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gf did you eat it, the hákarl?
The seasons in Georgia are starting to change from Hell to Moderate. The next five months or so will be nice. Now all I need is a hobby. Maybe golf.
I really hope the name of that place is simply "The Gooch"
In my absentee ballot for MN, Johnson/Veld were located way at the bottom, beneath 6 or so parties I've never heard of.
Sounds like Gil from the Simpsons
With the notable exception of qabili palau, I don't think I've ever eaten something and thought, "Wow, I'm really glad there are raisins in this."
How is all this harambe shit still a meme? It was never really funny in the first place.
Oh gawd, am I turning into greenfrog?
I don't get real maple syrup. Give me the viscous Aunt Jemima corn syrup stuff over that any day.
That Pepe thing reminds me of when my translucent-white 80 year old grandma asked me what "bling bling" was.
New Posts  All Forums: