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Made pulled pork and homemade bbq sauce for the first time, holy crap is it good.
Some girl sucked a guy off for his skittles when I was at BMT. Makes me wish I could've been MRE monitor.
This is a non issue as the wild berry variety of Skittles is the only kind worth putting to condition of consumed..
These are two of the things that get me out of bed in the morning.
Pretty cool horror flick, terrific visuals.
Is there anything made out of flour and butter that isn't sinfully delicious?
Stuffing absorbs the juice from the bird. And to cook the stuffing to the proper temperature, you're probably going to dry out the meat even more. I'm no longer on Team Stuffing. Dressing is fine.
http://thisiswhyyourefat.kinja.com/ This site used to have halfway appetizing looking guilty pleasure foods, wtf happened? It's like they're haphazardly throwing together fatty shit with no regard to the flavors at work. Who the fuck wants to eat a grilled cheese chocolate chip cookie? Even stoners that browse reddit/4chan all day are poopooing that. Get it together, fatasses.
Why do people think funnel cake is so great? It is the Boondock Saints of carnival food. Just dough, hard to eat, messy powdered sugar, etc. Everything else has the same batter but something inside that makes it taste interesting. Give me fried cheesecake or snickers over that any day. Also, they had deep fried gumballs, wtf? Some things are best left unfried.
New Posts  All Forums: