keeps his wife perpetually pregnant so he can have...
3 plates is 315 lbs, so yeah, pretty much 140kg
I want to bench 3 plates, and enroll in college for mechanical engineering.
What an excellent movie.
How do people read books with dust covers? So annoying. Maybe I am just Larry David.
Some soldier who is stationed here got shit on extremely hard after his mom emailed the fucking Army Chief of Staff saying that she is concerned for her son's safety and that the Army isn't taking proper care of him etc. Skipped about 30 levels in the chain of command. And her son is in a job where there is a less than zero percent chance of danger.Was pretty hilarious.
Son of a bitch?
7/10. I liked Takashi Mike's other films better. This one had some memorable scenes, but I might've been expecting more surrealism/horror.
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