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What kind of midwesterner are you? :
Why do people rarely/never add jalapenos or something to mac n cheese to spice it up? It seems to be everyone's favorite food but it's always just a globular bland ball of starch. I've been to some of the so called best BBQ joints in the area and while their meats and other sides come correct, the mac n cheese is always uninspired.
The best board game is Tornado Rex
A lot of the articles in Aeon magazine are like that. I think the quality of that site has gone down quite a bit, ever since they started including short films and short opinion pieces in addition to the longer essays. Still, it has some of the best essays I've read on the internet.
They have.
Got kicked out of a bar the other night. Was dancing with some biddies, and this dude doesn't like that so he yells at me "Do you know where the fuck you is whiteboy?" I said, "apparently someplace where subject-verb agreement isn't important." He obviously didn't get my dumb joke, gets in my face and we are ready to bash each other when a bouncer comes over and without knowing the situation, automatically takes the other guy's side and kicks my ass out. Also on the same...
I've never done that and think that's abnormal for guys to do.
That really looks like the start to a millennial porno
Wow what a surprise, Hillary not indicted. Holy fuck this is infuriating. If I did the same thing as her I'd be in Leavenworth for 40 years.
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