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People that live with their parents after they're 18 and out of high school are losers and should feel bad
I don't like eating sponges. Let me also add to the controversy that I think most doughnuts suck. Fresh blueberry glazed cake doughnuts and crullers are good, but most yeast doughnuts suck. Jelly filled, custard filled, or frosted raised doughnuts are pretty awful. Taste like frosted bread. People in my office bring in doughnuts as a way to boost morale probably twice a week. There has to be a better alternative.
Angel food cake. What's up with that crap?
I sleep on a mattress topper, it is vile. Also, one of my roommates is 42 and has a daughter slightly younger than me. I need to boan, that way, next time we're arguing about dirty dishes left in the sink, I can shut him down by saying "Yeah, well I fucked your daughter, long dick style!"
I feel you man, I'm looking to buy either a gun or a mattress. Keep in mind that it's equally unlikely I'll be blowing an intruder's head off, or blowing my pudding pop on some random girl i take home. Equally frivolous.
Finished The Brothers Karamazov, Constance Garnett translation. I'm glad I read it, but it was not one of my favorite books. I liked Crime and Punishment better. Reading Cannery Row next.
I did not know about this, will have to plan next trip accordingly.
^All those cheese curds and Culver's.
I am in Biloxi and ate so many claws of stone crab to where it has provided me feeling of bloat.
I was able to find one of my favorite cuts of meat (hanger steak) at the Buford Hwy Farmer Market in Shitlanta. Say what you want about the city, but they have one of the most impressive grocery stores here. If I lived within an hour of this place, I'd do all my shopping here. Cooked up the steaks with a couple cloves of garlic, a few sprigs of thyme, salt, pepper, and a whole mess of butter in my cast iron pan. Really tasty. Also bought and tried a lot of random fruits....
New Posts  All Forums: