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May have the opportunity to learn a new job, move to a new state, and attend a new school. I'm unhappy with all 3 of those things in my current situation, so if this happens (إن شاء الله) it'll be the happiest day of my life.
Was kicked out of the ghost hunting tour after puking all over my dick.
Orpheus Sykophantes What do you guys think of sour beers? Are they a dickhead beverage?I like them a lot, very tart and refreshing, as long as they arent too sweet. They are hard to find here.
What a bunch of needy cunts.
Was better than the prequels, can say that much.
Just got back from Star Wars, 7/10.
The best MRE is the chili mac, hands down.
Goddamnit, I just spent 10 minutes reading about Cincinnati chili. Why is there always so much cheese piled on it? Looks absolutely horrid.
Lifeboat (1944) Great movie, and Tallulah Bankhead is awesome.
atwo bottles evan williams nog. ehh wouldve liked me own shit
New Posts  All Forums: