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Just getting into mixed drinks. Have been pretty much a straight beer drinker for last 3 years. Corpse reviver #2 1 oz Brooklyn gin 1 oz Contreau 1 oz Lillet Blanc 1 oz bottled lemon juice splash of Mata Hari Bohemian Absinthe shaken with lots of ice and strained into martini glass. Very refreshing and easy to drink.
So I finally watched all James Bond movies in order for no particular reason. Dr. No 8/10 classic start From Russia With Love 9/10 awesome fight scene on the train Goldfinger 10/10 best in the series, Connery is no doubt the best Bond Thunderball 8/10 Some of the underwater fight scenes in the end dragged but otherwise pretty great. Sharks in the pool! You Only Live Twice 7/10 Bond undergoing ninja training and becoming Japanesified seemed unnecessary, but the...
That is awful to hear, GF. Sorry for your loss. I also have some horrible news. My friend was on the end of a line of traffic on the highway, and some guy doesn't slow down and smashed into the back of him and killed him. He was only 23, and only had 2 months left before getting out of the military. The last time we hung out all he talked about was how happy he was to finally get out of Georgia and leave our crappy job. He was one of the nicest guys I've ever met. The guy...
I use my feet.
Just started this, looks promising
Going to try steak and eggs diet for a week for the hell of it. Multivitamin and some spring mix too for roughage.
Microwave works pretty well.
Im sitting here picturing GG Allin using a fitbit to track his calories after rolling around in broken glass and feces and I'm laughing my ass off.
We call those guys narclons. I work in a federal government building so I need one with a
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