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Let's see how many of these celebrities saying they'd leave the country in case of a Trump presidency actually do. I'm guessing none of them.
I can't wait. Was getting tired of looking at Michelle's 18" arms.
Holy shit I can't wait to go to my class tomorrow that is 95% females
This is crazy
They teach people how to use apostrophes correctly.
This will be the 3rd year in a row I'll be at work during the actual DST change, where I don't get paid hourly wages . 13 hour shift
He was a wannabe Crowley and a total fraud.
get naked first.
I've used my friend's Rainbow vacuum, I'm a hyuge fan. He offered me a refurbed one for $600 and I almost bought it. Having the dust/debris collect in water seems much cleaner then bags/bagless. I've never used a Miele though.
It is so hard to find a chicken under 3 lbs here. Almost all of the stores only have 5.5 lbs+. Trying to make Thomas Keller's fried chicken and he really recommends a smaller bird for better skin-to-meat ratio.
New Posts  All Forums: