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Fucked up my lower back deadlifting 405, sprained my left hand, and burned the shit out of my right palm possibly the worst time for this all to happen.
It's called tiger meat, bros.
Why do some people eat their hamburgers medium rare? Bunch of rednecks thinking they're fancy? It's disgusting.
What a tease.
Okay guys, after my PT test December first, I plan on making a shit ton of eggnog. I've used Alton Brown's recipe and am a fran. Anyone have any other good recipes? What do you guys put in yours? Bourbon, rum, or brandy?
Geez, what is this, General Chat? No advice?
Now we know where L'inc picked up his interesting prose...
A friend and I are planning a trip next summer to Europe. We'd fly into Crete in Greece and fly out of Ramstein AB in Germany at least 15 days later, up to 20. We are using military air travel so can't change those. Is this enough time? Too much distance to cover? We are planning on taking trains/buses and visiting any interesting cities on the way. We are both single in our 20's. Visit historical/cultural touristy sights during the day, drink and party at night. Try...
Wedding registered at thekinkypixie.com I'm assuming? I'm enjoying my complimentary chain restaurant food today.
Going to be working a day shift next quarter for the first time in years.
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