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Generally I'm not one to rep Target, but as a long torso guy I feel your pain and these Merona undershirts have an extra couple of inches of length compared to most brands (Hanes, Fruit, AA, etc). Check the reviews for guys complaining about the length! http://www.target.com/p/merona-men-s-4-pack-white-v-neck-undershirts/-/A-15025930#
Is it possible to customize the front rise measurement? I would prefer something a little higher like an LVC or Lee 101. Preferably around 11 to 11.25".
These are what I saw a woman wearing with black leggings and a floral print sun dress:
Just spotted a woman at the grocery store wearing a pair made with brown suede or nubuck...while wearing a dress.
My neighbor wears these every day as his preferred footwear. He used to wear Crocs or hiking boots.
Not really digging the long 70's collar and cuffs.
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell If it looks like a duck... Most college students drink like they're alcoholics - and get away with it because they're young and there are few repercussions. A lot of college students (young people, in general) are heavy drinkers. Some are or may become alcoholics. It's not so much a matter of how much one drinks, but rather why one drinks and what happens as a result. As you can probably guess, I'm an...
Quote: Originally Posted by msza In all seriousness, I'd say there's a 90% chance she has a romantic/sexual motive in trying to contact you, even if she isn't fully conscious of that right now. In fact, she probably thinks she's calling just because she wants to be friends. Real motives are very often repressed in situations like this. Just make sure you really know why you would be talking to her again, if you so chose. Agreed. Besides, I would...
Quote: Originally Posted by r... I answered yes to more than three but dont consider myself an alchy. Am I in denial? You may be a heavy drinker and not an alcoholic. My point is that it's up for you to decide. Two important questions for the OP: 1. When you take a drink, do you crave another? 2. Do you frequently think about alcohol when not drinking (including thinking about whether or not you should quit drinking)? Many alcoholics...
Alcoholism is a self-diagnosis, but here is a way to help decide for yourself: Alcoholics Anonymous Twenty Questions (if the answer is yes to three or more, you may be an alcoholic): 1. Did you lose time from work due to drinking? ( ) ( ) 2. Did drinking make your home life unhappy ( ) ( ) 3. Did you drink because you were shy with people? ( ) ( ) 4. Has drinking affected your reputation? ( ) ( ) 5. Have you gotten into...
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