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get naked first.
I've used my friend's Rainbow vacuum, I'm a hyuge fan. He offered me a refurbed one for $600 and I almost bought it. Having the dust/debris collect in water seems much cleaner then bags/bagless. I've never used a Miele though.
It is so hard to find a chicken under 3 lbs here. Almost all of the stores only have 5.5 lbs+. Trying to make Thomas Keller's fried chicken and he really recommends a smaller bird for better skin-to-meat ratio.
People that absolutely hate their jobs but are too lazy/scared to try something different. I can empathize a bit if they have a wife/kids, their priorities are not all about themselves (or at least shouldn't be). But I'm talking about single guys in their mid 20's. They say, it's okay, only 14 more years and then I can retire, where I'll still have to get a job anyway because retirement pay isn't enough to live on. These people should find something else or stifle their...
Are we talking about 2 kids 1 sandbox?
The Things They Carried by Tim O' Brien. Like most people, I prefer reading about WW2 to the Vietnam War, but I really like this.
Abundance of free drinking water/fountains is something I truly appreciate about America after traveling in Europe. Also, our free bathrooms.
gf did you eat it, the hákarl?
The seasons in Georgia are starting to change from Hell to Moderate. The next five months or so will be nice. Now all I need is a hobby. Maybe golf.
I really hope the name of that place is simply "The Gooch"
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