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I'm saving up money to go backpacking through Ecuador with some friends next year. Living a life of austerity until then. I don't spend much time online, especially since I don't care about clothes anymore my SF usage has plummeted faster than Greece's economy.Hopefully. The long term career I want, petrol/mining engineer, requires dat college degree and I'd like to get it sooner rather than later. Without being able to go into details, my current job is bullshit and I...
Won't be able to go to college until spring now. Wasting my time, feel unproductive.
Especially enlisting. At least become an O.
If the ASVAB math tripped you up I'd recommend security forces. I'm sure they'd love to have a guy talk to them about his philosophy degree as they stand at the gate for 12 hours.
What AFSC do you want?
Getting PRK eye surgery in August.
Yes, as a 90's kid I was confused why I wasn't watching a video for Hey Arnold, Angela Anaconda, or Rocko's Modern Life. That looks like an even lamer version of the Smurfs.
Good so far, but I'm afraid the author might be looking at ol' Jenghy through yellow-tinted glasses. Whenever I want to buy an history book, I research to see what one is regarded as the "most definitive" because I usually don't read multiple books on the same subjects, too much redundancy in life.
I do not get Irish gypsys. Visited their enclave in SC. They all have these gigantic ghastly houses which are boarded up and don't appear to have anything inside of them, and trailer parks in their back yards. Also, a lot of them drive Maseratis and Corvettes. I want to know more. Example:
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