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Best fast food fried chicken? My voat goes to Zaxby's
Am such a asstWAT. Need to be sent to africa for perspective change
L'ink is a nature's bachelor yes? NTTAWWT
I don't know if I'd really like to work in law enforcement and be really good at it, or hate it with a passion of the christ.
Collateral. I thought it was great, going to watch some other Michael Mann films now.
Took my PT test today. 82 pushups (1 minute) 71 situps (1 minute) 9:25 1.5 mile run Not good enough for a 100, unfortunately.
I always picture Kira as Bad Boy Bubby, finally being released into the world and being perplexed by everything.
I used to see BOGO deals all the time, especially on sites with coupon stacks like vitacost. In the last year or so I've noticed that the only deals involve a free pack of some crappy energy boost with protein purchase. Fuck that.
Great film. I've noticed that older movies tend to end right after the climax, with newer movies it appears that they drag it out and need to have closure for what happens to every character. I much prefer the former style.
New Posts  All Forums: