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Look at all those Talibans!I hate kickstarter almost as much as gofundme.
Got all As this semester. My profs might've used the L'Inc grading system to where they don't want dat low grade distribution but I'll take it.
I need a hobby.
This is L'Inc's cry for help.
When my friend buys something off the internet, he instead says he bought it offline.
Find Finn is vaclava krishna's less mystic brother
http://www.infowars.com/england-bans-its-own-flag-to-avoid-offending-muslims/ I think it was Eason that said that the UK was the shittiest first world country.
I don't post in this thread too often, but I found a great new apartment. It's nothing special, but it's walking distance to school, a few bars, and the gym. I look forward to being able to walk places, especially after drinking. Uber is a ripoff. I'm sick of living in the outskirts and getting in my car every time I need to go anywhere.
Students are treated more like customers now, and the golden rule is the customer is always an asshole.
No wonder Gavin McInnes left.
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