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Yes. It normally takes two weeks and the writing test is another two weeks at least they said. I understand the writing portion taking a while, but a scantron test? I should get results the next day.
my ACT results will take 4-8 weeks to show.
I like to research restaurants a bit because food is one of the only things that bring me pleasure in life. When I talk to my Japanese friend, she spells things that have an "l" with an "r". Like cramshell for example. I don't know if she's just kidding or does she think it's spelled like how she pronounces it? /potentially racist observation
Are you going to hike the Inca Trail?
I don't get people that have 2 hour+ commutes. I have a ten minute commute and can't fathom so much wasted time.
Reading The Power Broker. I think someone here (Joffrey?) read it not too long ago.
What about the board of review?
Why did Gaddafi only make himself a colonel? Not saying he should've gone full Idi Amin, but he could've picked a higher title than that.
The dreams signify you've been watching too much efukt lately.
I remember sampling some tator tot hotdish and lutefisk at the lutheran church potluck as a youth. My childhood was pretty much Lake Wobegon Days.
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