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Pink Flamingos.
Chris Kyle was also a cunt, a psychotic cunt.
Snowden is such a worthless cunt. inb4 CE that shit Watched Happiness again, still hilarious. 8/10
The "new formula" for the vanilla tastes like liposuction, avoid at all costs. The chocolate is great, and the strawberry is one of the best I've had, just takes a little longer to mix.
Have you read any other Hemingway? I'm thinking of starting a Farewell to Arms or For Whom the Bell Tolls.
Good, but didn't like it quite as much as Aguirre. Also watched Mr. Lonely, which I found boring besides Wernor Herzog's parts. "How is it possible that a nun can fly??" haha.
I've been listening to nothing but audiobooks in the car for the last few months and it's great. I am somehow sick of music lately.
How does that differ from a microwave?
It's just the idea of accumulating redundant things that's unappealing. Especially in the kitchen.
New Posts  All Forums: