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Need to start looking for a new car, one of my least favorite activities. The locals do not understand car value. I see shit that's 30% over KBB suggested price, being lenient on the condtion.
Piob, what is with all these encounters with lardasses? Do you live in Arkansas or something?
That system actually sounds way more efficient. I don't see it happening in the US anytime soon though.
When I graduated high school in 2011 it wasn't a requirement to take it and I haven't been able to pursue college until now. Still a youth.
Yes. It normally takes two weeks and the writing test is another two weeks at least they said. I understand the writing portion taking a while, but a scantron test? I should get results the next day.
my ACT results will take 4-8 weeks to show.
I like to research restaurants a bit because food is one of the only things that bring me pleasure in life. When I talk to my Japanese friend, she spells things that have an "l" with an "r". Like cramshell for example. I don't know if she's just kidding or does she think it's spelled like how she pronounces it? /potentially racist observation
Are you going to hike the Inca Trail?
I don't get people that have 2 hour+ commutes. I have a ten minute commute and can't fathom so much wasted time.
Reading The Power Broker. I think someone here (Joffrey?) read it not too long ago.
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