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Received my enlistment bonus today.
Almost every creepy white guy I know is into Asiatic women, Japanese culture, etc.
Fucking paypal won't let me verify my account. Fucking assholes.
I figured this was essential reading since I am from small town central MN. It is very funny in a dry midwestern way.
I can't find the full 3 pages, but this is the first paragraph from Suttree by C. McCarthy. One of my favorite opening passages, worth a read.
I don't know a single one of these people that isn't a huge creepy loser.
I don't understand young single men with no dependents that join the national guard. It makes sense for someone that is already settled in an area and has a family, and wants the benefits. Most of the guardsmen I know are in their 20's, live at home, sleep until 3pm and play video games. The guard is their only job and their facialbook is full of military crap. Why not just do active duty?
I rather like Louis Theroux's documentaries. He's very intuitive and willing to put himself out there.
I really wish I read this before my trip to Peru, get new perspective and understanding of the sites I visited.
Guardians of the Galaxy 7/10 pretty good mindless entertainment, have not heard of it before going to the theater so had no expectations Cat City (1986) 8/10 one of the best animated movies I've ever seen, very entertaining and some interesting themes Pumping Iron 7/10 Arnold is the GOAT Citizen Kane 8/10
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