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Received my first shirt from MT, a casual white OCBD, I may be a pessimist but it fits 4x better than I was expecting, I don't even need to tweak measurements for my next order. Got a nice shorter length to wear untucked.
Longest phase of my training is coming to end in a month, finally moving on with my life. Saved an impressive amount of money in the last year. Strongest I've ever been and in best shape of my life. For the first time in my life worked out something that can be officially considered a friends with benefits situation. Shirt I ordered from Moderntailor fits perfectly on the first attempt, may be the start of a beautiful relationship.
OK guys here it goes I am so done with the skinny jeans!! My APCs are a form of CBT nowadays. Was thinking of replacing them with looser fitting denim, but times are a changing and I need an upgrade. My thighs are pretty meaty from 6th grade kickball league so nothing constricting. Ideally something casual that won't look out of place with tees and leather, but not sweatpants. Nothing too drawp crawtch either, shit is too 2009. Any suggestions? I can't describe it but I'll...
Amadeus did not disappoint. I imagine Mozart's laugh haunted Antonio Salieri for eternity. Also saw Casablanca, now I need a white dinner jacket in my life.
Aventus. One of my favorites from Creed behind GIT and Bois de Portugal. Unfortunately lacks the longevity of those two.
What's the Kubrick film of the guy farting into his hands in his underwear in the hall? Watching Amadeus, hopefully will be good, don't want to waste 3 hours.
Millesime Imperial today, wish it lasted longer, it's quite nice.
Warm water makes me gag, which I guess is something I just don't get.
Bond No 9 New Haarlem on one arm, Creed Original santal on the other. Haarlem still going strong after 12 hours, think I may buy a bottle. Have not smelled a superior gourmand.
New calfskin Leeds, got a rubber sole added and shined em up a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: