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Piob, you should've told me you were in Augusta! And if she was skinny, people would still complain. Wearing a c-section scar is less of a turn off than cowboy boots and shorts.
Why is there gender designated single person public bathrooms?
World's Greatest Dad. Was pretty good. I've known so many kids with that same attitude and personality, my older brother being one of them. But I can't think of another movie with someone like that.
What happens when USPS doesn't deliver my package? The tracking hasn't updated since 29AUG when it was in transit to its destination. Seems like USPS can just steal/lose my package and nothing will happen. WTF.
They repealed it a few years ago...
I would've joined doing the same job if there wasn't a bonus. I've been in for two years, so I had forgotten about it. Only $11k, but still nice. Now our re-enlistment bonus used to be $90k for an additional six years, but they took that away.BTW the Canucks I've worked with are totally worthless so far. The other five eyes put them to shame.
Received my enlistment bonus today.
Almost every creepy white guy I know is into Asiatic women, Japanese culture, etc.
Fucking paypal won't let me verify my account. Fucking assholes.
I figured this was essential reading since I am from small town central MN. It is very funny in a dry midwestern way.
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