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I do not get Irish gypsys. Visited their enclave in SC. They all have these gigantic ghastly houses which are boarded up and don't appear to have anything inside of them, and trailer parks in their back yards. Also, a lot of them drive Maseratis and Corvettes. I want to know more. Example:
My three week vacation in Ibiza and Barcelona has come to an end, and I have Georgia to return to. Pretty goddamn depressing. Does shitlanta even have a downtown? City seems to lack a soul.
Read A Confederacy of Dunces while on vacation, was hilarious. I know a couple real life Ignatius Reillys. Reading Mein Kampf now.
I will only be working 1 day in the next 24 days. And if my training request gets approved, only 1 day in the next 31.
Is there more than one kind?
I always see rich executive types in movies hitting golf balls off their balconies high up in their corner offices into the city. Do people do this in real life? Does it ever cause serious harm/damage?
Just realized that Rosie O' Donnel and Roseanne Barr are two different people.
Lols at ginger Ahmad Shah Massoud. I've never went paintballing, so I knew I could leave it to SF to make it seem lame and beneath us.
Ocoee River.
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